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What do geniuses have in common?

(1) Einstein @

(2) Da Vinci @

(3) Tesla @!

(photo/click music tribute to Tesla HERE)

(4) Edison

(5) Newton @

A cow fell on Newton’s head when he was sitting under the tree, so the story goes — citation disputed

One day …

I’m not a genius (yet) because I’m having French toast later for dinner and I’m still doing housework which is too tiring.

When I’m free of housework and am able to obsess with enough intensity, genius might be within my reach, god willing.

Music for housework, below


Part 1: Men are geniuses because …

Part 2: Political ‘genius’ 101 for Monyet King


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3 thoughts on “What do geniuses have in common?

  1. What do ‘Nerd’ have in common?

    Answer: Muka macam Kim Guan Eng


    Hahaha, you flatter him. Geek & nerd at least got techie skills. His skill is putar-belit. — Helen

    1. Come on Helen, kasi chance sikitlah.. He is gifted, really gifted, in a putar belit way.

      1. …oh ya…also the greatest hypocrite! Claim not racist, a Malaysian first….but when Sri Gading MP asked (according to The Star)… “can we consider Ambiga as a traitor to DYMM Yang Di Pertuan Agong and punish her by hanging”, this stupid Dear Leader immediately issued a statement at the Parliament lobby saying ” The insults were directed at her (Ambiga lah) because she is an easy target (easy??), a woman, an Indian and a Hindu”! What a mouthful!!

        Why must KGM bring up race and religion in this instance, if he is not trying to fan and/or create racial tension??

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