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Rebranding Betty 2.0 in Buletin Mutiara photo spread

The media is abuzz with Mrs cmlimguaneng’s “drastic style makeover”. It was reported yesterday that Betty Chew is now sporting a trendier and more elegant look “after having to attend more functions with Lim”.

She even took to the catwalk in a fashion show during a bridal showcase event at the Straits Quay in Tanjong Tokong, Penang. (Planning a second honeymoon, huh? Fly lah first class to romantic destination Italy and can shop for more “stylish dresses” in Milan at the same time.)

The state government had previously apologized for the cmlimguaneng photos plastering Buletin Mutiara wall to wall and blaming it on a “technical slip-up”. The apology was obviously mere lip service.

After the infamous 51 photos, the following edition continued to treat the state-funded publication like the Kim family album. Despite an earlier promise by the Penang chief minister’s communication chief “to ensure this will not happen again and news stories will be given priority”, there were 28 pictures of the Beloved Chief Minister over the same number of pages.

Arrogantly disregarding the previous public outcry, the Kim regime shows no sign that they will refrain from using Buletin Mutiara exactly like how their Pakatan counterparts misuse Selangor Times to cultivate the Pakatan Chinese personality cult.

Obviously the “technical slip-up” is yet to be corrected as the July edition of Buletin ‘Betty’ Mutiara (pdf here) proves.

Still so many photos of cmlimguaneng and now an increased count of mrs cmlimguaneng.

On Page 1, Buletin Mutiara must have:

On Page 2 below:

mrscmlimguaneng like a chilli that’s about to burst her hot red buttons (XXS baju too tight around the waist, methinks)

Page 3 below:

Betty ‘pretty’ in peach. And look at the size of her “tasteful accessories” (words used by the media)! Ruby ring not costing RM24.4 million, I presume?

Page 4 below:

Betty Boobs in her Victoria Secret’s pose.

Page 6 left:

Now cmlimguaneng only needs 5 more colours to get rainbow around his middle.

(The kindergarten fingers is a file photo)

Page 10 above:

In the eyes of adoring Penangites, cmlimguaneng is the second coming — the ‘Man-God who Walks on Water.

Page 13 below:

Attend funeral also must publish photo in Buletin Mutiara and distribute to every household in Penang.

Page 15 below:

The ‘Melayu’ wannabe hoping to fill the Malay RACE-based quota for Deputy Chief Minister is pictured left, tagging along with Dear Leader.

Page 16 below:

cmlimguaneng disinterested in buka puasa fare as it fails to match up to the 88-course Chinese dinners he’s becomed used to with his BFFs

Note: The page 16 photo buka puasa is seen in Chan Lilian’s column. Waaah … so much “brother-ing and sister-ing” in just her first paragraph alone.

However I doubt that it is accurate for her to say “fellow Muslim” as she’s not one, and furthermore this is the Guan Eng Special Officer questioned twice by police for her “Christians are persecuted” tweet.


Page 2 below:

cmlimguaneng plays safe with Betty by reverting to his Brylcreem look

Page 5 (Chinese) below:

Hubby having a cuppa while waiting for wifey to finish her facial. Like this also considered News, ah?


Page 1 below:

cmlimguaneng giving The Look and Chua Soi Lek returning a grimace

Page 2 (Tamil) below:

cmlimguaneng giving The Look again

Page 6 below:

Confectioners must be more sensitive and not bake rainbow-coloured cakes for cmlimguaneng’s functions.

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16 thoughts on “Rebranding Betty 2.0 in Buletin Mutiara photo spread

  1. Betty Chew is the new big mama LOL!

    Next phase will be the regular shopping trips to London and New York.

  2. “Fly lah first class to romantic destination Italy and can shop for more “stylish dresses” in Milan at the same time.)”

    “Ruby ring not costing RM24.4 million, I presume?”

    Helen, are you trying to criticise and flay our FLOM at the same time?

    1. I dun see any australian or us universities giving honoraray degrees or dictorate to madam mao of penang…let alone north korean universities!!!……betty mao is not comparable to the prestige of the flom or big hair.

  3. Don’t be jealous now hell. All you have to do is start using shampoo and stop writing with the intellect of a 5 year old.

    1. (1) Why do you keep obsessing about my hair, Zeus? Are you bald and suffering from hair envy?

      (2) If I write with the intellect of a 5 year old, it’s b’cos I am a very obliging person and like Roald Dahl and Maurice Sendak, I sometimes condescend to pander to my kiddie readership — like you.

      (3) You know, one fine day when you’re able to submit a decent comment (the rarity and wonder of such a happening), there will surely be rainbows in the sky.

      1. There will always be rainbows in the sky as long as someone gives you a golden shower..which I’m sure you are accustomed to….so just know that evrytime you spew filth…you get filth

        1. Am I the one incessantly using foul language or are you?

          Am I the one incessantly hurling personal insults or are you?

          Am I the one making accusations without a shred of evidence or are you?

          So far I have layan your kerenah but I think with this comment you’ve tested my patience to the limit. I don’t regard you as being worth my time to indulge anymore.

    2. U dapsters are the bitter pakatoons with the lower intellect..

      have no shame to attack rosmah.. call her murderer and harass the facebooks of stevens institute and curtin uni and making embarrassment to the world when both alma mater bestow rosmah with honoraries…

      now kene dua kali lima and cannot face reality that other people can attack betty mao just as you guys unfairly attack rosmah.

  4. This CM and his MB (mem besar)… aren’t they sweet? If you want to rebrand them, let’s give them a name. I suggest “Brylcream Boy and Betty Boo”

  5. “Now cmlimguaneng only needs 5 more colours to get rainbow around his middle.”

    Naughty. :)

    1. First ladies like rosmah is being attacked for doing the right thing…her involvement in permata which aims to enhance pre school learning is being ridiculed despite stevens and curtin honoring her for that effort….her works in permata will pay dividends in decades to come…

      here we have madam mao of penang paraded like china doll mannequin in her breast- grabbing garb over nothing.. makes me want to vomit…. she is no match for the likes of mahathir’s dilugent wife, badawis first wife datin norin who maintained her stature as a pm wife till the end with cancer and rosmah who despite her poor PR is still a victim to pakatoon gutter politics.

  6. Aiyah Helen,you missed the real interesting point here. Why would Betty all of a sudden,

    1. Go for a such an extreme makeover, and,
    2. Attend more functions with the Dear Leader ?

    1. ‘Coz spinning is made-up of 99.9% perception and 0.1% truth. The 0.1% truth comes in the form of the un-doctored photos..:-)

      It’s pathetic that in this day and age, these supposedly educated women of Malaysia would hide the abuses of their men – be it physical or be it emotional. If the likes of Betty and Wan Azizah, who represent the well-to-do, well-educated women chose to ply the route of denial, what message are their giving to other women and girls? That’s it’s okay to be in an emotionally abusive relationship for as long as you can charge to his credit card?

      No matter which religion one prescribes to, there’s always an escape clause for this type of situation. Shame that these women have no will-power to push the eject button. Good luck to them..:-)

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