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Azmin hilang ke mana?

Semua screenshot dirakam pukul 8-9 malam.

FMT banyak melaporkan tentang Azmin Ali hari ini. Termasuk cerita baris pertama (terkiri) bertajuk ‘MCA boss on PKR’s ‘overnight saints‘. Betul-betul kesian kat Dr Chua ni. Beliau muncul di FMT, di Utusan, di Insider tapi tak keluar-keluar pun di Star. 

Utusan ada dua cerita Azmin di muka depan. Sinar Harian pun dua cerita muka depan.

Di NST, ia Top News.

Di Malaysiakini dan Berita Harian, ia di muka depan juga. Sin Chew pun ada.

Malaysia Today memaparkan lebih kurung 10 cerita kes Azmin pada muka depannya tetapi ini dijangka kerana Raja Petra yang membongkar rahsia.

Peliknya The Star tak ada cerita Azmin pada muka depannya.

Tapi semalam The Star ada membawa DUA! cerita Hannah Yeoh. Star ini saling tak tumpah Selangor Times.

Berita Harian

Malaysia Today


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8 thoughts on “Azmin hilang ke mana?

  1. Stopped buying The Star since Pak Lah’s days. Could see what they were up to then and which way they would eventually go. Glad I was/am right. Habislah, tak ada ‘standard’ lagi. “Opportunists” semuanya!

  2. used to respect the star. tapi dah tak beli lama dah. chances are, kalau belipun, untuk buat lapik the bottom of my cat litter. i think the star absorbs cat pee better than other dailies.

    1. Same here! Bought it utk lapik cat litter…the Star is tebal and nipis, so senang absorb cat pee. The only reason why we still buy it – value for money in terms of absorbing cat pee…

  3. The notion that the Star is duty-bound to provide factual, unbiased reportage is a fallacy. The Star is a creature of its owners and its owners are creatures of their cultural paradigm.

    Readers who naively assume, that because of ownership, it is incumbent upon the Star to toe the official line are wont to be sadly jilted by that naivete. If the MCA subscribe to the principles of the Barisan, Ah Wai, Joceline et al would have walked the plank and been chowder for them sharks. But the MCA is a sycophant of none except the Chingk supremacist agenda. Its jousts with the DAP are just political theater, digestible content for the gullible but indigestion and flatulence for the enlightened. Each parry and thrust are choreographed to perfection so much so that even as the aroma of petty hatred may linger in public nostrils, the sweet jasmine of success at conning the naive public waft in private ones. Study each exchange, look beyond each barb,dive beneath all that vitriol and you will surface feeling suffocated by all the tartuffian flotsam drifting in the murky deep.

    A simple instance would suffice:

    does the MCA and the DAP sing from different choir sheets here:

    leaving aside Hishamuddin’s spineless attempt at passing the buck which everyone wants to exploit to the hilt, what major contradiction is there between the DAP and the MCA? Precious nothing!

    Hence, why the ruckus when the Star is merely voicing the silent, echoing the spellbinding interludes between speech and silence, amplifying the unspoken beyond the spoken. It is standard Chingkie supremacist SOP, infiltrate the enemy even as you confront him, shades of devious Sun Tzuism for our untutored palate.

    I leave you with another tailing from the dross:

    What does the above say to us in not so many words:

    1. The writer is a gifted clairvoyant and an expert psychiatrist rolled into one.

    2. No mincing of words, no pussyfooting around niceties, no insouciant puns or maudlin double entendres. The introduction in its brevity undresses the intent, strips away any doubt as to the intended target, unzips its drawers in all glory for posterity.

    The reader, with memory stocked with fresh knowledge of events, will instantly grasp the stale imputation of the cheapshot:

    “Although I strongly feel that fascination with numbers may in future be labelled as a disorder……………………………………..”

    There you have it in all its naked glory, the blase mocking behind the amateurish panache. Why dint the editor censor that portion? Coming from the “patriotic”, “deferential” “diffident” yet defiant ‘Star’ ……….go figure.

    Dare the MCA do the obvious to its uncouth offspring or

    Warrior 231

    Beneath the unsaid, the unspoken lurks the ethereal soul of the voiced.Check it out between them lines,them puns, them allusions and the truth of that reality will set you free……….

  4. Helen,

    Not to lose heart. This is no longer the days when media perdana dominate the news-scape. Look at Utusan. It’s reporting pro-BN news everyday and yet its news are not racking up Malay support for the BN and UMNO in convincing numbers.

    Your blog is reaching half-a-million visitors in such a short span of time, and with a good number of rational comments! Congratulations! I may be wrong, but I guess those who are reading the STAR paper may be more interested in their advertisement and job-related sections, and perhaps their news and reports on local town issues.

  5. To appreciate the rationale behind the Star’s total eclipse of MCA bigwigs against its star treatment of Hannah and the Kim clans, we should fathom the current philosophy of the Star, viz: The MCA is a Chinese party. The Chinese had thrown in their lot with the PR. Should the BN retain the Federal Government, even without MCA winning any seat, so be it.

    But knowing the stupid Malays, UMNO would likely as hell appoint some Chinese to the Cabinet by the back door. So why waste time and print shoring up MCA while the same can be better capitalised on getting the maximum number possible of DAP Chinese into Parliament thereby enhancing the possibility of installing a Chinese government. LKY’s visit to PR states on the wake of PRU 12 was not for nothing.

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