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Perbahasan 2.0 CSL-LGE: Dasar pendidikan negara

Perbahasan Chua Soi Lek- Lim Guan Eng 2.0 telah berlangsung hari ini. Ia juga akan diulang-siar pada pukul 11 malam nanti di rangkaian Astro Awani dan Astro AEC.

Pusingan ke-4

Salah satu soalan yang diajukan (yang terpilih untuk dijawab) adalah berkaitan dasar pendidikan kebangsaan.

Sebenarnya jawapan Dr Chua dan Kim tidak menepati kehendak soalan. Namun saya rasa jawapan oleh setiausaha agung DAP itu menarik untuk direnungi bersama kerana ia membayangkan serta mencerminkan teras pemikiran Guan Eng.

Transkrip (bawah) disalin tampal dari Star Online — ‘DAP & MCA: Whose policies benefit the country more?

Question: What national education policy should there be to generate competent citizens?


We cannot ignore the fact that human talent will be the future of our country.

Not a question of building human talent but retaining human talent.

Since Merdeka two million Malaysians left the country because they see no future for themselves or Malaysia.

They see they don’t have freedom, integrity or justice. That’s why we are fighting for freedom, democracy, integrity, justice. To fight corruption is not hard, only depends on whether you got political will. No laws (to combat corruption) in Penang but we have wiped out corruption in Penang, I am proud to say.

If we win power in Malaysia, we will do the same in Malaysia. That is why so many people are afraid.

Dr Chua:

When people are educated or talented, they have economic independence and social mobility. Almost all developing countries face brain drain.

This no justification. That’s why when I say we [Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman yang didirikan MCA] trained 200,000 talented people, the Penang Chief Minister says “shame on us”*.

Look at our meritocracy policy, number of non-Malays in tertiary gone up. Last year, JPA gave more scholarships to all races, 20% to needy, disadvantaged in Sabah and Sarawak.

Talent Corp is another good example of reaching out. When we train talent they say “shame on you”. If you can’t do it, admit you can’t. No country in the world can meet needs of education for all citizens.

* Teguran Guan Eng mengatakan “shame on you” kepada MCA merujuk kepada pusingan awal di mana Guan Eng telah berkata:

“Why is it poor Chinese can’t get scholarships but rich bumiputras can?

“Don’t go and talk about DAP forming a kindergarten. We are a political party to determine the future of Malaysia.

“TAR College is clearest example of failure of MCA. Why was it established? Because of unfair quota policies where qualified students cannot enter public universities. so you formed TAR College. Shame on you MCA.”

Gambar di atas ditangkap ketika Adun-Adun DAP Melaka memprotes tindakan seorang Adun MCA meminta penjelasan tentang Pembantu Khas Guan Eng yang dikhabarkan telah dipindah keluar dari Pejabat Ketua Menteri.

Perhatikan bahawa sepanduk yang dipegang oleh Adun-Adun DAP itu tertera dalam tulisan bahasa Cina dan bahasa Inggeris sementara bahasa kebangsaan dipinggirkan sama sekali.

Perhatikan juga bahawa Adun-Adun BN sedang duduk di tempat mereka. Ini bermakna dewan sedang bersidang. Bukankan semua urusan rasmi kerajaan wajib dijalankan dalam bahasa kebangsaan? Inikan pula di dalam sebuah dewan perundangan negeri.


(Pictures) Debate 2.0 @ YouTube: Guan Eng in ‘high class’ action

How Penang created the Rainbow Making Machine

Apa kurangnya BM?


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52 thoughts on “Perbahasan 2.0 CSL-LGE: Dasar pendidikan negara

  1. If you look at the placard, the correct translation should be, from its chinese, NO SHAME! GAN TIAN LOO! and not SHAME ON YOU! GAN TIAN LOO!
    Well, if you expect these people to write in Malay, they may come out with this translation : TIADA KEMALUAN! GAN TIAN LOO rather than TAK MALU! GAN TIAN LOO!

    And that would be a shame to BM.

    LOL. I wish that those who haven’t ever heard LGE speak BM before would look up this Debate 2.0 either tonight on Astro or in YouTube (if the organisers upload). The way he speaks BM makes me CRINGE big time. — Helen

    1. So Hell, do you have a life beyond daps arse? Seems unlikely. And yes I’ve used the same spelling methodology as you to derive your name.

      1. :) Housework is tremendously! backlogged & so is laundry. My garden is neglected but thank goodness the dry spell has killed off the weeds. Have a stack of magazines (subscription, so they keep landing in the post box) and reference books waiting to be read. My work has also been affected & I’m really stretching my employer’s patience thin.

        Blogging has caused me to eat plain bread & butter or mee-in-my-cup b’cos by the time I finish doing a posting, I’m too hungry & too tired and just desperately need the quickest meal to fill my stomach. I live on coffee, lots & lots of it.

        There. I’ve answered your question.

        Now my questions for you. Are you this rude if you’re in a pro-Pakatan blog with like-minded people?

        Can you leave a single comment here without resorting to profanities or insulting me?

        Is there anything you can do for anger management? Like listening to some soothing music maybe the sound of ocean waves (something like that) to put you in a better mood before you logon & launch your diatribes against me.

        Try this,
        (The Sound of Silence, Gregorian chant)

        [SShsn, I’ve deleted this last line that ended with the smiley :D — I was only teasing you but my cyber enemies from DAPsterland may twist it to use against me, updated July 9]

  2. I am not encouraged to believe that DAP is multiracial as they are all in CHINESE high density areas. LGE questioned Malays given more than Chinese; this statement connotes that even before winning he is indicating that Malay rights should be minimised. If indeed DAP is multiracial what do they plan to do with PAS and PKR? Anyway it was good that we know exactly where DAP is going…just avoid them.

    If you didn’t watch the debate, pls do, as they covered the topic of multi-racialism. Or get hold of a full transcript. — Helen

  3. Anyone who has watched Debate 2.0 would agree that it is most entertaining, and LGE is filled with bluster.

    I am wondering though, it is unfair to say that DAP hasn’t done anything. I mean, it has not been in power in any significant way to have made any difference. This argument cuts bothways, as the relative lack of corruption by Pakatan is due to shortage of “opportunities”, so to speak. Hopefully rent-seeking and patronage economics end with PR’s rule?

    MCA or DAP, both are straddling a difficult ground. CSL got it right in the beginning, we need to recognize our realities. It is harsh to say that non-Malays are marginalised, but the misimplementation of NEP has resulted in other forms of inequalities.

    It IS a tight balancing act. CSL reminding LGE that he doesn’t need an Indonesian name ala Suharto Lim speaks volume of what MCA has achieved is a very very pointed message indeed. I mean, Thaksin too, no?

    My dad turns the channel away everytime LGE speaks. I wished he wouldn’t do that, I was trying to curdle some milk.

    Take Karpal’s advice, LGE. I think he was trying to tell LGE something before he makes more damage with these debates. When your party chairman thinks you are above debating CSL, he is really trying to tell you something in a nice way.

    Translation: Don’t debate CSL because although he is morally bankrupt etc etc etc., he will whip your ass and make you look foolish. And the best part is that CSL doesn’t need to score on content and logic, you handicap yourself everytime you open your mouth.

    Watching them both reminds me of your coffee shop uncle talk vs. statesmen chatter. Say what you like about CSL, he won the debates, both of them so far.

    Your dad and me three. It was sheer torture to listen to Kim but I had to steel myself to do it anyway (urrghh). — Helen

    P.S. Karpal’s subtlety (if it was that) would have been beyond the DAPsters.

  4. Helen,

    Mungkin Helen tukar channel waktu Kim Guan Eng berbahas. Biar saya bagitahu Helen yang memang confirm matanya kehulu kehilir kekanan kekiri macam gambar bola keranjang hari tu.

    Sejujurnya selepas menonton perbahasan tadi saya rasakan yang Kim Guan Eng memang kerja dia nak hentam orang. Dia fikir dia tu Holyman agaknya. Tapi yang paling best ada nama baru untuk dia SUKARTO KIM!!! Setiap kali dia berbahas nampak sangat kebencian yang terserlah. Saya rasa dia lebih memberikan ‘Damage’ kepada partinya.

    By the way kenapa dia nak membandingkan pasukan bola sepak? Adakah sebab permainan ni dianggotai majoriti kaum melayu?

    1. DAPster riuh seluruh kampung menguar-uarkan bahawa Kim yang tadi menang “hands down”. Ya le, pengikut parti mereka menang sorak.

      Nanti saya buat posting follow-up. Tapi yang John kata memang betul. Kim ni kena orangramai lihat dia beraksi dengan biji mata sendiri, baru boleh kenal bulu.

  5. After watching the arguments. Chua Soi Lek stated that MCA in fighting for independence has opted for “integration” rather than assimilation (like Malays being assimilated into Singaporean Singapore). Considering that DAP’s line being Malaysian Malaysia, Lim Guan Eng is a Chinese chauvinist, fighting for Chinese equality and blaming MCA for any and every Chinese problems under the sun and failed to produce a multiracial political party. Rhetoric, rhetoric and rhetoric. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

  6. Kalau butakan mata dan pasang telinga, ternyata CSL lebih pragmatik dan berpijak di bumi. LGE asyik dengan rhetoric nya, a man seeking attention. Buka kan mata, sakit mata weeiii tengok aksi LGE…

  7. Helen,

    What DAP and Guan eng refuse to accept is that the only way for Chinese( or any other races ) to have a prosperous life in Malaysia is by them having a genuine partnership with the Malays.

    DAP is making a blunder in thinking that the way to handle Malays is like Singapore handles its malay citizens. Malays in Malaysia is the largest etnic group and with institutions like monarchy that reminds the world about its history.

    Genuine partnership means accepting that alliance with Malays ala DAP style is out of question. That is pathetic window dressing.

    This is why Malays tend to believe what UMNO says about it( DAP). For what UMNO says about DAP is in line with what DAP actually does year in year out.

    DAP only cares about Chinese. oops sorry about Lim Dynasty, then the chinese and any other races so long not Malays. The debate centers on Chinese.

    Guan eng simply does not care with Malay aspirations. Or rather he thinks Malays do not have aspirations at all. What an arrogant attitude.

    Sometimes a little dose of humility will open doors. How on earth DAP expect to win the Malay votes if it continues to wage war against the malays.

    Today in Utusan , hawkers in Padang Kota( no prize for guessing which race) protested Penang government for harassing them . This is another example of victimizing the non Chinese communities.

    Guan Eng accused rich Malays given scholarships. the general feeling is that for one rich Malay received scholarships, there are 1000 poor Malays got scholarships. and many more with excellent results do not scholarships.

    Exactly the attitude of crying out loud for one abuse but closing eye on thousands good deeds make malays realise how shallow Guan Eng is.

    Guan Eng is very lucky. He is there due to Lim dynasty factor. Let us not be stupid to accept an idiot crying for meritocracy when he in entire life was groomed to be the supremo in DAP simply because of his father.

    As for the Chinese, you do not have to sacrifice your own interests by choosing a useless politician like Guan Eng whose idea of getting elected is pawning the Chinese interest by making them collides with Malays.

    And if you insist on this useless politician, PLEASE PLEASE do not expect the Malays to pay the price. YOU pay the price.

    By saying that I am not advocating hostile attitude against the Chinese. Rather I hope the chinese will realise that they do not have to make an enemy of malays just to perpetuate Lim Dynasty legacy, if at all a legacy worth mentioning.

  8. “Don’t talk about DAP forming a kindergarten. We are a political party to determine the future of Malaysia”. Lim Guan Eng.

    The Chinese community should wake up, and wake up fast. Lim Guan Eng has said that DAP’s business is NOT about defending the interests of the Chinese community i.e Chinese schools etc.

    The DAP”s business is politics, as simple as that. Since Lim Guan Eng has said that DAP is all about politics and nothing else, so my question here is this : Since the DAP’s business is politics, are you, the Chinese community, sure that the DAP will defend the existence of Chinese education, or will they just clampdown on Chinese education when they think circumstances permit?

  9. I have neither the patience nor the inclination to follow this inane debate, after having to put up with an hour of stupidity of the Dear Leader and his bunch of rabid fanboys and gals the last time.

    I did catch a few minutes of the debate on TV and Youtube and from that I did not regret my decision to skip it.

    From the live updates in FB and Twitter by some of my DAPster friends, I can deduce that the debate went badly for the Dear Leader.

    The problem with LGE is that he is so used to speak to an adoring crowd of DAPsters who tend to be in a state of trance and their logical faculties in suspension. As such the crowd tend to lap up whatever he says as though Biblical truths. But in a neutral arena with non-partisan crowds, such rabble rousing, Taiwanese street style oratory doesn’t work quite as well. In fact LGE comes across as a hustler and IQ-challenged gangster politician.

    CSL on the other hand, has charisma by bucket full and a natural speaker. Never really liked him before but he surprised me with his stylish delivery and the impeccable mastery of 3 languages.

    While, LGE never learnt and spoke like he’s in a Pakatan ceramah, CSL was well prepared and went for the kill.

    Score : CSL : 10 LGE : 0

    1. “The problem with LGE is that he is so used to speak to an adoring crowd of DAPsters who tend to be in a state of trance and their logical faculties in suspension”.

      Just like a cult, DAP leaders have extraordinary abilities in keeping and locking their fanboys and fangirls in a state of perpetual hysteria. Hmmm…..perpetual hysteria, I like this new term. Maybe I should apply for copyright protection so that next time when someone uses the term, I can demand royalty payments from him or her. Do you mind Helen ?

      Note that MCA’s
      Scissors instead of helping to thaw the suspended animation of DAPster critical faculties much prefer to play the trance music too b’cos like disco operators, the more patrons they get (sustaining readership), the greater the profit. — Helen

      1. You know Helen, one of the tactics of these disco operators to keep their patrons in a state of trance is to keep the music loud and pumping preferably in a very high BPM rate. But what works even better (and being additional revenue stream) is the non-stop supply of recreational drugs like Ecstasy. This really sends these party goer into the orbit and into a state of delerium.

        If you notice, DAP is using religion as their Ecstasy. I don’t go for parties but I did notice the striking parallels between DAPsters in a DAP ceramah and Ecstasy-fuelled trance & techno party animals.

        BTW, after your biting attacks on the Star’s scissors, the senior editors have woken up. They have published a comprehensive feature on Penang’s hills.

        But what surprising is the venom and speed of response. Predictably the Dear Leader hit back with with both barrels blazing. But MInsider published his reply to the Star within hours of the Sunday Star. Could it be that the news of the coverage was leaked out to the office of the Dear Leader by these guntings before the publications ?

        1. Yes, I noticed the difference in tone to yesterday’s Scissors coverage. It’s obviously related to the Big Debate event & the paper’s unusually critical coverage was a directive from its MCA ‘bosses’ methinks (I do hope that their Special Assistants tune in to this blog and our contents can filter upwards to the VIP pollies).

          Yeah, the Star editorial on the raped hills of Penang was a refreshing change. At least for once it sounded like there was a human being (a Penangite) tapping at the keyboard instead of one of the mealy-mouthed, platitude-spewing Malaysian First coterie who have hijacked English media.

      2. Not sure about this really. They could revert to their usual position after the consequences of the debate wears down a bit. These “perpetual hysteria” peddlers, you know, they could lay low for a while, then come back with a vengeance. So be very carefully Helen.

  10. Btw Helen, I’ve just been to youtube to check out the videos of the debate. Sad to say, most of the comments came from these hallucinating trance worshippers of the Dear Leader.

    My take on the Debate is that it informed the Malay sommunity, and to a certain extend the Indian community much more than the Chinese community on what kind of a political animal the DAP really is.

    From responses of my fellow Malays, I say that the debate did more damage to the DAP than DAP leaders dare to admit, if these DAP leaders and supporters still “pijak di bumi nyata” so to speak.

    DAPsters have got more powerful lungs. They’re able to shout louder. — Helen

    1. There are ghettos in cyberspace. From the looks of it, it seems that the denizens/citizens of the ghettos are predominantly Chinese, led by an Anglophile minority while the pushers and peddlers are mostly Chinese educated.

      Cyberspace is a good place for them because it shelters them from the reality of what is happening in the real world. I regularly come across these Chinese who constantly say that Malaysians are clamoring for change, and when I told them that only the Chinese are vigorous in calling for change while the Malays are generally satisfied with the way things are, they are, how should I say, taken aback. They seemed to be oblivious to the fact that they are already marginalized and still think they are in the mainstream.

  11. I feel there are 2 camps in the Star. One, the senior editors Jocelyn, Wong and some Penang reporters. This is the minority group. All the rest are in the Gunting Group, consisting of the Dapters devoted to the eulogising the Dear Leader or other DAP leaders.

    All my letters to the Star questioning the Penang govt never get published these days.

    BTW, did you notice that the Dear Leader has taken to calling the reporters personally and give them an advice on two on what they must write ? There was this news that he’s now attacking the Chinese reporters now.

    I have started to note that the almost saintly halo that surrounded the Dear Leader has been cracked. He looks a bit human now after all these scandals. Dapsters that I know of sound worried and defensive these days.

    I feel that his grip on Penang has loosed by a few percentage points. He might still win, but the aura of invincibility has gone. I think Gerakan smells blood. Another major scandal might finish him off. In fact if Rainbow come clean and spills the beans, the Dear Leader could be toast.

    1. Helen,

      actually Guan eng style of administration (not that he is even remotely good) is not surprising.

      His style is suitable in Kongsi gelap where his word is law . Or more suitable in Forbidden City where the Emperor “lives happily ever after” while Chinese being forced to sign unequal treaties.

  12. Okay according to the main media CSL wins, according to alternative media, LGE wins. Now how is this going to enhance the humanity and community that we have created?

    Tao says” no single concept or value could be considered absolute or superior. If being useful is beneficial, the being useless is also beneficial”. Okay both politicians with the semua boleh attitude for the semua tahu community.

    What works for you can only happen if you trust yourself amongst the people that you have dealt with not CSL and LGE, the political wannabes. Don’t trust what I am saying, listen, decide and act for yourself if you know take the trouble to understand one another irrespective of the origin.

    Does this information sit easily in your belly? You know when you trust yourself around someone because your belly feels settled and your heart feels warm because it is not agenda driven but what is humane to perform.

  13. helen,

    My DAP friends are surprise when I told them that Malays generally do not trust DAP. The usual reply is that these people are poisoned by UMNO.

    When i told them that the party that really plays racial issue is DAP, not UMNO, they were dumbfounded.

    “how come you who graduated overseas and mix freely with non malays say that?”. I told them mixing freely with non malays does not tantamount to ridiculing malays or their aspirations.

    My advice to chinese community, life is about give and take. thinking they can ONLY TAKE (from malays) is a big mistake.

    1. hello shamsul,

      almost every day i read about utusan printing lies & cerita hantu about how chinese, indian, christian, etc. are plotting to take over the country. i read about them saying the malay need to unite against other races, and gross racist stereotypes about minorities. yesterday they printed a claim saying dap will be contesting 90 seats even though there is no evidence. the seat allocation is still under discussion.

      online, right wing umno bloggers threaten racial violence, expelling the minorities, and other rubbish. actually, you don’t even have to go to their blogs, some commenters here show the same racist views, if you look.

      1. Dave, apalah brother? Nyanokah!!!. Every person have the rights to defend his/her opinion or thoughts but if you also counter within the box, how to overcome the deficiency. Let main media be what it is let alternative media be what it is but what do you really want besides fanning someone else’s agenda. I am sure most Malaysians at least those who visits this blog have a general idea that we can think beyond the box if a cause is humane and righteous for one another irrespective of our origin as Malaysians if need be.

  14. malaysia in New York,

    There is this thing called instinct, intuition or in Malay “gerak hati”. No need to acquire PHD to feel it.

    “what is humane to perform”. Dr chua may not be an angel. But he seems to be honest (at least compared to Guan eng) and willing to realise that not all Malaysians are Chinese.

    while Guan eng seems does not realise that many see him as pretentious. It is a tragedy when a politician does not see what everybody sees. And again it is another tragedy when he does not know that how negative his image is.

    Agree that Kim’s image is negative among other races but Chinese opposition supporters totally unable to see this. — Helen

    1. Brother Shamsul, gerak hati ini bukan setakat Melayu sahaja tapi bila kita ada kemanusian sesama sendiri kita. Tak guna salahkan sesiapa bila kita hanya mementingkan diri kita sendiri kerana agama, bangsa and keikutan tanpa keperimanusian. Keperikamunusian ini tak ada boundaries tapi apa yang patut dan wajar disekalian kami, Setuju tak?

      1. Is it just me & my (lack of) proficiency in BM or it is quite hard for everybody else also to comprehend his message every time MiNY writes in bahasa? Seems like cut & paste from Google translate..

    2. Dear Leader’s image is not just negative but the Malay community actually hate him like no other leader I have ever seen. You know the Malays in Penang are easy going and gentle people but their passionate hate of Comrade Kim is rather surprising.

      1. Calvin, nobody has to hate anyone else. We have enough amongst us because we don’t how to deal what is humanity between each other. Malaysia should not be driven for a hatred between us but what is truthfull and conscious amongst us for one another irrespective of origin for being Malaysian. Don’t iginite a sparke for how it has served you well but what you actually can be besides blowing your own trumpet

      2. Malays hate hypocrites! Gone are the days that KGE can wear songkok and baju Melayu, mingle within the Malays masses, quote few example of the life of Caliph Umar ibnu Abdul Aziz in order to impress the Malay crowds. For a while, some Malays can be fooled with this antics. thinking that KGE do like the Malays.

        No, he is not interested with the Malays. He wanted the Malays votes. Period.

        KGE said in the debate that he went to jail to defend a Malay family. Wow… we are impressed but we are not fool, damn liar!

        He went to jail because he lied. He make use of the Malay family to get even with Rahim Tambi Chik, the former Chief Minister of Malacca. His intention was political.

        Will he “defend” the Malay family if the suspect was not RTC?

        Talking about Kim’s Khalifah Umar posturing, click here (photo) – heh, heh, heh must see – where he postures pula as a Hindu avatar. That political animal is a chameleon. Comparatively MCA is 63 years old & none of its presidents past or present would ever be so hypocritical as KGE nor the Wanita MCA presidents pull such a hypocritical stunt like Occupy Masjid that the DAP women have been doing. — Helen

      3. Helen,

        This might interest and inspire you…hahaha…


        Cubalah kita renungkan kembali kepada dekad 1960an. Apakah beza pendekatan yang digunakan oleh PAP dahulu dan DAP sekarang, jawapannya – sama sahaja. Pada waktu itu, Kuan Yew dalam usaha mendapatkan sokongan Melayu melakukan apa sahaja yang menjadi harapan orang Melayu. Beliau banyak berinteraksi dan mendampingi orang Melayu. Malah aktif melawat masjid dan surau sambil memberi ucapan yang manis-manis bagi melegakan orang Melayu. Apabila Kuan Yew dan PAP semakin kukuh berkuasa, akhirnya Melayu tidak lagi diberi perhatian yang sama dan mula diabaikan.

        Di Singapura, azan dari masjid dan surau pun perlu diperlahankan walaupun dulu Kuan Yew tidak kisah dengan suara azan yang kuat berkumandang. Orang Melayu juga tidak berpeluang menyandang jawatan utama dalam agensi dan jabatan penting kerajaan termasuk pasukan keselamatan. Untuk menjadi juruterbang pesawat pejuang apatah lagi. Kuasa undi Melayu dilemahkan dengan pelbagai cara termasuk penempatan semula. Janji-janji untuk membantu Melayu tidak bertahan lama. Pernah termaktub dalam perlembagaan asal pembiayaan penuh kepada pelajar Melayu dari sekolah rendah hingga universiti. Bagaimanapun ia dihentikan pada tahun 1994. Biasiswa presiden juga pernah diwujudkan puluhan tahun lalu tetapi hanya dua pelajar Melayu yang dapat. Cari pula jawapan berapa orang menteri Kabinet Melayu di republik itu ketika ini – tidak seperti peringkat awal. Dokumen sejarah turut ditulis semula mengikut aspirasi PAP agar Melayu tidak kelihatan dominan peranannya.

        You might to check out the link below, it has the priceless pic of LKY playing the Khalifah in the 60s. Now we know where Comrade Lim got his inspiration.

  15. MINY;

    ” We have enough amongst us because we don’t how to deal what is humanity between each other. Malaysia should not be driven for a hatred between us but what is truthfull and conscious amongst us for one another irrespective of origin for being Malaysian. Don’t iginite a sparke for how it has served you well but what you actually can be besides blowing your own trumpet”

    Read the above posting few times… Sorry , masih tak faham-faham.. Sorry cannot comprehend your message.. Ini American English ke?

    1. Goodoo,

      That’s right. I always found MiNY’s language to be so vague and meaningless, irrespective whether he writes it in English or Malay. Not only that he tends to take up a patronising tone and write with an air of superiority like some Colonials talking down to uncivilised natives. Perhaps living in NY has made MiNY @ Shan colonial.

      1. Really Calvin!!!, I almost bite my tongue as you have stated that you changed your name to Calvin because some kwailo from America can’t pronounce you name. Apalah brother malu of your Hindu name or a matter of convenience. Either way it does not bother me. I remaining nameless can be be anything you want me to be as long you can be truthful to yourself for the rest. I know it hurts but it is not so easy to be a consequential thinker with action. I know tak fahamkan, what can I do?

  16. Malaysian in New york,

    Unfortunately majority of malays hate DAP and everything that goes with it.

    I mean what humanity that you are talking about when your stalls, villages, kampungs dissapeared literally because you are not chinese. Yes sir. it is happening in Penang.

    As for origins, rest assured that Malays are tolerant lot. That is why they were willing to grant more than 1 million citizensdhips in one day, a record uncha llenged until this day. You advice is relevant but to the wrong party. You should try saying that to DAP.

    1. Shamshul,

      The old DAP and DAP 2.0 are “a different kettle of fish”, to borrow the phrase Tunku Aziz used to compare between LKS and LGE.

      The worst of DAP that we see today – i.e. its new people (mostly evangelists) who joined the party only a few months before GE12 or those like Zairil who hopped on board after – owe their supersonic rise and their stratospheric positions personally to Kim. They are his henchmen & coterie.

      Contrast the character of the old guard (LKS, Karpal, Chen Man Hin, ex-/Lee Lam Thye) with the newbies. If Kim hadn’t treated Tunku Aziz the way he did, the fallout from TA’s resignation would not have been this disastrous.

      But remember also that Kit Siang – as difficult as it must have been to do so (conflicting loyalties) – made a statement in the aftermath affirming that TA was a man of principle & integrity. Therein lies the difference between him and his son.

      This difference was visually implied in the infamous edition of Buletin Mutiara which had Kim’s photo plastered all over and even his wife hogging the limelight too.

      Out of the set of 51, there was only 1 photo of LKS. It was of him speaking at the funeral of Thomas Lee (a DAP old hand). The passing of the old and the takeover by the new.

      I hope that a majority of Malays will not hate DAP and everything that goes with it b’cos post GE13, that party will be almost synonymous with the Chinese community in M’sia. The implication is the two-race split.

      As I’ve said earlier, Kim is al-Nakba for the Chinese. He even tries to ‘kill’ (politically) challengers within his own party — leaders with genuine grassroots support who are much, much better men than him.

      Against this backdrop, we can’t get away from the fact that at the end of the day Malaysia’s millions of Chinese still need electoral representation and DAP is their party of choice. The solution is for DAP to be improved, not for it to be ostracized.

    2. Shamsul, I know you are good at heart. like most Malaysians. Similar to how you think “That humanity that you are talking about when your stalls, villages, kampungs dissapeared literally because you are not chinese. Yes sir. it is happening in Penang.”

      Betulkah ini? Macam mana those Indian plantation workers yang kena aniaya for rest of the Malaysians progress over the last 55 years? Where where we to voice their grievances? Sure you are concern about Penang, no qualms, but did those Indian plantation workers have any options because they are neither economical nor politically enhanced tapi percaya sesama Mlaysians apa yang patut?

      The Chinese in whole are not so wicked like the agenda driven Malaysians but sowing hatred amongst Malaysians for party affiance is not the way around. We should be able to move beyond hatred and embrace truth and reality amongst us as malaysians so that the politicians can toe the line for what we want for the community as a community irrespective of origin.

      LGE is stupid because power has got into his head not what is humane. So it is not only Penang that suffers but Malaysians as well if we cannot recognize the unbridled umbilical cord that we have amongst us as Malaysians for humanity amongst us irrespective of race, religion or origin.

  17. Kim Guan Eng has done it again, reading profusely from his notes, but this time from his Ceramah Minggu Ini.

    The ‘ceramah’ supposedly in English, but most of the time Kim was conversing in Bahasa which i believe most kiasu chinese and non malays could really understand.

    But the malays at large understand what he was trying to achieve, capitalize on the platform to demonise Umno in the absent of Umno.
    While he would probably score points with hardcore pakatan supporters, urban chinese especially, his arrogant and authoritarian style was a shocking relevation to malays who are’nt familiar with him. It was an eye opener to the generally polite and educated youngsters as well.

    The after effect, Kim has “menang ceramah, kalah debat” to CSL.

    A terrible outing for DAP.

    Karpal Singh: I told you so.

    1. “…his arrogant and authoritarian style was a shocking relevation to malays who are’nt familiar with him.”

      – kiasu

      Very relevant point. I think Khairy & Rafizi’s debates are more cultured. I’m Chinese and it is still shocking to see LGE speaking like he did.

  18. Helen,

    Malays due to their Islamic root will not be cruel to chinese or any other races. but the feeling against DAP is real.

    Kit siang may seems “graceful” if compared to new DAP generation. But to malays, this is the man who champions principles that run contrasts with Malay aspiration.

    as Chinese seldom read Malay daily, they do not realise the depth of malay anger over relentless provocation. The debate proves the point. Guan eng in only ways he knows slanders UMNO left, right, centre as if UMNO is so cruel.

    UMNO is being insulted for dominating BN politics , ignoring the facts that it EARNS the dominance by sheer winning the lion share of Malay votes.

    UMNO is not perfect. But do remember at height of its power, it can simply bulldoze its view on any other political opponents it that is the real intention. It stands on its principle of cooperation with non Malay when PAS threatened that the act was deemed sinful( from their viewpoint),.It could take the easy way out but it chooses to be moderate.

    What was stopping Tunku from being “harsh” to LKY if he really wanted to do so. Who can stop him? He was the head of sovereign govt . But did he do that.

    Did Dr Mahathir punish several politicians from Sabah for backstabbing him on eve of election resulting in BN loss everything in Sabah? He had ample reason to do so.

    Are Malays that bad? Is UMNO that bad? Is UMNO that bad for thinking about Indians who have no single constituents that is India n majority? That places like Segamat, Grik, Tapah, tanjung piai, Alor setar offered to non malay BN coalitions.

    Guan eng can play with issue. he can win votes from chiding MCA for alliance with UMNO. But do remember that he cant fool everyone for long.

    A litlle dose of humility is appreciated. As for the chinese, do remember that their future is in Malaysia. Criticize but stop pandering to DAP. Helen, you do not have to sacrifice your own interest by supporting the party that wages war against the malays.

    Stop fooling that DAP is against UMNO only.

    DAP is against Malays. And i stand on my statements. I said what i meant. And I meant what I said.

    Re: “What was stopping Tunku from being “harsh” to LKY if he really wanted to do so.” Interesting thought. Do you reckon a proclamation of Emergency was ever on the cards in 1965? What was Malay sentiment during that crisis? — Helen

    1. Helen;

      “What was stopping Tunku from being “harsh” to LKY if he really wanted to do so.” Interesting thought. Do you reckon a proclamation of Emergency was ever on the cards in 1965? What was Malay sentiment during that crisis?”

      Nak tahu kenapa? Helen kena bezakan antara hati orang Melayu dan hati orang Cina. Orang Melayu (Tunku) sanggup lepaskan Singapura kerana tak mahu perbalahan yang akan berpanjangan dengan LKY (orang Cina)

      Apa yang LKY buat bila Singapura dibawah telunjuk beliau. Pertama sekali LKY telah mengimpot penasihat tentera dari Israel untuk memperkuatkan pertahanan kerana LKY prasangka bahawa angkatan Tentera Malaysia yang berpengkalan di Singapura akan membuat huru-hara di sana.

      Orang melayu tak macam tu.. Bukan saja Singapura dilepaskan dengan baik tanpa sebarang huru-hara, tiada siapapun yang mati bila pemisahan berlaku. Kerajaan Malaysia juga prihatin dengan keperluan air Singapura dengan memenuhi perjanjian air yang telah dimeterai semenjak zaman British. Kalau orang Melayu nak berdengki, dah tentu harga air dinaikkan untuk mendapat keuntungan yang berganda.

      Bagi saya, pendekatan yang amat berbeza sekiranya Perdana Menteri ketika itu adalah Tun Abdul Razak ataupun Tun Mahathir. Saya percaya, mereka tak mungkin akan melepaskan Singapura walau seincipun.

      Namun ada sesetengah orang Melayu (pasti Dr M juga) terkilan kerana Singapura dilepaskan dengan begitu mudah oleh TAR, bukan? Lebih-lebih lagi Singapura ialah pelabuhan penting berupaya menjana pendapatan lumayan. — Helen

  19. Helen,

    Tunku did what no other leaders in the world would have done. In other countries, LKY would have languished in forsaken prison. Remember the turmoil in Acheh, Pattani, Mindanao, Papua, Kashmir, Chechya, when local leaders go against the prime minister or President.

    It was history revisited. My point is that I believe UMNO has done more than enough in accomodating chinese aspirations. And yet it has been vilified day in day out.

    And I notice Chinese takes thing for granted, forgetting that as much as UMNO needs Chinese votes, the vice versa is much more relevant.

    With due respect to chinese, I feel that they fail to appreciate Malay sense of humility. This is evident by them continue to insist separation of Chinese from other races. They insist on non Chinese teachers are out of chinese schools.

    They complain about civil sector being heavily dominated by malays but choose to ignore rampant discriminations against Malays in private sectors.

    They complain about being treated like second class. Yet they refuse to understand the Malays.

    Help me understand then. Aside from failing to appreciate the Malay sense of humility (merendah diri, bersyukur dengan apa yang ada), what are the other major areas in which you feel misunderstood? — Helen

  20. Helen,

    Please do not feel that I am anti Chinese. I must say that some of my Chinese friends are very nice people.

    Similarly, not all malays are angel. Some malay politicians behave like idiot. But in general, majority of malays like chinese are nice people.

    Just as malays must not allow PAS to believe that it can dictate who goes to heaven or hell, The Chinese must not let DAP continue attacking the malays just to fish for votes.

    We the Malays have no problem with chinese and their legitimate interests. But please accept reality that this is not China.

  21. Gondoo,

    Many do not realise that Singapore holds the record as the only territory to be allowed independence without any bitter recrimination.

    Other countries achieved independence after bloodbath. Timur leste, Sudan Selatan, are 2 examples of terrible cost to human life.

    Case of singapore is the reflection of Malay generosity and easy going manner. Remember how guan eng’s threatening manner when asked about the ‘talk of the town” on his staff and his perceived dalliance.

    Compare with insult Najib has to endure when Rosmah insulted in ceramah day in day out. Najib as the head of govt surely can act if he really wants to.

    Remember how Malays do not make an issue of DAP’s insulting remark ‘black metallic” and worse “haramjadah”. This useless DAP politician is accusing Dr Zambri’s parents of adultery LITERALLY SPEAKING.


    It is not me alone who feel like that. You may not like it when many malays see Chinese politicians as “yahudi’ especially those from DAP.

    1. Politicians, like conman preachers, thrive on suckers. I’m appalled at the behaviour of opposition supporters like those – as you say, who accused Dr Zambry’s parents of adultery, and the sheer effrontery of the wild accusations that they can simply conjure up.

      They behave as if they can get away with saying anything kurang ajar that they like or that they have the freedom to call other people any kind of name, e.g. “Big Mama” by the ex-Star NUJ president and Hannah Yeoh snickering “hu hu hu”.

      However, I do not wish to see ordinary Chinese people suffer the backlash. Hence the response has to be more targetted against those responsible. For instance, how to make The Star accountable for the belligerence of its NUJ president who mocked even all the MCA ministers?

  22. Helen ang,

    MCA is still in comfort zone( meaning no need to react as it sees the malays still backing MCA).

    As I do not see MCA changing its editor who I feel have “soft spot’ for DAP, maybe the malays should rethink their habit of electing MCA in Malay areas.

    I believe it is the sign of time. Remember how places like Teluk kemang, Lunas, Kuantan, Bandar Tun Razak, Pasir Panjang were won by Malay candidates.

    Why Dr zamri wants UMNO to represent BN in Pasir Panjang. because the sentiments of malays who feel their generosity is taken for granted LITERALLY.

    As for MCA, please do not be naive into taking Malays for granted . Meaning there is no point in owning a newspaper when many believe it leans towards DAP.

    And for the Chinese, there is no 2 way about it. support DAP and you will be perceived in agreeing to DAP’s war against malays. So, if there is any collision course bound to happen, Chinese will bear the brunt.

    as for the malays, stop whining and do something. IF they are not happy with MCA’s tolerating nonsense from STAR, then stop voting MCA. No point grumbling but continue electing MCA.

    and for UMNO, accept reality that while it holds special place in malay psyche, it is not INDISPENSABLE.

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