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How Penang created the Rainbow Making Machine

Today is the second round of the Chua Soi Lek-Kim Guan Eng debate on the topic, ‘DAP & MCA: Whose policies benefit the country more?’

Yesterday, it was reported by the major Chinese papers that the Beloved Chief Minister had attacked Guang Ming Daily over a commentary published on July 4 and accusing it for “targeting” him. The daily is one of the Chinese media pursuing the Rainbow story.

News supervisor Chew Siew Hui responded by saying that in all the years she has been writing political analyses since joining Guang Ming 10 years ago, she had in comparison never received a call from Koh Tsu Koon or his assistants for her criticisms.

Siew Hui added that the local media and their columnists need a lot of courage to criticise Lim on his policies and statements as the DAP sec-gen has “a lot of fans”.

Talking about the Dear Leader’s devoted fans (and Yeopies too): They are most capable of saying black is white and white is black without even blinking.

Strange that the Chief Minister of Penang got the answer wrong when it was he himself who invented the Rainbow Making Machine.

Yup, the patent is in his name.

He’s also the one responsible for enabling the manufacture of the Rainbow Making Machine in the Bayan Lepas Free Trade Zone.

Please make a note of the ‘Made in Penang’ label (see the photo below) because Penangites are very proud of Rainbow MM, their homegrown industry. Here Dear Leader Kim is seen giving VIP visitors a tour of the factory.

As with every other great invention, it is divinely inspired.

And it is only after inspiration strikes that a genius is able to translate his brilliant idea into the perfect blueprint.

Lo and behold!

How does an invention or innovation become a best-selling product?

Our very own Batu Pahat-Malacca-Komtar entrepreneur – who is chairman of CMI Inc. (Chief Minister Incorporated) the company he created – finds a joint venture partner to take the design to the production floor.

And under close quality control, completed units are successfully rolled off the assembly line.

A great product will be always be hit in the market.

The Rainbow Making Machine has been selling like hot cakes.

Buyers just love it.

How can anyone hate on a rainbow which is such a pretty thing?

Captions for the thought bubble (?)

Aunty Betty told reporters ‘My husband is no Chua Soi Lek

Of course lah Aunty your hubby is no CSL. Dr Chua is cool (selamba aje) whereas LGE is so uncool (gelabah).

What is cmlimguaneng is saying mrs cmlimguaneng?

Is she thinking: “Does my hubby reckon that I resemble his Special Officer Chan Lilian?”

Chan Lilian (left), Betty Chew (right)

Mrs cmlimguaneng now pleading for sympathy

Betty Chew has called on CSL – whom Guan Eng described as “being caught in a pornographic video tape having an extramarital affair” – to stop MCA members from spreading the “cruel lies”.

She said to him (and do read the predictable reader comments applauding her):

“You have family, too. I am sure your family must have gone through hard times when you admitted publicly about your affair and resigned as minister.”

Betty Chew also appealed to Dr Chua’s wife:

“She may have forgiven her husband’s previous cruelty towards her, but she should advise her husband that all Malaysian women would never forgive Dr Chua for allowing MCA to continue such cruel lies on an innocent woman and her family.”

Well, well, well. Now Betty Chew is speaking on behalf of “all Malaysian women”.

DAPsters ask Chua Tee Yong to “do a DNA check”

(see screenshot below)

Yet every day – for the last 5 years daily -, it wasn’t just the MCA president alone but the entire Malaysian public which has been exposed to the incessant taunts thrown not only at Dr Chua but extended to his family as well.

The avalanche of insults and scorn pour into every corner of cyberspace and elsewhere, never-endingly, and done not only by opposition supporters but by DAP leaders too such as Kim Guan Eng and Hannah Yeoh.

We did not hear Betty Chew nor her party colleagues say anything then about dissuading DAPsters from taking cruel and nasty digs at the Chua family. Or thinking about poor Mrs Chua’s feelings at anytime over the last 5 years, did we?

Screenshot below of Malaysiakini reader comments at

And more recently, this one (screenshot above) retweeted by Hannah Yeoh – “MCA, Malunya Chua Alahai” – directed at Chua Tee Yong presumably over his Talam revelations.

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9 thoughts on “How Penang created the Rainbow Making Machine

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Wait for Rainbow to make her entree statement. Why don’t you interview her?

    1. Heh heh heh. If, like Sabah and S’wak, the state could control its customs department, I figure Penang would not allow me to set foot on their soil.

      After all, Penangites are already behaving like citizens of a separate country.

      See the banner that Betty Chew was holding up inside the Malacca Dewan (photo click here). It read, “Shame on you Gan Tian Loo” (the MCA Adun) in English and Chinese.

      Malay was not used in her banner when constitutionally under Article 152, the national language must be used for all “official purpose”. Notwithstanding that her banner is not official business but she is being photographed inside the DUN — the state administrative building where she is a state office bearer.

      1. Why are DAP ADUNs carrying banners into the Assenbly again? Are they confusing lawmaking with activism? Again?

  2. Helen,

    DAP has no qualm in insulting Datin rosmah just because her husband happens to be the Prime minister. To them it is justified to insult her.

    But the same standard shall not be used against DAP itself. That is their thinking.

    I respect Dr Chua for being honest. No doubt caught having sex outside marriage is bad enough, more so if you are a politician. But he saved the day by admitting , therefore avoiding having to lie to cover the first mistake.

    As far as chaotic affair in Malacca State assembly, MCA ADUN did not accuse Guan eng or Betty. He just asked Betty a simple question. It was an honourable act asking the very person said to be involved. Just answer Yes or no.

    Betty avoided the question, therefore as is she confirmed what said about her.

  3. Helen, I move for a Suruhanjaya DiRaja or since Penang doesn’t have a Raja, a Suruhanjaya Gabenor investigation on how LGE got injured. DAPsters need to know who injured the Great Leader. And that person must be identified and punished.

    If it’s true about the rumors that the injury came about by a flying ashtray or any object for that matter. Imagine if it was a few inches below and it could have hit his left eye. Imagine having the Great Leader with an eye patch over his left eye. Not a good way to govern an Island.


    LOL. Like a pirate. — Helen

  4. Have you noticed how Ms Rainbow herself is insisting on “no comments” instead of outright denial ?

    Anyway DAPsters live on their own world where they think and speak in DAPthink and DAPspeak which DAP’s own version inspired by Orwell’s Newspeak.

    1. Barkspeak – Bark like a dog vocally or post rabid dog-like comments in socia media sites or news portals or accuse an political opponent as a Running Dog. This applies to both political opponents or any reporters or bloggers who dare to post any negative comments of the party or the leaders

    2. Blackwhite – The ability paint an opponents as blackest of black while painting their own party leaders such as Dear Leader and Saint Hannah as whitest of white. Also refers to the ability to see black as white and white as black when as long it serves the party interests

    3. Unthink – the inability to accept any forms of logical arguments or facts if there are accusations on the party or its leaders

    4. Mobspeak – this is the ability of the party cybertroopers to attack and shout down in large numbers persons or websites who do not share their love for their party, the leaders or the principles using expletives, threatening words and personal attacks using topics such as sex, corruption, racism, etc.

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