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Firsters will be first to emigrate

Oh but wait! They’re already living abroad what.

Haris Ibrahim’s blog tagline is “We are here, not because we are law-breakers; we are here in our efforts to become law-makers”, quoting Emmeline Pankhurst (see screenshot above).

Yet Haris’ recent campaigns, like ABU for instance, are leading Malaysians to break the law by vandalizing public property — read here.

They even pasted the ABU sticker on a bench inside a Jalan Duta courtroom.

Furthermore, Haris and his followers have threatened to take to the streets should the results of GE13 favour BN — read here.

Haris’ activities are contrary to his blog slogan which says “We are here, not because we are law-breakers; we are here in our efforts to become law-makers”.

I guess he’s taking to heart the DAP slogan “ubah” as the banner across the homepage asserting the aspiration to become lawmakers was put up before the tarikh keramat 8 Mac. We know that 2008 is Year Zero, and the period that comes before and the period that comes after are subject to different standards.

ABU and its supporters have declared war on Umno. Haris proclaims, “We are at war. This strategy has been thought through.”

The two screenshots above are taken from Haris’ July 27 posting titled ‘Manchester’s Plan B, stands and directions? Will RPK make sense of these for us?

Where the followers are

To wage battle, warriors need a war chest.

In his Aug 3 posting titled ‘Please help ABU. I don’t want to lose all my friends‘, Haris makes a public appeal for donations.

Let’s see where Haris’ supporters, who have pledged some funding, presently live. The screenshots below are taken from ‘Please help ABU‘.

These kind folks helping ABU are safely abroad. How nice. They won’t be around to feel the consequences.

The bottom image is taken from Haris’ posting today titled ‘Asalkan Bukan Umno menyokong DAP‘.

Even nicer to know that ABU is being carried out to benefit that god-blessed, exalted by Righteousness party where all the “excellent candidate material” are.

Now doesn’t the Firster connection make perfect sense?


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19 thoughts on “Firsters will be first to emigrate

  1. Isn’t it nice to have plan B: Migrate? So in essence what these ABU supporters are telling me, if I vote for BN my vote is absolutely wrong and they have the right to take to the streets to call me an idiot and my vote doesn’t count. Wow, let me just say F#*% U!

    1. Ya lah. Klu kita vote BN we are idiots. I remember when BN won the hulu selangor by-election, banyak comments like “why are those kg folk so stupid” plastered all over the pro-opposition news portals. Very endearing lah these firsters. Now want to vandalise public property with their ABU stickers. Like Along and ubat kuat sex toys tak cukup lagi defacing KL.
      Pegi daa.

    2. I say good riddance for these pests… Please bring along your friends, your spouse and family. Malaysians will never miss these pests.

  2. These people should think long and hard before they take to the streets. Do they think that if they do so, no one wlse will do likewise to oppose them? Easy la to incite and sit back or stay a safe distance away like in Downunder and watch others get hurt. For all you know, the first fella to get hurt might be the one who does the inciting!

    Think la, jangan cakap macam stupid idiots.

  3. I will be greatly relieved if Haris and his ABU minions emigrate of their own free will and leave this blessed country. A few less hypocrites in this country is a good thing. As such I will be voting for the BN and encourage my friends to do the same.

    1. They can’t migrate really, because knowing the nature of these people, no country would accept these people, hence they have to institute regime change here in order to save face.
      I’ve said this a couple of times, and I’ll say this again. Do your bit folks. Come election day, make your votes count. Send these Malaysian First hacks back to where they came from. Peace.

  4. In case, just in case, the PR came to power, what would prevent the rakyat to adopt ABU’s tactics to bring them down? If they can break the law in their quest to become lawmakers, others also reserve the right to bring them down by damning the law.

  5. Haris Ibrahim wishes he were a Parisian in 1789. I believe the phrase choc ice refers to him.

    I hope the gullible fellows reading his fund appeal do not fall for a scam.

    1. Gullible being the keyword….looking at the postings in Facebook, I’m surprised at how many gullible people there are in Malaysia! They take the Pakatan Rakyat’s statements as the gospel truth!

  6. i can’t help but snicker a bit when i hear some msians talk about migrating, usually to first world cntries, like it’s the easiest thing in the world to do.

    as far as i know, you either have to be:
    1) filthy rich and can right away invest a stipulated amount of capital to prove the veracity of your wish to migrate to the country, or
    2) extremely talented and will be a credit to the international standing of the country, or
    3) sponsored by a company who believes you have marketable skills worthy of its investment, or
    4) married to one of the nationals, or
    5) born in the country you wish to migrate to [this is particularly true of the US] – though if you are domiciled abroad since birth you still need to confirm your citizenship status once of legal age, or
    6) [true of the US only] a green card lottery winner from one of the countries allowed to participate – in which case you still need to show that you have enough money not to be a sosial burden or will need to find a national who can guarantee that you won’t be before you are formally accepted, or
    7) a refugee – which still means your acceptance is subject to quotas and you don’t really have a choice of which country and may have to wait years in a processing camp somewhere.

    otherwise, here’s the reality. you will have to join the rest of the hopefuls who i heard have been “waiting” years, even as long as a decade. with countries like the australia, nz, canada, uk and the us, you’d be really lucky if your request doesn’t languish forever in their long immigration processing services before you even get called for an initial interview. and this isn’t to say that those countries won’t close their doors or change their acceptance rules on you in the meantime. even if you are a skilled professional, if don’t land a job in the country you wish to migrate to first, expect to wait it out!

    i know some people who migrated with their families to canada, the us, and to a european country. till today they spoke with shudders about the amount of red tapes they had go through, of bureaucratic hoops they had to jump, of incessant forms and numerous support documents, not to mention of the money and time involved. they said would have given up midway if they hadn’t already invested so much into the exercise. the extent of official griefs also differ from country to country. it’s not guaranteed to be smooth even for those with marketable skills or are migrating via marriage. at the very least they have to invest time, if not money. and we aren’t even talking of the stress of uncertainty here.

    even those who try to go the asylum-seeking way aren’t assured of easy acceptance. there are vetting processes and if you aren’t a genuine case, you may face criminal prosecution and not just deportation.

    of course you can go the overstaying your visitor’s visa way lah, like a number msians yang melilau abroad [talking of the non-tourists here], forever evading deportation and whinging abt having to do jobs that don’t commensurate with their education, yada yada…

    so do people like haris ibrahim who talk abt migrating like relocating from kl to kucing know something most of us don’t, then? after all not everyone has/had one foreign parent, like raja petra. or is haris thinking of sri lanka?

    1. No, he’s thinking of migrating to the nearest place ever. No need visa, green card, wealth etc. Dekat sangat, seberang Sungai Golok straight to Selatan Thai or morphed into Rahingya ethnic. Then he will know how to be grateful.

      1. He won’t be thinking of migrating to those places you’d mentioned. Rohingya ? He would say “F*** them ! Who are these F*** ? We the Firsters are destined to bring about a new Malaysia, a new Malaysian race”.

        He doesn’t even identify himself as a Malaysian of Malay ethnicity. He always refers to himself as Malaysian. That tells you something about Here is The Mat Salleh Wannabe I Be Him Haris Ibrahim.

  7. Your post quoted in Mole. Including the comments, time to shine guys. The commentators, not you Helen, you are already shining terrifying light to the DAPsters dark world. Wait, does that sound Christian?

    1. Pakatoons are like the jews who sold Jesus to the Romans because he disrupted their status quo. They will naturally play the victim card, because sympathy is what they leech on…

  8. I have read this guy’s postings but somehow I kinda feel that it’s more like a those skim cepat kaya….invest in me and you will see a new govt??…how is he gonna achieve that??…anyway I have joined a few of those PR pages on FB and all I can say is my goodness the self praising, chest thumping and self gloating beggars belief!!…..and somehow bcoz I’m pro BN and have engaged in so called debates with them they say I’m a BN cybertrooper?? huh cannot comment wan ah??….hahaha

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