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“Muslims pretending to be Christians?”

Yesterday: Big Dog and Shamsul Yunos appeared in ‘I choose Malaysia‘ full-page ads in all the major newspapers.

Malaysiakini reminded everyone that the two bloggers had sparked the ‘Christian conspiracy’ row last year.

See front page of “Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia” (Malaysiakini’s label in quotes). See “the screaming headline”(Malaysiakini’s description). The Utusan sub-headline reads: ‘Dua laman blog dedah ikrar paderi seluruh negara’, referring to Big Dog and Shamsul’s blogs.

6 May 2011: Jeff Ooi denied Big Dog’s allegations.

Recalling the Utusan coverage, Malaysiakini said it “triggered an uproar among Christian leaders that led to a flurry of police reports and counter-reports”.

As with the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) case, the police investigation was subsequently closed when there was insufficient evidence.

Church as DAP bully pulpit

9 May 2011: Blogger ‘A Voice’ provided an overview of the controversy.

He asked:

“Is there an authority that administer and monitor to ensure [that Christian] sermon is line with the nation building process and no priests or pastor would agitate the congregation into another crusade?”

Answering his question, we should bear in mind that Hannah Yeoh, for example, preaches in the church circuit. Is there an authority to monitor DAP politicians in church? Nope. See also, ‘Elok Jais, Mais segera pantau kultus (cult)’

Are politician-‘preachers’ agitating the congregation? Yup (c.f. Sibu by-election, Sarawak 2011 state election).

3 Aug 2012: Jais pantau 38 masjid panas

‘A Voice’ further noted:

“Such pledge [re: Big Dog’s accusation] could have or could not have occurred but the adversarial and aggressive trend of Christian churches makes such alleged pledges seemed believable.”

“Adversarial and aggressive” — you bet!

‘DAP SuperCyber Bullies’ *

13 May 2012: Raja Petra wrote:


“It is also quite comical when I post articles regarding Christianity and the hard-core Christians suddenly crawl out from the woodwork like maggots feeding on a carcass. From nowhere these Christians would appear and lecture us about how Christianity is a religion of love, how we must love the sinner but hate the sin, how Christianity is a better religion than the other religions because by accepting Jesus your soul is saved, how Jesus died for our sins, and so on.

“Then, these same ‘love the sinner but hate the sin’ people will foam at the mouth and demonstrate hate against anyone who expresses support for the government or criticises the opposition. I suppose you are now going to tell me that all those who posted hate comments are not Christians but Hindus and Buddhists and that this shows what low quality people Hindus and Buddhists are. Or maybe they are Muslims pretending to be Christians?”


Does anyone reckon the Malaysia Today readers posting hate comments are really “low-class” Hindus and Buddhists who for some bizarre reason sound like Christians or “are Muslims pretending to be Christians”?

Perpetual hysteria has its use

Source: The Economist

4 Aug 2012: Chart (see above) in The Economist notes that the USA is where any view will be greeted with loud support or treated with contemptuous discredit by the majority Christians. Whereas with China’s Buddhists, the attitude is one of “Keep quiet, admire the beautiful temples”.

The values survey – upon which the magazine’s research is based – is illuminating on the behaviour of the DAP evangelical horde versus “quiet” Buddhists locally.

The City Harvest Church pastor’s wife “reaching out to the unconverted”

In the same issue, The Economist commented also on the City Harvest Church scandal:

“[The pastor] Mr Kong’s detractors are smug after years of wailing about the evils and excesses of the new mega-churches …”.

The magazine added:

“They [CHC parishioners] seem to have trusted Mr Kong to spend their money in any way he saw fit. … the case has revealed a lack of accountability and transparency at religious organisations.”

(bold emphasis this blogger’s)

Back to May 13: Returning to Raja Petra’s article, he takes to task his readership who “go into a rage and curse, mock and vilify” any opposition critic with the insults “bitch, prostitute, arsehole, bastard, cock-sucker, mother-fucker, and worse”.

How Christian of them. They say their God is Love? And they insist on calling their god Allah?

Raja Petra wrote:

“You have zero tolerance for any opinion that goes against your stand. And you make this known by posting a most foul comment in response to this opinion. There are just not enough words in the English language to enable you to describe how you feel.”

He makes a pertinent point, saying:

“Do you think you can continue to do this and get away with it? Do you think that at one point of time something is not going to break?”

How long more do the evangelical activists think that Malaysians of other religions will continue to buy their protestations of complete innocence and believe in their DUMC excuses?

* “DAP SuperCyber Bully” — see image here


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9 thoughts on ““Muslims pretending to be Christians?”

  1. “….Is there an authority that administer and monitor to ensure [that Christian] sermon is line with the nation building process and no priests or pastor would agitate the congregation into another crusade?”

    The monitoring authority, if any, ought to be a non-religious entity. Otherwise it would be an exercise in futility. We have seen how MAIS, JAIS and the other ‘AIS’es had, for decades, been unable to discourage, let alone to stop, some if the most vitriolic Muslim Friday kutbah agitating against the democratically elected government of the day and tearing asunder the social fabric of the Malays. Total banning of party politics in places of worship could be another option that may save this nation from the devil in preachers’ attire.

    DAP evangelists going down the PAS path, that’s for sure. They’re just as vitriolic damning other people to “the Dark Side” and deploying other such witch-hunting, pitchforking vocabulary. — Helen

  2. I have no idea about the Christian evangelical movement in Malaysia. Do they engage in closed door activities, or do they also go house to house, have radio stations, sermons, traveling preachers or faith healers too?

    Also, what are the most influential denominations? Any splinter cults too?

    Saw some photos of pastor pastors laying his their hand on head(s). Can you help interpret? — Helen

    1. They are not religious people. They are cultists. That’s why not too long ago I described their behavior/attitude as perpetual hysteria.

    2. I don’t know , may be performing a blessing or trying to perform a faith healing like laying of hands, maybe something else.

      In Indonesia they have airtime on national television. I know that would be impossible in Malaysia.

  3. Indeed the extremist christians are fork tongued and hypocrite..

    they love telling muslims, buddhist and hindus that we are wrong and love us at the same time.. if someone come to me and say i am bad but loves me.. i think he is a weirdo…. but looking past history, christianity in europe had been about rape, pillaging foreign countries, crusade and paedophilia not to mention two world wars… it is a weird religion at most points of history.

    The unfortunate ones lured by the mega churches think they are in a fad while those converts in poor countries are literally bribed ti convert… contemporary chtistianity has lost its essence, most christians especially the fad type do not know how to pray, let alone know what practices they do to be christians (example the catholics practice the rosary)…the muslims may busy themselves with prayers, hindus and buddhists can devote themselves to monastery life and have religious practices in everyday life (tending to altars)…the mega churches fad go partying and they say they have good news… .

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