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The secret thoughts of Our Beloved Chief Minister

When Joceline Tan once wrote in passing that Buletin Mutiara, the Penang government publication which is distributed to the entire state is filled with photographs of Kim Guan Eng “grinning broadly, attending dinners, inspecting project sites and carrying babies”, not many of us quite realised the great extent of truth in her description.

Glancing at the latest issue of Buletin Mutiara online however, I found that almost every page of the magazine from cover to back is indeed plastered with photos of the chief minister.

Nonetheless, I felt that the editor-in-chief, i.e. Yap Yee Ling – director of the state government Communication Department who apologized for the derogatory “Melayu celup kopi” label slapped on mamaks by Buletin Mutiara in its Tinta Pengarang not too long ago – had failed to satisfactorily caption the pictures such that they explained what was really happening at the VIP events.

Thus I’ve volunteered here my editorial expertise free of charge in preparing more appropriate speech bubbles, as below. All photos are taken from the May issue of Buletin Mutiara.

You may remember Special Officer Chan Lilian. She’s the Buletin Mutiara assistant editor who uploads their stuff, including to Facebook. So now you know who’s responsible for all the gushing over Our Beloved Chief Minister.

She also gives headlines like this one:

Mrs cmlimguaneng, Betty Chew

The saga continues: The secret thoughts of Our Beloved Chief Minister (2)

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24 thoughts on “The secret thoughts of Our Beloved Chief Minister

  1. Kim Guan Eng err……looks just like Kim Jong Un, grinning broadly, attending dinners, inspecting project sites, visiting factories.

    Oh wait Kim Guan Eng forgot to do a few things Kim Jong Un does without fail. Like for example inspecting the troops (hold on, troops, you mean cyber troops ?), visiting the gulag (I forgot that, his gulag is borderless, ask the journalists covering his press conferences), err….I wonder if The North Korean Kim has mistresses – oh my, oh never mind).

    1. Yes, some should start something like this site which I sometimes surf when I am bored.

      LOL, good idea. — Helen

  2. Helen,

    Senarai teratas kemasukan ke syurga nanti tertera nama Kim @ Lim Guan Eng. Tenyata nama ini sungguh suci sehinggakan apa yang dilakukan dimuka bumi ini adalah suci. Kalau dia berak pun najisnya boleh disembah. Apabila masalah, orang lain dipersalahkan. Apabila sesuatu yang baik, kredit tidak dikongsikan.

    Saya dah bosan dengan skrip2 ulangannya seolah olah kemajuan Penang dikecapi hasil daripada pentadbirannya.
    Syurga yang saya maksudkan syurga di bawah telapak kaki Chan Lillian.

  3. Helen,

    Nasihat saya jangan lah paparkan gambar Kim Guan Eng baling bola keranjang tu. Apa lagi caption tu tak appropriate langsung. Eyeballs dia tu boleh memberikan advantage kepadanya sebab boleh buat pihak lawan Pening dan Confuse. Dalam erti kata lain matanya cepat berpusing2 untuk cepat mencari siapa yang harus dipersalahkan.


    Cute :) — Helen

    1. Tapi lidah dia berpusing jauh lebih pantas John. Tak sempat nak beri respons kat dia tu. Bola belum pusing lidah sudah pusing. A la hai, Kim ni.

  4. Naturally the First Lady has no issues with Fei Fei Por working for her hubby. Rainbows are a different story though…

  5. He is not worth comparing to kim jong il who actuallly become a state leader..he will be loser like his father Lim Kit Siang..relegated to the dust bin of history….my vote will make sure of that…..

    1. My vote will make sure that not only will the Lim Family be consigned to the dustbin of history, but also to make sure that his Deranged Anglophile Party is also buried !

  6. very funny Helen…thanks for enlightening us, all this while KIM-Guan Eng has been portrayed as sacred perfect man by his followers…you should make a contest, so we readers can fill in the blank dialogue box…the winner can get special prizes, maybe we can get sponsorship from DAP??? I request same segment for Hannah *LOL*

    LOL @ Hannah segment. — Helen

  7. Smile an everlasting smile
    A smile that would bring you near to me
    Don’t ever let me find you here
    For that would bring a tear to me
    For that would bring a tear to you

  8. btw…who’s paying for the bulletin?? dun tell me i am paying for all these propaganda shit all this while!! geram nya….!!!

  9. By the way Helen, you may want to write about Ng Wei Aik’s shenanigans. That man is very news worthy, in terms of firing up the anger of the Anti-DAP brigade.

  10. You put Najib’s face on 100 Plus you also dare not comment. The sellers of 100 Plus now are looking at a 30 pct downturn in sales due to Najib’s face. What say you ? Can the UMNO goons reverse the slide in sales to prove the rakyat wrong ?

  11. You write negatively, about LGE, probably he turn down your date request before, perhaps. hehehehehe.

  12. 99% of the commentators including the writer are just showing nothing apart from immaturity and the ‘sour grapes’ syndrom.

  13. you mca or whatever bitch dont speak for penang. carry on for your political masters but deep down ask your own conscience if you have one. i pity you and your parents to have this piece of shit born and to walk on this planet. kau keturunan han kah? like the running dogs for the japs hahaha!

    1. Isn’t it curious how the self-proclaimed righteous folk are usually the first ones who resort to profanity?

      It’s almost as if the answer to “what would Jesus do?” is to start cussing.

      1. Self righteousness is the first and last refuge of the scoundrels. So no surprise that these people behave as such.

      2. …let them be…for they are but the lap-dogs of their Dear Leader,,,,typical roadside thugs with pea brains and so very low mentality…their words and actions only reflect their poor, or rather, lack of proper upbringing…the phrase used “i pity you and your parents to have this piece of shit born” aptly refers to this particular “running dog”…!! hehehe.

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