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Dear Leader appoints a successor

Lil’ Kim looks at things.

Mother Nature abhors a vacuum. When Mother Nature sees an empty space, She will fill it up.

If there are 28 pages of space, Mother Nature will provide 51 photos, so that the cup overfloweth because She favours abundance.

Mother Nature loves balance. If there is a yin, there must be a yang.

If there is a King, there must be a consort.

If there is a Kim, there must be his female counterpart.

People looking

This posting is inspired by the webpage

Kim Jong-il was the supreme leader of North Korea who loved to look at things.

Just like the idol of Buletin Mutiara (who has his personal photographers following him everywhere to record each of his great doings), the late Kim Jong-il also had a retinue of photographers recording his main activity — looking at things.

By popular request from readers of this blog for a posting modelled on the very hilarious, here we go.

Hannah Yeoh looks at

Hannah Yeoh looks at her Facebook

when the Selangor state assembly is in session

Hannah Yeoh looks at sampah

Her Special Assistant Rajiv Rishyakaran looks at her

Hannah Yeoh looks at Nurul

who has a halo floating above her head (placed there by Haris Ibrahim)

Hannah Yeoh in yellow shirt looks at tree

Can get 4D numbers neh

Hannah Yeoh looks at man in yellow shirt

Her Special Assistant Rajiv Rishyakaran looks at her

Hannah Yeoh looks at her hubby’s food

Maybe his laksa smells better

Hannah Yeoh looks away from her bowl

Whatever food’s inside doesn’t look appetizing

Hannah Yeoh looks at yummy food

But she’s not eating

Hannah Yeoh looks at more yummy food

But she’s not still eating

Hannah Yeoh looks at yummy durian

Decisions, decisions, decisions … life is tough

Hannah Yeoh looks at durian up close

She’s eating the durian because of peer pressure

Hannah Yeoh looks at her blood pressure

It’s going up because like Kim, she can’t take criticism

Hannah Yeoh demonstrating ‘if looks could kill’

at least she doesn’t say it aloud, “You see what I do to you!

Hannah Yeoh looks at some kind of Hindu ceremony

Look at the look on her face when she looks at Hindu ceremony

Hannah Yeoh looks at the audience

She looks a bit like Altantuya’s ghost


The secret thoughts of Our Beloved Chief Minister (2)

Please drop in at the above page where are still speech bubbles waiting to be filled


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23 thoughts on “Dear Leader appoints a successor

  1. Hannah Yeoh looks eerily like Imelda Marcos ah ha ha ha ! I wonder if Hannah Yeoh also has a collection of over 3000 pairs of shoes or err…………whatever ! Ah ha ha ha ! Helen fast forward 20, 30 years and you’ll know what I mean when I said they both look very much alike.

  2. Hahahaha!!!

    The last sentence is epic!

    “She looks a bit like Altantuya’s ghost”


      1. You’re haunting my blog. Can I help you exorcise your deep attachment to my space? B’cos you’re just like a homeless ghost that is unable to detach (leave). Pls tell me what issues you have so that we can trash it out & put those issues to rest. Perhaps that way, you can be released from having to return here again and again like a restless spirit.

  3. This is a classic one Helen ! I couldn’t stop laughing !

    BTW,sorry to side-track a bit…

    I am surprised that you did not cover the hillarious Pakatan’s shadow cabinet….sounds like empty cabinet to me though….LOL

    I am curious to see that such an important person such as the Dear Leader is merely given the Foreign Ministry….Is there an agenda behind it or he’s being stationed there to be the next PM in case PKR get thrashed in the GE and DAP does well.

    I am also shocked to see the Dear Leader’s annoited successor Hannah @ Bangsa Malaysia has not been given any positions at all. I would have expected her to get no less than DPM.

    BTW, I was told that the Pakatan mandores (that is, their Indian “leaders”) organised a show in Klang inviting Ambiga to ride on her fame. As I have mentioned, she is not someone who cares for the community and being English educated, she doesn’t speak Tamil much.

    Heard not many people turned up, The interesting thing that I read is some Indian leaders in Pakatan are worried about her now when rumours about her being made a PKR VP is circulating. There is an intense fight in PKR on seats and it seems it is likely that Indians will be given less seats than in GE12. The same applies to DAP Indians.

    It would be interesting if Ambiga choose to join Pakatan and stand in the GE.


    Thought the Anointed One might covet the Multimedia Ministry. Posting here. — Helen

    1. I have a nagging suspicion that she might opt for Kementerian Penerangan so she can control and direct all media (including RTM, NTV7, TV3 and Astro) to telecast her video images every hour or so, We will then also have these huge cut-outs so popular in Tamil Nadu to appear at every street corner to carry her image (due to the infleunce of her Indian.. oops…Bangsa Malaysia husband).

  4. Helen,
    Congratulations! The STAR paper quoted you today on the 51 pix of Dear Leader in the Buletin Mutiara, despite your frequent criticisms of their pro-Dapster attitude. Maybe this is a wake up call for them. Keep up the good work.

  5. you are not neutral, you piece of shit, everything DAP has done was evil? come on, DAP is not a Lim Family’s party, not all members inside party suggest what LGE’s doing. Kaji sebelum tulis lah, banggang

    1. LGE will never become CM if not for his father. He and his wife were kicked out from the Melaka DAP committee in 2005. DAP will fall on two factors. First, bcoz of the bulldog attitude of its leaders like LKS, LGE, Karpal and son Gobind; second, parachuting in banana-skin young professionals at the expense of the old-timers.

      BN will win GE13 although DAP will reap the gains on the part of Pakatan. Najib has secured the support of all the races except the Chinese, and he is bidding his time by holding dialogues with the Chinese community now – first by having dialogues with the young Chinese at UM, and then approving the 70 diploma TAR College courses.

      From the look of things, GE13 seems likely to be after budget day, after Najib is convinced he can secure enough Chinese votes from the fence-sitters and win in mixed areas as well as areas where BN lost narrowly through Chinese votes.

      Helen is doing a good job otherwise the Star paper will not even quote her unless she has something to show. And Helen, hopefully, your hits will reach 1million soon. Keep up the good work.

      1. The New Straits Times also quoted her. You’re going places. Go Helen !

        The NST mis-attributed. They actually quoted Stop the Lies. I spoke both to the editor & the Pg bureau chief yesterday to tell them. The paper was supposed to have carried a correction today. I haven’t checked yet (also it slipped my mind). Too bogged down with backlogged housework.– Helen

      2. Helen,
        Congratulations. The Star paper again quoted you today i.e. Friday for highlighting the 51 pix and guess what? The Penang state government apologized!

    2. Is banggang a new word?

      Like u said, not everyone in ruling party are corrupt, xtau buat keja etc.. but does anyone of u even care about that? read how haris ibrahim responded to anas zubedy?

      ya,dap not a lim’s family party, it is lim and karpal’s family party..heh….l

      1. I still cannot get it when a DAPster claims that DAP is not Lim’s Dinasty.

        For 40 years, Lim Kit Siang is still their top leader, from Sec-Gen to Chairman, some more now holding that undemocratically elected post. And the son inherited that Sec-Gen position from the father. Imagine if this situation happened in UMNO or MCA, the DAPsters will be double-quick to accuse them as dictators and masters of nepotism.

        But what baffles me is on what ground did father Lim appoint son Lim as Chief Minister of Penang? Son is a Johore born Malaccan. DAP Penang State Chief is a Penangite. Would father appoint Lim if he is not his son? The answer is absolute NO coz the State Chief is NOT his son.

        I must say, father Lim put it that son Lim is smarter than any Penang DAP leader. Never in history that leaders of a state or nation decided that they do not have any capable leader and must import an outsider to lead them. Ada ka? Ada lar, Disneyland.

        Its like saying there’s no capable Raja in Penang, so must appoint my Raja son from Malacca. Why? Coz i am your Raja and i said so.

        Lim Kit Siang Dynasty Boleh! Penang Boleh!

        Chow Kon Yeow not quite true-blue Penangite. After completing his studies at USM, KL-born CKY stayed on in Penang (source: The Rocket)

  6. Edwards,

    The point is that Azizan becomes MB of Kedah due to his official capacity as PAS State commisioner. Khalid is MB as he then was the Selangor PKR Chief.

    The same goes to Mohammad Hassan. He is MB for Negri sembilan as he is U MNO State Chief.

    Guan eng becoming Penang CM becomes an issue as he is not Penang DAP Chairman. If Guan eng is the Chairman for Penang DAP, then he is entitled to be the CM.

    This is precisely why everyone who is willing to think realize how DAP is actually an extension of Lim Dynasty. Call a spade a spade. That is the truth.

    Whatever insulting remarks we said about UMNO, at least Dr mahathir during his lifetime never put Mukhriz as as MB for Kedah or Federal Minister. If that was his intention, who can stop him?

    Who practise nepotism actually? Dr mahathir retired at his peak, gracefully although he led a legitimate government. If he refuses to retire, nobody can question him as he had been receiving mandate from rakyat.

    what is Kit siang position in DAP? Is it an elected position? Or merely a post created for him?

    Many times people who cry out loud about transparency or wanting an open country with no racial tag attached turn to be exactly the opposite even with minimal power.

    So imagine Guan eng as Prime Minister. Looking at his outburst, I know that Guan eng with power is equivalent to having paranoid dictator overlording a country.

    Habisla negara ini.

    There was some kemelut over the appointment of the Perlis & T’ganu MBs after GE12. Since you know Umno history, can you pls tell us if you recall there being other cases where the Umno state chief was challenged or did not get to become MB? Thanks. — Helen

  7. Hai Yah… so many pics of Hannah Yeoh…I am ok if she got the looks and body of Samantha Fox or Paris Hilton.

    Tengok 4x this lady, I already feel nausea and wanted to vomit.

  8. Helen,

    This is where the subtlety of Malay ‘adat” must be comprehended. In case like State secretary of Selangor, the authority to appoint lies with the Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam.

    Literally translated, it means “chosen by SPA and consented by the State ruler”. Khalid made a blunder by initially rejecting the candidate who are already consented by the Sultan. By openly being hostile to the State Sectretary, the most senior of state civil servants, he gives impression that he is “friendly” to entire civil service in Sela ngor.

    The same goes to appointment of a Menteri Besar. In states won by BN, the Prime minister will appoint a Menteri Besar.

    The confusion is due to Malay tradition of reverance towards Sultan. The MB is the PM representative in the state. The truth is that Sultan has no say in choosing a Menteri Besar.

    His highness however as a Sultan will be approached as a mark of respect.

    Abdullah Badawi , being a humble man, was not firm enough in his decision. As the prime minister he should be firm . what required is a 4 eye meeting with the state ruler. What transpired is between him and the ruler.

    Remember, once Mohd Taib incurred the wrath of Almarhum Sultan Salahuddin over marriage to sultan’s daughter without his knowledge. Sultan tried to appoint a new MB but soon realised only Dr Mahathir can do that.

    Sometimes, to avoid crisis UMNO leaders choose to “mengalah”. I understand their predicament. Standing too firm with the sultan can be construed as “biadap”, a no no to Malay politician. In case of Tan sri Ghazali Jawi who refused to entertain Sultan’s request for “tanah balak”, Tun Hussein ordered the MB to resign.

  9. Helen,

    sorry for typo error “. It should read as ‘unfriendly” instead otherwise.

    Thanks for reply. Am in the middle of housework :D Will digest info later. — Helen

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