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Woo-hoo! Best nya …

When I read Syed Akbar Ali’s take on the Pakatan Rakyat shadow cabinet, it sparked ROTFL that caused my living room to be polished squeaky clean from all that guling-guling on the floor.

One of the best pieces of ironic writing and I particularly liked this bit (excerpt below).

SAA blogged:

“There is NO allocation for any Minister from Sabah in this shadowy Pakatan Rakyat Cabinet. Not even one. And there is only one Dayak Baru Bian from Sarawak. And they call this an inclusive all Malaysian Cabinet? They must be kidding.

“The present BN Government has six full Ministers from Sabah and Sarawak with really cool names like Jala, Embas, Ongkili and Dompok. There are five Deputy Ministers with even cooler names like Ukin, Dungau, Entulu, Salang Gandum and Jelaing Mersaet. Really, really super cool names – one with Nature, one with the soil, trees and rivers. 100% Bumiputera betul. 1 Malaysia.”

One OutSyed the Box reader has added Richard Riot anak Jaem, who’s Deputy Foreign Minister, to the list of cool names.

If SAA’s comments were a riot – meaning, an unrestrained outbreak as of laughter – then the tart reply by Selena Tay (responsible for providing the Pakatan shadow cabinet list) to her critics is the unintentional icing on the cake.

In an article today, FMT responded:

“Last week FMT columnist Selena Tay revealed, after speaking to a Pakatan MP who declined to be named, a list of people who formed Pakatan’s shadow cabinet.

“Except for two posts – Deputy Prime Minister 3 and at Transport Minister – all positions were swept by peninsular-based Pakatan MPs from DAP, PAS and PKR.

“Responding to comments to her disclosure, Tay wrote: “I never forget Sabah and Sarawak but as mentioned above, this list is from the previous GE when the Sabahans and Sarawakians only gave one or two miserable seats to the opposition.

“If they vote Pakatan more, then their representation will be increased.”

Her response goes beyond Riot (anak Jaem or no). Beyond an outbreak of laughter to reach a pandemic level of hilarity because it reveals so precisely the Pakatan Chinese.

Note Selena’s rejoinder:

“this list is from the previous GE when the Sabahans and Sarawakians only gave one or two miserable seats to the opposition. If they vote Pakatan more, then their representation will be increased.”

By the same token, Gerakan and MCA are expected only to give one or two miserable seats to the Barisan Nasional in the coming GE. If the Chinese vote BN more, then their representation will be increased.”

If not?

And MCA is still letting the Si Gunting snip, snip, snip away in the lipatan? ROTFL again.

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9 thoughts on “Woo-hoo! Best nya …

  1. I hope you continue to roll on the floor with laughter. At least the Internet will be spared your daily drivel.

    1. ‘masochism’ is a willingness or tendency to subject oneself to unpleasant or trying experiences (dictionary, here). You, Sshsn, are a masochist for visiting daily to subject yourself to my drivel.

      Rather than hoping to spare the Internet, isn’t it much easier and a more achievable result to spare yourself the trying experience here?

  2. ha…ha…ha…reading SAA’s musing never failed to amuse me. It’s sparking a riot in my stomach! Anyway, i think St. Hannah of Subang is more well equipped to lead Ministry of Inter Racial Mingling & Tingling than that tree/men-hugging Eli Wong.

    Other than that, for me that kabinet is full of periuk, kuali, pinggan mangkok, tupperware, botol kicap, cookie jar & tin kosong.


    I was trying to find the best Malay word as a translation of ‘saint’ but the concept seems missing in BM (it must be a betui-betui Anglophile, Christian thing). ‘Wali’ perhaps? Mangkuk ayun also in the cabinet. — Helen

    1. upon checking the w/site, ‘saint’ in BM is simply ‘santo’, while ‘wali’ in Eng is guardian/patron. But i tend to agree that wali is the suitable word to describe ‘saint’ in BM (although not exactly right). Both words describe the same thing – holy men/women in respective religion.

      Btw, i think translation for ‘mangkuk ayun’ in Eng is ‘swinging bowl’, which exactly describes all those shadowy kedai kopi kabinet ministers ;)

  3. Selena Tay need to do some serious damage control after her little piece mis-fired. If her list is post GE12, where are the rewarded Perakians? No PAS mullahs either, just the “liberal” types…

  4. Selena Tay acts like a typical chinese anglophile, hoarding the top management of a MNC with her species….

    1. These nincompoops will never be able to hold a decent media conference after their periuk belanga meeting, whatmore implement any national project.

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