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DAP loves you, brother Chandra

Excerpts from Dr Chandra Muzaffar’s article published yesterday in Malaysia Today and elsewhere.

Chandra wrote:

“[The Razak Report] is emphatic about the role of the national school as the channel for promoting national unity.”

This blog notes that DAP is the foremost force in our country promoting nationalism because its cherished slogan ‘Malaysian First’ testifies that the said political party, its members and their supporters are the most nationalistic of citizens.

DAP, its members and their supporters – being first-tier nationalists – are quite naturally the ones keenest on promoting national unity. Kalau bukan dema, siapa lagi?

It is for this reason DAP is forever slamming the deputy prime minister, whom they accuse of putting nationalism and national unity second, for the crime of – according to DAP – failing to declare himself Malaysian First.

Chandra wrote:

“To become national, the Bahasa Malaysia based school has to emerge as the school of first choice for all Malaysians.”

It is absolutely heartwarming that Chandra used the phrase “first choice for all Malaysians”. In other words, Malaysian First. Yaaay, DAP is so proud of you, professor, as what you say reflects perfectly their aspirations.

Chandra wrote:

“Parents will also be impressed by the school if student discipline is strictly enforced within a caring environment.”

Exactly! Chandra’s thoughtful attention to providing “a caring environment” just goes to show how attuned he is to the ingrained culture of brotherly love in the DAP. We are all brothers and sisters, no more Malay Chinese, Indian ethnic divisions, hosanna, hosanna, hosanna!

Chandra wrote:

“Teachers should treat all students, regardless of their backgrounds, with fairness and a sense of justice.”

This is simply too marvellous. Fair treatment “regardless of their backgrounds” describes to the ‘T’ what DAP has been fighting for, especially since March 2008. Backgrounds must be disregarded, there are no two ways about it. Chandra and DAP are unerringly on the same page.

Chandra wrote:

“The national school teaching community should be much more multi-ethnic and multi-religious than what it is today.”

DAP couldn’t have said it better themselves. Malaysian Malaysia Malaysian First is the only way to go.

Chandra wrote:

“More non-Malays and non-Muslims should be appointed as School Heads and Senior Assistants. At district, state and national levels, the education office or department should reflect the multi-ethnic composition of the nation. … What this means is that within the three component elements of the education system — administrators, teachers and students — ability should be recognised and rewarded.”

What you’ve just said about “ability should be recognised and rewarded” fits the bill of the party stand on Meritocracy. For this DAP triply salutes you, Dr Chandra.

Chandra wrote:

“In a nutshell, there has to be a total transformation of the national school.”

Chandra’s peroration must leave DAP awed and breathless. He not only urges “transformation” but a “total transformation”.

‘Change’ is the DAP clarion call. Change we must. Change, change, change, we will.

Jom Ubah! Let us bring CHANGE!! to our beloved Malaysia. And let us start with the man in the mirror. DAP will courageously lead the way to change and be the beacon of light on our path to national unity.

I really see that DAP must make you an honorary life member. You have managed to make the most eloquent appeal of the party’s lofty ambitions and pious struggles. You are selflessly taking to a broader audience the very cause that DAP holds most dear.

DAP wants change, DAP will change!

Change or prepare to be changed.

The gist of Chandra’s argument is that the Malay language can play the role of “develop[ing] a national identity out of tremendous ethnic diversity” and this carried out via the national school.

When DAP shouts “Malaysian First” from the rooftops, this – in a nutshell – very same is what the party is telling the length and breadth of the country, from Kubang Tiga to Pekan Nanas, and rolling like a tsunami across the South China Sea.

Chandra has successfully fleshed out the DAP Malaysian First national identity which rejects ethnic diversity. No more Chinese “silos” (Chandra’s word, DAP’s heart and soul). No more Indian “silos”. No more ‘Chinese babies’. No more ‘Indian’ babies. Only Malaysian babies.

The future speaks: Malaysian First, therefore Chinese Last

Photo: 19 June 2012

Another public intellectual Zaidel Baharuddin brilliantly elaborates on the DAP position.

Zaidel writes:


“Recently StarIpad organised a Twitter question and answer session with Subang Jaya assemblywoman cum DAP poster girl, none other than the lovely Hannah Yeoh.

“Yeoh is known for many things but amongst her bravado none can outdo her courageous act of insisting that her baby be listed as “Malaysian” instead of the conservative definition of race. Indeed truly befitting for someone who considers oneself to be Malaysian first.

“Now it just so happened when the #AskHannahYeoh Twitter Q&A was about to be conducted … I posed a question to our feisty assemblywoman on whether she finds it ironic that someone who considers herself Malaysian first yet at the same time supports vernacular schools, especially with regard to this particular [Dong Zong] rally where the educationists vehemently insist on Mandarin, to the point that it even surpasses the national language.  …

“Here’s the thing: pushing politics aside, don’t you think that it is a valid question? I mean when one proclaims to be Malaysian first, shouldn’t national identity be at the forefront of your ideologue and an integral part of national identity is the national language?

“I’m not trying to be a nationalistic hawk here. After all, I don’t consider myself to be Malaysian first but I have never heard of the notion that being a proud British citizen does not equal to conversing in English competently.”


Zaidel, I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’.

You have asked: “Shouldn’t national identity be at the forefront of the DAP ideologue”?

The answer for Zaidel: A resounding YESSS!

And that is why she has tens of thousands of Malay Twitter fan followers.

Hannah Yeoh, modelling the National Identity

Dr Chandra,

You’re on the right track.

Your next step is to stride hand-in-hand with the DAP to make the CHANGE happen. The best platform for both you and the party is the Lim Guan Eng-Chua Soi Lek debate (Part II).

DAP is Malaysian First. MCA is sadly still stuck in its Chinese silo.

The debate platform is the best occasion for DAP to tell all Malaysians how it will bring about a necessary Malaysian First transformation for all Malaysia-loving citizens. You must lend them a helping hand in this.


Dr Chandra,

I saw some nasty reader comments directed at you, e.g. like the one screenshot below from Malaysia Today.

From the way they express themselves and their inability to rise above and beyond Race, we can be sure the commenter is from Umno. (A DAP man would never say such things.) Please ignore these detractors and rest easy in the firm belief that righteousness shall exalt the nation.

May success be upon you to bring about Change, Change, Change. Godspeed in your noble endeavour to spread the DAP-Malaysian First ‘Jom Ubah’ message gospel far and wide.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

12 thoughts on “DAP loves you, brother Chandra

  1. I don’t have the skill to define the difference between sarcasm and irony :)

    But DAPsters generally have poor-to-basic level of proficiency in the national language; which is why their slogan is Malaysian First, not Malaysia didahulukan… oh, wait.

  2. Helen,

    If there is any Jom Ubah efforts on the cards, its the DAP that should take the lead by first: put to pasture Lim Kit Siang, secondly: propagate true Democracy within DAP apparatus, thirdly: all those connected with DAP must understand that in Democracy the majority rule and this case the majority of Malaysian are against the struggle of LKS and his family of sycophants on his pathetic rhetorics Malaysian Malaysia or Malaysia first.

    Fourthly: it has been a while Malaysia became an independent nation based on the tenets agreed upon by the citizens where one of which is the use of national language but why most DAP members cronies (except MP for Kepong) and in particular LKS still not fluent in the national language if he or they is/are truly a Malaysian as claimed.


    YB Kepong membesar di Kelantan. — Helen

  3. I read Chandra’s article, and on his concerns about more ICHS – my sentiments exactly.

    The most damning point, imho, is the fact that Chinese Malaysians can go through the entire education system (from primary to tertiary) in their own sino-silo. I am not for speculating what it doesn to unity, but I am sure about what it does to the education system though, making our children grow up in separate environments and delineated ethnic spheres.

    Just because it is ok MRSM or UiTM does it it doesn’t mean we should reciprocate. I’ve been down this road many times, and the arguments forwarded have now gone stale.

    I don’t think any Chinese Malaysian (or anyone as a matter of fact) can prove that education in mandarin at secondary and tertiary levels is sound education policy in Malaysia.

    Let me rephrase that, there is no justification for any post-basic education using other languages unless it is Bahasa Kebangsaan. Yes, this goes for the anglophiles too, you heard me.

  4. Helen ,

    DAP being DAP will of course not agree to Dr Chandra’s suggesion. DAP version of Malaysian malaysia is one minus non Chinese interest, especially that of Malays.

    for that reason alone, those who care to be honest will realise that what a hypocrite DAP is. At one end shouting until voices crack about united Malaysia and at the other end of spectrum, resist any effort to create a united malaysian

  5. The man is deluded. China is on the ascendency, the Chinese currency is internationalizing, the Confucius Institutes are proliferating the world over, mind you. Instead of seeing Chinese education as a bridge to better relations between the Chinese and the Malays, here this man is talking delusional.

    The Chinese demand excellence in education. That is why they willingly spend so much just for the sake of their children’s education because they know only education can lift them to higher grounds. When the Chinese insist on preserving Chinese education, they are looking at what the benefits Chinese education will endow their children, as I mentioned in the above, to preserve their cultural identity as they see cultural identity as a source of strength and because of the kind of opportunity their children will have with the ascendency of China.

    Look at our Malay children. Sorry to say this, how many of them are serious about education ? Ask Malay parents, how many of them are concerned about their children’s educational well being ?

    And Hasnah’s “cultural identity”? We need to hold the English language media to account for the brain damage they have caused. — Helen

    Postscript: I mean Si Gunting, S’gor Times, TMI and their ilk.

  6. In government agencies, the practice of having different races holding senior positions is already being practiced. For example, Indian minister with Malay Sec-Gen, or Malay minister with Singh Sec-Gen and many more examples (please study gov websites). The government has time and again, call for more ‘non-malays’ participation into the service (public and uniform). Of course, some may argue that the senior positions should have been filled according to merits instead of skin colors, but as of now, this is probably one of the way to encourage collaboration between races.

  7. Komentar saya pada rencana “Ong Kian Ming beraksi di iPidato” menyentuh kepincangan dasar DAP terhadap sekolah satu aliran yang perlu diperjelaskan MCA kerana ia mengenepikan kepentingan sekolah bahasa ibunda.

    Dasar DAP ialah memperjuangkan Malaysian Malaysia. Terungkap pada dasar tersebut ialah mendahulukan sekolah satu aliran. Oleh yang demikian, bilamana ada pejuang DAP yang mendukung sekolah bahasa ibunda, ia menunjukkan kecetekkan dasar DAP dan kecelaruan diantara retorik dan sifat “chauvinist”nya.

    Sama seperti PAS yang gagap menerangkan dasar Hudud yang dilaungkannya dahulu, kini hanya tinggal bisikan takala perlu bersetongkol kelamin dengan chauvanis yang secara lahirnya adalah “diametrically opposed”.

    Sebenarnya, tidak susah untuk mengupas penipuan Pakatan Rakyat. Mereka perlu di gasak mengenai apakah sebenarnya dasar-dasar muafakat yang mereka dapat laksankan jika membentuk kerajaan dan bagaimana ia menyimpang jauh dari dasar-dasar yang mereka cuba tegakkan secara persendirian.

    Sebenarnya, adanya sekolah bahasa ibunda adalah buluh runcing bagi MCA menikam DAP. Ia bukan sekadar dasar yang tidak tentu perlaksanaannya. Adanya sekolah aliran cina dan tamil sejak sekian lama bagaikan mekar bunga kemuafakatan sejati Barisan.

    Sekolah kebangsaan akan sentiasa ada, ini termaktub di dalam perundangan dan perlembagaan. Manakala sekolah aliran cina akan sentiasa ada sehingga mana masyarakat cina memutuskan sebaliknya, seperti juga sekolah aliran tamil. Ini adalah hak khusus masyarakat tersebut yang tidak dipersoal masyarakat melayu Barisan.

    MCA perlu perjelaskan ini kepada masyarakat cina, seterusnya membogelkan dasar rasmi DAP yang membelakangkan sekolah bahasa ibunda.

  8. Before election, Malaysia First, if DAP wins, after election would be Chinese First, Malaysia Second, Malay Third, Indian Fourth, Orang Asli Fifth, Sixth, Seventh… and so on


  9. Helen dear, the following statement ,”yeoh is known for many things but amongst her bravado none can outdo her courageous act of insisting that her baby be listed as “Malaysian” instead of the conservative definition of race.” . should read as” amongst her bravado none can outdo her courageous act of insisting that her baby be listed as “ANY THING BUT INDIAN””

  10. My goodness.

    Being the product of Sekolah Rendah kebangsaan, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan, Dip and ijazah from Uni Kebangsaan Malaysia, another dip from Uni Teknologi Malaysia…all the so-called kebangsaan institution, I never realized that it is filled with stupid people, and being managed by stupid people for 8 hours per day, 6 days per week.

    WOW…DAPsters. Your moms must be doing pole vault inside their graves, knowing their sons and daughters grow up to be such splendid person. Hurrah hurrah for your Malaysian First aspirations.


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