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“You see what I do to you, ah…”

Kim Guan Eng’s prepared speech: “Once again, we celebrate World Press Freedom Day, an annual occasion since it was first designated in 1993 by the United Nations.” (source: World Press Freedom Day statement)

Yang Amat Berhormat’s spontaneous outburst:

(video) 0: 26 — “I want you all to print first and you see what I do to your paper.”

LGE’s prepared speech: “[It] is an opportunity to celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom; to evaluate press freedom, to defend the media from attacks on their independence and to pay tribute to journalists …”

YAB’s spontaneous outburst:

(video) 0: 33 — “I’m going to sue definitely. This is defamatory, man, my lawyer is here.”

LGE’s prepared speech: “Consistent with article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the establishment, maintenance and fostering of an independent, pluralistic and free press is essential to the development and maintenance of democracy in a nation …”

YAB’s spontaneous outburst: 

(video) 0:55 — “Which paper print I will sue because I have no choice. Same thing as my son, that one I will sue.”

LGE prepared speech: “It’s the people, the policies and passion to stick to the principles of freedom of expression which is the basis for press freedom. Such freedoms rise from mutual respect for both the reported, the reporter and the reader.”

YAB’s spontaneous outburst:

(video) 1:00 — “You all print lah. You all print, you see what I’ll do. I’ll sue.”

LGE prepared speech: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought and expression. This right includes freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing, in print, in the form of art, or though any other medium of one’s choice.”

YAB’s spontaneous outburst:

(video) 1:11: — “Any paper print, I will sue.”

LGE prepared speech: “Some of the press who speak loudly about the freedom of the press are themselves the enemies of freedom.”

YAB’s spontaneous outburst:

(video) 1:20: — “I will sue definitely. This is defamatory.”

LGE prepared speech: “Countless people dare not say a thing because they know it will be picked up and made a song of by the press. That limits freedom.”

YAB’s spontaneous outburst:

(video) 1:39: — “Eh! 这 个 不  要  写  啊.  我  不  要 comment  的.”

[Translation: “Eh! This don’t write ah. I don’t want to comment one.”]

LGE prepared speech: “We do not wish to hamper the work of their dedicated journalists but just as they have a freedom of expression and the right to report, we too have the freedom of expression and the right to reply. Let this be the basis of celebrating true freedom of expression and our rights.”

YAB’s spontaneous outburst:

(video) 1:58: — “You have to print, you have right to print based on the blog report, then you see what I do to you.”

(All the snippets above of Lim Guan Eng’s prepared speech were taken from his World Press Freedom Day speech where he called on Malaysians to respect media freedoms and rights, here).

“Press freedom is essential in any functioning democratic society, is clearly under threat in Malaysia,” said Lim Guan Eng recently on 3 May 2012 to commemorate World Press Freedom Day.

He added, “there is no doubt that press freedom in our country is deteriorating and getting more restricted”.

“Any talk about transformation and greater freedom has been nothing more than lip-service,” the Penang chief minister concluded.

It appears Guan Eng is talking about big bad BN, the eternal enemy of press freedom.


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14 thoughts on ““You see what I do to you, ah…”

  1. read about the penang councillor who shut out reporters from nst and utusan. well people and the media fraternity, do not be angry. this is press freedom ala democratic republic of penang. to guan eng and company, press freedom means they are free to do whatever they like to the press, including suing, banning and barring them. so, who are we to complain if they choose to make use of this freedom.

    Councillor tu dilantik bawah kuota DAP. Sebelum ni pun dia pernah meragam, baca sini dan sini. — Helen

  2. He is just following in his idol’s footsteps, i.e. Lee Kuan Yew. This guy is an absolute embarrassment…

  3. he’s talking ’bout himself lorrrr

    ‘do i look good in the mirror? my hair so niceeeee…

  4. Democracy. That dung ideology again. This is what I m going to say about democracy, that most corrupt form of human initiated governance. “Justice is possible only among Equals. Equality is possible only among the Powerful. And only the Powerful possess true Freedom. Press freedom, functioning democracy, all these are dung ideology peddled by the know nothings, or the peddlers of these dung ideologies are deceitful.

    The Caliph should mind his words. His should think of what The Other side is going to do to him after the GE. By that I do not mean UMNO/BN. The other side I m referring to is the Chinese Electorate after they realized that The Fake Caliph has taken them all on a ride to Wonderland and back.

    You must be puzzled by what I m talking about. Okay, I’ll explain. When the Chinese realized that the Promise of Change by The Caliph failed to materialized and the 2 party system becomes the 2 race system, with severe consequences for them, The Caliph will have a lot of explaining to do.

    All this while, the Chinese have brought The Caliph’s promise of a 2 party system as a way of initiating change so that they will be better off than before, but thanks to The Caliph’s deceit, it turns out that the plan for a 2 party system is not possible owing to the rejection of The Caliph’s Malaysian First ideology by the vast majority of ordinary Malaysians (ask the Malays and Indians why they don’t buy this Malaysian First Voodoo, I don’t have to explain any further as I’ve explain about it before).

  5. There seemsto be some confusion here… I believe Joseph Lim was celebrating his feat on suppressing press in Penang, rather than commemorating World Press Freedom Day.

  6. helen, a thought just struck me…

    in years to come when people discuss LGE’s reign of “tak-terror-mana-pun” in penang — based on the lack of any reall achievements except for being very thin-skinned about criticisms yet extremely thick-skinned about taking credit for the work of those who came before him — they’ll be reduced to dividing his time between “the brylcreem days” and “the post brylcreme days”. :D

    p.s.[btw i think i’m missing something… may i know the significance of you referring to him as “KIM guan eng”?]

    Kim … suits the billboard destination, wink. — Helen

  7. Fellow M’sians, I know I am the presumpted Cina Apek in New York waiting for the deportation order. However leaving me aside, how many of you who elegantly blog in the luxury that Helen has provided us actually met her and made an effort to enhance the Malaysia thingy irrespective of her origin.

    Don’t you think that we at least ourselves owe this for own conviction if you are in Malaysia to hear it from the horse’s mouth rather than just commenting. Just my 2 cent thought. Trust me i would love to meet Helen if I had the chance, but you know, me typical Cina Apek waiting for my deportation in New York can’t do it as I need to make the money mah!!! before I come back to Malaysia.

  8. He had the gall to say “there is no doubt that press freedom in our country is deteriorating and getting more restricted”.

    Believe that statement is true only for his kingdom state alone.

    Press freedom whether in print and electronic form has grown leaps and bounds till bordering on obscenity.

    Of course this freedom must be handled with responsible care and be within the law

    1. Add: Aren’t they some reporters being barred in his kingdom state’s official meeting lately?


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