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Sexy and the suckers

Under the heading ‘Social Media news’ today in Yahoo!, there is an AFP wire story that talks about Twitter which is estimated to have more than 500 million registered users.

The article also tells us who the world’s 10 top Tweeters are.

Most popular celebrities on Twitter:

  1. Topping the Twitter chart is Lady Gaga with 25.5 million followers. In second place is Justin Bieber (23.1m) whose photo I’m not putting up because that would be pedophilia, considering the ‘Sexy’ in the heading of this post.

3. Katy Perry (21.1 million Twitter followers)

4. Rihanna (20.4 million)

5. Britney Spears (17.6 million)

6. Shakira (16.5 million)

In 7th to 10th place are Barack Obama (16.5m), Taylor Swift (15.0m), Kim Kardashian (14.9m) and YouTube (13.7m).

So there you have the common thread running through Tweeters who have managed to garner a large following.

A certain political party and its leaders and their operatives are rampaging through Twitterjaya in trying to make themselves Malaysian First. They should actually learn some tricks of the trade (finesse) from the pros so that they may earn pole position without having need of their victims complaining that they’re “SuperCyber Bully“.

Another celebrity big on Twitter is Paris Hilton although her figures – at 7.6 million followers – do not put her in the double digits of the Top 10.

I bring up Paris because she is mentioned in a Singapore blog where the blogger Xia Xue had written:

“I’ve seen even the most unlikely celebs do it to their twitter followers when they lose it. The only exception is Paris Hilton, who has never lashed out at anyone or tweeted anything mean before. I don’t know how she does it, she must be incredibly zen.”

In her reference to “lashing out“, Xia Xue is describing how Tweeters (or for that matter bloggers) respond to the vitriolic comments by detractors that insinuate all kinds of hateful fitnah.

Her posting derives specifically from the trend where “elections divide Singaporeans more than ever. The country is split into two groups that have so much disdain and disrespect for each other.”

Good on Ms Hilton then for her zen.

Now about Malaysia’s own elections, political tweeters and their venom-spewing supporters – one of whom once posted in this blog “fakyourmom” (meaning my mom) – perhaps they should take a leaf from the international celebrity tweeting community.

I doubt that Lady Gaga and the rest would be tweeting descriptions of other people as “low class”.

And I’m optimistic that the favourite words of their Twitter followers are not “prostitute” or “whore” or “dog”, needless to say never thrown at those who share their own inane ideas but only to ideological opponents.

Unlike the ‘integrity meter‘ that Haris Ibrahim invented, a Twit Meter (see pix) is able to count quantifiable units of twits — who are aplenty in certain Malaysian suburbs. They proliferate because of the anti-intellectual culture purveyed by populists, and media like The Star that promote populism.

To forestall DAPsters launching their usual twisted tirade (like I’m “jealous” / “envious” of these sexy ladies and what not), I must point out that I’ve nothing against the top Tweeters and I like some of their songs.

Katy Perry was featured in this blog on 28 Aug 2011 in a posting titled ‘Happiest Songs Top 5′.

And Lady Gaga on 4 Aug 2011 with a YouTube. My friends can also tell you that I liked her hit song ‘Bad Romance‘ (that I dance to in the kitchen … I do all my own housework) so much that I e-mailed to make them listen.

Shakira’s Suerte was my favourite ice-skating practice song. You can read about my former ice-skating coach in this article, ‘Our own Fred Astaire on ice’ where I wrote that he’s the first Malaysian to join the Disney on Ice show.

Really, I’ve nothing against sexy tweeters. Only slimy ones.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

31 thoughts on “Sexy and the suckers

  1. Helen..u should watch some futball and see harry lee foreign talents pulveised by harimau malaya truly malaysianteam

  2. First time I malu bukak your blog in front of the family. My first thought that I have gone to a wrong website…Even though I am an old man and lack of drive, this scantily dress and sexy lady really make my iman shaking a bit. Dugaan!

    LOL. Sorry! — Helen

    1. We shpuld quiz the dapsters who scored the goals..none will ever know…the match was truly a work of art..malaysians under gobalan with key players, safee, kunalan and safiq rahim has made malaysian football proud

    2. tengah meneliti why no chinese player in our national team ..dulu we have chin aun , kang hung meng and a lot more talented chinese player . Discrimination or chinese no longer enjoy play football along malay and indian . Am i racist?

      1. chinese ada play football, tapi play kat judi. dapat untung lebih banyak.

  3. Waiy, how the hell is putting up a pic of Justin Bierber pedophilia, his fans are probably teen girls anyway.

  4. Sdri Helen, Nasib saya agak kurang baik – semasa site ini baru keluar atas screen, saya tenggah minum secawan kopi dan terus “tersembur ” dan adoooi dan adeehhh!

    Nak minta Helen alert via email supaya bila ada gambar macam ini saya kena pakai sun glass supaya saya tak tersembur lagi…hee….

    Nanti Rais Yatim punya “cyber trooper” datang check and macam mana nak jawab?

    Fatimah Kari

    :D — Helen

    1. peduli rais yatim. dia tu pun sama jugak, curi2 tengok benda macam ni. kan dia pernah kena tuduh konon ***** **** *****. peduli apa rais tu. dia pun sama jugak.

  5. Paris Hilton, born into a rich family, has no need to lashed out at anyone, nor does she ever need to say anything mean about anyone. As a person born into a rich family, there are certain expectations. You are to be well groomed, well mannered etc.

    Although she is tainted by her “tape” and other shenanigans, nonetheless, unlike certain politicians in our country who constantly scream “conspiracy” when their sexcapades and shenanigans are exposed for all to see, Paris Hilton acted what is expected of her. She has never denied that those tapes are not of hers. Now if you have the guts to do it, you must also have the guts to admit it.

    1. haram ? apa pulak ni ? blog ni dah kira baik. sekurang2 gambar2 kat blog ni gambar2 tulen. kalau gambar photoshop, habislah.

      1. Semuanya gambar Ratu-Ratu Twitter.

        Begitulah agaknya gaya penyanyi sensasi (yang mendendangkan jenis lagu yang ingin didengar ramai) yang terlalu gila publisiti.

        Pola ini – yakni trend top tweeter berposing maut – mencerminkan tahap pemikiran para peminat obses mereka (boleh diukur berapakah jumlah orangnya dengan Twit Meter) yang ketagih menelan tweet daripada Ratu Twitter.

      2. So Helen, does Hannah The High Priestess fulfill the criteria of a tweet queen since she has so many tweet fans ? I mean, look, her tweet is constantly visited by so many obsessed, oops addicted, half glass full Hannahistas ?


        Her cult following is better called Yeopies (Hasnah Yeop groupies). — Helen

      3. For someone who is so into religion, I mean Hannah, to call her fans Yeopies is an irony. In front of the crowd she is this Saint (that’s what Haris Ibrahim calls her), and then her followers being called Yeopies err…………..but then again, so many people who are “devout” you know what I mean, looks good outwardly but underneath its all trash.

        But cultists are not real religionists. They’re deviants. — Helen

  6. We know you are not jealous. Especially since you are shaped so differently from Hannah.

  7. Hannah Yeoh will have to put up photos of herself in thongs and flashing nenen to reach >10 million followers.

    Pity my eyes… though I’m sure the fetishists would be enjoying themselves.

    1. The headline implies that there are suckers born every minute. That’s why the Twit Meter numbers keep going up.

    2. I m sure some people would like to see Nurul Izzah in the buff. Between Nurul Izzah and Hannah Yeoh, I think people would be very interested in Nurul Izzah. She looks better, at least compared to Hannah Yeoh.

      1. Does anyone want to see Helen Ang in the buff ? I don’t think so….sob sob…..

      2. mungkin orang yang nak lihat helen in the buff is you. kalau bukan kau kenapa you tanya soalan macam ni ? tak perlu shy brother, kalau nak, tanya saje, tak perlu tanya orang lain.

  8. Helen,great we now how DAPsters are taking you seriously. Please ask them to revisit t I don’t know if it is lesson for DAPsters but a lesson for us all. DAPsters bring it on, and we will teach you what we are made of in Helen’s blog.

    1. apek larat ke ? nak ajar tu ajar ni. apek oh apek, nanti cedera susah pulak.

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