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Kes Guan Eng: Kejap nampak, kejap tak

Drama queen betul lah si Kim Guan Eng ini.

Pada 28 Feb 2012, Guan Eng mengeluarkan kenyataan akhbar, ‘Following violent threats by their members, Umno and Perkasa personally responsible if anything happens to me’.

Tak ada apa-apa pun yang menimpa Guan Eng dalam tempoh 4 bulan yang lepas ini kecuali khabar angin dia diserang ashtray, dan itupun bukan Umno atau Perkasa yang baling.

Baru-baru ini pada Julai 1, Guan Eng telah mengeluarkan kenyataan akhbar berjudul, ‘Police should review their hands-off approach towards Perkasa to avoid public perception that they condone the violent tactics by Perkasa to intimidate PR leaders’.

Ia berkaitan dengan lawatan ketua menteri itu ke sebuah pasar pagi di Teluk Bahang pada Sabtu lepas (ruj. laporan Harakahdaily,Tiba-tiba ahli Perkasa serang saya – Guan Eng).

Dalam versi bahasa Inggeris kenyataan akhbarnya (screenshot di kaki halaman), Guan Eng berkata:

“The failure of the police to offer adequate protection was followed by the failure of the police to immediately arrest the Perkasa member involved. Just imagine how harsh police reaction would have been if this had involved the Prime Minister and not the Chinese PR Chief Minister.

Dalam versi bahasa Melayu, Guan Eng berkata:

“Kegagalan polis untuk memberi perlindungan yang sewajarnya telah diikuti pula dengan kegagalan polis untuk segera menahan ahli Perkasa yang terbabit. Sekiranya serangan itu telah berlaku ke atas Perdana Menteri dan bukan seorang Ketua Menteri PR, bayangkan sahaja bagaimana reaksi polis.”

Dalam versi bahasa Cina, Guan Eng berkata:


Guan Eng menuduh polis gagal melindunginya atas alasan dia seorang pemimpin Cina. Dia berkata demikian dalam kenyataan akhbar versi bahasa Inggeris dan bahasa Cina.

Namun dalam versi bahasa Melayu, perkataan ‘Cina’ digugurkan.

Ramai sudah yang merungut bahawa Guan Eng cakap berputar belit. Di depan orang Melayu dia cakap lain, di depan masyarakat Tionghua dia cakap lain pula.

Sebelum ini dalam kontroversi Ahli Parlimen Sri Gading yang berkata di dewan:

“Kita masih ingat apabila al-Maunnah menderhaka kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong, kita hukum gantung dia. Ingat cerita itu beberapa tahun yang lalu? Apakah Ambiga tidak boleh kita anggap penderhaka kepada Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang di-Pertuan Agong dan hukum gantung pada dia?”

Menarik balik kenyataannya di atas, Mohamad Aziz menyuarakan rasa tidak puas hati dengan Guan Eng yang didakwanya telah memutar-belitkan gertakan terhadap Ambiga menjadi isu ras.

“In this case about Ambiga, DAP clearly turned it into a racial issue because they are racists. I never intended to be racist. I never mentioned Indian or Hindu but DAP did… for the purpose of political gain. They are experts at spinning things …” kata Mohamad Aziz.

Guan Eng telah berkata:

“Clearly these remarks are inflammatory, designed to stir disaffection, is extremist and racist. This is seditious, threatening the life of Ambiga. Why is this racist? Because his remarks were only targeted at Ambiga as she is a woman, a Hindu and an Indian.”

Guan Eng mengungkit semula kes Perkasa:

“Slogan 1Malaysia Najib dimusnahkan oleh golongan ektremis dan rasis dalam Umno yang menjalankan kempen untuk meniup rasa benci dan takut terhadap Pengerusi Bersama Bersih Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan, isu Singapura dan diri saya sendiri,” katanya dalam blog rasminya hari ini.” (sumber: ‘FMT‘)

Laporan insiden Perkasa tersebut itu lagi sensasi di portal pro-pembangkang Malaysia Chronicle yang menggunakan tajuk ‘When all else fails, will Umno turn to ASSASSINATION: Perkasa physically attacks Guan Eng‘.

Reaksi di Facebook kepada kejadian Perkasa mengganggu Guan Eng di Teluk Bahang pula mencapai tahap histeria.

Laporan FMTCM fears for safety after Perkasa ‘brush” telah membuat 2,668 orang pembacanya berasa ‘marah’.

Cuba baca fitnah dashyat seorang Facebooker bernama Rk Sandhu (screenshot bawah) yang dididik di sekolah Cannosian Convent. Apa gerangan mereka-mereka yang diasuh di sekolah mubaligh?

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36 thoughts on “Kes Guan Eng: Kejap nampak, kejap tak

  1. Piss off Helen. You’re incredibly annoying and totally pointless. Clueless …..

    1. Dear Sshsn,

      You’re a visitor to my space and you are asking me to “piss off”? As the cyber ‘home’ owner, I actually have more right to say the same to you yet I’ve all along treated you as a guest.

      I’ve never scolded you or used demeaning words on you. I doubt that the “Mr Alphabet Soup”, by which I do sometimes call you, can be termed as rude.

      Now please tell me what issues you have and we can discuss on facts. Otherwise your being here is just pure masochism as it’s “totally pointless”, “clueless” and furthermore your pressure is rising from the annoyance.

      I’m afraid you’ll soon burst a blood vessel and splatter all over in my blog.

      1. Biasalah tu Helen, typical DAPSTER!!!

        Look at the bright side, at least hantu2 ni baca jugak your blog. Dia orang sendiri yang “Pissed” naik angin tak tentu pasal. Memang DAPSTER semua sakit IN Denial Syndrome. Tak boleh terima kenyataan aka FACTS!!! Kalau tak spin tak sah!!! Nak pusing macam Kim Guan Eng jugak baru betul agaknya.

        Susah betul rakyat Republic North Singapore, terlebih kiasu dari yang kiasu.

  2. The only one clueless are the Dapsters.. play with dead people for political mileage like TBH and altantuya…now trying to make their opponents look like murderer and such…..

  3. Damn Racist…!!! if the Press Release done by Najib, they will go to end claiming PM is racist. what else these PR people waiting for. this is clearly racist…

  4. Helen,

    Once Guan Eng slandered Muhyiddin by accusing him of abusing Guan Eng’s son name in order to get at Guan Eng. The truth is that Muhyiddin never said anything that remotely accused his son. He only advised Guan Eng to make a police report.

    It was Guan Eng who happily abusing his son in order to get at Muhyiddin. He pleaded Muhyiddin to spare his son. It was Guan Eng who happily using the issue to whack his political opponent.

    The same goes to Guan Eng purposely putting racial slant on one UMNO MP who asked whether Ambiga should be tried for treason.

    From my viewpoint, Ambiga if in other countries would have been tried for treason.

    Guan Eng uttered racist remark as he is racist. Nobody is saying Ambiga should be tried because she is a Hindu and an Indian. The MP was saying Ambiga should be tried for treason because that was exactly she was doing.

    Malays in Penang should know by now about his character. Because of the character, some stalls were demolished simply because the owners are Malays.

    Strange enough, no stalls belonging to Chinese were demolished.

    I am not propagating stalls being demolished for no reason. What I cant stand is that Guan Eng behaves as if nothing happens.

    His hit squad and the DAPsters have the same lidah bercabang. — Helen


    1. these dapsters are genuine only in one thing: being sly and cunning foxes, twisting words and issues to put them as the winner although it is not so.

      They are good in distraction and crying wolf tactics(at the expense of nation’s long term harmony):

      a) they will find every opportunity to paint other people as bad guys

      b) at the same time fishing for sympathy votes.

      clever very clever

      just like football players dropping like pins and crying out in agony (for free kick/red card) although nothing happened at all

      voters must vote with their heart and eyes this time, not ears and hearsay.

  5. Helen,

    that is why I hope Chinese community will not gamble their interests by voting DAP. This is due to DAP relentless antics in slandering UMNO, Malays.

    What DAP is doing is actually will bring Malay and Chinese into collision course

  6. The problem with Dear Leader is he accuses all his enemies as racists but he himself is the racist of worst sort. Look at how he turns Ambiga into a race issue pitting a Muslim UMNO MP vs an Indian Hindu. This is a clear case of using race and religion to create problem and fish for votes.

    Thanks to Helen, we know that he speaks with forked tongue with one statement to Malay press while playing with race again in the Chinese and English version.

    I heard that in the case of Perkasa, some Pakatan members actually delibrately provoked Perkasa members to trap them and create another issue. The dumb Perkasa guys fell into the trap.

    MCA minister walked into a hornet’s nest with thousands of screaming DAPsters some of who were trying to attack him physically. He did not cry like a baby or issue a press statement saying as though his life was in danger.

    Of course MC and some morons in MK / MI comments section will claim BN trying to kill of Dear Leader. If Najib wants to kill LGE, I am sure he wouldn’t try to use some Perksa clowns in a broad daylight in a crowded pasar.

    The Cheap Minister need to reflect on why there is so much hate on him by the Malays. It is not UMNO or Perkasa but the general feelings among the Penang Malay is of hate and disgust.

    Sunday article in ‘The Choice’ portal titled ‘Guan Eng’s Sympathy Ploy Wears Thin‘. One observation by the writer caught my attention, i,e, “The Chief Minister seems to have therefore alienated everyone who isn’t Chinese”. — Helen

    1. In fact some of the Chinese here are also have since become disenchanted by the Dear Leader. He better brace himself, Gerakan going to hound him non stop until the GE. Expect more skeletons coming out of the closet.

      1. The skeletons already came out. His own assemblyman for Tanjung Bungah exposed the destruction going on at his constituency and what did he get ? He got the F bomb by the Dear Leader’s henchmen.

    2. if nt mistaken SABI is also “good” in using this rotten fish for vote/sympathy tactic, hiding in embassy for fear of dontknowwhat, arsenic poisoning claim; tampered brake claim, thrown by tear gas “shell” in Bershit.

    3. He doesn’t know how unpopular his administration is because you see, he lives in a place called Wonderland a.k.a Komtar. surrounded by similar deluded, drug induced sociopaths. His collusion with property developers being one of the symptoms of someone lacking empathy with those affected by the environmental destruction of Penang.

  7. Don’t worry folks. The GE is coming. Come GE day, our votes will send The Dear Leader and his ilk back to where they came from. Be patience folks. The man is just trying to hog the limelight while he still can. He knows his time is almost up.

    1. Yep, GE’s coming, and the day of reckoning comes nearer and nearer. Just like the day of reckoning when we die and have to face our Maker.

  8. I love reading Helen Ang articles. They sow hatred, they have only one theme. Don’t think it works for thinking folks.

    1. It does work for thinking folks, but you’re not one of the thinking folks. Since you said that you love reading Helen’s articles because they sow hatred, that tells a a lot about you and people like you. You mind is full of hatred, just like the typical holier than thou DAP goon.

    2. Don’t work for thinking folks ? I guess your definition of thinking folks refer to those who support Pakatan ?

      Helen’s articles certainly not very flattering to Dear Leader, Hannah the Holy or the rest of the Pakatan leadership. But she does not manufacture news or claim to be an unbiased observer. She says what she feels and you either take it or leave it.

      However look at Mkini, MInsider, MC, etc. They claim to be impartial news portals but all they print are anti BN propaganda and most of it accusations without a shred of evidence. They dont even conform to the most basic of journalistic ethics. Yet the legion of Pakatanistas lap up these news as though these are Bibilical truths.

    3. sow hatred.. I dun think so.. Helen Blog is neutral.. It provide balance view to both side. It so happen that the Pakatan debaters here got no class debating with the pro BN debaters.

  9. Seriously, Helen, I know this is your blog, but can you diversify sikit, and talk about rising crime, poor prosecution records, corruption….Puleeeeeze….

  10. As for meeting your Maker, no need to search far, come the GE, the people will send you back to where you came from. For the rest of this country, life goes on, but of course, if things don’t go according to your liking, you can shout, scream conspiracy, evil plots and so on. That’s okay. You are free to say those things, but say them when you’re at your church.

    The rest of this country, the great majority, we don’t have to put up with your venom. So next time, when you spit venom at people who are not on the same page as you, confine them to the space of your church.

  11. Diversify………..If that’s what you want, maybe sister Helen can write something about Faekah’s shenanigans. But of course when Helen does write something about Faekah, you can come in here and shout “yet another piece of hate filled article by Helen Ang”.

    1. No problem about talking about Faekah. Any wrongdoing we must expose, be it Pakatan or BN. Just like RPK nowadays – both sides pun kena hentam.

    2. But you obviously don’t agree with me that there are more pressing issues affecting this country than Kim Guan Eng ? You seriously think that LGE appearing 26 times in 52 pages of a magazine or that LGE got hit by an ashtray thrown by his wife is more newsworthy or important to the rakyat than the rising crime statistics, or the poor prosecution records on commercial crime or that AirAsia may not want to use KLIA2 ?

      1. some of us, not necessarily against DAP, do consider highlighting LGE’s riding roughshods and playing fast and loose with the state of Penang a pressing issue.

        actually there are many blogs talking about those “pressing” issues you mentioned. funnily enough, most of them appear to be pro-government blogs. in fact the first to break the AirAsia story, if i’m not mistaken, was ‘a brick in the wall’, a pro-government blog.

        if those are the issues that interest you, why don’t you go to those blogs?

        as you said, this is helen’s blog. where do you get off telling her what she should be writing on? and who is holding a knife to your throat to come to a blogsite that discusses issues that are not newsworthy enough for you?

        they happen to be newsworthy enough to others who visit regularly. otherwise they won’t be coming back. i notice most of them use their own discretion to pick which ones to engage in. so far, with the exception of that schizoid mr alphabet, even the nasty belligerent ones haven’t been ill-bred enough to come preaching as to what the blog-owner should be writing on.

        so who are you to come and act all patronizing? tak berkenan, tak usah datang. tak payah tunjuk bagus, impresses no one, really.

      2. Wahai manusia.

        Kamu mahu bercakap tentang perkara penting? Baik, maka tolong jelaskan perkara-perkara yang merunsingkan aku ini.

        Ketua kamu kononnya jujur. Tolong terangkan kepada aku kenapa pula dia tidak mengamalkan kebebasan media yang kononnya dia dukung selama ini?

        Ketua kamu kononnya adil. Tetapi kenapa pembangunan di Pulau Pinang lebih memihak kepada golongan berpendapatan tinggi? Adakah rakyat yang berpendapatan rendah tiada hak untuk terus tinggal di penempatan turun temurun mereka, hanya kerana mereka kurang membawa kekayaan kepada kerajaan negeri?

        Cukup sahaja kamu jawab dua soalan dulu. Pada aku, isu-isu ini sangat penting kerana aku sedang cuba membuka luas fikiran aku tentang siapa yang patut aku undi.

        Mohon jawab dengan jujur.

  12. pressing issues, i.e rising crime, commercial crime, of course they are pressing issues to you because they deflect people’s attention from what LGE is doing in Penang.

    Are you going to tell me and the other readers of this blog that LGE has not abuse his power and the administrative tools under his command, to do his bidding ?

    To you pressing issues mean as long as those issues that paint a bad picture of, and can be linked to UMNO and BN, they are newsworthy. But when you read someone write about Pakatan’s shenanigans, you cry conspiracy, calling Helen’s articles hate materials.

    But of course you’re a smart person, clever at making a u-turn. When I pointed out that Helen should write something on Faekah, you wrote “no problem about talking about Faekah. Any wrongdoing we must expose”. Now, had I not mentioned Faekah, you would have continued with your holier than thou attitude of your earlier comment of “I love reading Helen Ang’s articles. They sow hatred. They have only one theme. Don’t think they work for thinking folks”.

    1. So I am right. You anti-DAP people only have one theme. Unfortunately it is going to boomerang back at you because the rakyat is a lot more discerning than you think. Keep it up !

      1. Well last time I check anti BN is the same too..
        “Unfortunately it is going to boomerang back at you because the rakyat is a lot more discerning than you think. Keep it up !
        This one you are right, am no longer voting for DAP this coming election. Hah!!

      2. William, where have you been. Been waiting for you. like this Mah [YouTube].
        Yes, you are so right, as the rest of us are fools. Please show us a direction that GOD is only what you preach not humanity between us irrespective of our origin in Malaysia.

  13. Williem aaarrrr,

    Have u ever wonder why the likes of me and the others are here considering Helen position on 153, satu sekolah and NEP ?

    Wake up laaaa……THINK !! If not just shut up and observe don’t say anything then no one will know LU BODOH!…..

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