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MCA assemblyman called “uneducated” / “low class” by Guan Eng / DAPsy chief

MCA national organizing secretary Tee Siew Kiong released a press statement yesterday with regard to the description by Lim Guan Eng of Malacca MCA chairman Gan Tian Loo as “uneducated”.

The statement by Tee was not carried by The Star (at the time of writing/update 11am: still not carried). It is however published in The Malaysian Mirror, Malaysia Chronicle and other media.

Lim Guan Eng said that Gan’s “false allegation of a private moral scandal” with regard to himself and a particular former Special Assistant was “kurang ajar”.

He also described Gan’s character – should the Duyong assemblyman fail to repeat his allegation outside the Dewan – to be as follows:

(i) Gan shows himself “a coward” who is unfit to be a leader

(ii) unfit to be a wakil rakyat

(iii) unworthy to be a husband and father because having no qualms in trying to destroy Lim Guan Eng’s political career and “family’s happiness”

(iv) an “Umno lackey” who plays “gutter politics”

The sum total of Lim Guan Eng’s descriptions above, in addition to his calling Gan Tian Loo “uneducated” as reported in the Chinese papers, paints a very black picture of the MCA assemblyman.

Meanwhile DAP Socialist Youth (DAPsy) chief Anthony Loke held Gan to be “a liar and a low-class politician” should the latter fail to repeat his allegations outside the Dewan. In name-calling a Barisan politician “low class”, Loke is merely taking a leaf from his ‘illustrious’ DAP 2.0 counterpart Hannah Yeoh.

Among the English-speaking segment of the population, i.e. those who read The Star, Gan Tian Loo will not be considered a “winnable candidate” if the DAPsy chief and the DAP sec-gen’s damning appraisal are to be believed.

Although MCA national organizing secretary Tee Siew Kiong had come to Gan’s defence, The Star failed to carry his statement.

Incidentally, Tee had made 5 press statements in English and 4 in Chinese over the course of the past month but only one was quoted in The Star.

Chua Soi Lek must ponder if there is any hidden or ulterior motive behind this lackadaisical attitude to his party that is so apparent in the paper.

“Immoral BN and Umno politicians”

Lim Guan Eng brought up an ancillary issue in his recent press statements of 4 & 5 July (reproduced here).

He again took to task the Umno Online website and other pro-Umno blogs for the allegations made against his son in October 2011 (see Lim Guan Eng’s earlier statement castigating pro-Umno bloggers).

Lim Guan Eng states that the bloggers had:

(a) carried out “character assassination” against himself and his son

(b) attempted to “destroy [his] son”

(c) tried to “sabotage [his] political career”

(c) directed a “smear campaign” against him and his family

(d) played “the dirtiest politics to try to topple democratically elected leaders”

He claims that his son is proven innocent but yet no action has been taken by police against the accusers.

According to Lim Guan Eng, his son had endured the worst “trauma” due to the ordeal.

All in all, he makes the following accusations against Umno, BN and their agents:
  • “repeating the lies that I had a secret relationship”
  • “spread vicious lies against my family and me”
  • these lies are [now being] hurled against me by BN and MCA leaders directly”
  • such lies in the internet”
  • “sue those who spread such lies
  • “Gan Tian Loo … hurl such despicable lies against my wife”
  • Chua and MCA should prove his courage and political morals by repeating the lies … so that both of us can sue him and MCA in court for defamation”
  • “My children deserves protection from such lies
  • “[Umno-linked perpetrators] spread lies that my 15 year son …”

From all that Lim Guan Eng is saying, members of the public must surely come to the inevitable conclusion that BN and their supporters are congenital liars.

Chua’s “pornographic video tape”

Apart from calling BN and Umno politicians “immoral” who allegedly want to sabotage his political career, Lim Guan Eng in his July 4 press statement added that Chua Soi Lek was guilty of a “private moral scandal” when the latter was caught in “a pornographic video tape having an extra-marital affair with another woman”.

In the second press statement the following day, Lim Guan Eng repeated the fact about Chua “being caught in a pornographic video tape with a woman who is not his wife”.

It is quite in character for certain DAP leaders to divert the issue to topic B when the question relates to topic A. The issue touched on by the MCA assemblyman when posing his question to Betty Chew in the Dewan was nothing to do with the sexual morality of pornography. Thus Chua Soi Lek is of no relevance to the discussion.

Gan Tian Loo had specifically asked if Betty Chew played any role in the departure of a qualified staff in the Chief Minister’s Office.

Betty Chew is an elected state assemblyman with the status of Yang Berhormat. She was asked by her fellow YB to clarify whether she had exerted undue pressure on an office bearer (i.e. the Chief Minister of Penang) to order an abrupt transfer that breaches normal protocol.

Thus MCA national organizing secretary Tee Siew Kiong is quite correct to point out that “Guan Eng must be careful and not simply insult the [MCA] elected representatives of the people who are only seeking the truth”.

Tee presents a valid viewpoint. This pertinent point of view is clearly missing in The Star‘s coverage thus far of the Malacca state assembly episode.

Since The Star appears disinterested in Tee Siew Kiong’s pressing for the truth, might one venture to ask what (or more precisely who) it is that the paper really cares about?

MCA is certainly hemorrhaging support among Chinese voters but at the same time the party must also be bleeding profusely in the back too.


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18 thoughts on “MCA assemblyman called “uneducated” / “low class” by Guan Eng / DAPsy chief

  1. Obviously CSL must do something about The Star…it is not MCA’s mouth piece and should be sold off ASAP. Let the STAR be independent…and DAP will have the chance to buy a majority stake in it. Then the reporters will surely know how freedom misused will surely be a disaster…and soon The Star can fill ALL its pages including SPORTS to OBITUARIES with LGE pictures as in Bulettin Mutiara

  2. MCA is already a goner so no matter how CSL and his son CTY are trying to cook issues, these are not going to help MCA’s cause. MCA is certainly hemorrhaging support among Chinese voters but at the same time the party must also be bleeding profusely in the back – you put it very nicely MCA in its picture frame. We shall be seeing MCA top guns come GE13 in picture frames that say RIP. But many of us knew this already.

  3. Helen:

    What do you think are MCA’s plans for Ong Tee Keat ? It appears that Chua is trying to make sure Ong doesn’t return to the fold, but is still afraid of Ong’s popularity in his constituency. My take is that Chua wants Ong out of MCA, and then the attacks will come. While Ong remains in MCA, Chua can’t do anything except use the STAR to stir the pot.

    Ong in the meantime is hoping that the MCA will implode, Chua gets booted out, and Ong gets invited to return as president. So Ong is going to hang on for as long as it takes, despite being wooed by PKR and DAP.

    1. You are hallucinating. This shows that you’re a typical Anglo educated, church going cesspool, knows nothing about Chinese culture.

      Throughout his political career, Ong Tee Keat has always based his work on the principles of serving the public, which is the basic Confucian tenet of service to the people. Even his rivals know and acknowledge this, including Chua Soi Lek.

      Ong may not be well liked, but he is respected. The same can’t be said of a certain politician in Penang who is constantly promoting a personality cult and his proteges are following in his examples.

      “Ong in the meantime is hoping that the MCA will implode, Chua gets booted out, and Ong gets invited to return as president”. If the MCA implodes, there is nothing for Ong to return to, so your presumption is perversion. It is akin to a doctor telling his patient that in order to save him, the patient must first kills himself so that the dear doctor can revive him later.

      “So Ong is going to hang on for as long as it takes, despite being wooed by PKR and DAP”. Ong is not hanging on. He dispenses his duty as MP of his constituency on a daily basis because that’s his duty to the people who voted for him and to his party which provided him the platform.

      1. Oi, people ask a simple question and all you can do is to call me a “typical Anglo educated, church going cesspool, knows nothing about Chinese culture.” If you are truly a Ahmad Ibrahim, then you cannot know more about Chinese culture than me, just as I cannot know more about Islam than you.

        This is the type of lapdog I find in this blog.

  4. The STAR has to strike a balance – between licking its master and being kicked by the general public.

    1. “The Star has to strike a balance – between licking its master and being kicked by the general public”.

      Nobody is asking The Star to strike a balance. All we’re asking is for The Star to report on what’s happening, even if this may offend people. But obviously, as pointed out by Helen and so many other readers of this blog, The Star is leaning more to the Opposition rather than providing spaces for both sides of the political divide. In fact, as I myself pointed out on numerous occasions, The Star is not pro-opposition. The Star is The Opposition. So your comment

      “The Star has to strike a balance” does not hold water since it has never even attempted to strike a balance.

      1. If you seriously think that the STAR is an opposition newspaper, then you should bring it up with your political masters. The STAR is owned by the MCA, and the entire editorial board can be replaced by the MCA. And the MCA can be told by the dominant BN partner UMNO that it must get its act together and stop the STAR from being pro-Opposition. Then the STAR readership will drop to the Utusan circulation level of 70,000. Do you understand this rationale ?

  5. Lim Guan Eng’s description of Gan Tian Loo : As always, laced with trappings of Christian morality. which is subscribed by the typical Opposition Hack and their cheer leading squads, or as the Chinese would say, la la dui (la la dui = cheer leading squad).

    “It is quite in character for certain DAP leaders to divert the issue to topic B when the question relates to topic A”. This is standard practice of Opposition Hacks. No surprise really. When confronted with reality, they invent another parallel world, also known as Wonderland. Or if you prefer the digital version of this world, watch The Matrix.

    While Lim Guan Eng is busy accusing BN/Umno of gutter politics, how should we describe LGE’s use of Buletin Mutiara to promote his personality cult ? 28 pictures in 28 pages in the latest edition. This looks like a world record really. Not even Kim Jong Un could top this.

    You made a typo. It’s 51 pix in May edition. The June edition out but Chan Lilian did not upload the Chinese & Tamil versions. The omission reduced the number of Kim photos online users have access to, unless we’re Penangites who get the print version delivered to our homes. — Helen

      1. Sorry, I’ve just been updated by reader Swee Leong myself. It appears you’re right about the 28 pix over 28 pages in the June edition of Buletin Mutiara.

        I could only rely on the online version for June which did not have 28 pages as only the English section was uploaded, which was 16 pages. The Tamil & Chinese sections were not up last I looked.

        According to the latest NST report – the reporter got hold of a printed copy – the Beloved Chief Minister’s photos are again plastered across all the pages.

        What is wrong with DAPsters that they so stubbornly remain in denial mode?

  6. Helen, sakit hati saja tengok the lacklustre ball-less attitude of MCA. The Star hentam terang2 depan & belakang pun dia tak ambil kisah. Memang dia minta nak kalah to DAP. I think therein lies the bigger & hidden agenda of doing this to allow the evangelistas menang nanti. Malas lah nak fikir pasal MCA, tak nak menang sudah lah!

    Me three (sakit hati tengok sikap acuh tak acuh MCA). ‘Evangelistas’, good word! Let’s use it. — Helen

  7. Helen, dont have to be so noisy lah!

    Its confirm that we will contest 90 seats in the next GE, while PKR & PAS both 66 seats.

    Who do you think will lead the Federal Government? =)

    PAS will never can implemented Hudud. So, you dont have to be worried or raised up this issue anymore.

    OK, you dont like Guan Eng. So, we can appoint another leader to become PM. let say Lim Kit Siang or Tan Seng Giaw?

    Guan Eng scandal is only a minor issue. they even dont have any evidence to proof that. as long as he can serve the best for rakyat, its OK for me (remember RM12B investment in Penang after DAP took over?)

    Do you think all the MCA and UMNO are clean one ah? Dont have any scandal ah? ask Soi Lek then. He knows better.

    1. BN is not clean, we all know that. We never denied that. Its all out in the open.

      But the thing with people from the opposition is that, once they are confronted with things that are unpleasant for them, they shout, scream conspiracy, evil plots, hatchet works, slander etc.

      “Helen, don’t have to be so noisy lah”. Helen noisy ? you obviously think that noisy denotes news that are unpleasant and unfavorable to the opposition. If you want to know what being noisy is, go to opposition blogs. There you can find all the noisy that you’re accusing Helen of.

      1. Some of us are here to engage you in debate, in conversation, not to be shouted down nor called all sorts of names. We respect Helen’s opinions, and we expect her followers to respect ours. Helen can ban us, but for you to tell us to go elsewhere – are you the “Tuan” ?

  8. Helen! The NST today reported the pix has gone down from 51 to 28. Laugh or cry?

    Laugh. — Helen

  9. Uneducated and low class mentality has no bearing for how we deal with each other if moral responsibility and obligation amongst one another defines the mode. I am not surprised with such an outburst from LGE or anyone who continue to window dress their own inferiority to artificially sustained material superiority for their own need.

    Confucius says “If your aspirations are for good, the people will be good. The moral character of those in high position is the breeze, the character of those below is the grass. When the grass has the breeze upon it, it assuredly bends”.

    Using such terms of uneducated and low class is a person for his/her own gain, because this is to use a person as a means to his/her gain, without respect to the others’ wishes, or freedom to express their thoughts.

    When the moral wisdom is foregone, no education or low mentality propaganda sustains. Thus the true education would seem thoroughly cogent to argue that behavior is preferable that is self-governing for morality rather than behavior requiring governance for how it is or how it is defined and depicted by LGE needs to be condemned.

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