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The Star covering up for DAP, sabotaging Umno?

Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim wrote a damning critique of “the stroppy chief minister of Penang” yesterday in NST.

In ‘Guan Eng taking on all comers‘ (July 21), the Tunku elaborates on Kim Guan Eng’s bad-tempered hostility, saying:

“The man’s natural propensity to adopt intransigent and provocative urban guerrilla tactics in dealing with the press has not endeared himself to them. I notice that even the once sympathetic Chinese language papers have had enough of his belligerent, bullying behaviour.

(bold emphasis mine)

[Dictionary definition of ‘stroppy’ = bad-tempered or hostile; quick to take offence; ‘intransigent’ means refusing to compromise; inflexible]

Tunku Aziz writes:

“Obviously it does not take much to penetrate the chink in his armour. This is evident from his savage reaction to even a perfectly innocent press enquiry about the sudden departure of his special officer …”

To have the former vice chairman of DAP openly, and in print, call out Kim is a watershed.

‘Blame and hate’ on Planet Penang

Giving his take on current developments, the Tunku further adds:

“He is, apparently, savvy enough to know that even as he is taking on all comers, he is falling into the very pit that he is so good at digging for his unwary political opponents or, for that matter, anyone who disagrees with him.

Then follows another description by Tunku Aziz that can only come from his Queen’s English and which will reverberate in a future biography of Kim as among the most picturesque.

He observes:

“It is ironic that Penang, which has produced thousands of talented men and women in every field, must depend on a politician who is part of a travelling family political circus.
“Lim is generally credited with giving a new twist and a sharper edge to the ancient pastime of blame and hate, a black art form much in vogue within DAP, and at which he has become rather accomplished, with unlimited practice time from day one of succeeding the Gerakan-led administration.”

The Tunku’s parting shot at Kim on coming clean over Rainbow:

“My advice to him is to be true to at least two of those principles that he has been hawking, namely, accountability and transparency.”

All the more reason for Kim to take up the challenge thrown by Tunku Aziz because, in the latter’s words (in which there is more than a hint of sarcasm), “the likes of Lim offer themselves as professionally and ethically suitable candidates to provide principled leadership” and therefore must live up to their own billing.

Screenshot above: Hannah Yeoh and Ong Kian Ming labelled ‘DAP SuperCyber Bully’ in a tweet by MCA Beliawanis treasurer

DAP SuperCyber Bully

Tunku Aziz’s thumbnail of Papa DAPster is drawn from his own up close and personal experience of the DAP central high command over the last 4 years.

As the Dear Leader is, so are his faithful disciples.

Blaming and hating has been turned into an art form within the DAP, according to Tunku Aziz, plus given a new twist and sharper edge by Kim and his coterie.

They are quick to take offence but have no awareness of the great offence they cause to others.

Extrapolating Tunku Aziz’s characterization of Kim as inflexible and unable to compromise onto the typical of his followers, we can see how they have commenced a provocation by employing “urban guerrilla tactics”.

How the DAPsters deal with opponents, or for that matter anyone who disagrees with them, is by a “belligerent, bullying behaviour”.

It is the Beloved Chief Minister who has sanctioned belligerence and bullying through leadership by example.

The Star rooted in Planet Penang

Despite Kim and his DAPsters reacting so savagely to all comers, they still want to claim the moral high ground in insisting that they are the only ones who are “ethical” and “principled”. This noticeable tendency by the DAP self-proclaimed paragons to putar-belit makes it easier for the majority of Malays to lend credence to Tunku Aziz’s account.

Yet the response of DAP Chinese supporters is poles apart as if we’re living on two different planets. Why?

One reason is illustrated by the fact that the Beliawanis MCA treasurer (who called two DAP icons “superCyber Bully”) is given almost zero coverage by The Star whereas her DAP rival (the “superCyber Bully” vying for the same state constituency seat) is accorded saturation publicity.

Over the last 5 years, The Star has consciously striven to paint a sweet and rosy sheen on Christian DAP 2.0.

Snip, snip, snip

Only a couple of days ago on July 20, The Star and NST both carried reports on the visit to Pagoh by deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

The Star‘s article is ‘MCA an important part of Barisan, says Muhyiddin‘ (215 words).

NST‘s is titled ‘MCA a true friend, says Muhyiddin‘ and sourced from Bernama (289 words).

Let’s compare the two.

First, the different tack taken by the headlines where Star plays up MCA’s “important” role in BN whereas NST spoke from the Umno point of view.

Next, NST informed its readers that Muhyiddin had said “the opposition, particularly the DAP made empty promises, but failed to solve the problems faced by the people”.

The way The Star reported it:
“Muhyiddin hoped that voters would continue to support Barisan as a party that had delivered on its promises unlike Pakatan Rakyat.”

As I’ve said previously, The Star blacks out negative news about DAP and especially of the party’s evangelical stars.

If Muhyiddin indeed said “the opposition, particularly the DAP made empty promises” as quoted, why couldn’t Star simply report? Why was his criticism specific to DAP deliberately omitted? After all, unlike Kim’s posse of gunslingers, there are no Muhyiddin’s cowboys riding around town shooting critics.

… and stab

There are other details in the NST story that are missing from The Star.

NST reported Muhyiddin as revealing that the government had spent RM16 billion for 18 Chinese primary schools, temples and meeting the needs of the people in the Pagoh the past three years as well as handing over an RM390,000 allocation to four Chinese primary schools in the district.

Muhyiddin is inevitably portrayed by alternative media as a Malay ultra and Umno hawk but yet as Education Minister, he presented cheques amounting to RM0.4 million to Johor Chinese schools. Why does The Star fail to tell its readers this important fact when NST could do so? Was it because the act might soften Chinese hearts just the teensiest-weensiest bit?

Is The Star sabotaging BN by burying items unfavourable to DAP and at the same time hiding news that would cast a softer light on Muhyiddin the Firster’s favourite bogeyman?


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16 thoughts on “The Star covering up for DAP, sabotaging Umno?

  1. As for the cyber bullies, they are just that, cyber bullies. I don’t think they are really that great if you confront them face to face, physically, person to person. When you write something, a comment on blogs and other forums, you have time to think, to plan your strategy. But in an actual environment, where you actually confront a person face to face, you see their limitations. Remember the LGE-CSL debate. The debate actually revealed the limitations of LGE’s intellect. Now, if you pit Hannah Yeoh against a wanita leader from Barisan, in a format similar to the LGE-CSL debate, who do you think is going to be bullied ? A cheeky question isn’t it ? Woohoo !

    1. Buy me a bottle of shampoo (no, make it one of those little robot thingys that mop the floor) and I’ll tell you.

  2. Ahmad ibrahim,

    Yup. you are right. even with mild mannered Dr Koh, Lim lost during the debate. Not because Dr Koh has bigger brain but i believe because Dr koh just said the truth.

    Problem with Guan Eng is that he is so used on having his way in DAP( afterall there is Lim Dynasty) that he is unaware that most people have no regard at all for him outside DAP.

    He is the penng CM not by virtue of his position as Penang DAP Chairman. He is there because of his father’s name. Make way for the Crown prince.

    He is so used to slandering people until he forgot how to answer the truth . anything but the truth. His way of dealing with critical mind is to ban any media that he himself “deemed” hostile to him.

    typical of DAP, he rubbished Malay concern as ploy by UMNO. as if Malays are subhuman and not capable of articulating views . As if Malays have no right to own any aspiration or legitimate concern.

    He is busy waging war on imaginery enemy. He does not see the enemy because he is the enemy within.

  3. I think you need Clorox, or perhaps some kind of cleaning acid, for that Helen, not just any ordinary floor cleaner….. and of course the little robot thingys!

  4. I have acquantances who are christians and obviosuly dapsters posting insulting status againts umno,one a christian from ipoh who lives in bukit jalil made a status the ‘thousands of noisy dogs’ when umno had their anniversary at bukit jalil, or sharing caricatures or cartooms insulting najib/rosmah and recently a cartoon of many BN ministers with chinese wordings which i dont need to translate to know what they mean…on the other had, i dont see the malay facebookers posting insulting facebook streams againts DAP let alone chinese politicians…why is this being insulting openly a characteristic of being civilized and democratic…

    1. Your acquaintances are the descendants of the sinkek Chinese pig tailed who came to the malay land vide a bondage system (akin to slavery) mostly from Dongsan where lim kit siang hails and they are very crude, downright rude, selfish to the extend they are willing to sell their mothers or wives and what you wrote are the traits acquired by their offspring, not so much of DAP, but it is in their gene hence it does not matter whether they are Christians or not for it is in them..Sinkek are fit for nightsoil pickup job as they are not smart but very noisy with expletives. Cibai and chowhai are their clans anthem irrespective their gender and social position.

  5. Forrescat,

    No thanks PAS’s kowtowing to DAP, the latter has become bolder and rude.

    Many PAS members still dream that DAP is not actually against Malays. They simply refuse to see that DAP is all out in wiping whatever Malay interests. DAP knows it can get away as it can always count on PAS to speak for it(DAP).

    1. Sudah lah Melayu. Ada negeri di kongsikan, ada raja tak di pahamakan, ada agama di permainkan, boleh cakap tak bangga dengan bangsa melayu dan ada yang telah berkata dia berasa stupid bercakap dalam bahasa melayu.

      Dulu Portugis, kemudian Belanda, lepas tu inggeris dan sekarang kuasa nak di beri kpd DAP. Sudah la melayu…….

    2. What all of the Pakatanis don’t realised or refused to acknowledge is that setiap parti komponen PR di belakang masing-masing berkata, biar menang pilihanraya, nanti kita tahu how to deal with DAP/PKR/PAS.

      All of my friends who are PAS supporters openly say that it doesn’t matter what is said now, as long as they win the election. Once they win, they will kick DAP. And if they are not the big winner within PR, they are willing to work with UMNO to set up the next government with their version of Islamic hudud and lifestyle.

      And i am sure the same is with DAP and PKR.

      For me, ini lah masalah sekarang. All of the opposition parties are insincere in working together. They are all using each other in order to achieve their ultimate goal: Putrajaya. If simple masalah pasal Hudud pun tak boleh selesai, macam mana nak tadbir negara.

  6. Moshe is being brutally honest… he he he

    But yes, the trademark of DAPsters in general is the propensity to use expketives and profanity. Almost as if their parents intentionally taught crudeness and bad manners.

    1. There are also DAPsters like MCMK whose trademark is to menabur almost-fitnah (not quite outright slander but sickening innuendo) and the attempt at browbeating, like asking me to do a Facebook poll with the question asking readers if I’m coherent. They’re so Kim.

      1. If GE13 were a wholly FB affair, I’m sure Pakatanis would win by a landslide. If their social media hype actually reflects their social media standing.

        Unfortunately for the Pakatanis, the real world does not always tally with cyberspace.

        Those of us old enough will know that cyberspace is the domain of DAPsters and similar disgruntled parties, from the days of Mahathir keeping the undesirables outside of mainstream channels.

  7. Another evidence of sabotage by STAR – there’s a letter published by The Star today – July 23 – complaining about Ministry of Finance’s decision to increase EPF withdrawal age to 60 yrs and urging the Govt to keep EPF withdrawal age at 55yrs despite retirement age now raised to 60yrs. There was no such decision by the Ministry of Finance.

    Also, this matter was already clarified by EPF on July 2 to The Star in response to a similar letter and also another statement by EPF on July 18 reported by NST confirming withdrawal age at 55. Why does The Star keep publishing such letters on stale and resolved issues?

    Surely there is a duty on the part of editors of the letters page to keep a breast of developments and reject such irrelevant letters.

    Either the editors are blatantly incompetent and should be sacked as such or they have a hidden agenda which is dangerous and should all the more be sacked. If it goes up all the way to the top, then the whole lot should be removed. They can go work for the Rocket for all I care.

    1. Orang Melayu perlu sedar The Star adalah Christian evangelical paper. Ia sama macam Reader Digest yang sebenarnya adalah penyebar Krisitanity.

      Oleh itu, dengan kesedaran ini jangan beli akhbar The Star kerana kalau kita beli bermakna kita menyebar Kristianity melalui orang Cina seperti editornya penganut Katolik Roman yang dulu datang memerangi Melaka.

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