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White man, ‘yellow pumpkin’, Christianized Indians

We’re living in the same country (or we hold the same nationality) but do you really care to have DAPsters living next door as your neighbour?

Below is the typical DAPster behaviour.

This particular “top commenter” to my FMT article said:

  • Helen Dung is a Frustrated B***h
  • her followers are known as The Helenistas
  • She hates Hannah Yeoh / Christians / English Educated / Articulate People
  • Anyone pro-DAP/PR is a DAPster
  • Visit her Blog. She has at most 10 followers
  • Rejected by the MSM n Online News Portals
  • a pathetic Loser, unwanted n unloved by Sane people
  • badly needs a Shampoo

For the sake of my blog’s “at most 10 followers”, allow me to address this “articulate” person’s comment.

To address bullet point (1), labelling people with different opinions from them as “bitch”, “running dog”, “poodle/lapdog”, etc is almost second nature to DAPsters.

Imagine life in sembahyang dua imam Malaysia where one half of the population is perpetually calling the other half of the population ‘dogs’.

In fact, their habit of name-calling is so well-known that it has become an element of parody. e.g. how one reader ‘BeggarPariahDog’ takes the mickey out of the opposition supporters (my same FMT article was aggregated in Malaysia Today, screenshot below)

For saying that he/she “enjoys reading Helen Ang”, the M2day reader got the anticipated shelling. ‘BeggarPariahDog’ was told by another reader (my guess: possibly an Indian going by the pseudonym ‘Sahadewa’) that he/she is a traitor to his/her race.

For the sin of liking my writing, this poor chap/lady was also told that “the local council will shoot rabid Pariah dogs”. The ‘kafir-mengkafir’ syndrome has descended to this level of openly expressed hostility — shooting rabid pariah dogs.

I’ve used the phrase ‘Christianized Indians’ in the title because I do not know if these Indians are Christians or not. Therefore, ‘Christianized’ refers to Anglophile background rather than their religion per se.

The Facebook identity that they’ve chosen are the Cannosian Convent (see Rk Sandhu above) and Penang Free School (Inderjit above) network. Recall that the Penang chief minister comes from a missionary mission school background too.

Cuti-cuti London

To address bullet point (3), see also my earlier posting ‘If you win the election, then you change the law, lah‘ where I noted that MCLM was launched in London on 30 Oct 2010, and its then president Haris Ibrahim had given a ringing endorsement to Hannah Yeoh.

The ABU campaign essentially makes out Umno to be “evil” and the party’s opponents are therefore the opposite of evil, i.e. good. Aside from extolling Hannah’s goodness, Haris goes as far as to testify to her being “excellent candidate material”.

How can we measure Hannah’s sainthood? That’s hard to quantify even for Haris Ibrahim. What can be measured are countable units like days, hours, minutes.

MCLM had invited Hannah Yeoh to speak at their forum in London on 22 Nov 2010.

At around the same period, Hannah absented herself from the Selangor state assembly for six consecutive sittings from Nov 8 to Nov 15, 2010 (attendance record in Hansard, here).

Haris seems to have invented some sort of ‘integrity meter‘ by which he’s measured Hannah Yeoh and is satisfied that she passed the test with flying colours.

But this “excellent candidate material” receiving the MCLM stamp of approval only attended 7 days out of the total 13 days of the Selangor 2010 assembly. Days are something that we can count unlike the intangible ‘integrity’ that is Haris’ yardstick.

Hannah’s attendance at the Selangor DUN in 2010 was FAIL as she had rather spend her time in London than at the seat of government in Shah Alam.

So what are the numerical units in the gadget that DAPsters use to measure their politicians?

An Anglophile Indian calling himself ‘Toffee’ had appraised Uthaya as “Najib’s stooge”. Again, DAPsters appear to do their assessment based on the trademarked ‘integrity meter’ devised by Haris Ibrahim.

‘Anak Malaysia’ birth cert issue

What is Hannah Yeoh best known for in her political career?

Her harassment of the bureaucracy in order for her daughter’s birth certificate to record the detail ‘Anak Malaysia’.

In Selangor alone, there are up to 40,000 Indian children who do not have birth certificates! Without BCs, these kids cannot go to school. Without education, the vicious circle trapping Indians in a cycle of urban poverty cannot be broken.

This is not a statistic released by Hindraf. Instead it was an admission in January 2008 made by the Selangor Menteri Besar Mohd Khir Toyo.

Stateless Indians is an issue long taken up by Hindraf and Uthaya. Pakatan politicians, on the contrary, are more concerned about their Bangsar Malaysia peacock preening than they are for those of dark skin living from hand to mouth.

Such a stark contrast in priorities. Between battling to obtain birth certificates for Indian squatter children, and battling to amend the birth cert of a Subang Jaya Anak Malaysia whose father they insist is “not Indian”.

Pakatan, paragons of virtue

The DAPsters thump their chests that they and their leaders have nobly risen above petty race concerns.

Below is a Malaysia Today reader comment that thinks that for a non-Indian, I’ve made some very good observations on the Indian condition. This being so, I should actually be in the Pakatan good books as one non-Indian highlighting Indian concerns.

But you know the Pakatan wonderful double standards lah. Instead I’m told to “spot a dot on [my] forehead and put on that sari showing that rounded waistline before the Indians will even listen to you” (see ‘Noble House’s comment below). And this guy calls me “racist”.

According to Pakatan practise, only Indians should talk about Indian issues despite the DAP and PKR prettily preaching multi-culturalism.

Where’s the Pakatan press freedom?

I shall address one last bullet point by Inderjit, i.e. his allegation that I am “Rejected by the MSM n Online News Portals”.

Even though Malaysia Today does aggregate some my writings once in a blue moon, I know that their administrators are reluctant to do so. Not because they “reject” my articles as Inderjit claims but because they wish to spare me having to put up with the type of comments like his.

I’ve used the “yellow pumpkin” taunt found at M2day‘s aggregation of ‘Hindraf in slipstream of two-race system as the headline of this posting.

The “white man” allusion in the title is to the video below.

YouTube shows how the whites, in their mission to ‘civilize’ heathens who do not subscribe to their religious ideology of ‘righteousness exalts a nation‘, massacred a whole tribe of native Americans (the ‘Red Indians’).

Continues with Part II: ‘Superior’ Christians wiping out ‘inferior’ cultures


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12 thoughts on “White man, ‘yellow pumpkin’, Christianized Indians

  1. True imdeed, where the righteous anglophiles when America is deploying 60 percent of their navy to Asia Pacific ready to pulverise China…i am perpelxed why Chinese,Malays and Indians embrace the bigotted and hypocrite West…with their liberalism, human rights yet they invade countries and point nuclear weapons at billions of people that do not comply to their views and use proxies(Phillipines being armed by US) to harass China ships in the Scarborough shoal.

    To the anglophiles, enjoy the diamond jubilee of QE…hehehe

  2. Sigh. Do you even have a point? You’re as incoherent as ever. You can’t accept critics yet dish it out freely. You are defensive as hell and anyone not subscribing to your view has to be from DAP. Seriously, just how deluded are you? And oh yes, the shampoo bit sounds about right.

    1. If I can’t accept critics, how come your comments (every time insulting, every single one of them) are still being published?

      As to whether DAPsters “have to be from DAP”, Tunku Aziz described the online mob as “stormtoopers”. The term refers to Hitler’s infamous shock troops.

      So when TA used the word, was he explicitly characterizing them as being card-carrying members of the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) Party which existed only 1920-1945? Yet, people are still called ‘Nazis’ today if they behave like one.

      Similarly, a DAPster is as a DAPster does.

      1. What’s so incoherent sshsn? Helen answered point to point. You’re the one whining about with no facts.

        We’ve yet to see your hair, which probably is ugly and stupid like your comment.

        Blind dap ass-wipe.

      2. Sshsn probably thought Tunku Aziz was talking about Star Wars when he mentioned “stormtroopers”… children, eh?

      3. There you go again. I give up. You can form 3 sentences without sounding like as convoluted as your party. And tell your lackeys to grow a pair.

  3. I am told that Indians who convert to Christianity do so to escape their own caste system. I have no first-hand knowledge of this, it is just what I hear. Sharing is caring, et cetera and so forth.

    Separately, I’ve always thought the “white is right” philosophy died out decades ago. I guess some people still live in the past…

    1. Joe, I don’t know whether you are mocking the whole issue or genuinely on a need to know basis. However giving you the benefit of doubt, let me eloborate.

      You can be the usual suspect but whether you realized if you or totally oblivious as a malaysian that in the 80’s due to major displacement of the estates thanks to Dr M and his mandores without safeguarding the interest and advancement of the Malaysians Indians, there were hordes of Anglophile luking in the estates to convert the Hindus into Christians.

      The issue was simple, I give you material needs and show you the way.This naturally lead to major conversion during this period. It would ridicules to attribute this to caste system as even the scheduled class in India are given preference and allocated 20% of the parliamentary seats in the Indian parliament.

      In Malaysia naturally with its industrial progress and boleh pakai agenda ran hand in hand with the Anglophiles. Do you see it Joe, it is always what I can do for you in the name of religion rather than what needs to be done with humanity. Not everyone is as smart as you are friend, so they bite the material bait and stay loyal especially the poorer segment of the Indians in Malaysia.

      In a nutshell, it is like us today trying to find a truth but the truth is always tainted because our own needs is what is preached to us not what we can exercise on our free mind as material is a profound interest that does not escape us as oppose to do the right thingy for another even if you are hell bound.

  4. Hello Helen,

    Saya bangga dengan penulisan awak yang mengupas tabiat dan perangai segelintir bangsa malaysia yg amat suka mengata, mencerca dan mengejek pada siapa siapa yg berlainan pendapat dan pendangan dari mereka.

    Saya kagum dengan bakat penulisan awak, analisa dan komentar awak yg bersahaja tapi tepat dan pedas. Lebih takjub lagi awak pitah dalam bahasa melayu dan kemas dalam bahasa orang putih.

    Cuma saya nak tambah di sini tentang tabiat dan perangai india jenama kristian dimana saya perhatikan kebanyakan mereka ni kesat dan kelat dalam bahasa dan penyampaian mereka. Pada saya dia orang ni ada krisis identiti kerana dari segi budaya bangsa dia orang ni keturunan keling tapi berlagak barat dan kadang kala saya pelik dengan tingkah laku dia orang. Usah lah kita persoalkan fahaman politik mereka sebab kebanyakan mereka ni ‘hypocrite’ dan pandai bermuka muka ……..

  5. your comments is biased what about BN?….why so much animosutty?

    Why a jutawan buys home cheaper than a wage earner? why toll is everywhere? etc etcetera…what rakyat wants do you know?

    I believe in competency, accountability..corruption, in malaysia is way down low. Do that has to close an eye?

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