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‘Haram sokong DAP’ not mirror image of ABU, meh?

“Police reports have been lodged in Penang, Perak and Negri Sembilan [on Aug 9] against the Utusan Malaysia for its inflammatory, incendiary and seditious campaign which are (sic) calculated to foment racial ill-will, religious hatred as well as undermine national unity,” said Lim Kit Siang in his press statement.

Haram sokong DAP‘ — “cheap politics” of Umno, claim DAP

LKS fly on the wall?

Lim Kit Siang called on Najib to explain why the prime minister authorized Utusan’s “despicable/seditious ‘Haram Sokong DAP’ campaign”.

Did the Komtar squad bug Najib’s office, tap his phone or place a spy in the Utusan top management for Kit Siang to get this intelligence?

Kit Siang also asserted “10,000 Umno/Barisan Nasional cybertroopers have been raised to spin and spread lies and falsehoods”.

Strange. Not a single one of the 10,000 showed up at my posting ‘Aiyoyo, irama ‘Janji Ditepati’ macam lagu gereja Indonesia?

On the other hand, my Aug 10 posting ‘Logo Hari Merdeka Pakatan ada elemen-elemen Kristian‘  – which is symmetrical to the ‘Aiyiyo’ Aug 1 posting – drew battalions of the combined forces (DAPster and PASter) of God’s Army.

If we were to go by the experience of this blog, it seems more like a legion of Army of God foot soldiers have been raised by Pakatan instead.

Look at the Twit Meter readings rapidly reaching 50,000.

Pointing finger squarely at Umno

Kit Siang said in his press statement:

“There seems to be a conspiracy to prove Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad right with regard to the former Prime Minister’s prediction in June that the next general election will centre on race as ‘Malaysia has become more racial than ever’!”

Why take a swipe at Dr M when it is DAP and DAPsters who are all the time shouting “racist!”?

Kit Siang further accused Utusan of “scraping the bottom of the barrel in the most irresponsible and unprincipled politicking trying to fan racial ill-will and conflict in a multi-racial and multi-religious society”.

In a follow-up statement, he reiterated that the Utusan coverage is “calculated to create racial and religious distrust and ill will as well as to undermine national unity”.

And below, Kit Siang manages the remarkable feat of squeezing 78 words into a single jumbled sentence:

“It is clear that these Umno/BN lies, falsehoods and hypocrisies are not working, and Malaysians regardless of race, religion, region, class, age or gender are rallying to the Pakatan Rakyat call for change to create an united, democratic, just, incorrupt, competitive, prosperous and progressive Malaysia that Umno leaders have decided to plunge for the most divisive, incendiary and seditious racist and religious card with screaming front-page headlines for the second consecutive day in its ‘Haram Sokong DAP’ campaign.”

Permusuhan dengan rakyat bukan Islam

One UIA lecturer Dr Maszlee Malik’s letter to the editor (pdf here) was reproduced in Kit Siang’s blog.

Dr Maszlee writes:


  • “Di zaman ini, warga atau rakyat bukan Islam yang tinggal bersama umat Islam tidak dikira sebagai kafir harbi.”
  • “Pengkelasan Abdullah Sama’ah bahawa DAP adalah kafir Harbi adalah tidak tepat sama sekali, malah membahayakan. Beliau seolah-olah memberikan lampu hijau untuk umat Islam memerangi parti DAP dan membunuh ahli-ahli dan kepimpinannya.

Dr Maszlee is concerned about the implications and repercussions of the ‘fatwa’:

  • “memberikan konotasi bahawa umat Islam di Malaysia sekarang hidup dalam suasana peperangan dan permusuhan dengan rakyat bukan Islam”
  • “membuka jalan bagi para ekstrimis bangsa dan golongan subversif untuk menumpahkan darah ahli-ahli DAP”
  • “menggerakkan para penggganas di atas nama Islam untuk bangkit melancarkan jihad membunuh ahli-ahli DAP”
The Pakatan Love Potion

He adds: “Sudah tentu kita tidak mahukan pertumpahan darah berlaku di antara kaum di Malaysia.”

There is however the flip side to Dr Maszlee’s worry.

Violent and vicious reactions

I’d earlier blogged about the chant “Someone please kill the bitch” – referring to me – appearing in the Lowyat forum, and that the thread has been deactivated.

Another Yeopie put up an ad hominem discussion on the board AGAIN this morning, this time targetting me in a personal attack.

The Lowyat moderator has similarly taken it down. Some unstable Yeopies in Lowyat and other online fora popularly populated by the Army of God are on a vindictive vendetta.

Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi, the chair of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission explains why the government has need to revise the Evidence Act:

“People assume that you can do things on the internet without accountability. That cannot be. No-one thinks about the victims. Many [are] subject to slander, libel, cyber persecution, cyber-bullying [and] harassment, and it’s very difficult for law enforcement to ignore that part of society.”

For the record, although I’m against the recent amendments to the bill, I can see what had prompted the legislators. The victims are, as the MCMC chief correctly noted, indeed subject to slander, libel, cyber persecution, cyber-bullying and harassment.

Dr Maszlee Malik fears that Utusan will open the floodgates to DAP members being victimized.

Since it is clear that Yeopies have no qualms in calling out for “someone [to] please kill the bitch”, Dr Maszlee should realise that the other side have already “membuka jalan bagi para ekstrimis bangsa dan golongan subversif untuk menumpahkan darah” sesiapa yang mengkritik idola DAP atau yang menentang parti kesayangan mereka.

The screenshot on the right is of Raja Petra Kamarudin’s Aug 11 column showing reader’s comments. Other stuff that still see print in the pro-opposition holy watering holes are many times the magnitude of provocation and insult in Malaysia Today.

Needless to say I do not condone Utusan portraying DAP supporters as kafir harbi. If my mother was still alive, she’d have voted DAP too in GE13.

The Utusan article says that supporting DAP is haram.

Don’t a number of new media readers declare that supporting Umno is haram too? Furthermore, the ABU campaign signals the same message with much greater ferocity.

Utusan additionally implies that DAP is kafir harbi. Taking the cue from their party leaders and the ABU-ists, DAPsters shriek that Umno is syaitan.

So how come nobody has, in parallel to Dr Maszlee Malik, voiced a concern that the ABU-DAPster-PASter fiery rhetoric akan menggerakkan para penggganas di atas nama Taksub kepada Pakatan untuk bangkit melancarkan jihad membunuh para penyokong BN dan golongan pengkritik pembangkang?

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40 thoughts on “‘Haram sokong DAP’ not mirror image of ABU, meh?

  1. Even the smart “Dr”s can only look at one side of the coin, Helen. In effect, this tells us what kind of researching they did and what kinds of conclusions they can make.

    I was never impressed by Dr. Maszlee’s assertions and no one else should be impressed too. Read them by all means but take everything with a pinch of salt. After all, we know he’s biased.

  2. Hi sis Helen.. nampaknya semakin panas BONTOT dapster + paster, hahaha tetapi untuk mengatakan akan berlaku pembunuhan/kacaubilau antara kaum adalah melampau! adakah mereka ini ingat yang kita berada di bumi Pakistan, India atau Afganistan???!! Saya juga teringat apabila hadi awng dengan amanatnya UMNO adalah kafir tetapi apa yang kita lihat tiada berlakunya rusuhan atau pembunuhan walaupun kita tahu ahli-ahli paspispus yang jarang menggunakan akal!!


    note to Pas-ters: if you call someone mother a filthy bitch, plz don’t get mad when he call your mother a cankerous whore.

  4. Why la Kit Siang so takut? Maybe because it rings true? As Muslims, we are forbidden from ‘joining force’ with those that are working towards bringing our society and religion down.

    With the antics that the DAP leaders have been showing post 2008, if anyone is sowing hatred between the different races and religions, it is them. Need we bring up DUMC. Need we bring up Subang Jaya for Christ. Need we bring up the Allah issue…etc.

    The problem with DAP is that they are fond of doing dodgy things, things that can cause a lot of friction in society, but they go ballistic when anyone dare call them out on it. When they are found out, they will accuse the messenger of sowing hatred. A severe case of baling batu, sembunyi tangan.

    Post 2008, just with what the DAPsters alone have done, i truly believe with full conviction that it is indeed haram to vote for DAP and sekutunya. And i believe this BEFORE anyone issued anything. I don’t need anyone telling me this. I just need to read the Quran…surah al-Imran cautioned us of the likes of DAP and their ilk.

  5. First of all let me tell you this in no UMNO conspiracy. The fatwa is done by a person most respected in Islam-a Scholar from the Pondok Institution-which is not even can be equalled by those with university degree in Islam studies. Therfore to lodge police reposrt on TG Abdullah Samaah is like lodging police reports on other notable Islamic Scholars equalled to Al Azhar -in short is is blasphemous on Islam- DAP has really show his true color by disregarding Islam and the Religion of Malaysia as clearly stated in The Constitution Article 3(1)

    1. Utusan gave him front page treatment tho’. It’s agenda-setting by the newspaper.

      Despite that media engages in agenda-setting, they still do so within certain limits (boundaries), e.g. a newspaper in the heartlands would not enthusiastically promote (= condone + endorse) a positive gay rights story on its front page b’cos it would not be acceptable to its conservative readership.

      Is the DAP kafir harbi equation acceptable to the Utusan readership?

      What is the sentiment of the Utusan readership regarding opposition Chinese?

      1. Helen,

        Like PAS, UMNO depends heavily on Malay community. What many do not realise is that currently UMNO is seen as “more sincere’ with regards to Islamic law as compared to PAS.

        UMNO just highlights the ‘fatwa’ by a highly regarded religious scholar. The sentiment againsts DAP is real. But being a Muslim based party, UMNO is lenient towards DAP.

        Should the position reversed (meaning DAP in power and UMNO as opposition), ask any Malay and he will tell you that probably many UMNO leaders will “languish’ in prison for decades.

      2. Malays are just tolerating DAP Chinese being the tolerant people all these years. It takes Teresa Kock with her Chinese writings and penyapu to drive out the Malays, that will bring them on to the streets.

        The Malays are busy trying to make a living. Current UMNO leadership is of no use to the Malays being corrupted by Indians like Dr M, Azeez SPM, Syed Bukahri SPM, Syarizat, Adnan, Tony Fernandez etc all monopolising the Malays wealth. PKR is no different with another bunch of indians AI etc.

        Utusan readers are secular. At the back of their mind of course DAP is kafir harbi but being secular they can ignore these issues unless provoked.

        There are many other islamic haram that utusan readers ignore like aurat because malays like to watch olympic a typical kafir activitiy.

        Opposition Chinese are just that Opposition Chinese. You cannot talk to them. Just like communist sympathisers and China mainland lover Dong Zhong, the Malays can only tolerate them.

        The amazing peace in Malaysia that amazed many people from different countries is due these secular attitude of the majority of the Malays who are not koran thumpers. PAS are koran thumpers Malays.

        But even their patience can wear thin with the family orientate UMNO leaders. Family first is good but not when it comes to sharing economic and Malay wealth.

        Salam & thanks for reply. Secular & laidback attitude of Malays appreciated. Hope it stays that way. Teresa is evangelist. — Helen

      3. Helen Ang- it is not political agenda setting

        All the Tok Guru Pondok in Kelantan and All Tok Guru Islam ASWJ in Malaysia Pattani Brunei and the rest of the world adhere to this concept – the true Islam Scholar – those non politcal – are against the misfatwa and misinterpretaion of Islam of Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang and Haron Din – their fikrah is the deviant teachings of Ibn Tamiyyah – The Wahhabis

        Therefore Utusan is merely doing Islam a favor by exposing the misbehaviour of these ulamak suk (the bad ulamas) – It is now realised that Haron Din is also to some extent exposed and affected by Wahhabism in PAS. I have been reasearching his press statements and it appears that he has rubbed his shoulder with wahhabism.

        In Islam Tahaluf Siyasi or collaborating with kafir are allowed – as done during Prophet Muhammad PBUH so long as the kafir do not try to make some apostate out of the Muslim – therefore collaborating with Kafir Zimmi such as MCA and MIC are considered ok.

        But collaborating with DAP is a definite no no because of DAP obvious policy to make an apostate out of a Muslim as shown in Pakatan States- Kafir masuk masjid, larangan azan, the DUMC affairs – are all evidence that DAP is kafir harbi.

        Please understand that this is not simply politic but is is a valid Fatwas… for we The Islamic Scholar had long ago knew about this – and this fatwas should be respected by Non Muslim.

        Let me reiterated – for DAP to make several police report shows the tyranny of their true nature towards Islam and this in itself is an expose of the century – now Muslims know who DAP really is – an enemy of Islam and any collaboration should not be tolerated.


        Thanks for the perspective. — Helen

  6. Jika orang Islam di Malaysia betul-betul faham ajaran agama Islam, mereka tentu sedar bahawa menyokong dan mengundi DAP memang haram. Haram kerana DAP, secara mutlaknya, memusuhi Islam.

    DAP berkawan dengan Pas cuma untuk mendapatkan kuasa. Sebaik menikmati kuasa itu, DAP akan bertindak menindas orang Islam di Malaysia.

    Sejarah penuh dengan ribuan contoh orang kafir berjanji dan berkawan dengan orang Islam demi mencapai kuasa. Selepas berkuasa, orang kafir ini terus membunuh, membakar, menindas dan menghina orang Islam. Kalau orang Pas bodoh sangat dan tidak sedar hakikat ini, jawablah di Padang Mahsyar nanti.

  7. There might be some merit to the view that not all DAP members are kafir harbi. However, the evangelical DAPsters, CHC and similar cults would appear to have the harbi attributes. With or without Project Crossover.

  8. DAPsters and their Pakatan Rakyat colleagues’ mantra: When thou receiveth news unfavourable to thee, thou shalt forthwith bring the messenger thereof under the sword.

    So much for free speech. And the Ketua Umum had the temerity to blame the lack of absolute freedom for all manner of ills.

    :D — Helen

  9. Helen,

    The “fatwa” by the religious scholar is not surprising. From the bottom of my heart, I know what he said is the truth.

    DAP wages war against Muslims/Malays or anyone who dares to question the ‘Lim dynasty’.

    But it is PAS that’s really upset about the ruling. As usual it tries to justify its “submission” to DAP. And as its members are brainwashed to think that whatever PAS leaders said cant be challenged (as if challenge means challenging Islam), they buy it.

    They refuse to see sign of the time. PAS members refuse to accept reality that Malay Muslim community already lose trust in them. To deny reality, they play on the imaginary issue of ‘pengundi hantu”, meaning they know they are going to lose out in next election so, the easiest way is blaming UMNO for their loss (pengundi hantu).

    As Chinese community seldom reads Utusan, they fail to see from Malay perspective. They fail to realise that many Malays agree with the ‘fatwa’ that it is sinful to become ally of DAP.

    My advice to Chinese community is that they should not vote themselves out of Govt. Should this happen, Najib will be forced to “eat humble pie’. Malay community will say ‘padan muka, bagi apa saja tetapi mereka tak berterimakasih’.

    As for Lim Kit Siang, again he slandered by accusing UMNO masterminding the ruling.

    But that is not surprising. “Kalau nama pun Kit Siang. Tak menipu tak sah’.

    If you haven’t seen it already, this pie chart might interest you. PAS’s drop in popularity, from 28% in 2008 to 16% in 2012, here. — Helen

    1. To call PAS the donkey being ridden by DAP would be insulting to donkeys.

      Honestly I am surprised that PAS do not recognize DAP and PKR both need the army of warm bodies that is PAS’ election machinery. PKR more so relative to DAP.

      One would think PAS would dominate seat allocation weightings, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Same applies to policy setting in PR.

      No wonder jadi Pakatoon…

    2. No wonder one after another umno leaders are leaving umno. POssibly to help PAS to rebuild the party and popularity again? If it is true, that would be good!

      1. hmm…let see who’s leaving the ship: Lajim, Boomerang, si Samrin and wat-his-name senator. Yeah sang Mangkok & si Spana also. Waah…Najib must be shitting in his pant right now.

  10. IMHO, this tok guru pondok fatwa is akin to rokok is haram fatwa. Although the Quran didn’t specifically mentioned that rokok is haram, but anything that ‘memudaratkan’ is consider haram. But, most of us Muslim just pooh-poohed it, coz it just a fatwa. But no one dare to dispute that rokok is dangerous to health.

    similarly, Dap, with their agendas is memudaratkan Islam. But if you don’t like that tok guru fatwa, fine, just shut up and get on with your (soon to be miserable) life…but plz don’t cook up some lame story to justify Dap action. And this people call themselves ‘ulama’…!

  11. Mat sentol,

    Many malays undersetimate DAP. Why? Because now Malaysia is ruled by UMNO. And as we have power, our interests are taken care off.

    Only when the power is gone and gone with the wind, then we will realise how cruel DAP can be or more precisely DAP will be.

    Just like Arabs who for centuries rued by ottoman Empire. They mixed with Jews. They are amply reminded on this ‘bani Israel’. But they do not think much until Ottoman empire collapsed and suddenly they face with “these Yahudi’ who had no qualm in throwing them (Arabs) from their own homeland. This is done to a race who gave refuge to Jews who suffered centuries of pogroms from European Kings.

    For Malays who “wish” to experience “sengsara” living under Yahudi, throw UMNO out. And be prepared to live under DAP that maintains a very anti Malay attitude.

  12. Desperate times call for desperate measures. No surprise really, the Opposition is running out of ammunition so they have to go back to spinning the same old, worn out stories over and over again.

    Yesterday I mentioned the shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin by a crazed white Christian supremacist. While commenting on the subject, I was asking myself a question. When are we going to have a similar situation where Opposition supporters go and shoot people associated with the establishment when they realized that they have no chance whatsoever of taking over the federal government?

    When people are in perpetual fear, in the case of Opposition supporters because they know deep in their hearts that they are never going to rule this country, they will do desperate things.

    As a reminder, do your bit folks. Come election day, please make your votes count. Vote wisely. Send the frauds, the phoneys, the cheats, the charlatans etc back to where they came from. This is not a political message. This is about fulfilling your duty as a citizen of this country.


  13. “Violent and vicious reactions”

    “I’d earlier blogged about the chant “Someone please kill the bitch” – referring to me – appearing in the Lowyat forum, and that the thread has been deactivated.”

    “Another Yeopie put up an ad hominem discussion on the board AGAIN this morning, this time targetting me in a personal attack.”

    “The Lowyat moderator has similarly taken it down. Some unstable Yeopies in Lowyat and other online fora popularly populated by the Army of God are on a vindictive vendetta.”

    This is what I called “Perpetual Fear”. It only exists among Opposition supporters. Cheers !

  14. Let’s assume for a moment that Utusan is indeed UMNO’s mouthpiece as accused by Pakatan.

    So what’s so wrong for Utusan to promote UMNO and criticise DAP and Pakatan? Compare Utusan‘s coverage with The Rocket, Harakah and the rest of Pakatan’s media. Utusan‘s mere kindergarten stuff compared to the venom that being churned out by Pakatan’s Pravdas on daily basis. Read the Dear Leader’s daily ranting and raving and attacking of BN. Does this qualify for a responsible democracy?

    Secondly, PAS leaders have issued fatwas and directives not to vote for UMNO and BN. DAP leaders (recall Chan Lilian) called for the Christians to reject BN.

    The Dear Leader himself stirs up religious and racial tensions but regularly issuing highly charged statements. Recently he accused that if UMNO wins the election then all Hindu temples in Penang will be destroyed.

    Isn’t LGE’s statement highly seditious and defamatory? While Utusan do not represent UMNO or its official views, LGE is the SecGen and the CM of a state !!



    “The Rocket, Harakah and the rest of Pakatan’s media” — should be itemized Selangor Times, Selangorkini, Media Selangorku and Buletin Mutiara.


    1. “Compare Utusan‘s coverage with The Rocket, Harakah and the rest of Pakatan’s media. Utusan‘s mere kindergarten stuff compared to the venom that being churned out by Pakatan’s Pravdas on daily basis. Read the Dear Leader’s daily ranting and raving and attacking of BN”

      Calvin, this is what I call perpetual fear. The Opposition’s brand of politics is driven by perpetual fear.

      1. These Malaysian opposition leaders should be certified mad. No other country in the world have opposition leaders who are as stupid, unpatriotic and irresponsible as these deranged opposition leaders and supporters.

    2. “The Dear Leader himself stirs up religious and racial tensions but regularly issuing highly charged statements. Recently he accused that if UMNO wins the election then all Hindu temples in Penang will be destroyed.”

      Another example of “perpetual fear”. Ha ha ha !

      1. Ahmad Ibrahim…yes this indeed their modus operandi…fear-mongering and hatred-sowing.

        Helen..can I suggest “Perpetual-Fear Mongrels” ? The sight of these rabid demagogues conjures the image of mongrels to me.

    3. Calvin says “The Dear Leader himself stirs up religious and racial tensions but regularly issuing highly charged statements. Recently he accused that if UMNO wins the election then all Hindu temples in Penang will be destroyed”.

      Calvin can you please state the source of this as it is of interest to me and I am sure many Malaysians irrespective of their origin to easily throw a spanner for their fellow Malaysian belief and religion.

    4. Even this holy month of Ramadan, if Malaysia’s Muslims still support PAS and PKR, they have not got the hidayah. They are likely to go to hell for sabotaging fellow Muslims.

  15. Calvinsankaran,

    PAS behaves as if it monopolises Islam. As such, it is unable to accept that some highly regarded Ulamaks said that it is “haram’ to be ally of DAP.

    I concur with that ulamak. DAP has been consistent in painting UMNO as cruel, racist. The opposite is the truth. I think UMNO is way too tolerant to non malays to the point that it upsets the Malays.

    Utusan is leaning towards UMNO. Nothing to be ashamed of. But UMNO does not incite racial sentiments.

    1. DAP are the real bad people. They would be the Nazis if they had lived during Hitler’s time. And for aligning themselves with DAP, Pas are the real Satan.

      1. Husin rahman,

        that is not surprising. Prophet Muhammad SAW reminded us about people in ‘akhir zaman” abusing religion for worldly benefit.

  16. When this fatwa was highlighted, the DAPsters probably urinated in their pants … favourite pasttime tu. The fatwa is directed at kafir harbi which refers to the evangelistas who are mostly from DAP. If DAP can show now that they dont have a christian agenda, then it wont apply lah. Apa macam, boleh tunjuk tak?

    For starters, give up lah on the “Allah” demand. Banyak lagi nama you boleh pakai. Kenapa kiasu sangat nak kelirukan anak2 kita ttng Allah ni. Tu sebabnya we call DAPsters like the KIMs, Queen Twit and “sepakat seliwat” gang kafir harbi!.

  17. Sharifah,

    These DAP politicians are the kind that were mentioned by Quran no less.

    Many Malay especially young generation due to their “kurang makan garam” are taken for a ride by these useless politicians. suddenly UMNO becomes bad for defending Malay/Muslim rights.

    Young malays do not realise tjhat once political power held by UMNO is gone, it is gone forever. DAP will take over. And be prepared to live under “yahudi’s rule’

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