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‘Superior’ Christians wiping out ‘inferior’ cultures

Continued from ‘White man, ‘yellow pumpkin’, Christianized Indians‘, and continues to ‘Cerita koboi dan Indian di Jelapang‘.

When the most ‘righteous’ people exalt their idea of nation under God, this is what happens to “low class” tribes.

The video scenes depict the massacre of the Sioux at Wounded Knee Creek on 29 Dec 1890 by 500 white soldiers. Chief Sitting Bull had been killed a little while before that at a nearby location.

Excerpts below from an article written by Charles Phillips for the December 2005 issue of American History magazine (source:

Louise Weasel Bear said: “We tried to run, but they shot us like we were buffalo.”

Yellow Bird’s son, just 4 years old at the time, saw his father shot through the head: “My father ran and fell down and the blood came out of his mouth. Those who fled the camp were chased down by soldiers.”

Rough Feathers’ wife remembered:

“I saw some of the other Indians running up the coulee so I ran with them, but the soldiers kept shooting at us and the bullets flew all around us. My father, my grandfather, my older brother and my younger brother were all killed. My son who was two years old was shot in the mouth that later caused his death.”

Black Elk added: “Dead and wounded women and children and little babies were scattered all along there where they had been trying to run away.”

Self-righteous and having scant respect for others

“Hundreds upon hundreds of native tribes with unique languages, learning, customs, and cultures had simply been erased from the face of the earth, most often without even the pretense of justice or law.” — Peter Montague (credited here)

European extermination of natives started with Christopher Columbus’ arrival in San Salvador in 1492. — Bruce A. Robinson

San Salvador in English is ‘Holy Saviour’ and the place name was Christened by Columbus. It lies in Central America on the isthmus between Mexico and South America.

Columbus was an imperialist who spearheaded the process of Spanish colonization.

“Colonization and Christian evangelization were openly included this time in the plans”;

“In the letter that prefaces his journal of the first voyage, [Columbus] vividly evokes his own hopes and binds them all together with the conquest of the infidel, the victory of Christianity, and the westward route to discovery and Christian alliance”. — source: Britannica

Columbus conquered the Americas in the name of God and the Catholic monarchs — king Ferdinand and queen Isabella of Spain who were victorious over the Muslims in the reconquest of Granada referred to as the ‘reconquista‘.

The Spanish word ‘conquistador’ means conqueror. The conquistadors destroyed the Aztecs, the Incans and other natives of Hispanic America.

Ferdinand and Isabella are remembered in history for the terrors of the Spanish Inquisition by the church, which has a long and bloody history.

This YouTube is a live performance that includes a special appearance by John Two-Hawks playing native American flutes and singing in Lakotan (4:00). “Our spirit was here long before you” — The lyrics “trail of tears” refer to the forced relocation in 1838 of the Cherokee to the ‘Indian’ reservation in Oklahoma.

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19 thoughts on “‘Superior’ Christians wiping out ‘inferior’ cultures

  1. DAPsters’ biggest disappointment is probably that they can’t declare Malaysia as terra nullius, although they might give it a shot with the Democratic People’s Republic of Penang…

  2. Helen, I am just looking at the parliamentary seat of DAP & PKR for now. They have 28 & 31 seats. I can clearly depict at least 1/3 are Anglophile (directly or indirectly).

    Does this reflect that 1/3 of the opposition voice for the population comes from the anglophile. What can you expect? What happened to the original Chinese and Hindus community. I think I prefer MCA, Gerakan or Hindraf (definitely not MIC or PPP).

    Err!!!! I am not trying to create a stir here on the basis of religion, but find it irky that the Chinese and Hindus that built malaysia for what is amongst the Malay to lead a life without the interference of religion.

    Nothing against the modern day Anglophiles in Malaysia, but they need to know their place among the richer eastern cultures that thrives on humanity rather than the material enhancement.

    I hope that i did not stir the pot too hard. Helen, as usual Ktemoc is talking rubbish, but seriously not worth a battle, another semua tahu and semua boleh Malaysian made Anglophile NATO who jumps into the bandwagon as and when it fits the agenda.

    1. After the defections, PKR is left with 23 Parliamentarians, see

      The ones who left and are independents are:

      1. Wee Choo Keong
      2. Zahrain Mohamed Hashim
      3. Zulkifli Noordin
      4. N. Gobalakrishnan
      5. Mohsin Fadzli Samsuri

      6. Tan Tee Beng (Kita)

      7. Zainal Abidin Ahmad passed away, BN-MIC won by-election in Hulu S’gor

      8. Dr D. Jeyakumar won Sungai Siput on PKR ticket but since his own party has been registered, he’s now sitting in Parliament as PSM rep.

      So today PKR has only 23 MPs.

      1. Interesting isn’t it the independent is not an Anglophile but Melayu, China & India tulen. Encik Fadzil is someone I respect who dictates without his own cause without the typical hoo hah. I can guarantee that you will never find anything about Encik Fadzil as he is one true to his conviction as a Malaysian.

  3. The political landscape post-GE13 will be very interesting, fascinating. Will it be Wonderland, as paddled by the Dream Paddlers or will it be Reality World as described by our dear Helen ?



  4. Christians being made the bogeyman again ! Why don’t you folks go get a life, and stop chasing after your own tails ?

    1. Hi Godfather, this is exactly what we MUSLIM all around the world has been labelled; even worse than boogeyman… terrorist, jihadist, extremist, orthodox, u name it all negative connotation since centuries…are we even now???

      *LOL*, please do some revision on World History or at least Christian History, there were and are some extreme Christians as well, why so offended???

    2. I have read a book about “Christianity” when I was a student 27 years ago. The author, a Christian was narrating the day Ferdinand and Isabella captured Spain. The author said something like this “The most tolerant nation under Islamic Europe had become the most intolerant Christian nation overnight “.. How true, for 800n years, the Jews, Muslim and Christians can lived side by side peacefully and the moment Christians ruled Spain , Jews and Muslim were expelled or forcefully converted to Christians.

      In the history of Crusades, Umar Al Khattab allowed the church and Christians to be spared and allowed them to practised their religiion peacefully. How peaceful were the crusaders when they conquered back Jerusalem in 1099?

      According to the chronicler Gesta Francorum, “…[our men] were killing and slaying even to the Temple of Solomon, where the slaughter was so great that our men waded in blood up to their ankles.”

    3. it is helen’s agenda to tai chi the hatred from far-right umno supporters.. away from the chinese.. to those chinese who speak english & are christians

  5. Godfather,

    Bukankah PR yang memulakan konsep ‘anything and everything is a fair game’. Tapi janganlah suruh saya bagi contoh……marah Helen nanti …..Bukannya ape terlalu banyak……

    Dan dari penilaian saya pihak Gereja sudah mula bermain politik secara terang terangan sejak pilihanraya Sarawak.

    So wake up and ‘smell the shit’ yang mulut Mubaligh Mubaligh politik kalian.

      1. Kalau ada persamaan diantara Melayu Ultra than I guess u are right ……what a smart dog u are…sshsn….now go lick your masters shit like a good dog u are…

      2. So are the rest of us who comment here I guess in your tiny winy pea mind. Go get a real life with your comrades.

  6. Malaysian in New York, you can come back after Pakatan won the GE. After GE, it will be a new beginning for Malaysia. A New Malaysia ! With Brother Anwar and his New Politics, hope will finally come. A Brave New World for All of Us.

    1. AWM, I don’t have to come back for anything as the new beginning is not decided over who rules but can we dictate to educate these politicians on what rules on humanity for one other amongst us Malaysian rather than how it is pandered out by the politicians to serve only their own purpose.

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