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Apprehensive of hacking

Just to let you guys know.

I have gotten strange referral traffic today.

Therefore, if you see any unusual content (out-of-character writings) appearing, then please assume that my blog has been hacked.

I think the referrals I’ve received today are some people are trying to send me an intimidating message or to disturb my peace of mind.

For a previous experience where I’d screenshot my blog admin dashboard to show the rape threat notification, please see this posting — ‘Gambar lucah, ugutan rogol dan perkakas MCA yang begitu lembik dan dayus’


If my blog is hacked, I shall make a report to the MCMC.

Well, there’s always the possibility that the government agency may not be interested in layan-ing a nobody like me but then again if such a hacking can be tracked back to a somebody (of interest) …


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Apprehensive of hacking

  1. In some ways, getting hacked would be like a backhanded compliment. Not that it changes the bottom line for you.

    1. Joe,

      Possibly in starting my career as a journo, the experience has been beneficial in providing on-the-job training,

      i.e. for exposure to irregular hours or working round-the-clock, short notice, pressing deadlines, working on public holidays or long stretches without break, and the sheer unpredictability of it all (i.e. no such thing as enjoying a fixed routine).

      Yeah, and not forgetting that lowly reporters often get to see the side of prima donna politicians not shown their adoring fans.

      So I’m tough enough to take the blows that ‘they’ throw but still, I really don’t like their behaviour and methods (examples of which this blog has been diligently recording).

  2. Try and follow some companies’ method of keeping records. Make a copy of all the evidence and keep in another place for safekeeping.

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