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Merpati: Logo gereja yang paderinya dulu mahu bakar Quran

Bagi PAS, ianya politik dan Putrajaya yang didahulukan.

Apabila Christian Fellowship of Subang Jaya mendakwa “Allah = GOD”, ia direlakan.

Apabila Christian Fellowship of Subang Jaya mendakwa “sebagai Kristian kami faham bahawa kami mempunyai segala hak untuk menggunakan kalimah ini, namun buat masa kini, hak-hak kami sedang dicabar” (screenshot sini), ia direlakan juga.

Christian Fellowship of Subang Jaya boleh menyeru “Rise up it’s time to take Subang for Jesus!” (screenshot sini).

Kalau seruan mereka berbunyi -“Bangkit lah, sekarang tiba masanya bagi kita menakluki Shah Alam untuk Yesus! (atau menawan Serambi Mekah di negeri pantai timur itu)” – bagaimana?

“Jom Ubah!”

Apabila Negara Islam yang menjadi titik-tolak perjuangan parti dipertikaikan, PAS kata tak apa, boleh dibawa berbincang. Kita pakai saja istilah Negara Berkebajikan.

Apabila sekutu politik mereka berdolak-dalih dengan hudud, PAS sedia akur kepada rumusan “setuju untuk tidak bersetuju”.

Apabila dimaklumkan burung merpati melambangkan Roh Kudus (1/3 tuhan triniti agama Kristian), kedengaran kokokan berderai-derai — Yang terbang itu burung merak dengan ekor cantik berwarna-warni, bergelumang pelangi.

Rujuk: ‘Paderi Terry Jones ‘masih berdoa untuk ilham’ bakar al-Quran’ — laporan Utusan (9 Sep 2010)

Gereja Rev Jones bergelar Dove World Outreach Center.

Anda nampak burung apa “terbang” dalam logo Pakatan itu yang kononnya melambangkan “kebebasan”?

Kalau menjawab ‘merpati’, muslimin dan muslimah pula yang berganding bahu dengan evangelis untuk shoot the messenger (meragut nyawa penyampai utusan).

Boleh baca berpuluh-puluh komen yang ditinggalkan di blog ini semalam oleh spesi PASter, iaitu makhluk kacukan (pastor, permainan kata-kata bahasa Inggeris), yakni Melayu penyokong parti Islam itu dengan DAPster.

Perangai pun sudah macam pasangan dua merpati sejoli — muda-mudi PAS asyik terikut-ikut budaya putar-belit.

Apakah kerajaan negeri PAS di Kelantan dan Kedah bersetuju menggunakan logo Merdeka berbentuk burung itu?

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17 thoughts on “Merpati: Logo gereja yang paderinya dulu mahu bakar Quran

    1. Dove, among all birds, is the most common in symbolism.

      That’s why although the designer did not explicitly state that the bird shape of his Merdeka logo is a dove, the odds favour that it is.

      Those arguing here that it isn’t a dove are displaying a kiasu-ism that wants to win at all cost in politics.

  1. To me the logo just looks like a fairly generic bird, but people will see what they want to see I guess.

    As someone quite rightfully pointed out in the previous article, you could go on so say that ‘J’ in ‘Janji’ Detepati stands for Jesus, the three circles in the 1988 logo stands for the Catholic Trinity, the 1989 logo has a slanted cross, the 1990 logo has a representation of the holy spirit, the 1995 logo resembles the fleur de lis and so on.

    Based on your logic, I guess we could then go on to extrapolate that BN is secretly a Christian government.

    I readily admit that a lot of the Pakatan supporters berating you sound hysterical, but at the same time it amuses me that you are close to hysterical in your pursuit of this tenuous link.


    1. Your deduction through reverse psychology that bn is a nasrani agent amuses me.

      As bn being a nasrani agent… then.. its PAS destiny to rule putrajaya then along with hand chopping hudud while you pay jizya tax… not some dancing magachurch flock of sheep who only represent 10 percent of the population…. these sheep can only dream of of doves being possessed by some holy ghost to trick malaysians into some christian megachurch dance hysteria.

      To sum up, malays dun need be afraid of the megachurch flock, only the mengzhi n hindus who should be worried as thank to yeoh and her lupa daratan hindu for jesus adora sham ray …the general non-muslim chinese and indians are going loggers against the mainstream malays who like it or not as muslims and sick of the christian playing tricks especially with allah 3 in 1 debacle…

      umno can fall back on the sabahan and sarawakian bumiputeras as the second pillar of bn.. as can be seen by the multitudes of sabahan and sarawakian ministers and deputy ministes in the cabinet.

      1. It isn’t a deduction through reverse psychology, it is reductio ad absurdum.

        My point is simple: If you want to see a dove in a logo designed to symbolize a bird, then you will end up seeing a dove; but the same can be said of virtually any generic symbolism.

        Make no mistake, I am probably even more concerned about the rise of religion and evangelism than you are, but for quite different reasons.

        And despite that concern I refuse to start jumping at shadows based on tenuous leaps of logic.


      1. Since when did a phoenix represent “kebebasan”?

        Postscript: Since when did phoenix mythology have anything to do with our Nusantara milieu? It’s legendary in China.

    2. true. the bird in the logo also has a head crest (in the form of a heart n hibiscus) n large tail feathers. a good counter argument since doves do not have head crest.

      like you said, if we look at the previous merdeka logos, we can see christian iconograpy if you want to. the 1988 n 1990 logos can be said to be jesus with arms outstreched on the crucifix

      you can also say the triangular logo of 1991 is illuminati. or 1984 logo means our secret domination by usa (pentagon)

      for helen, as she always tries to bash christians at every single opportunity, so she sees the bird as a dove.

  2. Dont worry Helen. The silent Muslim voters will outvote all PAS and PKR MPs. We might smile and look stupid but the “mood” is totally anti-DAP and its associates right now. Just can’t wait for GE13. Even if BN put a kayu, we will rather vote the kayu than Pakatan’s nominees.

    1. The stupid dove cult forget that PAS can turn the tables on DAP and even PKR by getting frogs from umno post pru 13, like it or not, i bet umno ppl will prefer hudud and licking nik aziz feet than kowtow to the likes off lim guan eng, it amazes me that dapsters never relaize that due to the immense political powers of the malays thanks to high numbers, the malay parties like PAS can still garner the umno malay base to create a PAS led coalition, umno will likely join PAS than join DAP.

      Hence as blogger demi negara once predicted, like it or not, the representation of chinese and indians in BN will diminish after pru 13 as either PAS will eventually dominate and kick out DAP after merging with the UMNO polity or BN wins with a more pro sabah/sarawak stance, have any of you noticed that mara have poured scholarships and loans on sabah amd sarawakian, you will see thee more of the like of pandaliling rinong sent to uitm or on mara spc scholarships.

  3. The reality is PAS and DAP are on the same page. PAS succinctly said they want to implement Hudud, chopping off hands and legs of criminals and stoning adulterers and murtads to death and such, which are in the bible but do not appear anywhere in the quran, which Allah says is complete. Karpal’s protestation is at best a tactical distraction with the view to retain non-christian votes.

    Make no mistake, DAP and PAS are in actual fact the same dove in different plumes. So guys, there is no mystery in PAS not objecting the Christian demand that they be given the right to use the name Allah for their trinity-God and PAS’ decision to drop their objective to create an Islamic state and settle for a welfare state as insisted by DAP.

    These also explain why PAS-led governments of Kelantan and Kedah have decided they’ll use the DAP-designed Merdeka celebration logo in place of the moronic Rais’ art-piece.

  4. as conclusion,POS Malaysia also an agenda from Christian & church since they already use dove as logo….grrr…too paranoid..haha! To be the paranoid Muslim will never help Islam to become more stronger bro! be positive bro! dont expect u can gain more projects from me (najib razak) once create this posting…shame on u bro!

    1. Hullo kawan, burung ‘postman’ tu carrier pigeon lah. Dove ada bezanya.

      Juga kamu yang paranoid. Saya bukan ‘bro’ tapi ‘sis’.

      Dan tak pernah pun kamu berikan apa-apa projek kepada saya sebelum ini. Ko ni PASter nyanyuk kot?

  5. People like Vish and HuaYong are the reasons why I love being an Illuminati Agent. Typically ignorant. They see the Opposition as Angels. Hence when something not to their liking is said, they jump the gun and go out defending what is indefensible. Thanks to people like Vish, HuaYong and the like, my job is made easier.

  6. mungkin ada macam mna dengan lagu janji ditepati yang sama macam terus macam lagu christian ????

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