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51 photos of Guan Eng in single edition of Buletin Mutiara

What kind of people are ‘DAP SuperCyber Bullies’?

The term ‘DAP SuperCyber Bully’ is coined by Beliawanis Wanita MCA treasurer Jessica Lai. She used the term to refer to Hannah Yeoh and Ong Kian Ming (see screenshot of Jessica’s tweet).

They have turned cyberspace into a blood sport arena. For DAPsters, if you’re not with them, darah kamu dihalalkan.

Knowing what kind of people are Papa and Mama Dapster will help us know their followers.

Facebook war front

‘Stopthelies’ (STL) today reported that “‘Chinese media reporters in Penang are said to be angry at the arrogance of DAP cyber troopers who have started vicious attacks against their fellow colleagues.”

The description of DAP cyber troopers as “fellow colleagues” by STL reminds us that these bullies have media contacts.

Hannah Yeoh, for example, has cultivated an extensive media networking, including Star reporters.

Remember that Guan Eng’s political secretary Ng Wei Aik was previously a Nanyang Siang Pau senior reporter. The Penang Chief Minister has further taken on Chinese press personnel. His bloated personal staff are double that of his predecessor Koh Tsu Koon.

According to the STL blog :


“The article, written in Chinese, lambasted the CM, saying since he became the CM, Guan Eng has displayed zero tolerance for criticism and regularly showed his anger against reporters who wrote articles pointing out his mistakes.

“It is understood that Penang editors have also grumbled of the CM sending nasty SMS to them complaining of news seen to be unfavourable to him.

“His DAP cyber troopers have also adopted the same arrogance against the media, according to the FB article, pointing out that these DAP cyber troopers would gang up to attack reporters, who criticised their beloved Dear Leader.

“The Penang media has complained that these cyber troopers including aides of Guan Eng had even used derogatory remarks to run down these reporters.”


Aside from the practising journalists who have been targetted for pointing out “the DAP mistakes”, I too am in Guan Eng’s gunsight although I’m presently ‘only’ a blogger and not a licensed journo.

(Official accreditation meaning those who are a member of the NUJ or holders of press tags issued by the Information Ministry).

Evangelists are so excessive

The actions undertaken by DAP supporters for their evangelist idols are indeed excessive.

In my posting yesterday, I showed screenshots from the latest issue of Selangor Times which carried photos of Teresa Kok on 4 different pages when the publication itself is only text 18 pages (from total of 24 pages minus 3 full-page ads and 3 half-page ads).

Teresa’s photos on pages 2, 4, 6 and 9 is almost a quarter of the ST coverage.

According to the 2010 national population census, Selangor has 5,462,141 residents. That’s 5.5 million Selangorians but the coverage by Selangor Times is truly astounding in its neglect of everyone else bar Pakatan and the Christian fellowship.

Is this what happens when the editorial floor is 90 percent Chinese?

The Dear Leader cult

Let’s also look at Buletin Mutiara, specifically last month’s issue from which I created the speech bubbles for ‘The secret thoughts of Our Beloved Chief Minister’.

There are 51 photos of Lim Guan Eng contained in the 28 pages of that single edition of Buletin Mutiara.

Below is a page breakdown (pdf here):

1st page: 2 photos of Lim Guan Eng, 1 photo of Mrs cmlimguaneng

2nd page: 2 photos of LGE with German ambassador

3rd page: 2 photos of Mrs cmlimguaneng

4th page: 1 photo of LGE holding basketball

5th page: Photo of Jeff Ooi, Chow Kon Yeow (Penang DAP chairman) and Liew Chin Tong (DAP strategist and former MD of Penang Institute)

6th page: 2 photos of LGE with Bishop Antony Selvanayagam / at Sabah Harvest Festival

7th page: 1 photo of LGE accompanying his press statement

8th page: Info listing

Chinese edition:

9th page: 1 photo of LGE (replicates English edition Page 7)

10th page: 1 photo of LGE at plant opening

11th page: 7 photos of LGE — picture gallery of him carrying babies

Tamil edition:

12th page: 1 photo of LGE celebrating World Press Freedom Day

13th page: 2 photos of LGE, story continues from page 12

14th page: 1 photo of LGE in a group line-up at an official function

15th page: 3 photos of LGE with Karpal Singh & Jeff Ooi / releasing balloons / looking at laptop

16th page: 3 photos of LGE giving flowers to Indian women on Mother’s Day

17th page: 1 photo of LGE sitting in driver’s seat of an excavator

18th page (Chinese): 2 photos of LGE given tour of production floor / with pen drive inventor Pua Khein Seng

19th page: 5 photos of LGE and Mrs cmlimguaneng paying last respects to Lim Chong Eu’s widow

20th page: Nil (Chinese content)

21st page: Info listing

22nd page: 1 photo of LGE cutting ribbon

23nd page: 2 photos of LGE cutting cake / with Malay family requiring assistance

24th page: 3 photos of LGE at rostrum making speech / with Karpal (replicates Tamil story page 15) / with DAP Wanita chief Chong Eng

25th page: 3 photos of LGE at launch of free Wifi phase II

26th page: 4 photos of LGE carrying babies (this time Malay and Indian babies)

27th page: 1 photo of LGE at book launch of ‘PKFZ’ expose by ex-MCA Adun Lee Hwa Beng

28th page: 1 photo of Lim Kit Siang speaking a funeral / obituary for Thomas Lee, an old media hand, evangelist preacher and at one time media consultant to LGE and his Penang state government.

Guan Eng’s photo appears on the main front page (English) and on the front pages of the Chinese and Tamil sections too. There are 8 photos of his wife and one photo of his father.

Below is one of the 51 photos. The Malaysian Insider editor Jahabar Sadiq can be seen on the right (brown shirt).

DAP grip on media

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has defined ‘bullying’ to include its occurrence on the Internet.

The key feature of bullying behaviour is aggression.

The aggressor is able to bully because of an imbalance of power, i.e. he has more strength.

Aside from physical violence, bullying is also actions such as making threats, spreading rumours, taunting and attacking someone verbally.

Because of my writings, I’ve been subject to threat of rape. False and malicious rumours are being spread about me in cyberspace. The four-letter word verbal attacks against me – and even against my mother – you have seen for yourself.

To throw back DAP’s party slogan at them, ‘Enough is enough!’

We are familiar with how DAPsters operate. What we need to realise is their ‘power’ in the context of online influence through the established portals and Facebook/Twitter and their strength in numbers as a mob.

Prior to 2008, DAP did not have at its disposal the apparatuses of state. Now they do.

Guan Eng, for example, has his posse of Special Officers and Hannah Yeoh has her many Special Assistants.

(screenshot) The Star selling ad space for digital gadgets and promoting Hannah Yeoh’s Twitter.

Because of the media willingly spreading this personality cult, Hannah today has close to 47,000 Twitter followers.

As mentioned earlier, ‘DAP SuperCyber Bully’ is coined by Beliawanis Jessica Lai. Googling her name in (domain search) over the past year turns up zero results compared to 81 for ‘Hannah Yeoh’. This is despite Jessica once being touted as the MCA candidate to contest the Subang Jaya DUN seat.

The Star is no different from Selangor Times in their blatant bias.

They follow their leader

We cannot detach the behaviour of DAPsters from their icons. It’s quite obvious that they take their cue from the leadership.

One example: As pointed out before by N. Surendran – in his NGO days before being appointed PKR vice president –

“opposition figures have been tweeting furiously about the ‘First Kitten’ (Najib’s cat). Almost all of it has been snide, malicious and extremely ungracious”.

Worshipful Penangites have become such Guan Eng devotees that they even call him “God’s Gift to the people“. This worship is encouraged by the media they control or influence. And how they attack the DAP detractors.

What goes on in Facebook and protected Twitter accounts is beyond the control of most of us.

Unless we want to go berserk like the Beloved Chief Minister of Penang threatening: “You all print, you see what I’ll do. I’ll sue,” and “you see what I do to your paper” and “then you see what I do to you.”

Since we’re not VVIPs, independent bloggers like me do not have any clout to threaten.

How can I possibly file libel summons against all those harassing me (filthy liars like Godfather and Inderjit and whatever other pseudonyms they adopt) for spreading wicked rumours?

To curb the DAP SuperCyber Bullying, we must look to the heads of the hydra fostering this culture of defamation. Deconstruct them to increase public awareness.

Fighting against the fascism

This blog was launched on 28 July 2011. I’ve been blogging almost a year and have received half a million page views. This translates into an average of 1,500 a day.

But this number is a far cry from one tweet being able to reach 50,000 followers at a touch of the ‘Send’ key. A Tweeter with a 50,000-strong fan base need only tweet 10 times to match my blog’s half a million eyeballs collected over the year.

Again I must stress that I have absolutely no institutional support or funding of whatever kind. None at all.

I’m only armed with a broadband connection which I pay for myself, some writing skills from uni training and my past work experience as a journo, and now volunteering my time.

Unlike the politicians who actively foster a personality cult, I don’t have a whole bunch of public relations ‘assistants’ to kipas-kipas me and I have no media machinery at my disposal or to publicize me.

Like StoptheLies described, editors are also pressured by Lim Guan Eng.

My Malaysiakini column was axed.

My once in a blue moon articles appearing in FMT draw flak in the form of the DAPsters making the wildest accusations and false charges against me in reader feedback. The whole climate is deliberately made very hostile so that anyone with views contrary to DAPsterism is deterred from publicly expressing our reservations.

It is most rare for a Chinese to be writing these kind of critical articles about DAP like I do. Therefore as an endangered specie, I must appeal to Netizens to please help spread the word about this blog.

Like the endangered species, I need protection! From the earlier ‘sniping’ at me, they have upped the ante in their smear campaign. Now they’re shooting to kill.

The attempt to discredit my writings through personal attacks (fitnah) intended to bring down my name and reputation has intensified.

In order for me to continue, I hope that I will be able to get more reader support in disseminating my postings such as this one. Thank you.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

49 thoughts on “51 photos of Guan Eng in single edition of Buletin Mutiara

  1. The fascist tendencies of DAP are eerily reminiscent of their namesake in 1920s Germany (Deutsche Arbeiter Partei)…

    1. Didn’t they teach you how to count in school? There are 51 photos. That’s verifiable fact. Whatever I post can be counter-checked by any reader.

      But on what basis do DAPsters like you slur others?

      If MCA was paying me, I wouldn’t have blogged ‘Bubar MCA‘, would I?

      If Umno was paying me, I’d be in the Unit Media Baru team and at least they’re open about their affiliations. Go surf Malay blogosphere lah — the UMB bloggers (Malay guys, like I can fit in the environment?) are methodically listed in many blogrolls.

      Do you even mix around with anyone besides your DAP lalas? You can ask any Umno blogger whether I’ve ever been seen at their workshops, Umno programmes and other activities. The answer is no.

      1. Helen,

        They are like that. anyone dares to question Guan eng , the Annointed leader, or DAP will automatically accused as being paid by UMNO.

      2. Did you even go to school Helen? You’re blatantly defensive and can’t see beyond DAP for some reason..and you complete idiots to back you up here…you write and reply like a complete idiot…

        1. Err, aren’t you afraid that the complete idiocy found here is contagious and might infect you too?

          What do you hope to achieve by continually repeating that I’m “so dumb” and “definitely stupid“?

          Now if you were smart, you’d stop reading a dumb and stupid writer like me.

    2. sally,only when you finish sucking LGE’s mini ice lolly then you speak.

      I know LGE ice lolly is so small, but don’t they teach you at Komtar cyber school, not to speak with you mouth full .

      1. Kpee, that’s the true trademark of BNsters (borrowed from your definition of Dapsters, ok?) – can’t imagine beyond what’s between their l**s, like to think and speak only dirty words. I don’t what what they teach you in school but BN taught you well to use vulgar words on those who do not agree with your stand.

        Yes, Helen, I know you have suffered (I have read about you being hauled up etc.etc.) and I sympathise with what you had to go thru then. You write very well both in English and Malay and I salute you for that.

        But please, Helen, don’t always hentam Hannah Yeoh. Woman to woman, it do sound like jealousy, and for that, I do not support you. Now LGE is another matter, keep him on his toes.

        Now why do I think you are getting paid by BN? I think I read sometime back that BN is employing a bunch of cyberbloggers to help in Penang’s campaign. I honestly thought you were being employed by them. Sorry for my mistake. I apologise sincerely.

        1. If you’re talking about this:

          “[Penang] State BN chief Teng Chang Yeow said it would be given a month to line up 40 “cyber-troopers and ground soldiers” to spread the coalition’s message as part of its war-cry Semboyan Dibunyikan”

          — it’s a news report on 5 June 2012.

          My dear, I started blogging 28 July 2011, a full year before Teng Chang Yeow started his search for 40 cybertrooper talents.

          And I am very consistent. I was against hudud before and I’m still against its implementation now even tho’ a large number of this blog’s readers are Malay. I don’t bend my views to expediency.

          It is DAP which has made the 180-degree turn and their supporters now saying they don’t mind hudud. It is the DAPsters who are attacking MCA for objecting to hudud. The DAP Adun in Kedah kept quiet about the fatwa and the PKR Aduns allowed it to be passed in the DUN.

          So it is actually DAP that is inconsistent and changing themselves like a chameleon. My writing has been most consistent but it is unacceptable to the crowd supporting the suddenly changed DAP 2.0.

          In the second place, nope I did not “suffer” at the hands of Perkasa. They lodged a police report, and I was hauled up for questioning and that was that. I assure you that I was not tortured in any way.

          I had a good lawyer very familiar with the police accompanying me, i.e. N. Surendran, now PKR vice president.

          Being questioned by the police is par for the course for any activist. The balai was almost a holiday home to Tian Chua before he became MP. Note that Tian Chua has not had any of his teeth knocked out. In fact, it was he who bit a policeman’s ear.

          At the balai, I was given a chair in the ASP’s office. He asked a prepared list of questions. On Surendran’s advice, I repeated the line citing section 112(2) of the Criminal Procedure Code which says:

          “such a person may refuse to answer any question the answer to which would would have a tendency to expose him to a criminal charge or penalty or forfeiture”.

          Or if you watch American TV, it’s like taking the Fifth Amendment that protects witnesses from being forced to incriminate themselves.

          The Perkasa Youth chief who made the police report against me is not even in Perkasa anymore.

          Aside from the police report, Arman Azha did not disturb me in any way. Unlike DAPsters who disturb me all the time everywhere in cyberspace behaving like a lynch mob and deploying gutter language. Unlike DAPsters, nobody from Perkasa ever said “fakyourmom” to me.

          I prefer to be questioned by the police rather than have DAPsters spreading vicious lies about me b’cos wicked rumour is uncontrollable.

          At the ASP’s office, I’m given a chair. My lawyer is beside me throughout. I’m asked to sign a statement. It’s a controlled situation.

          I’m not being insensitive to the plight of Indian males here but a Chinese middle-class woman having some degree of public profile is not really at risk of being rough-handled by police when there is no detention order. Only need to drop in to be questioned. (My speaking fluent BM helps.)

          Police generally don’t go around fabricating and spreading the wildest stories about Chinese middle-class women who have some degree of public profile. DAPsters do.

          In fact, DAPsters can fabricate just about the wildest stories you can hear about anybody. Ask Tunku Aziz. Ask CAP’s SM Mohd Idris and his NGO staff. Ask Anas Zubedy. The list is very long.

          The Internet and Facebook are not controlled situations like the ASP’s room. Even the toughest policeman would not possess the kind of nasty vocabulary able to match the nastiest things DAPsters can think to say about Najib/Rosmah, CSL, Chandra Muzaffar, Joceline Tan and a host of other people.

          Perkasa is nowhere near as nasty as DAPsters.

          Chinese are too easily taken in by the Pakatan promises.

          An easy and obvious comparison is freedom of the press. I’m not saying BN allows an unfettered press but at least they don’t go around parading themselves as champions of free media.

          Whereas DAP claims to be a defender of a free press and look at their gag orders and their banning of reporters/publications/TV3 and now, according to StoptheLies, the Beloved CM’s aides ganging up to (verbally) attack critically minded writers.

          I can assure you that I’ve not suffered from being hauled up, the ex-Perkasa youth chief and I don’t even cross each other’s thoughts. He’s hardly in the news nowadays and we’ve all moved on. The police report had very little impact on me. It was a one-off.

          On the other hand, the continued slander/defamation by DAPsters shows me what kind of leadership they have.

          Not many Chinese will realise the true nature of the beast (yet) as not many Chinese will be in the DAP crosshairs since many, many Chinese (including MCA members and Star staff) support the federal opposition.

          If one day you should ever find yourself not in agreement with them, then like the Malay saying goes, Bila terkena batang hidung sendiri, baru terasa.

          So the real test of DAP is to see how they treat people who have a different opinion from them. The test of DAP is not how they treat their hardcore supporters, unless these supporters begin to express a differing view.

          Even their own party vice chairman Tunku Aziz is slaughtered once he expressed dissent.

          My experience of bloggers and media is parallel to what I’ve described above — how the pro-establishment bloggers have treated me and how the anti-establishment bloggers have treated me, which I talked about in an earlier posting.

    3. Many moons ago Helen accused me of spreading ‘fitnah’ against her. What i did was rather innocent, i think. I just drudged up articles she wrote for a think tank. The tone of her old articles would probably scare many of her current malay supporters.

      If DAP supporters were smarter they would do their homework and question Helen’s views on NEP head-on.

      1. OB,

        My readers know that I’m consistent. I was against hudud before and remain against hudud still. It is DAP that made a 180-degree turn on this.

        I spoke up against the conversion to Islam of Tan Yi Min here in this blog when the Pakatan state governments of Penang (where she was snatched) and of S’gor (where she was converted aged 7 without her Buddhist father’s consent) were deafeningly silent for fear of alienating Malay voters.

        I do not support Article 153 – it’s another recurrent view known to readers of this blog.

        You should instead have said: “If DAP supporters were smarter they would do their homework and question their party’s views on 153 head-on”. Ask every single one of the DAP (non-Muslim) tudung wearers and everyone of the Khalifahs accusing others as “racist” what their stand is on 153.

        That should clarify DAP’s ‘Malaysian First’ wrt their “beyond race”, “above the pettiness of race” posturing and what not.

        I support Chinese school, which some/many Malay readers disagree with. None of my views are duplicitous unlike the DAP’s when they preach Malaysian First but reject the national language.

        As for your fitnah, you admitted:

        “I did write you are “like” a hired gun for another party…

        “I didn’t write that you are.

        “I’m being shifty, just like how DAP does it.”

        By saying I’m “like a “hired gun” for a political party, you’re implying that I being paid by (who? MCA? Umno? Gerakan? MIC?)

        Wasn’t what you said fitnah unless you can prove that I received payment?

        Would you go around accusing any of your colleagues of receiving payment from a rival company to industrial sabotage the company you’re working for? Do you dare say such a thing as you said to me if you were face to face with any of your colleagues without the slightest shred of evidence?

        Please lah OB, summon up some conscience if you have any. Don’t you even feel any qualms about the defamatory accusation that you previously made — you’re bringing it up again?

        Why is it so impossible for detractors to argue on issues instead of simply making accusations against the person you’re arguing with? Does your accusation diminish my facts?

        Will whatever Sally alleges against me reduce the count of LGE’s 51 photos?

      2. Accusing someone of being ‘like’ something isn’t the same as accusing someone of being that thing. I can allude, suggest and hint that you are a hired gun. Whether you are or not remains to be seen.

        Of course, I don’t see much point in trying to prove that you are a hired gun. After all, for the past few months your writing is aligned with most of my views.

        Being a ‘hired gun’ doesn’t necessarily mean you are being paid. You could be doing it ‘pro bono publico’.

        As for me, I do joke with my colleagues and friends that they are getting gratuities/favors/gifts on the side from vendors or sub-contractors. Some actual do! But, that’s beside the point. The point is you ought not be defensive about it. As long as it’s not illegal, it’s ok. Whether it is moral or unethical is whole other issue. Remember, politicians , journalists and even bloggers need money to survive.

        I urge the commenters always to be vigilant. Scepticism is your best friend. Always question the content and the motivation behind the words. My intent is to seek the truth.

        If you want to read another side of helen, you can head over to this site :-

        I assume it’s the same Helen Ang. So far, she hasn’t denied it.

        Helen, what’s fundamentally wrong about changing one’s view on political issues? Today I can proclaim that I support NEP, but tomorrow I can change my view. Does that make me less bumi/malay?

        DAP can curtail press freedom, but does it mean they are less democratic? I would argue yes. But I am sure an intelligent DAP supporter would argue that libelous/slanderous speech does not deserve to be printed or discussed and does not fall under freedom of speech.

        To me the most dangerous are the ones who don’t change their views. These immoveable, immutable, ideological types (I’m looking at you, PAS) are the toughest to deal with in any democracy. They just won’t compromise.

        You can blog dispassionately about the issues and expose the sanctimony surrounding DAP’s quest for power. But, I see that the tone has been quite anti-DAP of late, and seems to be geared so that it attracts and maintains readership. Perhaps that is your gratification and motivation? To have a loyal following? I can imagine the ego boost that gives you.

        By the way, I don’t need to ask any DAP supporter what his/her views are wrt to NEP. I think it is pretty self-evident. However, I would like a brave journalist to ask LGE face-to-face about his party’s view on NEP. In the US, they call it ‘gotcha’ journalism.

        Helen, why don’t you show up at LGE’s press conference and confront him on this issue? Or does he have a restraining order against you?

        1. OB,

          You wrote:

          “As for me, I do joke with my colleagues and friends that they are getting gratuities/favors/gifts on the side from vendors or sub-contractors. Some actual do! But, that’s beside the point. The point is you ought not be defensive about it. As long as it’s not illegal, it’s ok. Whether it is moral or unethical is whole other issue. Remember, politicians , journalists and even bloggers need money to survive.”

          Some bloggers, like your colleagues, may actually do and those who do are not coy or deceitful about it. If you read some of the UMB blogs, they’re open about the amount of allowances they get, which is not much.

          The UMB chief is also transparent that his unit is under an Umno Youth programme. None of them are denying that there’s some kind of funding.

          Qbviously I don’t fit in the Umno Youth mould or set-up, and with the kind of things I’ve been blogging about MCA, it’s equally obvious that I’m not on their payroll either.

          It’s perfectly to the point pertinent that I should be EXTREMELY pissed off by the slanderous accusations and that I despise the scumbags who resort to making these kind of accusations or other false accusations like Godfather who alleged that I stretched LGE and HY’s photos sideways.

          So if you detect an anti-DAP tone running through my writings, doesn’t it make absolute sense that my antipathy towards the party – remember cause & effect (logic/Occam’s razor) — is due to the defamation of me originating from their groupies (with the unique exception of you).

          Those scumbags are accusing things about other people that they’re capable of doing themselves because they think everybody else must be just like them. Like the guy holding the stash and shouting “Thief” and pointing his finger in the opposite direction.

          If I had wanted to be paid for what I write, I’d have remained in the newspapers, okay?

          And that’s the other reason why I’m extremely pissed off.

          You say that I want to feed my ego. Fine. I admit that I’m egotistical.

          If I were not egotistical, I would not write with the expectation that thousands of people are tuning in. And if I were not egotistical, I would not feel confident enough to appeal to our regulars to share my writings with their friends so that I can expand my readership.

          It is certainly egotistical to have a firm belief in my talent, and thinking that what I write matters.

          Therefore possessing this (same) ego, don’t you think that I would feel most insulted to hear accusations that I’m shaping my writing to order (i.e. following orders) in exchange for payment?

          With my kind of ego, I would be like the temperamental French painter working on my masterpieces. Do you think a master painter would take kindly to instructions coming from philistines who know nothing of the craft when he is drawing his work of genius?

          I do believe my writings and ideas are original, let’s say compared to the 90 percent of conventional Chinese who are the staunch supporters of DAP. Is it any surprise that I am mortally offended at how “my” labour of love is lightly dismissed as following a script set by my so-called “political master”?

          Let them (whoever these DAPsters think the paymasters are) hire other people and let’s see the quality of the paid output.

          DAPsters are not even able to realise that what is produced in this blog takes not only dedication and thought but empathy for the subject matter.

          Look at the output of DAP troopers and compare. You think money can buy my quality and calibre? (There. How’s that for ‘ego’?)

          And money has been proven in other workplaces as being unable to buy an employee’s dedication, or heart and soul.

          Hence with the level of stupidity exhibited by DAPsters in their lack of understanding, I feel justified in my low opinion of them.

          I have met with hostility from Malay and Muslim readers on other topics but none of them have treated me with this kind of DAPster insolence. You’re almost DAPsterish too in your moody attacks but at least you have intelligence to mitigate.

          I can tolerate bodoh and I can tolerate sombong but I dislike the combination of bodoh sombong that characterizes most of my attackers.

          Hence if they want war by continuing with their kiasu defamatory behaviour, then war is what they’re going to get from me. And as I’ve proven with my consistency of output here, I am very dogged. The more they harass, the deeper I will dig in my heels assuredly.

          DAPsters, reflective of their icons, just don’t know how to handle disagreement. I’m quite capable of liking people whose views I disagree with — Anon is one example.

          As for confronting LGE, click here to read my experience.

          1. I’d like to qualify the anti-DAP description. I doubt that I’ve been unkind to the party.

            Only two politicians from that party are the ones appearing regularly in these pages.

      3. I appreciate your taking the time to respond to me. When I see an opportunity, I try to open a dialectical or dialogical exchange in order to uncover hidden ‘truths.’ It’s not that I fundamentally disagree with you; it’s just that I need to understand the impulse behind your writing. Ego boosting is a good a reason as any, I guess.

        So, now we know you generally target two individuals in DAP. Would the removal of these two people improve DAP? I doubt it. I think the problems in DAP run much deeper. DAP is a metaphor for the Chinese community. As I wrote before, the Chinese community needs to be introspective. They need to understand that ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’ is not actually the same thing.

        Btw, what’s your view on Lynas? Are you still against it despite the scientific evidence that proves it is not a radiological threat to human life as the opposition portrays it to be? Remember there is no point in being ‘consistent’, as you claim to be. It’s the ability to amend one’s thinking to follow scientific evidence that is more admirable, in my judgment.

        Currently, Malaysians are surrounded by ideologues. I get the feeling you are one. Do you think you would change your view on NEP /Article 153 if it were changed to provide affirmative action for Indians or if it were changed to become class-based? I don’t think you would.

        The Chinese hold on to their opposition of NEP solely based on ideology, not evidence. Disingenuous dissenters like Dave insinuate that Malays are preventing non-malays from entering the government or GLCs or Petronas. But, tell me which non-malay would join a GLC or government for less pay? And, those ‘disingenuous daves’ would also claim that Chinese companies don’t pay well either. How wrong! I left a malay company to join a Chinese company for a 50% pay hike and tens of thousands of shares, but I left a few months after because I saw first-hand the discrimination. They needed me only to bid for government jobs.

        I think I have already provided reasons why re-working NEP to include Indians isn’t feasible, even if it were politically expedient for BN to do so. It’s because Indians are not culturally or religiously compatible with the Malays. The Chinese are more compatible with the Indians in many respects.

        A class based system won’t work. I remember sending you a link to an article written by a Chinese academic who concluded that a class based system would not only be difficult to implement, but would make businesses uncompetitive. He surmised that a race based system of affirmative action, as what we have now, is still the most efficient way of ensuring fairness in the private sector.

        Continuing with this theme, would affirmative action for women be fair? I think so, even though I am not a woman. I know many women who perform well in school and at work, but they still do not achieve their deserved success in the professional world. Helen, as a woman, do you think that gender based affirmative action should be implemented as well?

        Maybe you should change your blog title to ‘Why I am a racial and political ideologue… and how I want the rude people in DAP to leave’ because ‘re-booting’ isn’t your thang…

    4. Sally, you must be the most popular ball carrier for LGE ! For which how much are you paid ?

      1. not too much lah – probably a PJK . How much are you being paid to carry b****, lim francis? CSLs’ very popular too, judging by the reaction to his video so should get you a hefty amount. Trashy people can’t string a sentence without using vulgar words, that’s what you are.

        By the way, I asked Helen about her paycheck, and I did apologise to Helen for assuming that she was on BN cyber blogger’s pay list when she explained politely that she wasn’t. I did not praise LGE in any way, in fact I said to keep him in check (on his toes).

    1. sssh , gua ingat lu dah lama mampus…….. hidup lagi lu…………., masih kerja dengan komtar goon squad ka….. tak naik pangkat ka ………..?

      1. sssh , Komtar goon sguad got new opening ,great leader need an ass wiper cum ass checker . Its at least 2 pay grade above ,what you are getting.

      2. sssh ni konco apek lim. kan konco mana boleh naik pangkat. cuma kakitangan awam saja boleh naik pangkat lol.

  2. Helen,

    Yes my august lady. DAP preaches to others on diversity on opinion. sadly, DAP never has any tolerance on different opinion.

  3. Sally, if you read this blog you can see we don’t all agree with Helen’s views. We don’t agree with each other either. But at least we are TALKING.

    We are trying to be rational and most importantly, we sincerely love this country. We are not blinded by hatred for BN. We don’t like corruption or abuse of power either. But at least we don’t think that DAP is the best thing since sliced bread or ‘God’s gift to humankind’.

    Open your eyes, think and rationalize. Nobody is perfect, these are the cards we are dealt, how do we make this work for everybody?

    1. Joe,

      You are right. Sally is the rainbow that appeared after the rain of hatred and jealously showered upon those that the writer doesn’t like. So, Sally is definitely the rainbow or silver lining to the gloomy clouds.

      Looks like the aggressor is now claiming victim! How ironical….


      p.s. – I know I will kena the label “Dapster” or “Yeopish” :p


      What for call you Dapster or Yeopie? You’ve already chosen an Anglophile name for yourself ‘Camelot’. — Helen

    2. Aggressor claiming aggrieved status is S.O.P. for DAPster and PKR cyber toopers. Anwar does it all the time…

      If this a rain of hatred, I don’t know what to call the profanities used by DAPsters. Perhaps f**k is the new please.

  4. LGE is a devil in disguise. Now that he is in power, no further need for the disguise and pretense. I am not saying bn is good, but it is a surprise that dap can be more evil.

  5. salam helen! i’ve definitely been spreading the word about your blog from the first day i discovered it. i’d love to do more to prevent your horrid detractors from thinking that all fights can be won with vulgar might.

    tell me — or rather us, as i’m sure many of other regulars share my sentiment — what more can be done and we shall try and do what we can to alert others who are looking for balanced viewpoints and reasonable discussions.

    i know you have your reservations about facebooking, but you have to admit that fb has quite incredible reach, at least far beyond what a blog can achieve. i also think fb-sharing has a better and more meaningful grip on audience attention that that of the puerile tweets. the spread is also just as exponential.

    tweeter to me is more geared for short-attention spans. the contents of tweets do not really make for much cogitation or reflection. sure their brevity make for swifter spread, but in the end tweets are just more virtual noise and i dare say has the same impact as din anywhere. most tweets are fleeting and superficial, often idiotic, and totally unmemorable.

    if you want to reach minds and reason, the fb is not a bad way to go. you don’t really have to facebook actively if you don’t want to [unless you want discussions to be held on your wall as well] but if you link your blog entries to your fb page and start adding “friends”, perhaps starting with your regulars, to your list, it will be easier for those of us who have active fb accounts to share your blog-entries as soon as they are up.

    do give it a thought, eh! :)

    Many thanks. Will get back to you on this. — Helen

  6. Iqraq, I will ditto that but unfortunately it is practically impossible to rationalize with DAPsters who are so cock sure of themselves for the brain washing process that they akin to.

    As for Helen, she has chosen her path, for better or worse and naturally not justified in the vindication that is carried out by the DAPsters without facts and substances.

    I think most commentors here are very rational in their thoughts with some overzealous ones. Nonetheless they speak their mind with a Malaysian interest beyond politics even when we don’t agree with each other.

    Quality will always prevail against quantity like the lynching you observe in Facebook, twitter and other opposition based propaganda. Helen, keep your chin up, we are with you as we can recognize when there is quality.

    1. apek you masih ada kat sini. i ingat you sudah bersara lol. apek masih lagi kerja kat restoran bangsar ? lol. komen apek mostly tak rasional apek. apek bila tak suka komen yang orang lain bagi apek tuduh orang tu orang ni ada agenda. apa tu agenda ? apek ada agenda ke ? apek jangan asyik nak lagak. kalau apek berani sangat apek buka la facebook apek sendiri. lepas tu tengok apa akan jadi lol.

      saudari helen, saya dan ramai rakan2 kat sini ingin ucap syabas kepada saudari. kerana saudari la banyak kerja2 jahat apek lim dan konco2nya diketahui. syabas saudari.

  7. The Dear Leader, just like his Idols in Singapore the skunks of the People’s Action Party, remember his super idol Harry Lee ? Just like Harry Lee and his ilks in Singapore, if you say something that is not to their liking, in written or verbal form, voila, they activate their legal machines and you start getting all these lawsuits, just like The Dear Leader saying I’ll sue you.

    Helen, don’t worry, you have us. These cow dung, they can smear, threaten you anyway they want, we’ll keep on supporting you.

    These opposition supporters are like rednecks and hillbillies. They are dumb. They can’t hold a decent conversation. That’s why their mode of attack is mob based.

    Helen, keep up the good work.

  8. Helen,

    Wah! wa caya sama lu! well done, your views truly put the DAP mentality to the fore and yet they are never ashamed about it…… I believed not many right thinking Chinese support them and their Utopia.

  9. Hi Helen, you’ll be glad to know that your expose on DAP and the brand of hypocrisy and double standard that they practice have slowly but surely impacted people.

    Many of my hard core opposition supporter friends (majority malays and indians who can’t stand UMNO) are now anti-DAP because of your work.

    They have realised that while UMNO is not perfect, DAP is outright DANGEROUS for the future of Malaysia and Malaysians. And for that reason alone, they will vote Anything But Opposition (ABO). So, keep up the good work and i will keep on reading and sharing and linking your work.

    Thanks. — Helen

  10. Melonhead,

    Yes. sir . UMNO is not perfect. Who can ever be perfect. But at least it does not play racial card. It pays special attention to Malays. nothing to be embarassed or surprised at. just like DAP pays attention ONLY to lim dynasty, then Chinese community , then community that as long they are not Malays.

    contrary to what chinese has been told relentlessly by DAP and some vernacular newspaper, UMNO is not racist. If it wants to play racial card, I am afraid no other political party can stop it. It has the clout, the power to do so.

    But no racial card played as UMNO understand that it is sinful. Oh. of course, there are bad UMNO members. Just like any other political party. But unlike DAP or PKR or PAS, UMNO does not play with religious or racial sentiment.

    thsat is why I agree with your statement

    1. Shamsul!!! way to go Malaysian. Now reiterating my earlier comment in Republic of Singapore North:

      “Since we are talking about history, whatever happened to the Lost City of Kota Gelanggi Archeological Find in Johore. Why did the government in 2006 distort facts on this just like our history book that we have now on Parameswara. I am sure I am being critical here not prejudice on facts and history rather than how it is fanned according to the political flavor”.

      What do you think? Was this for political purpose, religious or racial sentiment to alienate truth and facts? Just curious!!!

      Just like Bodhidharma see link where a South Indian prince introduced what Shaolin kungfu is today.

      Is history, facts are something that we maneuver and capitulate for how we see it for how the politicians make it out to be or rather deal with truth and reality that faces the façade of basic humanity amongst each other for one another?

    1. Thanks for making my day. The one of him looking at “female working” and the look on his face is so funny. The blog is a big laugh & laugh.

      Watch this space. Hope to take up your challenge, that is if THEY don’t hack me first.

  11. Though the Dear Leader 1.0 has departed to meet his maker, I am sure he’s smiling down at us in contentment that Dear Leader 2.0, Penang’s own God’s Gift to rakyat, is making his very proud indeed by continuing his legacy of suppression.

    Long Live Dear Leader 2.0 !

    Where you been? MIA … :) — Helen

    1. I apologize for not visiting your blog and chip in with anti-Dear Leader comments. You see my monthly cheque for Rm50k from BN/UMNO did not arrive on time this month so I had to hold back my comments. Now that BN fully paid the amount, I can resume my cybertrooper-ing again… hahahaha… LOL !

      Actually I have been busy with work and personal commitments. I must confess reading your blog brightens up my day ! Keep it up ! BTW you made it to the NST today, your blog was mentioned in the connection with the notorious 51 images of Dear Leader case. I hear people are calling Bulletin Mutiara as Lim Guan Eng Siang Pau !!

      1. Thanks for the heads up, Calvin.

        I just read the NST story. They mis-attributed some quotes to me when the opinions were actually said by ‘Stop The Lies’ which picked up my story.

        I’ve just spoken to the NST editor. They’ll look into it and make the necessary corrections.

  12. Very good content analysis.

    Thank you. — Helen

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