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Si Gunting berposing maut / Hiburan panas Gereja City Harvest

Daily Chilli ialah seksyen hiburan “panas” dalam akhbar The Star yang dilancarkan pada bulan Oktober 2009.

Daily Chilli telah diperkenalkan kepada khalayak ramai melalui sebuah pelancaran “panas”.

Tajuk berita: ‘Sizzling start for a spicy portal

“Everything at the official launch of the Daily Chilli, The Star’s latest online news portal, reinforced its ‘spicy’ role of providing a different kind of news than the usual. From the entertainment to the 300-strong guests comprising bigwigs from the corporate, media and entertainment industry, all were facets of the word hot.”

Pragawati-pragawati ‘panas’ umpama cilipadi telah dijemput untuk menyerikan majlis anjuran akhbar Star itu.

Malah ketua pengarang superStar Datuk Seri Wong Chun Wai yang bergaya hansem ala Shah Rukh Khan pun sempat bergambar dengan pragawati miniskirt.

Lain-lain gambar bellydancing dan pole dancing yang ditangkap ketika berlangsungnya parti ‘panas’ yang diadakan di Studio V (pusat multimedia di ibupejabat Star Petaling Jaya) boleh dilihat di bawah.
Pengurus besar pemasaran The Star, Iris Tan (kiri)

Nah, ini yang saya katakan Si Gunting berposing maut! Penari tiang (pole dancer) ini sebenarnya tepat melambangkan gerak-geri gunting Star.

***   ***   ***

Seorang pembaca blog ini yang menggelarkan dirinya ‘Swee Leong’ pernah memberi komen berikut:

“Imagine having a mosque with young Muslims dancing and rocking in the prayer hall, and you call this attracting young Muslims to the mosque.”

Kalau bagi orang Islam, sesebuah masjid itu bukannya tempat untuk remaja dan orang muda bersosial. Namun ia lain bagi golongan Kristian evangelis.

Para pengikut Gereja City Harvest (CHC) Subang Jaya amat bermegah dengan jolokan “the coolest and most happening church in Malaysia”.

Pasukan tari Gereja City Harvest Church Malaysia

Reverend Kevin Loo yang balas-membalas tweet dengan Adun Subang Jaya ialah ketua paderi Gereja City Harvest di kawasan DAP Subang Jaya.

Hannah Yeoh berkata dalam tweetnya bahawa muzik CD terbitan gereja itu begitu “cool” sekali.

Paderi itu pula mentweet, “I dreamt that I invited Jacky Cheung (penyanyi Cantopop terkenal Hong Kong) to sing at our church”; yang dibalas oleh Hannah Yeoh dengan berkata, “Please invite me when it happens.”

Politikus evangelis DAP ini bertekad untuk “masuk setiap masjid dan setiap surau(lihat screenshot rencana ‘Selangor Timesatas) yang ada terletak di Subang Jaya sewaktu bulan puasa nanti.

Budaya apa – hiburan ‘cool’? – yang agaknya akan dibawa ke masjid dan surau oleh Adun evangelis yang ada kaitan dengan Gereja City Harvest ini?

Lagi kumpulan tari-menari Gereja City Harvest Subang

Klik untuk menonton YouTube bertajuk ‘City Harvest Subang: Dance Group‘.

Star sibuk sebarkan ‘personality cult’

Apapun, yang pasti, The Star akan mempromosi habis-habisan politikus kesayangannya pada setiap minggu dan semestinya beberapa kali seminggu. Kalau tak menghebahkan warta Hannah, akhbar itu namanya bukan Star.

Minggu ini:

Menampakkan betapa sayangnya Star pada Hannah, saya yakin suratkhabar itu tentu akan memberi liputan berjela-jela tentang lawatan-lawatan panas evengelis tersebut itu ke masjid dan ke surau nanti pada bulan Ramadan.


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25 thoughts on “Si Gunting berposing maut / Hiburan panas Gereja City Harvest

  1. Aku harap Hannah akan dapat meyakinkan Khalid Ga Ga menyediakan penari-penari belly menemani Hannah dalam lawatannya ke setiap misjid dan surau yang akan dilawatinya nanti. Baru cool sikit. Ini asyik dengan pakaian lintup aurat tahun demi tahun! Bosanlah!

      1. You seem to know the Africans. You must have been congregating with them to know their preference.

  2. hi sis helen…memang benar isu ini sebab saya pernah di ajak rakan yang beragama kristian untuk melihat sendiri apa yang berlaku ketika di gereja tersebut bagi membuktikan agama kristian telah banyak terpesong!!

  3. menurut rakan saya lagi aktiviti2 tersebut adalah untuk menarik golongan muda dan pada masa yang sama bagi mendapatkan DANA (paksaan secara halus) seperti kata outsyedthebox ‘No Money No Religion’

  4. This is insane! My experience with this ‘cult’ was through one of my students, who graduated and started working in Penang. She would attend a ‘church’ every sunday, when she balik Bangsar to visit her family. She told me that she was having difficulties supporting herself in Penang (paying rent, car, food etc). She told me that she gives 1/3 of her monthly salary to her church. I was quite shocked.

    She told me she wasn’t forced to do so, but wanted to do so for Jesus. But she also went on to imply that if she doesn’t do so, her pastor would be dissapointed in her and her rezeki will stop coming. So, her father is helping her out by forking out the 1/3 that she gave in donation. Of course i tak komen, tapi i find it quite sad that there exist churches that have no problem using Jesus in order to get more money.

    If you nak donate, fine but to put a sum, and to make people feel bad when they can’t afford to donate that sum… well, what type of agama would do that? Only a cult would!

    And another story…my hubby’s colleague just spent RM6,000 to buy a guitar in order to be a christian missionary through pop music.

    As it is, he would cabut awal from work in order to translate the Bible into Mandarin for local market. When asked isn’t it ‘haram’ to take gaji buta (i.e. taking your monthly salary without actually doing the work that you are supposed to be doing), he answered no, as he is doing Jesus’s work.

    Sigh, i think Christians should be mindful of churches that operates more like a cult and sudah terpesong jauh…

    1. hi melonhead…the angkat bakul sendiri party pas pis pus have proven religion + money works together very well!! I might call it a copycat from ‘churches’??

  5. This post of yours (actually not just this one, but let’s keep things simple) is the proverbial train wreck of non-sequiturs. You need psychiatric help since you obviously think these unrelated issues, events and people are related somehow. Here’s what you probably have: If you don’t believe me, why don’t you post it as a question on Facebook e.g. “This blog post makes logical sense from start to finish. Agree / Disagree”.

    Wow. Just b’cos my posting doesn’t tickle your fancy, you say I “need psychiatric help”. Do your fellow churchgoers all talk like you? — Helen

    1. My fancy has nothing to do with it.

      And I really think you need psychiatric help. I am saying that not because I like you or dislike you, but as the duty of care of one human being to another (there is a Christian dimension to this, but I’m so afraid to go there with you). To you, any and everything is related just because you say they are. You see your hobby horses in every corner and they drive you crazy with rage so much you must blog about them to lepas stim.

      Like I said, why don’t you poll the denizens of Facebook if your post makes sense from beginning to end. Go ahead. I’m guessing people have mentioned to you they find you hard to follow, but you just brush them off. It is common knowledge that most people with psychiatric disorders are also brilliant at rationalising their own thought patterns.

      Please do get yourself examined psychiatrically. Most people with psychiatric or personality disorders are causing grief to themselves and their loved ones, and this can go on for years until something catastrophic happens e.g. loss of job, loss of marriage, estrangement of children or friends, violence, other mental illnesses, etc.

      If you really think you’re making sense, why don’t you explain how the various sections of your post relate to one another? Not just stream-of-consciousness relate, but A-B-C-D-E-and-cross- reference relate. Go ahead. And don’t forget the poll.

      Good, pls keep up the Show & Tell so that you can demonstrate your Christian outlook to the uninitiated here. — Helen

      1. Instead of trying to demonize Christianity, why don’t you do the simpler things to completely debunk me (and vicariously, Christianity and all it represents) by (1) holding the Facebook poll and (2) explaining the coherence of your post. The fact that you don’t is the real Show & Tell.

        1. Do your fellow churchgoers all behave like you?

          Just b’cos you use Facebook, you must demand that I use Facebook too?

          Like just b’cos you all believe in something (or other, e.g. ABU), you must browbeat everybody else into the same mould?

      2. Please, woman, do any poll you like as long as the respondents are representative of this country’s demographics. I was just suggesting Facebook for your convenience. Heck, get the Merdeka Centre to do it. Too expensive? That’s why lar. I suggested Facebook you dowan to listen. And I pretty much don’t care who gets elected in the GE, just give me someone who has a track record of upholding the Rule of Law. Oops, that excludes most of BN. Too bad then. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for you to prac-crit your blog post.

      3. Just a quick one.

        An author draw comparisons and dotted lines in anyway they like. The readers make their own inferences and decide if the examples are relevant.

        If sanity is measured by the FB stampede, then I suppose incidents like the Kneeling Uncle is ok by MCMK’s book. Mob mentality is a very scary animal, as no amount of reasoning can get through the herd.

        Perhaps what MCMK revealed in his/her line of thought is not just about conformity, but also the nature of reality. In the minds of certain folks, reality is dependent on the number of people perpetuating an error, not the truth of the matter.

        1. Please lah, it’s not sanity that’s to be measured by the Facebook poll, it’s coherence or lack thereof. Anyway, I’m still waiting for Helen to explain the coherence of her blog post, which I’m sure will only incur the stampede of one.

      4. So coherence is measured by FB polls?

        You live a very interesting life my friend!

  6. Haha, if the hoardes out there say she makes perfect sense, who am I to disagree? Coherence is relative to the audience.

    Of course, she can always take my word for it (that this article is an incoherent mess). But I guess she won’t.

    Anyway, I’m still waiting for her to do a practical criticism of her own essay, focusing solely on its unerring logic, or lack thereof.

    1. MCMK,

      If it’s coherence that’s eluding you, I suggest you do an audit on your literacy quotient; not just word-symbol-meaning relationship, but the whole dimension of meta-talk conundrum. The onus to sort out your mess does not lie on the author but on yourself.

      BTW, your nick can bare more than you think it could..

      1. salhas,

        Just because my nick “Makin Cuci Makin Kotor” comes from a superbly communicative campaign video of the DAP does not mean I’m a DAP member or that I’m a DAP diehard who thinks the DAP can do no wrong. Like I said before, I am that most dangerous of people (to the BN) – ordinary folk who are sick to the teeth of BN’s crimes and incompetence and starting to do something about it. Come to think of it, I should be joining the DAP so that I can truly kick BN’s filthy a** out of Putrajaya. Thanks for the nudge, salhas.

        As for the other stuff you mentioned, sure thing. Whatever floats your boat. Yes, the non-sequitur is intentional, as was yours.

  7. Just because my nick “Makin Cuci Makin Kotor” comes from a superbly communicative campaign video of the DAP does not mean I’m a DAP member or that I’m a DAP diehard who thinks the DAP can do no wrong.

    no? but you’ve been attacking here like a DAP and squawking like a DAP, and your nick, whatever you claim is its inspiration, screams that you’ve been failing to rid yourself of filth in spite of cleaning – just like DAP! what are you then… a DAP sap?

    1. Totally agree!

      Some of the posters here, Helen most of all, are stuck, swirling round the turntable, broken record like, at race, religion, religious denomination, language and political party.

      To them it’s impossible for anyone to have anything to say that does not come from race, religion, religious denomination, language and political party.

      Anyone who brings up any subject ever brought up by the DAP is a DAPster, anyone who does not agree with her that Hannah Yeoh is to blame for anything and everything under the sun must be a Chinese evangelical Christian Anglophile, or their ‘ilk’.

      I guess that’s what people from the race-based political parties do, label people and make sure the discussion does not progress beyond the label otherwise actual facts and figures might get discussed.

      You know, facts like the fact that Malaysia’s GNI per capita is only 1/7th that of Singapore’s or that the Malaysian Ringgit has shrunk 60% compared to the Singapore dollar over the last 40 years, or the fact that 80% of the poorest people in Malaysia are Malays despite 4 decades of UMNO’s race-based preferential policies.

      I am thoroughly amused at how you and Helen and all those similar posters are falling over yourselves calling me a DAPster, Chinese evangelical Christian Anglophile, DAP sap, etc. and obsessing over my nick.

      Really, that’s what’s keeping me on this blog. I’m fascinated by all the name calling and labeling and pigeon-holing. It’s like I’ve landed on another planet! So refreshing!

      1. aaah, so you are just a DAP sap. thank you for confirming that. : )

        btw, do get off your pompous generalising presumptuous behind! you seriously think you are the only commeter on this blog who is actually not vested in race, religion or political parties?

        i dare say, with the exception of shamsul anuar and a few others who have openly, and quite ernestly, indicated either their UMNO/etc/BN or DAP/etc/PR sympathies, most of helen’s commenters are more genuinely uninvested in racial politics and religious-politicking [but rather in the unhealthy directions politics are taking] in the country than you are!

        but unlike you, who protest overmuch about your self-proclaimed non-partisanship, they just let their comments speak for their neutrality.

        hence my question to you. i didn’t pigeonhole you or call you any name. wasn’t obsessing about your nick either. you’re the one who called attention to it yourself in an obvious effort to plug DAP’s campaign ad. i simply asked you what you really are because, after reading your many comments and finding aggressive defensiveness of behalf of DAP/LGE/HY instead of the neutrality you saw fit to boast several times [note: have to thank I hate n’sync for his excellent calling out of your bluster and debunking the usual tired mindless anti-establishment cants and patiently trying to show a more balanced picture], i’m just curious.

        granted i couched my question rather rudely. that’s because i eventually find your obvious inability to get over yourself such a turnoff. maybe it’s just your style of expressing yourself, but i’m definitely skipping your comments from now on.

        P.S. as for the recurring topics, that’s up to the blog owner lah. obviously those who keep coming back to read/talk about them, you included, find the topics interesting enough to engage in. in fact, if the number of comments you made since your debut a few days ago is any indication, you especially.

        or perhaps you keep coming back not because you’re fascinated by WHAT YOU [here’s a mirror! ;D ] HAVE LABELED & PIGEON-HOLED the blog and its [quite diverse] commenters to be but because you’re fascinated with reading yourself heroically taking on helen in defence of your DAPsters. betul tak? :D

  8. Makin cuci makin kotor,

    wow. You love Singapore so much. Say do you agree with singapore’s way of one school system concept to be applied in malaysia?

  9. Dear MCMK,

    There are things we can learn from Singapore, just like there are things we can learn from India, China, the United States, the United Kingdom etc. However, we must be objective enough to recognize that Singapore’s model of development is flawed, and her flaws are more obvious to some of us and I wouldn’t be too quick to endorse the city state down south.

    Anyone who has been keeping track on CPF, Temasek and the sovereign fund of the lion city would not be surprised that something is not quite right with their books. Singapore’s salary for their ministers is not just beyond comparison, it is literally out of this world. Are you aware of the GINI coefficient of the densely populated state? We should emulate the lion city’s no-nonsense approach to law and order, its strong investment in its people’s education and their ability to find engine for growth in a state without natural resources. We should however avoid the paternalistic attitude of Singapore’s government, its lack of accountability and transparency, the abrogation of responsibilities of the state to her people as well as the uncontrolled situation of migrant workers (foreign or talents).

    You might think you are unique in your non-racial approach to the problems in this country. For your information, Onn Jaafar and many people of his time in the pre-independence days have already championed a truly “Malayan” solution. Things being what they are – be it due to insecurities or distrust, has led to a compromise via the elite bargaining system. We need idealists, but you must also accept that there are Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Bidayuhs, Dayaks etc. who are not completely at ease without a community leader / representative of their own. This is something that we cannot force.

    DAP’s flaws, if you can accept it, is that it has failed to generate enough confidence among the Malays and Bumiputera of its multiracial ideals in words and deeds. Even among non-Malays, a look at DAP’s state and federal line-up, especially the cosy family arrangements, their treatment of long standing comrades – that speaks volumes. Intelligent and responsible voters must weigh things in balance. I know you are convinced that BN must go, and I don’t necessary disagree with you. My personal position is that a precarious BN is much better than an arrogant PR, and I do wish this see-sawing can continue.

    1. Dear I hate n’sync,

      Thanks for your thoughts. I have decided not to spend any more time on this blog for reasons I have elaborated elsewhere. Peace be unto you.

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