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Pandas: Call ’em Toto & Magnum

Only DAPsters can hate on a panda … how sad.

Ah Jib Gor asked Facebookers to suggest some names for the two young pandas which the PM had requested when he met Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in April.

Malaysia Today yesterday carried an article, ‘Malaysia PM’s call to name pandas draws sneers‘ and needless to say, the opposition-controlled cyberspace had reverberated all over with such nastiness.

Among the snide proposals (aside from the all too predictable insults directed at Najib and Rosmah) on possible names for the two pandas are “Bodoh” and “Moron”. 

At least the suggestion of ‘Toto’ and ‘Magnum’ by one ‘xiuxiu’ (Malaysia Today reader) is funny and without the malice. However most of the rest are like loud grunts of barbarians at the gate.

Mereka tekad merempuh kubu tapi apa jenis budaya yang mahu dibawa mereka ke Putrajaya?

Below is typical of what pro-opposition commenters say about Najib’s public relations outreach to Chinese language users of Facebook.

Najib is accused of trying to con the Chinese vote, and labelled a “Nazi” (see screenshot above) and his wife called “RoastMa” with the added low blow saying that she’d be happy to have two Panda Birkin bags should the China-loan animals ever die prematurely.

Why did Najib ask for suggestions from Malaysian Chinese? Simple. Because by convention pandas have been given Chinese names whether they’re adopted by Edinburgh zoo, Madrid zoo or elsewhere.

Among the panda diaspora are Yang Yang, Yuan Yuan, Shi Shi, Xin Xin, Xiang Xiang, etc. Those with non-doubling names are: Bai Yun, Chu Lin, Su Lin, Lin Hui, Hua Mei, Mei Lan, etc.

The most famous overseas pandas have been Chi Chi (London zoo), Ling Ling and Hsing Hsing (National Zoo in Washington D.C.). ‘Panda diplomacy’ saw American President Richard Nixon sending to Beijing a pair of musk oxen in exchange — Milton and Matilda.

The thing with DAPsters is that they lack not only civility and humour but also mirrors in their homes.

DAP’s mafiosi are not limited to the party bigwigs engaged in a battle of attrition with DAP warlords; they are everywhere online and yes they actually use the handle ‘godfather‘ and possess a meanness befitting the title.

Take this comment (see screenshot):

“When the people can clearly see that Najib is not sincere and genuine in this Panda episode, how else do we expect the people to react? He has gone to the level of using these pandas to fish for Chinese votes. Does Najib feel that the Chinese cannot see thru this?”

We can easily flip the statement, can’t we?

“When the people can clearly see that DAP is not sincere and genuine in these Khalifah Umar Abdul Aziz, pakai tudung, baca doa, hafal ayat al-Quran dan petik hadis episodes, how else do we expect the people to react? DAP has gone to the level of misusing Islam to fish for Malay votes. Does DAP feel that the Malays cannot see through this?”

Say what you want of Najib but he’s shown remarkable patience despite his courting of the Chinese being greeted with demands for 7 dulang hati nyamuk, 7 dulang hati hama dan 7 tempayan air mata anak dara.

The last hantaran would require that Najib conscript the daughters of saintly evangelists for product guarantee because Umno daughters are deemed the offspring of “whores” by DAPsters.

Najib’s kitty kat

This is not the first time that Najib has encountered the madu dibalas tuba response.

Earlier in June 2010, he had similarly @ invited the public to give his newly adopted cat a name. As you might expect, much the same thing happened — the DAPsters hated on a 3-month old kitten too.

It’s hard to pick between ‘hate’ and ‘fascism’ as their defining characteristic. Najib is called a Nazi by them. Anas Zubedy is called a Nazi sympathiser.

Since the DAPsters bring up the Nazi label, let’s give it a closer examination.

Hitler did not involve himself personally in prescribing the fine details on the genocide of the Jews, signing directives or issuing comprehensive orders. His henchmen did.

The Final Solution developed a life of its own because its implementers sought to interpret the Fuhrer’s will.

Hitler should be held ultimately responsible, certainly. Nonetheless the wide-reaching atrocities took shape  when the German leadership at various levels conformed their actions to the Nazi ideology (source: historian Ian Kershaw).

Can one today divorce the actions of the DAPsters from the ideological bent of their party or that of the opposition front? Isn’t the behaviour of the followers dictated by the cues of the party leadership and the DAPster idols and icons?

In the previous hating on Najib’s kitten, N. Surendran – currently PKR vice president – had observed in a Letter to the Editor (22 June 2010):

“… opposition figures have been tweeting furiously about the ‘First Kitten’. Almost all of it has been snide, malicious and extremely ungracious. All sorts of politically suggestive mocking names have been proposed for the kitten”.

One DAP Ratu Twitter (screenshot below) even found “naming PM’s cat is entertaining”. So when we encounter DAPsters and the DAP mini Godfathers, what are we to reckon?


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

31 thoughts on “Pandas: Call ’em Toto & Magnum

  1. I have some names for the pandas

    i. Syamsidar & Azmin
    ii. Il Sung & Jong Il
    iii. Depan & Belakang
    iv. Singh & Singlet
    v. *** edited
    vi. Karipap and Mokhtar
    vii. Bersih & Kotor
    viii. Lebam & Comot
    ix. Comel & Tibai
    x. Ho & Mo

  2. Mini Godfathers..hahahahahahaha…nice one. I think he is just an old grumpy, rude and demented Grandfather.

  3. Typical Dapsters Helen..nothing seems right about the BN led govt for them only their people and party leaders are noble in whatever they do…Sometimes it sickens me to see these people got the cheek to think that they represent the majority..the chinese maybe but what about other races?

    Are we going to believe that this coming GE they are going to march to Putrajaya in victory with this kind of attitude? Wake up…they may think they have the number but in reality their actions speaks of what’s in store if they win, God forbids!


    1. Bro…I personally doubt they even represent the majority of the chinese. They are just claiming that…syiok-syiok sendiri, you know?

  4. I said this before and am saying it again, PR supporters are more than likely be as fanatic as the Taliban supporters. They are far worse than BN supporters.

    In fact the tsunami was also contributed by BN loyal supporters. Many did vote for PR so BN will learn a lesson. You think PR supporter will do the same. Nah… In Sharizat case some defended her some vilified her.. And these some are BN supporters.. Dare say the same to PR???

    1. Good observation Sally! This is typical of Helen Ang. Not long ago, she used pictures of gorilla, baboon, monkey etc to describe leaders of the Opposition as well. When I “tegur” our friend, she just blasted me with her infamous title “Dapster”.

      Apo nak di kato?

      1. Really? Camelot is just another DAPster in the mould of Godfather. Putar-belit, putar-belit.

        You lot proliferate everywhere and are masochists addicted to my blog. Is it something in the water you drink?

        Reply (1):

        I have never used pictures of baboons. Or of monkeys to describe opposition leaders. If I have, please provide the link.

        Of gorillas: It was to illustrate the chest-thumping by one Malaysian Insider columnist leading up to Bersih 3.0.

        Again, like the Fat Cat video, I have to encourage readers to view the article for themselves and make their own judgement — ‘Hosanna! Bersih, so pure, so naked‘.

        Reply (2):

        Your allegation that “just blasted you with my infamous title ‘Dapster’.”

        Below is a copypaste of my entire reply to you (4 May 2012) in context.

        It is the DAPsters who are constantly defending the indefensible. Fact: Dear Leader Kim banned four media outlets (Utusan, NST, Bernama, TV3) in Penang.

        Using his excuse, some of the BN leaders can also say that every day they’re itching to sue the new media for twisting their words or spinning. In fact, senator Ezam once threatened to “bakar” MK, MI.

        I don’t recall Dr M ever suing the press, not even Barry Wain, compared to the multiple lawsuits filed against establishment media by Kim Guan Eng. His evangelist colleague David Nga even sued a blogger for millions over the Tailorgate allegations.

        Yesterday was World Press Freedom Day. Pakatan made press freedom one of their elections promises, BN didn’t.

        Pakatan promised freedom of information, BN didn’t.

        That’s why Pakatan won middle-class voter and BN didn’t.

        Now, has Pakatan delivered?

        Evaluate the performance, not the rhetoric.

        Postscript: You claim that I “seem to glorify Utusan and NST“. That’s a DAPsterism tactic. What a silly accusation.

        *** *** ***

        I stand by what I said earlier. You accused me of seeming to glorify Utusan and NST. Do I glorify Utusan and NST? Weren’t you using a DAPsterism tactic?

      2. DAP is really evil. Just scrutinise the faces of their leaders, even the minor ones. They all have faces of convicted mass murderers and hard core criminals. In fact if you look closely, there is not even one DAP leader who has a face that can be described as pleasant or amiable. All of them have faces which look like the faces of people certified mad or deranged.

  5. Internet commenters (especially those of pro-Opposition) have really gone way way overboard, probably bordering insanity and pretty much mirror the current political cyberspace in Singapore (Workers Party vs PAP).

    People are simply emboldened to shoot from the hip, thinking that they can get away from it. Recently, my friend told me his teenage cousin was involved in another political discussion on Facebook that drawn at least 1,000 comments (and counting). One. Thousand. Freaking. Comments. And most of them are negative.

    Here’s a quote from the news about Singaporean blogger, XiaXue being vilified online:

    Asked why online commenters are hostile, sociopolitical blogger Siew Kum Hong said there is a “herd instinct” at work, exacerbated by the anonymous nature of online interaction.

    He said: “You don’t see the other people in front of you. You don’t have to deal with the discomfort that it can cause.”

    PS: Have a nice weekend Helen. Taking too much dosage of cyber nonsense is not good for health.

    1. Super Mario (aka lousy engineer):

      “Malaysia’s Parliament is a mess as far as Deputy Speaker Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar is concerned” –

      Read the list of examples.

      He adds further in part two: “Deputy Speaker Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar believes that the unbecoming conduct seen in MPs today stemmed from the massive influx of Barisan Nasional lawmakers into Parliament.”

      Read his reasoning why now this has infected all sides of the political divide.

      Finish the whole article & don’t just read the first sentence.

      Monkey see, monkey do…. no wonder we can’t expect more from Malaysians in public discourse especially on blogs. Name calling, lack of respect, racist labels….

      So I’m not interested that whether Hannah is sexy anymore… not interested in FatCats (but point taken – they are sitting on both sides of the bench), skinny ones, mangy ones or mongrel dogs & cats…. Most important are they effective public representatives?

      Something needs to change or break in this country if we keep along these lines….

    2. Biasalah kutukan melalui internet

      They have nothing to offer, nothing to show even afters years in power in a few states (except for rampant development orders, forsaking playgrounds, madrasah, boarding schools and public fields).

      So what do they do? Create hatred through imagined specks. So that rakyat will be blinded into voting them. Empty rhetorics via leaders who almost destroyed our country in 1998 economically (and still at it now sowing hatred and divide).

  6. Opposition supporters, anything that is not Anglophile to them, they will ridicule and smear. These cesspools, there’s no medicine to treat them. Dah tak boleh ubat lagi dah. I m not surprised if next stop, these Pakatan cesspools will pay you a visit with red paint Helen.

  7. Much as I admire and respect him, I feel that TDM is to blame for creating the situation to what it is today. His biggest mistake was to take in DSAI and allowed him so much leeway and power. Ever since his sacking, Malaysia has experienced continuous chaos and street protests. The master troublemaker thrives on creating hatred, distrusts and divisions amongst Malaysians.

    1. Indeed, one of the most consistent trait about TDM is his inability to pick the right candidates to be his DPMs.

  8. Fatcat,

    I concur with you. That is the biggest mistake Dr mahathir had ever done. He gave Anwar a “royal treatment” in UMNO. Dr Mahathir tolerated Anwar’s antic when the latter toppled Tun Ghaffar in the most unbecoming manner.

    But as goes the saying “to err is human”. Dr mahathir redeemed himself by sacking Anwar. He did the right thing. But Anwar, being a malay leader who shares many Western values has many Western friends. They taught Anwar is more friendly than Dr mahathir.

    So, the vilification of Dr Mahathir knows no bound. But the truth prevails.

    As far as i can remember, Anwar is the worst Malay politician I have ever met. He is willing to sacrifice everything in his quest to be the prime minister. Even ‘akidah” is for sale.

    May Allah in his Infiinite mercy does not grant power to this useless and power crazy politician. Whatever “dosa’ that we make, I pray Allah SWT does not punish us by giving Anwar power( not that i believe it will happen) .

    It is an equivalent of having Ariel sharon overlording arabs.

    What’s your view of his ABIM-izing the schools and the civil service? — Helen

    1. It was under anwar stewardship that islamic fundamentalism creep among the malays.. remember.. anwar kiblat is iran ayatollah… organizations like abim and its offshoot ISMA that concentrate on malay professionals who are the fruits of his labor…… so now we’re not only stuck with anglophiole malays with whorehouse mentality but malay professionals with ayatollah wannabe mindset who want malaysia to become taliban afghanistan.

      I also am disappointed wit mahathir over his hand picked anwar and even badawi… he was willing to do anything to kill PAS back then.. hence picking this sodomite ayatollah anwar which is just bizarre…. whilst mahathir had to proof his mettle to impress hussein onn before he absorbed mahathir into his cabinet… mahathir just gave everything to the sodomite in a short time which is his hallmark of favouritisme and nepotisme that cause umno to lose potential leaders…. just sad.. truth be told, i wish god take him away quickly.. coz the longerr he stays around, the more people like me who lived through his premiership will see more stupid things caused by him.

  9. Forrestcat,

    I beg to differ. Dr Mahathir may made the biggest mistake by giving Royal treatment to Anwar. But i believe he would not have even accepted Anwar into UMNO if he had inkling of Anwar’s behaviour.

    Extremism is not confined to Malays only. Even chinese become more and more insular, no thanks to DAP. DAP fills the Chinese mind that they can control the politics.

    It would be a no deal if it is done in right way.. But DAP creates imaginery enemy in Chinese minds:the malays and UMNO.

    Are you aware that DJ does not want Malay teachers in Chinese schools? Who are racist anyway? Have ever UMNO said it discourages Chinese teachers in Sekolah kebangsaan. No. i never heard that.

    But now, chinese accepts nonsense from DJthat they do not want Malay teachers in chinese schools, therefore reducing contact between Malay and non Malay students who already that limited contact outside circle of Chinese students.

    Whatever malicious things you said about Dr mahathir( he must be bad as he is malay, so typical of DAP), at least he did the right thing by sacking anwar. He could have done the easy way, pretendng that he does not know Anwar’s “dosa’.

    Speaking about nepotism, I think that is the second nature for DAP. Ah Kit siang for more than 4 decades in charge of DAP. Now his son is the secretary General. and wait. Dont you think Penang DAP Chaorman should be the CM? Why Guan eng?

    Why?Is that the “hallmark” of DAP. Everything revolves around Lim Dynasty?As for Dr Mahathir, he was appointed as a minister during Tun razak’s tenure. He was one of UMNO Vice President when Tun Hussein took over after Tun Razak’s death.

    Simply because Dr Mahathir made a mistake giving special treatment to anwar does not give you the right to slander him.

    Let us not forget the worse political affair of DAP. Everything revolves around Lim Dynasty. Darker people( meaning Indian) are systematically made to lose position just like what former Perak chairman suffered.

    Your views on Anwar’s ABIM-ization of M’sian life? And Dr M’s own position? — Helen

  10. Helen,

    Contrary to what Anwar wanted us to think, he was not at all responsible for Malaysia implementing some Islamic principles such as in banking ad insurance line.

    It was Dr Mahathir who should take the credit. As soon as he took over the office of Prime Minister, he asked several wellknown Muslim scholars on paperwork on Islamic banking and insurance. the result are for all to see. Malaysia is leading Islamic banking globally.

    Chinese may be mistaken into thinking that Malaysia is inching into another “iranian ” sytle after seeing tudung clad Muslim women. actually that is religious requirement.

    As for ABIM, it is not responsible for “ABIMIing” the schools. rather the malays gradually realises the religious requirements .

    Religion is a potent factor in malay community. Just as it has massive appeal on Malay Muslim community, it also serves as moral fabric of society. Dr mahathir despite being a politician does not abuse religion.

    But he understands how dangerous to let PAS dictates Islam the way Pope control Catholic church.

    EVER WONDER why PAs influence is waning? Because it is seen as renouncing the very factor that for decades enabling it to be a significant Malay party, second only to UMNO. And that factor is ISLAM.

    Now, Muslims themselves perceive PAS is nothing more that a bunch of hypocrites, selling Malay interest to DAP for few Chiunese votes.

    Thanks for sharing your views. Perhaps we could carry this discussion further in my next posting, coming up shortly. — Helen

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