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Does The Star have a Christian agenda?

“Three shots ring out in close succession, and the woman’s shawl-shrouded body slumps to the ground. Whoops, cheers and praise to Allah follow another four shots into her inert form. The latest video footage to come out of Afghanistan purports to show the execution of an allegedly adulterous woman at the hands of the Taliban. The video, filmed last month on a mobile phone and obtained by Reuters, is shocking. But even more atrocious is the fact that such incidents are on the rise in Afghanistan, from Taliban executions to gruesome punishments like cutting off noses and ears, whippings and the forced amputations of hands for accusations of theft.” — TIME magazine (9 July 2012)

MCA Youth chief Wee Ka Siong in a press release yesterday said that “no DAP leader dares to walk with Karpal in condemning PAS” for the Islamist party’s continued hudud push.

In the first paragraph of Wee’s statement (see screenshot below) published in the MCA website, the Youth chief cum Deputy Education Minister referred to a news report by the NST. The reason he has had to do this is because The Star did not carry the story.

The Star electing to bury the Karpal-hudud story is hardly surprising as the paper has been consistently blacking out news items that might possibly have a negative impact on the DAP.

One recent and glaring example is the paper’s failure to even mention that one of Hannah Yeoh’s Subang Jaya evangelist churches had been implicated in an alleged RM5.3 million (S$2.1m) money-laundering scam.

This was highlighted by the Singapore press reporting on the City Harvest Church pastor and officials recently charged in court for massive fraud. The MCA-owned paper, however, deliberately chose to keep its readers in the dark regarding the misappropriated funds allegedly diverted via City Harvest Church Subang Jaya.

No DAP bad news allowed in Star

In his statement, Wee Ka Siong suggests that DAP office bearers are probably distancing themselves from their chairman by relegating Karpal’s objections to mere “personal opinion” and not a party stand as such.

Wee said:

“I strongly urge other top DAP leaders, Theresa Kok, Guan Eng, Hannah Yeoh, Teo Nie Ching, Charles Santiago or Xavier Jayakumar to publicly chastise PAS regarding hudud law. Are they in agreement with their Chairman, and therefore believe that PAS should stop pursuing hudud law? If so, why have they still not said anything about the issue?”

Wee erroneously included Xavier Jayakumar in his list of “top DAP leaders”. Xavier is a PKR Selangor state assemblyman.

However it is not difficult to guess how Wee’s mistake came about. The name list is Christian although the Kim Guan Eng creature is a chameleon. (Since we’re on the topic, perhaps MCA should indeed urge Guan Eng to disclose his religious affiliation in order to end the speculation.)

The fact that Wee singled out these names for mention merits scrutiny because he has credited them as “top DAP leaders”.

While Teresa and Guan Eng are undoubtedly so, the elevated position of Hannah, Nie Ching and Charles Santiago have nevertheless come about only through public perception. It is important to note that their status is artificial — manufactured by the media and in large part by The Star, and the Pakatan media.

I recommend that MCA do an audit of The Star‘s coverage vis-a-vis the names mentioned by Wee Ka Siong against their counterparts in MCA, Wanita MCA and Beliawanis. Let the empirical data speak for itself.

As it is, even MCA party president Chua Soi Lek has himself ticked off The Star for failing to cover his roadshow in Sepang earlier this year in May.

The ‘real’ DAP office holders

The trio are not even DAP senior leaders, not by a long shot.

These three, all added together, merely total one-and-a-half years’ worth of party membership prior to 8 March 2008 when the general election was held.

Let’s examine reality as opposed to perception. Below are the DAP officer bearers, list taken from the party website.

Advisor: Chen Man Hin

Chairman: Karpal Singh

Deputy Chairman: Tan Seng Giaw

Vice Chairmen: M. Kula Segaran, Chow Kon Yeow, Tan Kok Wai, Chong Chien Jen

Sec-gen: Lim Guan Eng

Deputy sec-gens: Chong Eng, Ngeh Koo Ham, P. Ramasamy

Treasurer: Fong Kui Lun

Asst Treasurer: Nga Kor Ming

Organizing Secretary: Teresa Kok

Asst Organizing Secretary: Vincent Wu

Publicity Secretary: Tony Pua

Asst Publicity Secretary: Teo Nie Ching

Political Education Director: Anthony Loke

Asst Political Education Director: Jeff Ooi

International Secretary: Liew Chin Tong

Parliamentary Leader: Lim Kit Siang

Committee Members: Ahmad Ton, Leong Ngah Ngah, Teng Chang Kim, Gobind Singh Deo, P. Gunasekeran, Boo Cheng Hau, Ronnie Liu, Hiew King Cheu

Even though Wee Ka Siong mentions Hannah Yeoh and Charles Santiago as “top DAP leaders”, they do not feature in the national DAP party hierarchy.

Below are the top names in Wanita DAP.

Chairperson: Chong Eng

Deputy Chairperson: Ong Kwai Leng

Vice Chairperson: Betty Chew

Secretary: Teresa Kok

Asst Secretary: Wong Lin See

Treasurer: Yaw Kuang Mee

Organizing Secretary: Fong Po Kuan

Asst Organizing Secretary: Leong Mee Meng

Publicity Secretary: Chan Su Sann

Asst Publicity Secretary: K. Maragatam

Committee Member: Leong Ooi Kuan

Note again that Hannah Yeoh is not in the list.

Let’s now look at the DAP Socialist Youth (DAPsy) line-up.

Chairman: Anthony Loke

Deputy Chairman: Jenice Lee

Vice Chairmen: Violet Wu, Wong Kah Woh

Secretary: Loh Chee Heng

Asst Secretary: Tey Kok Kiew

Treasurer: Leong Ooi Yee

Asst Treasurer: Lau Keng Ee

Organizing Secretary: Teo Kok Seong

Asst Organizing Secretary: Leong Ooi Kuan

Publicity Secretary: Ng Wei Aik

Asst Publicity Secretary: Ong Boon Piow

International Affairs Bureau Director: Medaline Chang

Political Education Bureau Director: Ooi Leng Hang

Varsity Affairs Bureau Director: Tang Hong Pin

Committee Members: Chan Su Sann, Cheong Chee Khing, Choong Siew Onn, Gobind Singh Deo, Khoo Poay Tiong, Tiew Way Keng, Edward Ling, Teoh Boon Kok

Note again that Hannah Yeoh is not in the DAPsy list of office holders either.

Note also that Ahmad Ton is the single Malay needle in the DAP haystack above.

The ‘Star’ring role — why?

Out of the three lists, Teo Nie Ching features in one — her appointment as assistant publicity secretary. It is not an elected leadership position.

Hannah Yeoh (and Charles Santiago) do not figure at all in the DAP, Wanita DAP and DAPsy leadership.

So why is it that an MCA deputy minister has mentioned them as “top DAP leaders”?

Is it because they get their faces plastered across the newspaper pages every day thus creating the impression that they’re important DAP spokesmen?

Below is the latest (“1 day ago”) public appearance by Hannah Yeoh in her must-have promotion several times a week by The Star.

And below is The Star reporter three days ago (July 21) interviewing Hannah Yeoh for a Ramadan special feature coming up soon in the paper.

Why Hannah has been interviewed for an upcoming Ramadan story is as mind-boggling as Pork Ribs touted for The Star‘s Buka Puasa menu last year.

MCA must find of what is The Star‘s problem (its blatant pro-DAP bias) as I’m sure Umno and the rest of BN are curious too.

If Wee Ka Siong is curious to know why the newspaper owned by his party has been giving such positive and widespread publicity to the people he mentioned – Teresa Kok, Guan Eng, Hannah Yeoh, Teo Nie Ching, Charles Santiago, Xavier Jayakumar – the answer could well be The Star‘s Anglophile-Christian agenda. (Read also HERE)

This agenda couched in the Malaysian First vocabulary has seen Hannah Yeoh attack MCA and Umno as “racist parties”. Not only that, Hannah has been reported to the police by the Kelana Jaya MCA branch as slandering MCA.

What is most baffling is the MCA-owned paper promoting her personality cult while at the same burying the stories about her being questioned by the police for slander (and possibly sedition) as well as downplaying the church scandal story by advising Christians not to “gossip” about it.

Musuh dalam selimut

More recently, it appeared that The Star might have tried to sabotage Muhyiddin Yassin — the favourite ‘Malay ultra’ bogeyman in the eyes of Chinese opposition supporters. Compare the difference between The Star’s write-up on the DPM and NST‘s, HERE

Yesterday a reader tipped me off to yet another glaring difference between a recent NST story and the misinformation contained in yesterday’s Star. Misrepresentation by The Star on a purported change in the EPF withdrawal age would only make members of the public suspicious of the government and angry at the ruling party.

The false information in The Star was so alarming that it prompted reader ‘jason’ to question whether the paper’s editors harbour a hidden agenda.

While MCA may be sanguine about The Star’s shenanigans, Umno and the other BN component parties must necessarily be wary that a stealthy dagger could be plunged in their side anytime during run-up to this most crucial of general elections.

How can BN concentrate on the task at hand if they have to deal not only with political foes upfront but at the same time need to be watchful that they do not get stabbed in the back?


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40 thoughts on “Does The Star have a Christian agenda?

  1. The DAP is the most racist party in the world so why are their leaders trying to hide the obvious.

    The Star’s prominent staff are active Christians so of course they are pro-Christian. But they should respect Islam as Malaysia’s official religion.

    Anyway, Islamists should not be worried because Islam is too big to be slighted or knocked down by anybody. Christians are jealous because God seems to favour Islam in most matters.

    1. Really? God seems to favour Islam in most matters.???? Open your eyes and look at the state of the Muslim Countries in the World.

  2. Well, at least The Star practices freedom of the press by allowing positive publicity of opponents of its owners.

    Also, there are DAP members, supporters and sympathisers among The Star’s editorial crew.

    Also, perhaps they are hedging their bets in case Pakatan wins the next GE

    1. :)

      (1) Quote: “Well, at least The Star practices freedom of the press by allowing positive publicity of opponents of its owners.”

      There’s the Christian dimension. Like Hussin Rahman (my ex-colleague from our newspaper days) commented #1, “The Star’s prominent staff are active Christians so of course they are pro-Christian.”

      Anyone working in the media industry knows this fact about the Star.

      The fact that they’re pushing a Christian agenda is a conflict catalyst.

      You agree that both Islam & Christianity are dakwah religions? To “evangelize” means to preach the gospel to, and to do their darndest to convert non-believers to Christianity.

      In M’sia, they’re not by law allowed to do that with Malays. But the Christians would then argue, everything is so unfair in M’sia — double standards! Kenapa orang Melayu bebas untuk berdakwah kepada orang India dan Cina tetapi keadaan sebaliknya dilarang? (“How come they can, we cannot?”)

      I would reply, well, the law is the law. If you don’t like the law and you have enough Aduns (like in S’gor vis-a-vis DUMC), then you change the law lah.

      But then the Christian missionaries, like the Taliban, would hold that the law of God higher than the law of man. (add on: meaning they’re willing to disobey the man-made laws prohibiting proselytization to Malay-Muslims – 9.48pm)

      Furthermore, in our case, the law of man is made by Malays and all the maki-hamun should be a clear indication of what some DAPsters think of Malays, e.g. looking at the kind of comments directed at the PM & DPM.

      So how, when this Christian thrust is sanctioned and supported by an entity like The Star? People mistake it for an MCA propagandist or party mouthpiece… The Star NUJ president’s tweet “Oi Big Mama” (in Twitter exchange with Hannah Yeoh) does not hint at an MCA cheerleader mindset, does it?

      Imagine putting a huge machinery like The Star at the disposal of people like the “Big Mama” tweeter, and the paper – meaning the people daily on the job who are behind the paper despite its ownership – churning out copious copy to influence or slant public perception against the traditional ‘enemy’ (think perang salib-perang jihad).

      (2) Quote: “Also, there are DAP members, supporters and sympathisers among The Star’s editorial crew.”

      Logically speaking, their political allegiance would not buck the general population trend. After all, the pro-opposition Chinese votes would have to be coming from somewhere.

      (3) Quote: “Also, perhaps they are hedging their bets in case Pakatan wins the next GE.”

      The top management perhaps will jaga periuk nasi (they know their bread is buttered by MCA) but have a look at the ex-Star NUJ president’s tweet, here. I think its representative of Chinese feeling on the ground.

      1. To clarify what might be a contentious statement: (I said in the comment above) “But then the Christian missionaries, like the Taliban, would hold that the law of God higher than the law of man.”

        I think in Malaysia, a good part of the population might possibly also hold that the law of God higher than the law of man, and not just the missionaries and the mullahs alone.

        So we have PAS who project themselves as executors of God’s law.

        I can’t think of any Christian states in the world except perhaps for the Vatican if it can be called a state.

        The rest of most of the world agree to abide by the law of the land.

        What I see as the problem with DAP 2.0 and its faces like Hannah Yeoh is that they’re the Christian version of Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi.

        Their missionary zeal & messiah complex would bring them into a head-on collision with the Muslim authorities of this land, which so far the non-Christian Chinese (old MCA) have managed to avoid.

      2. So Husin Rahman – the demented fuck is your ex-colleague? It all makes sense now…Another question for you…Are you anti-christian?

        1. A question for you … Weren’t you ever brought up to have some manners?

          If I collected a fine of RM1 for each time you use the ‘f’ word, I could buy myself dinner at a fine Italian restaurant.

      3. We need to focus on the decline of secularism and the rise of religious politics in Malaysia. I think this is a taboo topic.

        I have heard PAS supporters say that a munafiq (~ie. hypocrite) is worse than a kafir. They have hadith and even quranic text (Surah Al Baqarah) to support this.

        Therefore using conservative islamic religious logic, a chinese christian DAP member would be better than a malay UMNO member, whom a strong PAS supporter would consider as a hypocrite.

        I believe this is the main reason why PAS tolerates DAP.

        Are you aware of this Helen?

        No Malay/Muslim politician would raise this issue directly because it would be political suicide.

        What if the Chinese Christian DAP member is a hypocrite too? Munafik + Kafir = munafir? Just like Lion & Tiger = liger, Brad (Pitt) + Angelina (Jolie) = Brangelina — Helen

      4. Nope you got it wrong.You can’t just make up words that have arabic derivatives. That portmanteau word you made up may be insulting to PAS supporters, and probably most muslims.

        You must be aware– the Arabic language is sacred to all Muslims.

        Also, you don’t understand that you can’t make literal translations of Malay-Arabic words that are typically used in the islamic context. Munafiq, for example, applies mainly to Muslims. You can’t use it for non-muslims. Your malay-english-mandarin dictionary probably doesn’t provide adequate “word usage” information. You can’t trust google translate either. “Hipokrit” would be the appropriate word to describe DAPsters.

        I feel you lack the ability to understand that the Malay language is deeply infused with Arabic words and has greater nuances that a typical non-muslim, such as yourself, can’t comprehend unless he/she studies the arabic language and the malay/muslim society and history at large.

        That’s why when you use the term ‘fitnah’ against me, I feel you just “don’t get it”, though I don’t really care, to tell you honestly.

        In any language, etymology is important. But in Malay, it’s especially important for words that are used in the Quran.

        1. Words that were previously in plain BM have become fashionable to be used in Arabic instead, like musyawarah when we can say perundingan, muzakarah (perbincangan), mukadimah (pendahuluan)

          nowadays, it’s the Anglicized trend

          when I was in school, the subjects were called Ilmu Hisab & Ilmu Alam

          today, we have words like minda (akal fikiran), ide (buah fikiran)

          you may be right that I fail to get the Arabic/Quranic sense of fitnah and I was using the word in a plain BM sense as understood by a non-Muslim

          so what’s your take on this?

      5. No thanks to BN and PKR, secularism is now a dirty word on both sides of the divide.

        OB, nobody wants to talk about secularism nowdays, it is so dead and buried sixty feet under.

        Who in PKR made ‘secular’ a dirty word? — Helen

      6. We can safely forget DAP, that is to be expected. However, PKR turned out a little different on the matter of secularism.

        The party started out as another progressive Malay liberal alternative to UMNO. However, secularism has now become a very sensitive issue, be it on LGBT, religious pluralism, SIS or a thousand other related issues. It is like a nuclear weapon nobody wants to (or can) use, but it is there, nevertheless.

        UMNO might employ its agents to tar PKR as selling out to Islamic interests, but they are very aware that it could just equally backfire on themselves. As such, to preserve the harmony despite the inherent contradictions (will we see an UMNO that will out-Islam PAS?), both BN and PR will now have to bury the matter of secularism, deep.

        It is toxic and highly radioactive, but nobody wants to touch it. MCA, MIC and the other BN coalition partners will whisper to their crowd about the reasonableness of UMNO on secularism, while DAP and PKR will try their best to rein in PAS. The problem is, PAS gave too much via the Welfare State substitute, and UMNO couldn’t resist such an opportunity to crack the Opposition open on this matter. Luckily or unfortunately for us, they haven’t found a satisfactory and coherent approach.

        I hold PKR responsible in principle because it is supposed to balance out such imbalances. Many of us looked at PKR in its early days as the champion in restoring the secularity of the State (as enshrined in the Constitution). In DAP we have no such expectations, as long as they don’t go all out to agitate PAS, PKR can rest easy.

        My biggest hope came when PRM joined PKN, but PKR swallowed up one of the oldest movements in Malaya (tracing its roots to KMM) and obliterated our nation’s Malay socialist front. Luckily, some ember remains of PRM, but I doubt it can come back.

        I read a lot of “analysts” saying that the Malays’ increasing piety is a reason for this rampant Islamization and hostility towards secularism. I disagree. I believe that Muslims are not anti-secular, I just think Malaysians have been conditioned to treat it as such. Therefore the problem of PAS in PR.

        PAS is losing a lot of ground and this will ultimately decide where the secular line will be drawn. At the moment, it is a line in the sand.

        If the Chinese continue to antagonize, what’s to stop the Malays from just uniting under the Agama dan Bangsa banner? Easier for Umno Malays to accommodate the PAS Islamism, and easier for PAS Malays to be friends with muslimat than with the DAP kafir. — Helen

      7. Helen,

        A Christian dimension is quite possible. After all, Wong Chun Wai is a Christian among others.

        However, are they promoting Christianity or DAP politicians who are fellow Christians?

        If it is only a Christian agenda, then The Star should promote all politicians of any party who are fellow Christians

        I stil believe that they could be hedging their bets in case Pakatan wins in the hope that they (the top guys) would be allowed to keep their jobs.

        1. “If it is only a Christian agenda, then The Star should promote all politicians of any party who are fellow Christians”, good point.

          To expand the query, let’s figure out how The Star treats S’wak politicians, those pribumi who are Muslim compared to those who are Christians.

      8. “To expand the query, let’s figure out how The Star treats S’wak politicians, those pribumi who are Muslim compared to those who are Christians.”

        I don’t read The Star, so I guess you know more than I on this question. It’s also rather too hard to use as toilet paper.

        “Their missionary zeal & messiah complex would bring them into a head-on collision with the Muslim authorities of this land, which so far the non-Christian Chinese (old MCA) have managed to avoid.”

        You have a good point here. This could provoke a reaction by the Muslim authorities which would not be good for all Christians in Malaysia.

        Racial and religious issues dominate Malaysian politics, especially now which is very dangerous.

      9. Definition of words change and evolve. This is true in any language.

        I am sure Anwar and PAS had a hand in popularizing arabic words in everyday Malay speech.

        One example is the evolution of the word ‘zina’ , which I think most malays/muslims would previously consider as just plain ‘adultery’.

        Among PAS/anwar circles the word zina has been further elaborated to a specific act that requires 4 live witnesses to the intercourse while it is being committed (grainy video footage doesn’t count!).

        Some purists I’ve heard tell me there needs to be witnesses to the actual penetration in order to judge if it truly is zina!

        Tariq ramadan i think is the more ‘palatable’ islamic scholars out there. He mimics the view of most of my liberal arab friends, who don’t consider the “Allah” issue as a big deal. Of course they speak arabic as their native tongue — most Malaysians don’t.

        You have to understand that most malays, including myself, have adopted the chinese kiasu-ism. We won’t want to give an inch to the chinese especially if they want to usurp things that we hold dear. So, if Tariq thinks that he can butt into our affairs and just state his view on this issue, he should cancel his next trip to Malaysia . He obviously isn’t educated enough to understand the socio-political-economic situation in malaysia.

        If you’re mixed, why do you choose to portray yourself Malay pekat? I’m not being rude, just curious. I can understand why a Malaysian would see himself as Malay even if he’s a half-half but why adopt the kiasu-ism on behalf of bangsa Melayu? — Helen

      10. Someone has to set the example.

        However, my identity is constantly in flux. It depends on where I live.

        Did I tell you that a korean lady came up to me and asked why I don’t look chinese or speak mandarin. She thought that most malaysians look chinese! Goes to show how influential malaysian chinese are at affecting the international perception of Malaysia.

        Malays I think deserve more support. However, the ungrateful ones or the ones deluded by religious dogma/ideology sometimes deserve their plight. It’s hard to change mentality.

        I wanted to clarify about my malay kiasu-ism comment. I think the malay kiasu-ism (which probably can’t compare with chinese kiasu-ism) is mostly among the educated pro-establishment malays. I still can’t figure out the exact proportion of malays who fall into that category. It’s really hard to speculate who supports what nowadays.

  3. At least Star paper gives a fairer report, unlike the toilet paper utusan and berita harian.

    1. Iyer ke? Lps berak ko pakaj kertas suratkhabar utusan/bharian utk lap b****t ko, ikut nama menunjukkan Muslim tp berak lap pakai kertas, camne ko solat yer??

      1. Saya tak ‘caya yang si “mohd aziz” nih sorang Melayu ataupun Muslim. Komen-komennya yang lepas pun bunyi ‘cam DAP aje.

      2. There are many Malays who think like Mohd. Aziz. Before we dismiss them as just Bangsar Malay types, there are many from the working class, students, and also from the kampungs.

    1. “MCA Youth chief Wee Ka Siong in a press release yesterday said that “no DAP leader dares to walk with Karpal in condemning PAS” for the Islamist party’s continued hudud push.

      Of course it’s going to be Karpal’s own battle in so far as his opposition of the hudud is concerned. In fact most of hudud as practised by many Muslim countries is in consonance with the provisions in the Bible but nowhere to be found in the Quran e.g stoning to death of murtads and adulterers; the requirement for hijab and circumcision and the like.

      In other words, PAS, in insisting to implement its version of the hudud, is furthering the Christian cause to the delight of the DAP Christians.

      It’s high time that Karpal does a Tunku Aziz and realize that he’s a mere figurehead in DAP.

      I agree. The Nasrudin Tantawi’s of PAS & the Hannah Yeohs of DAP are two sides of the same mullah coin. — Helen

      1. Karpal doing a Tunku Aziz is not going to change anything. In fact, for Dapsters who are in perpetual hysteria, Karpal doing a Tunku Aziz is conformation that Karpal has been “bought” by Barisan.

        Such is the stage of perpetual hysteria these Dapsters are in that they see Barisan hands in everything “bad” that happens to their party.

  4. Helen’s note: This comment is not entertained as it contains false personal innuendo against me.

  5. Okie I’m sorry bout the M*S*H C***A thing. My point is Hannah is just a small potato in DAP. Why waste so much effort on her? Whack those heavy weight lar. I believe some of your readers alrealdy get bored of her. At least I am. Try whack Karpal or Anthony or Kit Siang or Seng Giaw or Chong Eng or Pua. I believe they deserve more bashing compare to ….. Hannah. Who is Hannah by the way????

    1. Why would I want to “whack” someone – even if he IS a politician – simply for the sake of whacking?

      You forget that I’ve all this while before been voting DAP. And people who voted the Old DAP generally have a respect for LKS and Karpal, plus a sense of gratitude to the party stalwarts.

      On a side note, Chong Eng has not courted any controversy or sought cheap publicity. She does her job without fuss or fanfare despite her position as Wanita Chief (compared to HY’s no position but daily soliciting the press to “look at me, look at me!”)

      That I won’t vote DAP in GE13 is only b’cos I see how, even with just the little power that they’ve attained at state level, it has so quickly gotten to their heads. Making them arrogant & behaving badly especially to those they see as weaker or whose votes they disdain, like the Kg Buah Pala demography.

      “My point is Hannah is just a small potato in DAP.” Exactly! On the DAP party balance sheet, this is so.

      Yet she comes to mind (and why not the dozens of her party counterparts?) as a “DAP top leader” in the view of no less than the MCA Youth chief cum Deputy Education Minister.

      Why didn’t WKS pick the name(s) of anyone among the office bearers listed above to cite as his example, and who have seniority having been with the party donkey years instead of the trio who joined DAP mere months before 8/3.

      Don’t you see how the above scenario (i.e. HY, TNC & CS hogging the limelight) is indicative of how DAP 2.0 has pushed aside DAP 1.0 in the media spotlight?

      The pre-tsunami old guards were the ones who did grassroots work on the ground with the 1.0 electorate — the Ah Soh hawkers and the Ah Chek petty traders who donated from their earnings to keep DAP going during the hard times.

      Those benefiting from the durian runtuh (Yang Berhormat titles falling into their laps) reaped the fruits of the DAP brand name – to which they contributed nothing since they only joined the party months before GE12 – at a time when public sentiment was such that even had a broomstick contested under the rocket banner, the broomstick would have won the Chinese votes.

      That the Chinese electorate harbour so much hate (Tunku Aziz and many others’ description of the Politics of Hate) that they couldn’t care less what the candidate is, as long as the party symbol is there, is a cause of concern in the long term.

      What happens post GE13? With this kind of strong feelings, can the Chinese commence to live alongside the other half of the population (Malays, Indians, natives) who are of the opposite political persuasion? I see HY and her ilk whipping up a hateful frenzy against The Other that old guard pollies like Tan Seng Giaw didn’t do or perhaps there was no enabling mechanism – Facebook, Twitter, etc and political junkie audience – in his time.

      I see that the DAP 1.0 voter demography (e.g. like my late mom, who feel Chinese rather than the hypocritical house-of-cards DAP construction of Anak Malaysia) have been sidelined b’cos unglamorous & un-hip.

      Even though Hee Yit Foong is blameworthy for shifting her allegiance but consider … the years that she singularly put in with DAP beats the years all added up of at least a dozen of the new DAP YBs (like HY, TNC & CS) counted altogether.

      HYF managed to win Jelapang for DAP in 2004 when the rest of the opposition was trounced by AAB leading BN to a popular landslide victory.

      Aren’t you a bit curious as to what the new guard did to an old hand like HYF to cause her to desert? Or is she all black to you, the Christian cousins in Perak all white, and the fault all hers whereas the faultless, pristine DAP 2.0 is god’s gift to the Chinese?

      You ask: “Who is Hannah by the way????”

      I’d say ‘Hannah’ – the manufactured slick image garnering hordes of Twitter followers – is a media creation and someone who uses the publicity platforms like fellow Twitter queen Lady Gaga (except that the singer at least has real talent).

      Remember that HY’s previous job (before LGE picked her up and leapfrogged her over the seniors to contest) was as “event planner”.

      As to why I focus on Hannah and not Chong Eng or the rest of the tons of DAP names on this page, pls remember that my training and academic study is media and language.

      HY is the consummate propagandist, the rest are not. Bet you haven’t come across the names of a good majority of the DAP folks listed above who are the ‘real’ office holders in the party.

      For someone of my professional career background, coupled with my innate scepticism of con artistes who manipulate religion to brainwash the gullible, then it should be obvious to you why as a matter of personal interest, I devote blog space to deconstruct LGE’s sidekick.

      If I were being paid by any of the ruling parties to blog, then perhaps the more natural target would be Tony Pua or Kit Siang, Teresa and indeed the DAP itself.

      That’s why I dislike DAPsters, they’re forever trying to square the circle with their illogical wild accusations.

      Instead of screaming that the whole world has been bought over, or turned over, to criticize them, can they look in the mirror and realise that they’re criticized simply for being such arseholes yang sebati dengan sikap suka menghina, mencerca serta memfitnah orang lain?

      1. Your reason does justified your action against her (HY). But refering to your post the person that need most bashing should be WKS don’t you think so. Maybe WKS feels that he is only at par to compete with HY, TNC and CS. The shame is on him. So why on earth do you need to mention HY so much in this post. Remember Miss Tow truck issue. DAPster was blamed for overbashing but the issue stop quickly. After all this bashing of HY you still wouldn’t want to stop…. why? Wouldn’t you feel that a part of the twitter queen popularity somehow is contributed by you. Did I mention how many time HY’s name came out per post in this blog. I didn’t mean to teach you how to write and what to write since this blog belongs to you. The reason I say this is because I think you wouldn’t want to lose some of your loyal reader. Leave HY alone, I believe people knows how to judge. By the way I need to say I truly respect ur reasoning above. Maybe not about HYF, probably because of my own perception towards her, but the rest is quite true.

      2. Its quite odd you keep turning your own blog into the HNN ‘Hannah News Network’. Not a day or article passes without stones being tossed at either a)Christians, or b)Hannah Yeoh

        About the Star, I disagree it has a Christian agenda.

        1)No DAP bad news allowed in Star

        As a long time reader of the Star, I read many articles about bad news of DAP, rumours of splits in PR, criticism of Guang Eng, Karpal, Kit Siang, PAS planning hudud and DAP not doing anything, people leaving DAP/PKR/PAS, poor leadership in Penang, Selangor, Kedah, Perak, Kelantan, et cetra.

        On the other hand, lots of positive news and commentary is given to BN especially MCA with their 1Malaysia social projects, media statements from BN government ministers or MCA leaders, good write-ups about Soi Lek, interviews with people condemning PR, et cetra.

        You need to see the big picture rather than just nitpicking to choose the “facts” you want while ignoring the rest.

        Most people will see Star‘s editorial policy as this: “BN is Good. PR is Bad”

        2)The ‘real’ DAP office holders

        If any DAP politico gets lots of publicity in the Star‘s news, it would be Lim Guan Eng, Karpal, Kit Siang. The news article above about Hannah is just a Metro short about municipal topics, considering shes the assemblywoman for that area. Since you worked in The Star before, surely you know ‘Metro’ is merely about local community topics? There are also Metro far more numerous articles about MCA Aduns.

        1. Since I worked in The Star before, I know that “the sentiment on the ground” there is pro-opposition with the exception of the top people rewarded by the establishment such as WCW (3 Datukships at last count, mebbe more now) & the handful of his fellow Datuk editors.

          The pro-MCA news is done to order lah. Dincha notice that on the day of the CSL-LGE 2.0 debate, the paper did a splash on the Pg hillslope development? And that the Betty Chew tease in the Melaka DUN came on the eve of the debate?

          That’s why I’ve said before Star has a bipolar disorder. One side of the split personality is pro-BN (i.e. the top people) and the other side (the dominant personality b’cos greater in numbers) is anti-establishment.

          The pro-BN side of the paper is more rational b’cos they’re the bosses with some measure of independent decision-making and receiving gratification (good deals). The pro-DAP side of the paper is more subversive, particularly if they’re non-exec staff who don’t call the shots as to the editorial content and chafe under their working conditions.

          That’s when they ventilate in various ways (the “Oi Big Mama” tweet being one example). Subversives are unpredictable, so I think I’m not wrong to say that they, and by extension the paper, cannot be relied on by BN.

          The genuinely pro-MCA editors (if there are any) can’t be expected to keep an eagle eye on everything. Things will slip through but it’s difficult to hide the resentful tone (against Umno, Muhyiddin, etc) and to obscure the personal leanings as reporters are people too.

          Comparing who’s more determined, I’d say the pro-oppositionists. That also reflects the situation in the cyber world where the DAPsters take the trouble to vote 1,001 thumbs down while the pro-BN camp remains generally more reserved.

          There is no equivalent to the seek-and-destroy ABU “kuburkan” chant among the pro-establishment folks. MCA has not tried to kill off DAP in all the previous GEs when it was ascendent but the coming round, DAP & DAPsters are gleefully gonna finish off MCA.

          Given the vast difference in intensity of feeling, I see that the repressed Mr Hyde personality in Star will prevail over the Dr Jekyll.

          re: the non-appearance of non-Hannah pollies in The Star

          MCA people across the board have been buried by the Star, particularly in Metro b’cos it’s not mainline Nation which the top editors have to supervise. But Central section still reaches a lot of readers.

          Only unless they (rank-and-file) can’t help it, i.e. the “political masters” have strictly ordered this or that to be featured, then MCA will not be given favourable coverage. It’s quite easy to tell which stories have been demanded by the MCA top brass but it’s also similarly easy to see where the paper’s heart is.

          The collateral damage are the majority of MCA, esp. Wanita and Beliawanis whom are treated by Star with the same disdain that DAPsters label certain Star writers “whore” and “prostitute”. Can’t think of anyone who’s a fan of Ng Yen Yen.

          Umno Youth, Puteri and Wanita Umno are almost invisible in the paper compared to the oppo pollies.

          Never mind Hannah, google Nurul, Gan Pei Nei and TNC whom nobody can accuse that I have any grudge against, and compare with coverage of any Wanita, Puteri or Beliawanis.

          The Star is indeed surreptitiously powered by the Rocket. I doubt that MCA is able to buy the loyalty of the newspaper’s staff despite signing the paycheque.

      3. Anwar Penipu – My answer is no but if that is your perception, I have no right to stop you. Wouldn’t you think that I’m stupid calling her small potato if I’m in her bank roll.

  6. That the Star has been pushing a christian agenda (and subtly has been for the last 30 years) is no news. We see and snort at their barely disguised ploy. That MCA overlooks and has not taken action is news.

    1. I believe this too. That is why UMNO should not allow MCA to contest in Malay majority areas. MCA and GERAKAN should take on DAP. The chinese must decide once and for all…DAP or MCA.

  7. Melonhead

    Yes. Sir. That is the right thing to do. MCA must learn that the right to exist is simply winning on Chinese mind, not by solely dependimg on UMNO.

    Time has change. Now Malays no longer want MCA to represent them in Malay areas. Chinese must realise that their interest is best protected by voting MCA.

    If they vote for DAP, then they actually voting Chinese out of Govt.

    1. You know Shamshul, I wonder if you know that out of 165 parliamentary constituencies in Peninsular Malaysia, 70% are Malay-majority, 16% are Chinese-majority and 14% are constituencies where no single ethnic group comprises more than 50% of voters.

      I know you are a supporter of race-based politics, but essentially your solution would mean that MIC can forget about running on behalf of the Indians because we have zero “0” Indian majority constituencies.

      Don’t want to dampen your spirit for 1Malaysia, but your solution and justification is flawed. Selamat berpuasa btw, lol!

      1. i too feel that telling MCA & Gerakan to go it alone in GE13 would be akin to unreasonable petulance on UMNO’s part and not unlike cutting off the nose to spite the face. it’s an indulgence UMNO/BN could do without when going into battle, imho.

        however i suspect that najib, and even his #2, are savvy enough politicians not to adopt this attitude. after all, the strength of BN is in the way it has been able to hold together a coalition of heterogeneous parts without each losing its identity. i’m sure this fact is still not lost on many of the more reasonable chinese and indian constituents. after all, the BN way has been such a successful formula that PR, in spite of its “chant for change” swagger, is itself clumsily trying to imitate. :D

        granted everyone has been saying that since GE12 the chinese votes are now solid behind DAP. but i wonder how much of that conclusion is made from reliable guesstimates and how much from impressions based on strident chinese ABU and anti-establishment noises coming out of the social media. we have to bear in mind that sheer loudness doesn’t necessarily mean numbers. after all in the new media, a bunch of rude idle yobs with nothing better to do than create multiple accounts to rempit around the comment boxes of media forums and blogs can sound like the advent of a mongol horde.

        i know this may not be much of an indication, but i’ve been seeing and hearing quite a bit of action on facebook from MCA & Gerakan supporters and other chinese msians who seem quite disdainful of DAP’s arrogance and upstart ways.

        the impression i get is these folks are surely and silently working the chinese grassroots to regain lost grounds. of late i’m noticing with glee that they are making efforts to be just as loud and gangsterish as the DAP in various social media.

        no, i wouldn’t rule MCA out of the game yet. the best way for UMNO to staunch whatever bleed of chinese support to DAP is to shore up the flanks of its chinese BN partners. it’s just sound strategy. those UMNO malays with their blanket distrust of all beings chinese can always go back to their comfortable jaundiced ways after they’ve trounced PR in GE13 and [yeah, the irony!] prevent further unhealthy racial polarization. ;D

        1. Like and agree with your comment :)

          The silent Chinese grassroots may yet surprise the loudly farting Bangsar M’sians.

          However in all of these calculations, one component of the strategy is that MCA must blunt the Scissors so that the party does not get stabbed in the back.

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