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May 13 and Pakatan’s perpetual hysteria

My thanks to Ahmad Ibrahim for introducing the term ‘perpetual hysteria’ to describe the behaviour of Pakatan and their faithful followers.

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A passing mention made about May 13 by Muhyiddin Yassin a couple of days ago drew a feeding frenzy by the DAP and its aligned online media.

But before we look at yet another demonstration of Pakatan’s perpetual hysteria, a quick flashback to the last time Muhyiddin said something straightforward, i.e. “I’m Malay First” which was quickly seized upon and unreasonably twisted by the Firsters and SABMers.

‘Malay First’ timeline

The saga started on 24 Feb 2010 with Lim Kit Siang challenging Muhyiddin to “pass three simple 1Malaysia tests”, which included setting the lead “to be the first Umno national leader to declare that he is Malaysian first and Malay second”.

On 18 March 2010, Kit Siang head-butted Muhyiddin again for the latter’s “conspicuous silence at the Jakim forum where one government speaker suggested that “a repeat of the May 13 riots was possible if the Christians, whom he accused of practising ‘extremism’ did not ‘back down’.”

Kit Siang said the above in Parliament during his Royal Address where he also declared himself to be “Malaysian first and Chinese second”.

He asked:

“Is every Cabinet Minister prepared to make a similar declaration?”

“Are Najib, Muhyiddin and all the Umno leaders prepared to stand up and declare that they are Malaysian first and Malay second?”

Muhyiddin responded on 30 March 2010 in Parliament, saying:

“YB Ipoh Timur telah pun mempersoalkan apakah Ahli-ahli Yang Berhormat Barisan Nasional, Timbalan-Timbalan Menteri, Menteri-Menteri Kabinet, dan saya sendiri selaku Timbalan Perdana Menteri mempunyai komitmen yang tinggi terhadap Konsep 1Malaysia. Untuk makluman YB Ipoh Timur, 1Malaysia yang dicetuskan oleh YAB Perdana Menteri adalah satu gagasan murni yang bertujuan untuk memperkukuhkan perpaduan kaum yang selama ini menjadi asas kepada kekuatan Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara bangsa.

Perpaduan yang digambarkan oleh Konsep 1Malaysia bukanlah satu bentuk asimilasi kaum di mana identiti kaum dilenyapkan dan digantikan dengan satu identiti yang sama. Ia juga bukanlah satu konsep yang menolak hak-hak istimewa kaum Melayu sepertimana yang dicanang oleh YB Ipoh Timur melalui konsep ‘Malaysian Malaysia’nya, dan mutakhirnya Middle Malaysia.

Konsep 1Malaysia sebaliknya menghargai identiti masyarakat majmuk dan menghormati prinsip-prinsip berperlembagaan yang dengan jelas memelihara kedudukan istimewa kaum Melayu dan bumiputera Sabah dan Sarawak serta menjaga hak-hak yang sah bagi kaum-kaum yang lain. Tuduhan YB Ipoh Timur bahawa saya tidak menyokong Gagasan 1Malaysia adalah suatu yang berniat jahat semata-mata… [Dewan riuh] Untuk melaga-lagakan saya dengan YAB Perdana Menteri…. [Ketawa] Memang itulah kerja pembangkang… [Ketawa]

The next day on 31 March 2010, Muhyiddin was asked the inane Firster question by reporters. His reply “I’m Malay first but being Malay doesn’t mean you’re not Malaysian” can be viewed below.

Kit Siang made a rejoinder the same day:

“Is Muhyiddin making the allegation because I had declared that I am Malaysian first and Chinese second, and he is evading my challenge to him to similarly declare that he is Malaysian first and Malay second?

“Isn’t Muhiddin’s refusal to make such a declaration the best proof that he does not fully support Najib’s 1Malaysia concept?”

“Muhyiddin should resign as Deputy Prime Minister if he is not prepared to set the lead for all Umno and Barisan Nasional leaders and declare that in accordance with the 1Malaysia goal, he is Malaysian first and Malay second.”

Kit Siang was demonstrating the warped argumentation and verbal harassment that is common among the DAPsters.

Someone should have asked him to pose the question to Anwar Ibrahim and Nik Aziz/Hadi Awang if they were Malaysian first and Muslim second.

Kit Siang continued to pursue the subject by asking in Parliament on 2 June 2010:

“I have posed what is probably the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s most difficult question in the forthcoming 22-day parliamentary meeting:

“How many Ministers in his Cabinet, naming them, regard himself/herself as Malaysian first, race second in keeping with the 1Malaysia policy”. It will test Najib to the limit of his intellectual prowess and political acumen to answer this question …”

Again Kit Siang is displaying the perasan DAPsterism in thinking that his question actually tests any “intellectual prowess”.

In typical DAPster fashion, Kit Siang, his son and Guan Eng’s understudy Hannah Yeoh self-referentially dragged the Firster show on and on and on.

Idris Jala: Why must I be Malaysian first?

In his keynote address at an intercultural dialogue on 1 Feb 2012:

“I get upset with people stuck with this whole Malaysian first dilemma. Why must I be Malaysian first and Malay second?”

“My name is Idris, that is my name, my identity. Kelabit is the tribe I was born in.

“I belong to a group called the Orang Ulu. I am Sarawakian, I am Malaysian, I am Asian.

“They are all individual identities that are equally as important – you cannot say one is more important than another.”

Round #2

It looks like Muhyiddin is going to be dragged on the DAPster merry-go-round again. Already he’s been accused of “resurrecting the ghost of May 1969”.

Speaking to a national youth conference on 19 July 2012, Muhyiddin was reported to have said:

The young generation has to be united in order to ensure the country remains stable and peaceful and to avoid a repeat of the May 13, 1969 tragedy.

The next day, Kit Siang took the cudgels to Muhyiddin “on raising the May 13 spectre”.

In his speech at a ceramah on 20 July 2012, Kit Siang said:

“I challenge the Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to prove he is a responsible political leader and Malaysian nationalist when raising the spectre of May 13 wanting to prevent any recurrence and not indulging in the low-class, irresponsible, unscrupulous and contemptible double politics of fear and race to preserve Umno/Barisan Nasional in power at all costs in the next general election.”

He followed up with a media statement on 22 July 2012, claiming:

“The cat is out of the bag – Umno has a quartet of lies on 4Rs on Race, Religion, Malay Rulers and Riots (May 13 threats) to attack DAP and Pakatan Rakyat as the centrepiece of its strategy for the dirtiest general election in history in its increasingly desperate bid to hold on to federal power in Putrajaya in the 13 General Election.  …

“Is it because Umno leaders and propagandists have realised that their 3R cards against the DAP are not achieving the desired political effects that they have come out with the fourth R card of threatening unrest and riots if Umno and Barisan Nasional lose federal power in the next general election, which is the subtle message of the reference to May 13, 1969 tragedy.”

We can always rely on the alternative media “to do the necessary”. In Malaysiakini:

The Malaysian Insider even editorialized, ‘Moving on from May 13‘, saying:

“That is something that all Malaysians should believe. That there will not be another May 13 ever. And shame the politicians who keep bringing it up. Some of us have moved on to be the Bangsa Malaysia …”

Despite the editorial posturing, TMI’s news content still hosted hysteria in the form of declarations such as ‘Pakatan says willing to accept polls defeat for peace’s sake’. (Puhleez-lah, what makes them think they’ll even come close to winning?)

PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar pointed out to The Malaysian Insider that it was Umno and Barisan Nasional’s blood that PR is baying for, not that of innocent Malaysians, when contacted by the portal on July 21.

Said the Lembah Pantai MP, “We will accept a clean and fair result, regardless whether we win or lose. [But] if BN wins the election by cheating, we will not accept it.”

TMI reported Nurul Izzah as accusing Muhyiddin of using the May 13 issue as “a scare tactic to frighten Malaysians into voting for BN” as well as asking if BN would be instead willing to accept defeat, adding that their alleged threats of violence were because they were afraid of their own shadow.

This prompted Umno’s Kota Belud MP Abdul Rahman Dahlan to say that while BN would accept polls loss, it fears Pakatan wouldn’t.

Earlier the same day, Bernama Online quoted Umno secretary-general Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor as urging PR leaders to stand by their promise not to instigate a repeat of the bloody racial clashes of May 13, 1969.

Tengku Adnan was showing how two can play at the accusation game.

However, Pakatan and their supporters are usually unable to see the other side of the playing field, e.g. while they themselves are the ones constantly obsessing over the election date yet they claim instead that it is the PM who is playing the guessing game over calling the next GE.

Personally I wish Najib would take it right to the very end, i.e. wait it out till March 8, 2013 and then allow the Parliament to lapse and automatically dissolve following another 60 days. Baru padan muka Pakatan tu.

The ‘Malaysian First’ hysteria is shrieking into its fifth (taking on board the Anak Malaysia civil society stirrings in 2007) protracted year.

It looks like Pakatan is now embarking on the May 13 whine by once more pivoting on Muhyiddin, just as ‘Malaysian First’ had earlier, most tiresomely made a mountain out of a molehill over the DPM’s “Malay First” utterance.

You can see a pattern in the development of both hysteria.


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43 thoughts on “May 13 and Pakatan’s perpetual hysteria

  1. The 90-second trailer of Tanda Putera caused havoc among the Pakatanis apparently. Am told the movie itself is worthwhile watching, in its entirety.

    1. The same would happen with the Malay side if it were, say, Namewee who produced a May 13 movie.

      Not that I wanna bodek anyone, but Tun Rahah was a hottie in her youth. Malay women today are no longer Saloma-like hourglass in their 60s glam dresses … What a loss for M’sian men.

      1. Hahaha… Namewee is the epitome of DAPsters’ propensity to use profanity.

        The Saloma look is not the only loss we bear, good manners and the ability to be multilingual are also becoming extinct in Malaysia.

        I think it’s astounding that some Malaysians can only really manage the one language yet still have two (forked) tongues. Case in point…

      2. Thanks to Anwar Ibrahim’s Arabization in the !980s and early 1990s, the Malays have lost most of our native culture. Just look at PAS ruled Kelantan. Banned the wayang kulit etc. Being a Muslim does not mean becoming Arab. But thanks to Anwar Ibrahim and PAS, being a Muslim also means you must become Arab. While Anwar Ibrahim was doing his Arabization, I was wondering, where was Mahathir ? Oh wait, he kept quiet. Why ? Because he needed someone to counter PAS and Anwar was given a free hand. And now we have this.

  2. “Puhleez-lah, what makes them think they’ll even come close to winning?”

    LOL! I like the above comment.. That practically sums up everything ;p PR’s syok sendiri world.. No sane Malay will vote for rascist DAP. No rational Muslims will vote for scandalous PKR. No liberal Malay-Muslims will vote for PAS.

    I will be the first to admit that BN is imperfect, most esp when they have been in power for soooo loooong. There are bound to be corruptions. BN leaders and pro-BN admit that and are doing the best they can to fix the root cause of the problem.

    Can we say the same re PR supporters? Have you heard any of them admitting that their leaders are corrupt (& horny too!)? That their states are not well managed? Even when there are clear evidence, they will claim that it is BN/UMNO conspiracy.. A stale excuse if you ask me ;)

    Their perpetual hysteria against everything BN and UMNO is truly comical … and the language used.. tsk tsk truly low-class!

    1. re: Nah, “Even when there are clear evidence, they … won’t … claim that it is BN/UMNO conspiracy.” They will say “BUMNO” :)

    2. I think the leaders of Pakatan know very well that they have no chance of winning and the election cycle will go against Pakatan this time and PKR & PAS will get “Tsunamied” this time.

      But they are deliberately creating, whipping up and cultivating the syiok-sendiri feeling among the Pakatanistas and among the foreign audience. By creating such perception, they are preparing the ground for the GE13. And when they lose, they can claim that the election is rigged and that BN cheated them. Using this they will try to create a Malaysian Spring to bring down the govt and takeover power via street demos.

      They know they have no chance of winning via ballot box so their only recourse is the street demos.

      The latest rant and hysterical statements from LKS and the alternative media of SB’s accusations shows that they indeed have something to hide.

      1. exactly my thoughts, calvinsankaran

        they have nothing to offer or even constructively done for that matter, that’s why they must fish for issue to keep up the momentum no matter how unrelated

        or better still distract from damaging issues of waterland, hillcraze, lowcostabandonmentforhighendpeople,etc

        just like the simple games like bershit, parading on issues which have been already resolved to keep the itch ongoing.

  3. Kit Siang is Malaysian First & Chinese Second?

    Err, then, why he is supporting Chinese School Association to remove Malay teacher who did not have Chinese Education background to teach Bahasa Malaysia in SRJK(C)?

    I wonder if Kit Siang have a ball to ask Dong Jiao Zhong chairman to withdrawn their proposal to make Mandarin as the official language in SRJK(C) and totally reject Bahasa Malaysia.

    If I’m Muhyiddin, i will answer to Kit Siang like this ” Since you’re self-declared you are Malaysian First & Chinese Second, will you dare to fully supported National School and abolish SRJK(C) and SRJK(T) in our country so that we will have a single national-type school?”

    It is really ironic, for me, that the Malaysian-first type or Anak Bangsa Malaysia people is the one who are the real hypocrite racist!

    1. Ryan, for your information, the term Malaysian First is known only by a small section of the Chinese community i.e the Anglo educated and Church going types. The vast majority of the Chinese, I doubt they ever heard of this Malaysian First term. Same goes for the Anak Malaysia party. Kit Siang and his gang, you see, they play both sides, and from the looks of things, they are winning.

  4. Helen,

    What is it with Malay 1st or Malaysian first. Only a moron like kit siang would like to make an issue out of it.

    Just like PAS that is so fond of calling UMNO as “assabiyah” for its ‘soft spot” for Malays instead of islam. A classic case of denial. What is wrong in cherishing your own identity.

    I a m a Malay and a Malaysian and a Muslim too. All of these identities are inseparable. All are equally important to me. And I will not waste time to try to think which one is more important than others.

    As for Kit siang, is he still dreaming. Since when he thinks others think he believes he is Malaysian first.What I can describe Kit siang is that he is “lim Dynasty first, others go to hell”. that is exactly his attitude. Only Lim Dynasty matters. for Chinese, they are mere pawns to get power. Put them into collision course with Malays . Incite Chinese so that they always thinking how unfaily they are treated . Incite the chinese so that they think others deserve nothing”.

  5. Kit Siang saying he is Malaysian First and Chinese second is the ultimate expression of him admitting that he is not Chinese.

    But then again, that is to be expected. He is a product of the white man’s education system, the system that taught people to reject their own cultural heritage and become, as one may say, “empty shell” that is later molded into something desirable by the white man, i.e Anglophile.

    He looks Chinese on the outside, with a Chinese face and Chinese name but on the inside there is nothing Chinese about him. Same goes for those “Indians” in PKR and DAP. Some of these “Indians” don’t even have Indian sounding names.

    Last but not least, there’s also the “Malays” of PKR and PAS. Looks Malays, with Malay names but like their counterparts from the DAP, they are just “empty shells”, on the inside there’s nothing Malay about them.

    I want Malays remain Malays. I can live alongside Malays fine. Don’t want Arab celup. That’s why I think it is so wrong for DAP to keep attacking Malayness. — Helen

  6. History will always be a history. Unless someone else win and then they can re-write the history.

    I wonder why the DAPster (especially LKS) always phobia when someone mentioned about 13th May tragedy. It is a part of our history, we should know it so that we can get a lesson from it.

    My father was in KL during that incident. I didnt mean to create a racial tension here, but my late father had told me that the DAP and Gerakan supporters shouted like ‘Malai Si’ and ‘KL sekarang Cina punya’ to the Malays. And also ‘Mati Melayu, sakai pergi masuk hutan’ (this time I remembered Namewee Lyric ‘Kawanku’ who told the Malays to go back to jungle and lived like the Sakai).

    But far away from KL, my former teacher had told me that her Chinese neighbour help her family during that incident. it teach me that not all the Chinese are evil, so that the Malays. Even my best friend here in my office are mostly Chinese. Politician who are the one to be blame to trying create conflict among us every day!

    1. Dear Johorean,

      I spent my formative high school years in a public school. I’ve had a Malay history teacher who taught us the REAL lessons of our past – that we cannot take anything for granted in life. What we see today did not happen overnight, and cause and effect can sometimes take a little longer in making itself apparent.

      She related her personal experience of May 13 as a little girl growing up in Singapore, on how her Chinese neighbours hid her family when racial tensions were high. She recounted how her uncle in Johore sheltered a man being stuck in a Malay village and unable to get a ride home due to the curfew.

      She taught me that in the midst of riots and strife, humanity shone through time and again, and level-headed men (and women) steer mankind away from the brink of disaster. She taught me that our differences unites us, because we all want basically the same things in life – dignity, respect and the opportunity to do something meaningful with our lives. She taught me, and countless others, that men (or women) can co-exist with one another, peacefully, regardless of race, creed or religion.

      I am not a believer of faiths but I pray that Malaysians realize that we are all on this ship together, and while we squabble in picking the captain and his/her crew, it is our collective responsibility that the vessel is in sea-faring condition to undertake a journey for the ages.

  7. and Joe, as you mentioned previously, if the next GE is a FB affair, the Pakatanis will win by a landslide. All the Pakatanis have to do is tell their voters to open FB accounts, the more the better, and come election day, log in to their FB accounts and click the “like” button as many times as they deem fit.

    Even with BN’s alleged phantom voters, there’s no way the Pakatanis will lose the election. I mean, how many phantom voters can BN actually deploy ? How many thousands ? With a FB account, a single Pakatani can do the work of thousands of voters in less than an hour. No need to ask for reforms of SPR. What a waste of time, say the Pakatanis. He he he ! Facebook is the new age SPR.

    Now to verify the results on election day, just turn to Facebook. As simple as that, say the Pakatanis. Hold on, if only this is true. Suddenly, the Pakatanis wake up, instead of finding themselves in Wonderland, thinking they’ve just won the GE, reality dawned on them and they say, F*** this is just, what ? Wait……..I was dreaming last night that the GE13 was a FB affair, we just won the GE13 !

    But now……….what the f***. and they say, “we can accept if BN win fairly but if they cheat, we’re not going to stay quiet. Reality hurts eh ?

    1. Right so Hell has spurred another umno wankfest over May 13. So Moo Din broaches the subject and suddenly the opposition is blamed for it? Seriously, there has to be a limit to your stupidity…Guess not given your continuous stream of bs. Now before you go on another wankfest….know that I’m apolitical. Look it up.

  8. Will that mean, Lim Kit SIang would agree to Malaysian National School first, Chiense School second.

  9. so so agree with Ahmad Ibrahim on the sins of anwar ibrahim & pas. they are the ones who indoctrinated islam=arab into melayu. kalau nak dikitiraf sebagai islam, kena pakai macam arab, guna perkataan arab, entah apa2 arab lagi. if u dont walk around looking like an arab, islam u diragui. Sigh! this is not in Quran or hadith.

    1. They should come to the mid-east.

      It’s funny when I see the reaction of muslims from western countries and malaysia discover the large amounts of alcohol consumed and high proportion of scantily dressed women in countries like UAE, Bahrain and Oman.

      To them, it’s all beyond their expectation. They think that these mid east countries are symbols of Islamic perfection. How wrong they are!

      Do they know that even in Saudi they serve budweiser (a beer brand) ?

      It is a non-alcoholic version.

      Non-alcoholic beer is common in the mid-east. By law, it can’t have alcohol, but manufacturers admit that they can only achieve 0.02% alcohol or lower. These sneaky manufacturers advertise it as 0.0% alcohol (by rounding the value).

      These beverages can’t be perfectly alcohol free because these malt based drinks have a tendency to ferment!

    2. and Sharifah, the irony of it all is, while he arabicised the malay muslim society for his political gains, he himself breaks all the major larangan of islam.

  10. Sharifah,

    To upstage UMNO, PAS adopts an Islamic brand more suitable to Padang pasir”. Means PAS sees Islam as manifastation of Arabness in every Muslim.

    Which bring me to one story written by Hamka. A Muslim scholar dressed the way The Dutch Governor General. Initially his students did not recognise him while those currying favour with Dutch authority hurried to welcome him. Both groups were surprised to see the Religious scholar.

    They asked him why he dressed like the Dutch Governor. He replied whether they think his “iman dan takwa” lies in the dress.

    The moral of the story is that Islam while insisting on Oneness of God, is open to diversity in culture. Should Prophet Muhammad was born in Tanah Melayu, he would probablty wore Baju melayu teluk belanga.

    The emphasis should be on character. The emphasis to emulate the superb character of Prophet, not his dress as he was an Arab. as such he dressed like an Arab.

    1. PAS flers are more muslim than Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) – such are the ways of those who claim to do God’s work.

  11. It always wonders me. DAP has been here for such a long time. Despite their so called goodness and multi racial claims they still can’t get a credible Malay to join them. All DAP can recruit are those expired has-been UMNO politician.

    Looking at DAPster leadership’s character doesn’t bring confident at all. No doubt they learn a lot from Singapore. I think they have some kind of siege mentality or paranoid. That Malays are after them/bully them etc.

    UMNO for whatever fault it have still must look after their voters ie. Malays, or they’ll be voted out. And Pas callin’ UMNO infidel!!!!!

    It is not easy to rule this land, we are like Rojak. But then Malaysia is TRULY ASIA, dontcha agree?

    Yup, Daim once commented that ruling this country is a delicate balancing act where we spend a lot of our time just walking the tightrope. — Helen

  12. News addict,

    To Kit Siang, Malaysian 1st means whatever Malay rights must be dismantled or shared with others. But whatever privilleges accorded to Chinese such as the only country that funds vernacular schools must remain.

    Means that “mandarin is preferred” stays but he wants civil servants open to non Malays completely (means top civil servants if he has his way would be entirely Chinese).

    Also it means it would seen as “sinful” for a Malay to become a Billionaire. Never mind that almost entirely all top 20 billionaires in Malaysia are Chinese.

    Means that Malays must remain “silent’ on relentless slanders by DAP. Defending Malay rights would be deemed as “racism”.

    That is “Malaysian Malaysia’ DAP’s version. But surprise surprise, DAP has its follower. The ever faithful and submissive PAS.

  13. Kit Siang and other DAP leaders have blinkered views on Malaysian history. They are not statesmen material at all.

  14. Helen, people know better than you think. The hysterical bastards are from your bosses..not the general population. Im not sure what good my parents thought me, but they never told me to be a political bitch like you.

    1. ddd,

      Let me quote you a passage from Dr M’s The Malay Dilemma which was the book he wrote “to explain the causes for the 13 May 1969 riots” [Preface — Publisher’s Note 1970].

      Dr Mahathir wrote: “Amok is a Malay word. It is a word now universally understood. There is no other single word that can quite describe amok.”

      Dr M described the period running up to May 1969 as one where the Malays suppressed their intense discontent. He said they kept their expressions in check out of politeness, an abhorrence of unpleasantness and the Malay trait of being non-confrontational.

      Dr M explained: “But unfortunately what is merely good manners [i.e. ability to tolerate] to the Malays is wrongly interpreted by non-Malays.”

      Amok is the external physical expression when this tolerance snaps. In Dr M’s words: “to use a hackneyed expression, he sees red.”

      One theory put forward is that the cause of May 13 was the provocation by the Chinese.

      You are displaying exactly the same type of provocation now.

      Like the Chinese of 1969, you seemingly have no awareness of how provocative and how insulting you are.

      Your smug words are biadab.

      May 13 was in part the social explosion when tolerance snapped and the kurang ajar (who behaved like how you’re behaving now) were taught a lesson.

      The tragedy was that so many innocent Chinese had to die because arrogant bastards (such as you today) deserved to be bitch-slapped. Do not discount the possibility of future violence if people like you continue to be provocative.

  15. helen ang and ahmad ibrahim khususnya, dont be too overconfident coz u guys sound so cocky, and please do not mix up things, ie: ‘Someone should have asked him to pose the question to Anwar Ibrahim and Nik Aziz/Hadi Awang if they were Malaysian first and Muslim second.’ i thought the argument here is about nationalist and racist, but your above statement that i quoted digressed from that notion. as such, proof read and do some soul searching. ttfn!

    Why allow them to cherrypick what’s first & second as well as let them set the rules of the game (plus shifting goalposts some more)? — Helen

  16. DDD,

    There is a saying “mannerism maketh a man”. In Malay saying “yang cantik itu bahasa”.

    Now there is no need to call Helen as a “bitch”. that is too much. Notice that i argue or criticize DAP here and the Malays too. Criticize not “kurang ajar’.

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  18. Unfortunately, most Malaysians (you and I included) have very blinkered views of Malaysian history. And when I say history, I mean the version which you and I are fed through school and the media.

    From the many accounts I’ve heard from the residents in KL during the riots, I noticed 1 very disturbing common notion. All recounts of the day included victims were subject to hostility not because of race, but because of arrogance from the aggressors, because he/she had a knife, because he or she coveted their neighbour’s belongings.

    All recounts also had very uplifting stories as well. Many shared a similar notion of how the Malays, Indians and Chinese banded together to defend the community. How the men took up guarding the roads coming into the kampungs and how the women folk got together to cook as a community. How the injured were not familiar but were still tended.

    From what I’ve heard, May 13 is a day when terrorist took to the streets of KL and how the communities stuck together to get through those dark days.

    I detest any measure used by political parties to ignite racial hatred. A blood red keris does nothing for me except convince me that those brandishing one has a thorough inferiority complex due to small male appendages. I believe if you are not Malaysian first, you will not see your Malay, Chinese or Indian brethren as equals. Kit Siang and got it right this time. When will the government and political parties see that its not about tolerance, its about acceptance. Race based politics is no longer relevant in this day and age. The sooner we accept that, the sooner Malaysia comes out of the dark ages.


    You declare “it’s not about tolerance, it’s about acceptance”.

    Good luck trying to convince this forum that the Gag Order Party that deploys its Red Guards to attack all dissenting views are capable of tolerance, much less acceptance. All preach, no practice — DAPsters haven’t even accepted BM to be spoken as the national language.


    1. Helen,

      Your argument is flawed. The so called “Gag Order Party” which you so clearly detest, is by all means a political party. A political party has its mission statement, its elected leaders to steer the party to the direction the leadership feels best.

      Have you heard of any MNCs who allow all level of staff to speak on behalf of the MNC to the media? Any views other than the official view will be renounced. Alternate views are not gagged but should be brought up thru the official route. If it does not survive the vote, it never becomes part of the official mantra.

      Having looked at this blog further, I’ve noticed its a “bash-the-opposition” service to either help yourself better sleep at night, or I should shudder, as a BN cybertrooper.

      My post was simply my humble view of how I would like Malaysia to stand proud once again. I wish not to participate in political jostling, nor propaganda mongering. Here’s wishing you the best in your agenda, whatever it maybe.

      1. Gag order applied to even Karpal (chairman) and Ramasamy (deputy sec-gen). Explain that.

        As for your “propaganda mongering” and “BN cybertrooper” taunt, it’s reflects your standard and speaks volumes.

  19. Sigh, it’s unfortunate that I have to explain that an organisation does not equate the “chairman” nor it’s “dep. sec-gen” or anyone else in the organisation. All leaders, be-it from the government or the opposition (or anything without an elected leader) need to face the same bearings, head to the same direction. If we do not understand or allow ourselves to see what’s beyond our own myopic visions, we then have to do some severe soul-searching to understand a true democracy and be worthy of the same.

    Yeah, I retract the “propaganda mongering” and “BN cybertrooper” positions. I apologise for that lapse in judgement. I don’t know you well enough to put you within those classifications. Unfortunately, I’ve fallen victim to my own judgemental tendencies. I am only human.

    In place of those words, I would only like to say that I’m only looking to learn, and to educate. I look to survive and to provide. I do not wish to promote any political agenda, nor be used to help any political stand other than a true democracy.

    In my humble opinion again, if we allow Malaysia to be run the way we’ve been run since independence, when we run out (not IF) of petroleum, I forsee Malaysia’s future exports may include maids to other ASEAN countries. I love Malaysia and the decline must be arrested.

    1. Karpal & Ramasamy are not simply the “all (or any) level of staff” to be dismissed as not being senior enough to speak.

      The official view of the party is increasingly becoming synonymous with Dear Leader and hence DAP does unfortunately equate The Beloved Sec-Gen.

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