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Dr M, his daughter and the middle-class malaise

A survey by Merdeka Center on the prime minister’s approval rating post-Bersih 3.0 showed that satisfaction with him remained very high still at 82% among lower income (<RM1,500 monthly) respondents.

However the poll found that only half of middle-class households (RM3,000-RM5,000/mth) were satisfied with the PM.

Chinese most dissatisfied

Dissatisfaction was greatest among the Chinese where only 37% approved of Najib Razak. The percentages were 79% and 72% respectively among Malay and Indian respondents.

Merdeka Center’s earlier poll in February had similarly shown that the Chinese (red line, chart below) were the ones most unhappy with Najib. The Chinese dip hitting the low point of 38% in 2011 coincided with the Bersih 2.0 period.

The Indian dip at 65% (yellow line) in Feb 2011 coincided with the anti-Interlok rally and complaints that Indian schoolboys had been bullied and called “pariah”.

Chinese also had the poorest perception of the government. Only 17% were happy with the authorities, the findings this year indicated.

And the more money people make, the more critical they are of the government.

Pro and anti-establishment views

For the first time ever, there was an open breach in the public opinions of Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his eldest daughter.

Marina’s ‘Bersih 3.0 experience’, here. Her father’s views on ‘Bersih 3 Part 1’, here and ‘Bersih 3 Part 2’, here.

Where they diverged was when Marina declared, “No one was being provocative”.

Various media then reported, ‘Dr M refutes daughter’s claim of police violence during Bersih 3.0‘.

Talking about how the police “brought out the trucks, and the guys in helmets and shields”, Marina added, “I thought it was an intimidation factor, to just have them [the FRU] standing there”.

Asked her thoughts on the rally’s link to Pakatan, she responded:

“They are politicians, that is their gain and that is what they do. If they were BN politicians, they would have done exactly the same thing.”

Harakah has these stories: ‘Father and daughter in public spat over Bersih 3.0‘ and ‘Mahathir’s daughter: If we’re not Egypt, why fear Bersih?

Dr M made two postings on the topic in his blog: ‘Police Brutality‘ and ‘Police Brutality Part 2‘. He IS the establishment carved in granite.

Taking the opposite line, Marina’s pro-Bersih stance turned her into an anti-establishment icon among urban and English-speaking supporters of the movement.

What caught my attention, however, was a bald statement that “Bersih has a largely middle-class following”. This may be true with regard to the Bersih 3.0 Chinese whereas 1.0 had been largely a Malay working-class affair.

Middle-class grandstanding

Marina is not middle class by any stretch of the imagination. She once wrote in her Star column about having a cook.

Someone who can afford to employ a cook (not a maid mind you but specifically a cook) as domestic help is a rich woman in my books.

Plus she’s known to have sent her daughter to international school — elitist and expensive lor.

Yet Marina has managed to position herself as the darling of the middle class. It makes sense to surmise that these people are her readers, particularly the ones faithful to her longstanding column in The Star.

To pull together the various threads of narrative, this is what I think:

Bersih 3.0’s middle-class crowd adore Marina and read her not only in The Star but devour news or feature write-ups on her in the portals such as The Nut Graph, Malaysiakini and others as well as read her blog which is popular on the Bangsar Malaysian blogroll.

[Read also Marina’s latest posting, i.e. a claim that she is being impersonated in cyberspace.]

I’ve never read anything by Marina written in BM.

Those who buy newspapers only in one language – say Utusan, BH, Sinar Harian, Kosmo! or and the Chinese/Tamil papersunless they also read bilingually may not be as enamoured. So the English language is a primary factor.

From some of my less-than-edifying encounters with Netizens, I’ve noticed that those who love Marina usually also love Yasmin Ahmad. These acolytes are the Hosanna Haw-Haws hoping to pindah rumah from Kepong and Jinjang to Subang Jaya and Damansara Utama.

Don’t EVER call them Indians!

Members of the Marina fan club are Malaysian Firsters. They are of the same ilk as that ‘Toffee’ guy and the chest thumping girl.

Toffee’s hatchet job on P. Uthayakumar is something cheered on by the Firsters as they’ve been consistently hammering Hindraf for not toeing their ‘beyond race’ line.

Since The Star does not have an interactive reader’s forum like the portals, I’m screengrabbing comments from The Malaysian ‘Christian’ Insider .

The Chest-Thumping Girl who’s a TMI columnist got typical Firster reader responses (below) to her Bersih 3.0 rallying cry.

It’s fair enough to split Malaysians down the line of pro- or anti-establishment according to how they feel about Bersih 3.0.

I’ve suggested before that The $tar has got a split personality with regard to its coverage of MCA versus DAP. The Star persona can be linked to the “my mother tongue is English” attitude (HERE).

The paper’s readership is different from the demography of Sinchew, Nanyang, Guangming and China Press except for a small overlap. The key element is English. It is this middle-class language factor that binds the Toffees to the DAPsters to Bersih 3.0.


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63 thoughts on “Dr M, his daughter and the middle-class malaise

  1. Problem with some Malays is that, while they go on condemning the BN govt, they continue to benefit from what the govt is giving out to them. This not fair, that not fair, everyone equal, blah, blah….then when govt announced incentives, gifts, shares, and opportunities, they will be the ones to be first in the line to get whatever they can for themselves, their family members, and relatives. After getting these, they start to shout against the govt – down with BN, corrupt BN govt, blah, blah blah…..and the cycle continues.

    1. This problem is not only among the Malays but also the other races. They condemn the government but they are also the first to queue from BR1M RM500 cheques and other incentives. Bunch of hypocrites.

      1. True.

        Have also noticed a loaded with money, shares, unencumbered properties rushing in for the said BR1M RM500 (via name of unemployed familiy member)

        And the said person is the one to first to poh pew any positive govt initiatives.
        When they are the ones who have grown leaps and bounds (by working smart and hard no doubt, to their credit) in the Malaysian environment all these years post merdeka, no matter how bad the situation or unbersih as they seem to have painted it.

        Kinda hard to see which one is which

    2. I don’t agree. I see my relatives complain. They are very typical malay but they don’t take advantage of the privileges given to them.

      I don’t see my ‘typical malay’ relatives investing in property to take advantage of the bumi discounts. Many of them don’t participate in the share market and many of them don’t seek to advance their tertiary education in schools made for them (ie UiTM etc).

      I think you are projecting your ‘idea’ of how malays are like based on your knowledge of how the chinese are like.

      It’s my observation that Malays are not capable of handling finances properly. They don’t understand the link between education, wealth and property,

      I own property. I rent out my condos to many types of people. In my experiences, Malays are some of the worst types of tenants . They are always asking for deferred payments and they don’t honor contracts.

      I think the chinese are better tenants. But they usually drive a hard bargain for lower rental rates. They understand the concept of financial obligations, contracts, monthly installments, and budgets etc.

      Malays are still like the Filipinos. I see and hear of Filipinos in the Mid East who work damn hard but see their earnings wasted away by relatives back home. It’s actually quite a tragedy. Most of them just don’t understand the concept of proper financial responsibility.

      The Philippines government is actually giving special training to their migrant workers to teach them to save or spend wisely. They have to be taught not to indulge in fancy clothes and dining. They have to learn to save or to invest in property and assets that can grow in value.

      The Indian and Chinese migrant workers know how to keep their money. They are among the most parsimonious and financially astute of all the foreigners in the mid east.

      LOL… “the most parsimonious” people — that’s why the Penangites have embraced the Dear Leader as one of their own. He’s as ‘kiam siap’ as a born & bred Penangite (yes, I heard this from an ex-staff). LOL, again. — Helen

      1. Your comment:

        “I think you are projecting your ‘idea’ of how malays are like based on your knowledge of how the chinese are like.”

        I think you’ve also been projecting your own ‘ideas’ in the many taunts that you’ve thrown at me, particularly over your presumption about my attitudes to skin colour & to people of other races, based on your other own experiences of Chinese.

      2. Could be? I like to be made aware of my biases. I am an observer of natural patterns and human behaviors but it’s not easy to observe one’s own actions and attitudes.

        Maybe in another comment I will tell you of the nightclub in Abu Dhabi that is jam-packed with chinese prostitutes. I can tell you my observations of them, but I can’t tell you how they observe me.

      3. Funny OverseasBumi, you never talked about the Malay girls, women selling themselves to the Mat Salleh. Is it because they are Malays ? I wonder.

      4. See this link:

        I think this was in Hong Kong. Malay girls are not angels.
        But, who is? I am not here to judge, just to observe, report and maybe draw a lesson or two. Live and learn.

        I have seen many Malay girls pursue Mat salleh. So what. I have distant family who married with white people. Their choice.

        But the white-asian (oriental) thing is probably a lot more common. See:

        Maybe those “PAS” supporters can share how their women are behaving behind those layers of cloth?? Don’t google tudung pr0n.

        So, Helen, you think I made all those white-asian (oriental) articles? Am I projecting or is it a real phenomenon?

        Hellooo OB, don’t shift the ground pls. We’re taking about you “projecting” your presumptions about the Chinese (women liking farang) on me. — Helen

      5. I am not shifting ground. I am just analyzing all the possibilities. I think you are sore from my interpretation of “masuk cina”, which many malays will tell you is impossible, unlike “masuk melayu”. At the same time I posited that your ex was somehow dissatisfied with his own race when he pursued you. Nothing wrong with that. He may have had bad experiences. Anyhow enjoy this link

        As for me making observations about chinese girls in a night club in the mid east, i want to state i never laid my hands on them. I went there because a client wanted to go there. Of course the die-hard conservatives among the malays would even cast aspersions upon the act of entering a night club, but it is that close mindedness that is a factor in the long list of factors that explain why malays are behind the chinese and even the indians in economic terms at the mid class professional level.



        You think “I’m sore from your interpretation of ‘masuk cina’?” How could you have even implied that I’d crack such a sexual innuendo when the listeners were a grandmother & a bevy of makcik-makcik … in Kelantan! (of all places)?

        And why is “masuk Cina” so impossible? How about a Malay baby adopted by Chinese parents, back in those (old) days before the Jabatan Agama poked their noses into personal family affairs? Haven’t you met before adopted Chinese who grow up Indian?


      6. Of course in front of the makciks it would have been interpreted innocently but in front of your internet readers such an anecdote can find new meanings.

        I sort of regret that i shared the story of entering a night club. Since you occupy such a prominent place in the malay blogosphere, i know how easy it is to hurt malay sentiments, as you remarked before.

        However i wanted to illustrate the interaction of races, religion,culture in an alien setting. The mid east isnt what many malays think it is. Any criticism against malay views would, in general, risk the ire of the conservatives, regardless of political affiliation.


        Well yeah me too, OB.

        I sorta regret sharing the ‘masuk Cina’ anecdote as well since eagle-eyed ‘you’ (more than any other reader) are in my blog to amplify to prominence some of the things that I mention only casually.

        But just to let you know we do have something in common. I consciously hold back some of my own forthright views about the Chinese just as you judiciously refrain from criticizing certain aspects of Muslim culture.


      7. I find it interesting you think that it is possible for a malay child adopted into a chinese family can somehow become “chinese”. i think the chinese are so homogeneous that it is virtually impossible. I told you that my many months in korea taught me a similar thing about korean racial homogeneity. Oriental societies are very conformist and homogeneous, to the point where even outsiders view them that way.

        Use bing or google to search for “lou jing”. She is interesting. She is a half black -half chinese girl. She encountered tremendous online discrimination. See her video when she arrived at LAX (at work, cant youtube). She dispels the black girl stereotypes. She evinces very chinese lady like sensibilities when speaking. Is that your concept of “masuk cina”?

        Adopted Malay child becoming ‘Chinese’, I know personally, but do not wish to elaborate. Public case, can ref. Nyonya Tahir. Am aware of Lou Jing story. — Helen

      8. Kind of disagree with OB on the Malay who do not take advantage of the system. Well there may be few, but I believe very few. Some didn’t do it because they can’t afford, like the share stuff, while other is because they are overly affordable and look for better alternative than UITM. House, probable they can’t find those that offer bumi discount in prime location by reputable “chinese” developer.

        But we are talking in general. You will find almost every Malay in all walk of live taking advantage of the system in one way or another.

        Does anyone mind to investigate those supposed professionals in PAS? People like Khalid Samad, Nizar, D’Zul etc who are educated oversea. I dare to bet that 99% of their education were funded by government, because they are Malay. There is also a blogger by the name of Tulang Besi ( who hated the government to the core and always brag that even his father was a hardcore PAS supporter, and yet he studied in UITM and went all the way to Kansas City. Although he never reveal his sponsor, but we can guess who and why him.

        I am not against Malay taking advantage of the system. But please, please, please, have some sense of gratitude. We are not asking them to right the wrongs of the government, but at least be fair to them. Be fair to all the good things they have done which directly and indirectly benefit these people.

      9. The malays i see who don’t take advantage of the system are in my extnded family. Other malay families may be doing well. My brother married into a malay family whose matriarch owns five apartments.

        I do have family members who are ungrateful. They think they were entitled to get government assistance for education and jobs just like some chinese think they are entitled to greater political strength due to their perceived, yet probably false, belief that they contribute the most to the economy. On a per capita basis, maybe but probably not overall.

        Did the merdeka center break down the income groups according to ethnicity? I would really like to know those figures but i get this feeling it is the one figure the government cant reveal.

      10. I would skip the stereotypes, not because they are wrong, it is just that it is pretty useless on an individual level. Motivations probably, but hardly deterministic.

        What I AM interested is in the argument that the Malays took advantage of the special treatments by the State. Suppose I accept the premise that the Malays are being given additional benefits on the expenses of the tax payers, the conundrum is this:

        Shouldn’t the Malays take every advantage of the State benefits and optimize them?

        You see, I think any normal human being, especially the supposed kiasu Chinese, would leap at all possible advantages they can seize. And isn’t that the intended purpose? Why should the Malays not take up the offers. It isn’t about gratitude actually, it is about how the Malays would be condemned if they do (for enjoying the priviledges), and condemned if they don’t (for not making full use of the priviledges).

        So, the argument that most or some Malays don’t get to enjoy these benefits is irrelevant. In the mind of prejudiced individuals, the collective Malays are already condemned for their special positions, without the individual actually doing anything. The most amusing part of the whole sorry saga is that most non-Malays want what the Malays are having, not doing away with the priviledges (which are actually a nicer word for assistance).

  2. Merdeka Center is just saying the writing on the walls. PKR and PAS are damned! That’s all.

  3. Chinese will always be chinese – nothing is enough. No wonder the chinese government themselves are more than willing to kill their own – remember that chinese man crushed by a chinese tank in tiananmen square?
    The chinese here only thinks one thing – OUR SURVIVAL comes first.
    Other races are more understanding and have a give and take attitude….the chinese? NEVER…

    1. Other races are more understanding ? You mean a certain race calling the Chinese and Indians “pendatang” and that they should go back to China and India ? Hmmmm……..

      1. ng wei aik also did that…remember? siap halau…or is it ok klu ng wei aik yg ckp?..

        Nvr heard malay calling other pendatangs unless we’re provoked…

  4. Marina is not intelligent….try watch the stream programme in al jazeera malaysian unity and her responses were poor….
    is all about bashing the government wrought 20 years by her own father…when a twitter question from an audience asked why both government and opposition have no clear plan for a unified school syetem she went and criticize blindly that government schools are inferior and such..which is also an irony since her father was also the education minister…she is truly a dumb blonde in black hair…i pity her…..

  5. Light bulb moment! Just realised that Merdeka Center assigned the DAP corporate red to denote Chinese in the Ethnicity line graph.

  6. Many middle class English speaking Malays support DS Najib, but not some of his ministers. Therein lies our dilemma when voting comes..

  7. Awesome piece Helen… Not lost on me that you work weekends too… So far I have not found any other blog that provides incisive, civilized discussion which is critical of both sides. Congratulations, you should be proud.

    1. Did this one in between washing dishes. Sat. is housework day.

      The thing about writing is that even when you’re standing at the sink & your hands are soaked in soap suds, you can still think over the ‘body copy’ (journo jargon) & draft the article flow in your head.

      My ex-boyfriend’s complaint: I write in my head too often & at all hours, thus attention distracted from real life.

      1. Thank you for that for we get to think when we read your piece and not get so angry becos of stupid piece like those in the kini n insider. They used to be good but lately becoming so arrogant and dumb.

  8. Their tentacles of the opposition are amazingly long.

    Even a respectable bookstore in a major shopping complex displays their whatnot books on their grand display area (written by their machais assisted by their publishers which is most probably funded by their deep pockets of never ending source of money)

    Hey, even the daughter of the respectable and adulated exPM, father of modern Malaysia got seduced to the dark side.

    Peace loving rakyat has to be cautious and be careful not to be bluffed by these professionals and their conjures.

    Think peace and be grateful of what has been earned and delivered half a century post merdeka and how Malaysia has risen above her neighbours.

    The levels of satisfaction with govt performance over last 5 decades differ between the races. I can understand the Chinese frustration & resentment but I think both these factors cloud ‘their’ judgment when they ABU by encouraging them to overlook the glaring flaws of the alternative on offer. — Helen

    1. We have to admit that govt has improved lots over the years.

      Immigration is now better.
      IC dept even open on Saturdays and Sundays. Staff are courteous.
      EPF while dishing out better returns yearly are super efficient in EPF withdrawals for monthly loan payment (they send out free sms when monthly payments are made, no less than a month since application), Staff too are genuinely courteous.
      Many government depts and servants which has embraced the new technology are now more efficient than ever thats for certain.

      Notwithstanding the above, DAPster friends of mine have been constantly harping on govt overemploymentlah etc, wastage of fundslah (even for a simple toilet renovation/image makeover), read as waste of their moneylah.

      From where they are coming from and in their warped point of view encouraged by the war generals, me thinks in their quest for power nothing good may ever satisfy them.

      And on the alternative offer, it will be a ride down the rabbit hole with a much meaner entity, so why gamble (unless they are already cash rich and self sustainable, downturn proof and ready to immigrate out for a lifelong vacation)

  9. off topic a moment to undress a rascal.

    Now let us see who is lying, pipsqueak Puteri Umno greenhorn Lili Ali or experienced headhoncho KM YB Lim Guan Eng aka the Emperor. Seems like Lili is always going to come out second best what with truth hound Guan Eng “truthfully” asserting the “obvious” despite Lili’s caterwauling. Note, how the Star gives room for LGE’s nonsense here:

    where he says…er…blatantly lies:

    Lim, in his reply to Lili, said there were no major incidences of flood since 2008.

    “In three years, there was no flood as serious as this. This is the first serious flood since 2008 and I was here to provide support and aid around September that year.

    “This time the flood is quite serious and we are here to provide aid to the affected residents,” he said.”

    ………..and there is a filthy unwashed Singh to say something in support, in true belakang mali style.

    Evidence to disprove Lim Guan Eng

    1.The ‘Venice’ Penang can do without

    Monday, 14 June 2010 15:03
    By Himanshu Bhatt

    Very recently, before floods that hit the area last weekend, the people had seen heavy rains in September 2008 and July last year that caused sea water to rise and the Sungai Pinang to overflow and rush into their houses.

    But the problem in Penang is far-reaching. With intense development and encroachment into sensitive areas, floods are affecting many other places as well.
    Just last month a large residential area near a new development project around Kampung Nelayan in Balik Pualu was also hit by flooding.

    The federal authorities have approved allocations for waterways and sensitive flood-prone areas like Sungai Junjung, Valdor and Bukit Tambun. But work is still needed for other major rivers like Sungai Rambai, Sungai Juru and channels in Balik Pulau.

    2. Flash floods dampen Raya joy in Penang


    GEORGE TOWN: They cleaned and scrubbed but it was unlike the spring-cleaning that other families do to prepare for Hari Raya.Flash floods caused a mess in their homes where the water rose to waist level for residents in Jalan P. Ramlee, damaging their belongings and even their kuih Raya.

    “Some of my electrical appliances, sofas, new curtains and Raya delicacies were spoilt in the flood,” said cargo worker Rahmat Tullah Abd Majid, 36, as he cleaned the compound of his house with his nephews on the eve of Hari Raya.

    3. Among the worst-hit areas were Jalan P. Ramlee, Jelutong, Sungai Pinang, Tanjung Tokong and the inner city areas, while flood waters rose to a high of about 40cm in certain places.

    Looks like these are some stories the Star forgot to squelch from its database. Editorial oversight, maybe or Lim Guan Eng forgot his basic maths??

    Warrior 231

  10. Glad PM is listening to public’s grievances. Sure, there may be weaknesses in our electoral system, but the government has already responded by having PSC to make recommendations. Majority of the recommendations have already been accepted including the indelible ink which should have been replaced by a biometric system.

    Now, looking at the opposition side. Queries and complaints have been made as to how PKR run their own election which resulted in some of their prominent leaders quitting the party.

    DAP? Nobody dare question their way of selecting their leaders which is by having only the Central Working Committee to vote. Are they responding to grassroots complaints? Obviously not.

    So, BN may not be perfect as a government and the people have punished them hard. They have kicked out the sleepy leader, and put in a person who’s really listening and taking action.

    On the other side of the divide, the loose PR coalition are still struggling to find a common policy. PAS is still coming up with weird laws (latest one, new Temple in Kelantan must have Islamic elements).

    Come GE-13, I know who to vote already.

    Aside from Bersih rejecting the PSC outcome in double quick time, they’ve also rejected the committee proposed by the govt to look into the violence during the rally. — Helen

    1. Its not about the rakyat or the true path

      Its all about them, themselves and their pack

      It has been so obvious since a couple of years ago

    2. Rejected within 24hrs tak pe juga Helen clap aje tak da kisah punya, T-shirt tu rekod breaking print time by printer n distributer….heh…heh tolong tanya depa sapa printer next kalo saya nak buat last minute senang……

  11. Next time someone asks me the why and wherefore of the phrase “middle-class lala”, I will just point them to this blog post.

  12. We need not waste buckets of electrons and oodles of pixel on a self-preening douche-bag like Marina Mahathir. This whining, whingeing, illiterate street tramp is poseur numero uno, the uber glitterati affecting literati. No wonder her columns are nothing more than mawkish cant, tartuffian dross and inane chatter.

    I have had the misfortune of running into this slimepoop of a prima-donna during the Bangsar years, (yep…was part of the crowd as an observer of human foibles, vain egos and pukish arrogance and boy, could I write a book on that scene, our very own Vanity Fair) and this b***h must have ranked amongst the very top of the social trash that trawled that hellhole.

    Trash who whiled away their privileged leisure and frittered away wads of cash hobnobbing, gossiping and ranting garbage in public to draw superficial ‘oohs and aahs’ from a cloying entourage of equally illiterate snobs to massage an infantile ego, assuage a scum baggish personality whilst pouting and preening vainly in imaginary mirrors.

    There is nothing edifying about the Bangsar scumbags, party animals and publicity hogs masturbating their collective idiocy in the public trough to salve inferiority complexes and underdeveloped intellects. You know the Inggeris gobbing, Gucci flaunting, foie gras dining and Perignon sipping lowlifes with patronizing airs and condescending takes on everything about life including your cat. Gutter flotsam whose perceived self-importance knows no bounds and whose hoity-toity airs reeked of pompous flatulence.

    You can gain more seated at a sidewalk cafe in a Parisian twilight than rubbing shoulders with utterly puerile spoilt kids pretending they are god’s answer to existential ennui and societal angst. Chichi self-proclaimed reincarnations of Sartre, Camus or even Paglia who reality outs as nothing more than self-obsessed obnoxious, specious imbecile arty farties devoid of principles and vacuumed of self-respect.

    Mahathir = a class act of a statesman who, warts and all, did his very best for his race and country. Marina = an ugly pygmy hippo on two legs with a gorilla sized cranium filled with hay. Enuff said.

    Warrior 231

    1. “did his very best for his race and country” L O L !!! yes he did indeed, if you classify Indian Muslims as a race apart from the Malays. One of his sons married the daughter of a rich Chinese Indonesians remember ? L O L !!! There is a Chinese saying, rich in irony “Loot the house while it is burning”. Indeed, Mahathir was a great Statesman. L O L !!! Nobody likes being told that he or she has a lot of rich Chinese tycoons as friends. Mahathir, oh Mahathir L O L !!!

      Don’t forget to include buddy (?) Uncle Ananda too. — Helen

      1. Those deluded Malays calling the Chinese names L O L, telling the Chinese to go back to China, man ! They think their leaders, people like Mahathir, smell like roses. The truth is, these Malays, the mongrel type, they got rich by collaborating with Chinese tycoons in the first place. But the Chinese don’t mind people calling them names. Why bother with these people ? Better to loot the house while it is still burning. Because you see, after the whole house is burnt to ashes, there’s nothing left for anyone to loot. As for Uncle Ananda, the less said the better. L O L !!!

        1. re “the Chinese don’t mind people calling them names”. You’re an astute observer, Alex.

          The novel Interlok was more derogatory of Chinese than it was of Indians. But while the Indians were up in arms over the ‘pariah’ slur, the Chinese did not bat an eyelash at being described as a race that would happily “sell their daughters”.

          I’ve this experience with other Chinese. When I ask, you don’t take offence meh?, the reply goes something like, “Let them say whatever. Why bother? Words don’t hurt.”

      2. The other irony I would like to point out is that the Malays (the mongrel type) needed Chinese tutelage to become wicked. Wicked ? L O L !!! Remember the fiasco in Hong Kong in the 1980s ? The BMF scandal ? L O L !!! Remember the Carrian Group of George Tan ? L O L !!! Without Chinese tutelage, The Malays of the Mongrel variety would not be that successful in becoming mega rich.

      3. On a Chingkie roll, eh Alex L. After 2 centuries of raping and plundering this land by being the lapdogs of the British, it sure hurts to be off the gravy train once the indigenes got their bearings right.

        Hey, the mistake the indigenes made is very simple. They should have cut you lot root and branch (nay even twigs) off your ill-gotten hoards of wealth and thrown you coolie-kangs and whores back into them tongkangs with your, mao shirts, samfoos and cheong-sams on and holed that contraption for good measure before pushing you bastards into the South China sea…LOL

        Then we could have seen what yer made of. After all, the favie Chingkie boast is that they arrived with only them rags covering their genitals and struck it rich through the dint of sheer hard work, hocus-pocus garbage that is fit for pig swill……..LOL

        Ever heard of carpetbaggers, look yourself in the mirror, douchebag of an ingrate.

        Warrior 231

      4. Oh yeah, pretty rich coming from you, eh Helen. The first to carp about the humiliation of being called names and then suddenly doing a 360 pirouette to brag:

        “the reply goes something like, “Let them say whatever. Why bother? Words don’t hurt.”

        Oh, the gumption of it all! In the end, you yellow devils are all the same. Just a lil nudge or mini-pinch and watch that racist DNA caterwaul its righteous indignation….hahahahaha

        and what about the veiled sarcasm at your fellow injuns for being oh so miffed:

        “But while the Indians were up in arms over the ‘pariah’ slur,”……..

        Oh i see, poor thin skinned inferior tribe but then again they are nothing but useful punching bags to release all that pent-up rage, right? :>.

        Careful..rattling that mental cage too hard may just tip it sideways over the edge

        Warrior 231

        I asked my fellow Chinese and the quoted reply (along those lines) was the type of answer I’d usually receive. If you want to know whether I agree with the Chinese insouciance to ‘Interlok’, the answer is, No, I don’t. Nonetheless I was soliciting Alex’s further views (if he’d care to elaborate) about what he labels the Chinese “pragmatism” of shrugging off the sticks and stones thrown. — Helen

      5. Use of the word “mongrel” is obviously a slur. It is this concept of “racial purity” that explains why many nonchinese people find the chinese abhorrent.

  13. Finally and well done. Yes Marina Mahathir is delusional and this normally comes from someone who suffers from grandiose illusions.

    She is no middle class and to blissfully allow herself be looked upon as a middle class icon reveals her own desperation to cling on to recognition.

    She really desperately portrays herself as a working class ala middle class working mother. Oh for heavens sake, what kind of spoilt brat illusion is this when she’s strapped herself with elitist comforts, cooks, maids, her father’s name, benefit of family wealth. Poor or struggling she is not, not with kids in international school, with excuse that government schools not good enough. The point is it’s not just any not middle class Marina, Ambiga or Yeoh can afford international schools or private schools like Cempaka lor!

    But I blame media people, like The Star for arse-licking her with a column and the kind of attention and importance that media have given to Marina. Yes she sometimes sounds like a dumb blonde in black hair. Otherwise she’s just another unoriginal anti establishment NGO bloodsuckers – they take what advantages they can get from government or whatever body, with their family status and father’s position and disposition, sometimes pretending and hiding her assets. At other time unknowingly she flaunts them.

    But Marina is not alone for being most selfish ingrate successful middle class. They belong to those mostly in private sector or retired senior civil servants, who feel and believe they want something more and deserve something more – more wealth, more position, more business, more comfort, more of whatever they think the government of the day have stood in their way to deny them more material gain.

    Take Pantai Medical Centre Bangsar as an example. Many of their consultants and doctors are anti government especially the younger ones. Everything that they don’t have – as in more wealth and comfort, they blame the government. Here’s a thought – can the government take away all your contracts and consulting services you awarded to these blood uckers away from them? No, doctors today are not the honourable doctors you have as in their older generation. So don’t be fooled by the snakes in Pantai medical. They hate any other middle class elite who do better than them. How about that? The same attitude in the lawyers association, no more honour in being a lawyer, just ego, ruthless ambition and greed.

    Middle class ‘freedom’ expression fighters or the freedom walkers in the Bersih 3 weren’t doing it for the working class, for the poorer ppeople to have better life and better education, for the under-priveleged to be given better life – ITS ALL ABOUT THEMSELVES AND THEIR BELIEF. ABOUT BEING SEEN BY THEIR PUBLIC AS A HERO. There is a built-in ego, hunger for recognition. They carry it like a burden.

    The more appropriate word is OPPORTUNIST. Like the Bra Council- i mean the bar council- their leaders are like Marina. Yeah, soak what you can in your position in the council so you can be recognised – either for future positions, maybe in opposition, or even attract, big clients and stitch your name in the eyes of international observers. This Bra council no longer believe in justice but justice for opportunist. The pattern is the same in the leadership of the bra wearing council.

    So media people, shut them out, don’t pay unnecessary attention to what they say which is so obvious, shouting for attention of the dangerous kind.


    1. re “The Star arse-licking Marina with a column” … when I was in the paper, I was made aware that none of the Section 2 copyeditors dared to change even a word in her column which was treated as sacrosanct, i.e. article not in any way to be altered. — Helen

  14. Blaming the Chinese here and there for the Malays’ problems is not going to help the Malays. Calling the Chinese names is not going to help the Malays.

    These Ultra Malays L O L !!! You think the Chinese have nowhere to go ? This is the age of globalization. The better educated, the highly mobile, these are the ones that will thrived.

    I bet that these Ultra Malays will be very happy to see the Chinese go. After all, once the Chinese are gone, their problems are gone too, so they think. But wait, hold on. When the Chinese are gone, and new problems show up, who will be the new scapegoats ? Err……the Indians are still here. There’s the Natives of Sarawak and Sabah. No worries. There are still plenty of other people the Ultras can turn into scapegoats.

    The Chinese are gone, who’s going to pay the taxes ? Err……tell the Indians to pay up. Err……Sarawak and Sabah have plenty of natural resources. Let’s loot those resources. Hooray !!! If its still not enough, tell foreigners to pay up.

    Tell the White Men to pay up, and pay up dearly if they want to continue to do business here. Hooray !!! So the merry go round continues in Wonderland.

    The Chinese are not opportunistic. The word is not accurate to describe the Chinese. The accurate word to describe the Chinese is pragmatic.

    Someone in China had already said it decades ago in China to his fellow Chinese.
    “Keep a low profile. Hide our capability. Bide our time. Never show leadership”.

    After 3 decades of abiding by the message of this Man, China is now a superpower.
    The deluded, they do the opposite of what this Man said. Now do I need to tell anyone the identity of that Man ? Perhaps Helen could enlighten the readers of this blog. L O L !!!

    1. in two words, ‘get lost’ low class brained pedigree Chingk shit. Malaysia has survived countless predictions of dooms and the exodus of numerous so-called “bright sparks” to be where we are today:

      “Malaysia had been among the best performing economies in the world over the past 50 years under the National Front, which transformed a poor, colonial plantation economy into a modern, middle-income country. Per capita GDP has reached US$8,100 (RM24,300), almost doubling each decade.”

      I reckon the sudden urge to be anti-establishment amongst the Chingk is because they can see the looming riches and want their pig hooves on the wheels of power so they can bleed the country dry. Penang was the microcosm of that unbridled greed. After being built up by the Malay-led BN ( the FTZ was a Tun Razak idea taken up by Lim Chong Eu as was the Penang Bridge), the lazy ingrate Chingkie seeing that he has gained every feature (airport, port, manufacturing zone, bridge, roads and other infrastructure, hospitals, university etc etc) of a viable state, effected treachery and pulled the rug beneath the trusting Malay. Lately, he has begun claiming credit for everything under the penang sun excepts its rain and floods…LOL

      The claim of being major tax contributors is another piece of shitty hokum spun ad nauseum by the tax evading, double bookkeeping Chingkies. By my calculation, Chingks contribute no more than 10% of tax revenue with Malay run Petronas paying the lion’s share:

      “Dividends from Petronas have in recent years made up about half of all federal government revenues”

      So go peddle your lies in your opium-gambling-whoring-bootlegging joint where the pedigreed with unwashed arses gather to palaver garbage in their noisy chingchong oinking that passes itself off as some civilized speech. Tiuniamah!

      Warrior 231

      1. LOL! Game, Set and Match to ibn Khaldun… I usually cringe with abrasive language but I must say, this time was an exception. Sometimes it’s the only way to get the message across. Well played bro….

      2. Note also how Helen used the word “malaise” . We all know the meaning of malaise and how close it sounds to “malays.”
        of course if warrior 231 can use chingkie to refer to certain chinese like say Alex L then i dont mind if Marina is referred as one of the “malaise”.

        For those who know french, malaise can also be the feminine form of the word “malais”, meaning Malay the language, people or adjective.

        1. OB,

          We don’t know that ‘Alex Lee’ is really a Chinese.

          Nor can we ascertain who most of the readers who comment in this blog are.

          I’m ‘real’ of course since I’m known to Rocky, Kak Ena, Syed Akbar Ali, Zorro, Tony Yew & the rest of the prominent bloggers & to the editors both MSM & online.

          I’ve so far vouched for the identity of Hussin Rahman, my ex-colleague.

          But you don’t really believe that MiNY is a dishwasher in Chinatown, do you?

          And MiNY has been hinting heavily that ‘Ahmad Ibrahim’ is an operative of some sort who’s being naughty.

          All said tho’, you’re the one who’s carrying the racial baggage – particularly over White Men-Oriental Women – that you keep hammering at me about.

          Postscript: Even Marina Mahathir has just complained that someone is impersonating her online.

      3. You admitted you dated a Malay, a ‘lesser race’ in the eyes of many chinese, especially from the older generations. Therefore, you are in our good books because you must have defeated that anti-miscegenation thing going on in your community.

        I have no problem with Chinese women going after White men. I am not affected at all. I am not against miscegenation, as I am product of one (though that can be arguable because Bumi/Malays are the most fluid ‘racial group’).

        Miscegenation is a sensitive issue among Chinese women, because those who do engage with foreign men are often portrayed, probably even among their own community, as being ‘loose’ and ‘immoral’. I know it would be insulting to you if I were to group all chinese women, including you, into that category.

        However, I hear that for Chinese women to go after ‘lesser’ races the crime is nearly unforgivable.

        The ‘lesser’ race category has probably changed over the years. In a moment of unrestrained honesty, a malaysian chinese girl admitted to me recently that her father would be fine if she decided to marry a malay or indian. However, he draws the line at marriage with an African!!

        So, the racial goal lines, have shifted!

        I also want you to admit this: if you saw Lou Jing in person, would you say she is Chinese? I doubt it.

        These issue cut to the core of all the ‘Malaysian First’ wannabes. They confuse race and nationality. They want to dispel the notion of race because they know deep down they would rise to the top.

        This is not my emotional baggage or personal issue. It has been observed by academics (sociologist, psychologists, economists etc) and even professionals like ad execs and sales marketers. Bloggers have picked up on this.
        Read this:

        “So what causes this phenomenon? Why is it that we hardly see Chinese women with black, Latino, Indian (South East Asian) or Middle Eastern men? Well, we may occasionally see that happen but those men have to be very rich or of very high statures, otherwise such occurrences are very rare.”

        So Ctl+Alt+Del yourself, and think.

      4. my dear warrior, i’ve no doubt you can say those totally “atas-biji” counterpoints without the obviously gratifying “maki-hamuns”and still make this response a ko-punch… :)

    2. Alex, try go back to China and beg for citizenship. They will tell you to fly kite…. You are the descendants of traitors who were the slaves to the kwailos responsible to drug your own kind with opium. Your kind betrayed your own blood. Your kind are unrepentant and destructive.

  15. “I bet that these Ultra Malays will be very happy to see the Chinese go.” Who says? Who will then do our house renovation? Work their a$$es off in our companies? Sell us pirated DVDs?

    Haiya Alex.. jangan merajuklah.. Malaysia is still a good place to make a living even for the Chinese. If you go to AU, UK or US, do you think their Gomen will care what you think? Do you think you can demand this and that (eventho you pay lots of taxes?) Even Harrods owner pun they discriminate against.. inikan pula a normal professional like you.. worse if you are just dish-washing illegals.

    Do you honestly think that their Gomen will finance your mother-tongue schools? Eventho you pay lots of taxes?

    Frankly I think most Chinese have lost their reasoning faculty due to their hatred for Malay gomen.. that’s why DAP is so successful eventho they actually bring nothing to the table except complaints (no solution) and “I object” (no “I propose”).. Sukahati lah.. if you want to see the glass half-empty all the time.

    As it is as a Malay, I actually like having Chinese around. So jangan merajuk ye…. Somehow it helps keep the religious freaks in check.. and for that reason alone I will be eternally grateful to the Chinese :)

    1. RCZ has the ability to be tongue-in-cheek without crossing into frivolity. Terkekeh aku baca komen yang satu ni… :)

  16. Dude, who is insecure? Take singapore as a case, until today still afraid of the malay bogeyman and lee kuannyew keep harping that chinese singapore have low birth rate and resulted to importing hanyu people from china which ironically are now consideted a bigger threat by singaporean chinese…these attitude shows that the real mongrels may be people like you who forever insecure, ingrate and look down upon the natives who never threatened your kind yet tolerated you..singapore built its armed in anticipating an attack by its muslim neighbours…but now..the singaporean chinese angloohiles are more afraid of the christian pinoys and godless hanyu people who are not impressed by jesus withnhis voodoo magic walking on water…these are all swirlingnin the media cesspoolmin singapore….the fact is..the chinese in malaysia and indonesia prosper more among the malaiyoos and jawas..the fake have in singapore see the anglophile chinese mongrels co,peting with cheaper mongrls who look down on them just as they did to the.
    muslim malays.

    Now i always amusednby silly ahpek claim that chinese re the ones paying taxes, looking at imcomes of the malays, the average incomes of malays are 72 percent of that of the chinese, with the malays dominatimg rhe demographics, we can safely assume that 60 percent ofnthe workforce are malays and with increading acccess to education malay professionals enterimg the workfoce is substantial, my classmates include lawayers, SAP programmer, architect, doctors, dentist, oil n gas engineer,one is a logistic plannermin texas working for shell, my school is in section 5 wangsa maju is just a normal national school, thos does not include the cream in thr mrsm and SBP who have better acccess to GLCS and multinationals, the booming oilmn gas industry is also receiving huge malay partipation with malay vendors..hnce malays are carving a nichemin the malaysian economy…never mind the chinese monopolies..the malayian economy is diverse enough…,this is not to mention the collective wealth of malays in PNB and tabung Haji and LTAT which now surpass rm200 billion..alll solid savings by the non mongrel malays? Not to mention their EPF, savings in banks….thefore, even without the chinese if they want to merajuk, malaysia finances have enough liquidity, remember, even if all ahpek leave for singapore or some god forsaken lala land of meritocracy and mythical equality, malaysia infrastructure will remaind intact and pay dividnpends in the future, hence the chinese are not dumb enough to merajuk like you..the malays also are not stupid enough to chase away the chinese or indians..only delusional anglophilesnwhomis ahamed of his hanyi name and hide behind a lowly cheap anglophilr name like alex dare make this kind of stupid assumption.

    1. Sock it to Alex good. Plenty of dumb Chinese Malaysians out there with the rest of the retards.

      The average Chinese doesn’t know that the Zakat contributions don’t go to the LHDN, btw.

      In any case, we built this country together, but nobody is indispensable. GDP growth may sputter, but as long as we keep an eye on the long term stability and development of the nation, we will address our shortcomings in due time with dilligence and collective will.

      1. hi IHNS, nice to see you back! : )

        i cannot agree more with the thrust of your above comment. while najib razak is too phlegmatic for my liking, i think this is what his ‘1Malaysia’ call is all about. it’s applying the strength of our diversity as a unified front. we have to maintain stability if we’re to take our already considerable development a few steps, or even a step, further. if we are forever locked in communal squabllings, we’ll lose whatever economic edge we’ve gained so far.

        btw, it’s not unlike that metaphor of the train and it’s many coaches of Tok Rojak and Pak Ard. [*i really miss reading them and HuaYong, it’d be nice to see their take on the many interesting topics Helen has introduced since they last commented.*]

        the pity was najib and his team were not more creative and resolute in making the people understand this 1Malaysia thing. it seemed as though he annouced it and then left it to everyone to figure out for themselves what the idea is suppoed to mean for us as a plural nation. the thing is our people are not very good at seeing the obvious. it doesn’t help that the current opposition [who never seems to move away from being in election mode since GE12, not even to carry out their responsibility as opposition or to govern properly the states they won] thinks that obstructionism is the way to go to win the next GE. naturally they grabbed the opportunity afforded by najib’s lame handling of this to reduce the concept to a joke before the masses could see its pragmatism.

        it bears saying that this is of course not a new concept. the country and the much too-maligned BN government has actually been nudging the people [in a relaxed sort of way — i remember fondly things “muhibah” as a child : ) ] to do exactly that since the last several decades. i think it’s only recently that this existing structure has been attacked and undermined in the name of wresting political power. it’d be quite stupid of the opposition to destroy something already sound because they’re going to need the same if they manage to take over the govenrment. what good to anyone is inheriting an incapacitated country, seriously!

  17. Alex, your dear leader Kim Guan Eng DAP must be damn proud of your comments……you have single-handedly put all Komtar cyber stormtroopers to shame with your Malay bashing comments.

    Keep it up…..and may i suggest you post all your comments in all Malay blogs to reach Malay readers….please do it in Bahasa Melayu….will be more effective….and not to forget in Malaysia Today too.

    I believe you will make more Malays to vote for the opposition, DAP expecially. Perhaps DAP dont need malay- turn- chinese or chine- turn converts like Aspan, Semangkol and Zairil anymore.

    Wondering why why those Malay anti-gomen x-gomen servants recently choose to join PAS instead of DAP or PKR. Perhaps they missed out on your comments.

  18. Alex is a barbatus mongrel. You want a derogatory name, you get one. So, be careful with what you say as every action has a reaction. Enough said.

  19. Wazir, why are you so hurt with alex and helen? Youre bloating up the argument unnecessarily. Shame man. Buat malu melayu je. If there’s any fair-minded chinese, it’s helen who actually dare speak out to the racist of her own race. So be fair man….

    I think most chinese commentators on this blog are also level-headed, and are commenting towards a positive goal. ‘mongrel’ is so hurtful? Read between the lines, he was describing a subtype of the malays, which hopefully youre not part of.

    Warrior konon. Wage war on your own psychotic self la.

    P.s- im malay, believe it or not.

    1. i also think any “attack” on helen herself, esp ascribing unfounded intents to her [i dare say in most cases] innocent choice of words and inadvertent sharing of personal anecdotes, quite not on.

      however i think that alex person, with his smug racist generalizations, quite asked for what he got! the warrior’s response, minus the invectives of course, are quite spot-on.

      p.s. i’m a msian-malay of the mongrel variety [and rather proud of it], believe it or not. ;)

    2. Malay and mighty pleased by it, eh Parcifal? You are probably no more a Malay than there are dead Transformers buried on the dark side of the moon.

      Come on, Chingk lapdog, a Malay does not upbraid a Malay in public just to get his daily dose of perverse kicks. You are so Malayish or Melayuish that you had to prove your worth by labeling me a psycho and rub that in with that sarcastic ‘warrior konon” thingy. Some achievement there, Uncle Tom?

      Looks like you are sure puffed up for upbraiding me all because i stood up to some low class chingk pig calling me a mongrel. Hei fuckhead, get this straight between them earlobes, it is cloying wallflower fuckheads like you that have had Chingk bastards like Alex and co walking roughshod over any Malay. It is sensitive, cowardly touch-me-nots like you that have made them Malays playthings of Chingkie whoreboys and prosgirls. It is spineless slimepoops like you that have contributed immensely to denigration of my race and religion. and you have the gall to call yourself a Malay, balless, shameless, maruahless piece of s*#t

      But I aint like you, yellow-livered coward. If someone hits me I bash him up, be it here in cyberspace or out there in real space, simple. I aint gonna let anyone walk over a Malay or Islam or my fellow Malay brethren (you aint included there). I got maruah unlike you and I aint subscribe to any womanish ‘jaga hati, makan hati’ garbage credo, Chingkie CS. (CS??? go figure that one out, poof! Hint:it equates milking another’s manhood…get the drift, lapdog)

      So you have had your whoreholian moment and strutting around like a peacock with a plume of honour,, smacking them high fives with yer chingkie pimp, eh scumbag? Keep it up but what is laughable is that in your false moment of triumph and misplaced pride you haven’t fazed me an iota but demeaned yourself instead. And that is a pathetic indictment of you as a person…oops..worthless piece of s*@t.

      Now get lost outta my sight and go CS your chingk pimp for you gonna get double the barrage if you ever cross my path again, wasted sperm.

      Warrior 231

      1. Nice way of summing yourself up.
        Another kerismongering buffoon.
        Usually guys like u who write big, try to compensate for whatever inferiority your dad’s groin failed to squirt.

        Take your meds will you?
        Or maybe, get high like your so-called brethren who im glad to not be a part of.

  20. Nice piece of exchange of comments in this article as feelings are suppose to be emotional as it is dangerous when one rationalize one’s emotion. However in exercising emotion, one has to apply reason as it is the arithmetic of the emotions.

    Reason here means the truth and reality that needs to be engaged for the betterment of the society as a whole irrespective of the origin. There lies fault in every segment of the community whether it is Malay, Chinese, Indian or lain-lain.

    If you look at a typical BN media, it bashes everything about opposition, if you see the majority alternative media it is vice versa. Now both bashing each other who suffers? The people right!!!

    The current polarization of the community is being widened as it is always a tit for tat rather than pondering over the reasons that causes this whether it is a Malay issue or a non Malay issue in Malaysia in fairness. I am sure none of us want this, yet because we are governned or we try to govern another in our own individual mind, reasons and the root cause becomes oblivious.

    Previous errors, governance, mishaps are to be mended not repeated at least by us.

    I guess the deductation of reasons lies within our individual mind for the deprived ones rather than a battle between us and our own alter ego. I am sure none of us here want Helen’s blog to be turned into another faction of either a BN or PR sympathiser but rather a watchdog for how does it benefit the man/woman in the street at least in Malaysia.

    Helen, nice article in FMT.

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