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Kafir rating downgraded

Raja Petra in his column yesterday wrote, “I can see that many Malaysia Today readers who post comments in this site are Chinese. They are fierce, rude, aggressive, and scream for blood.”

Not just in MT but everywhere else in cyberspace, including the Lowyat online forum, and in real life as well.

Then there is the spate of ‘Haram sokong DAP‘ articles carried in Utusan this week. Their foreboding tone led Maszlee Malik, a UIA lecturer, to interpret the repercussions thus: The Kelantan ulama

“Abdullah [Saamah]’s classification that DAP is kafir harbi is completely wrong and dangerous. He is giving the green light for Muslims to fight DAP and kill its members and leaders.” — reported in Malaysiakini

Dr Maszlee’s words in BM, “… membuka jalan bagi para ekstrimis bangsa dan golongan subversif untuk menumpahkan darah ahli-ahli DAP”.

Isn’t it the same screaming for blood from the other side? Brilliant, a pint for a pint.

The politically motivated bad intention is clearly Utusan‘s for giving an otherwise obscure cleric a front page platform.

Digging MCA’s grave

Matthias Chang, who is Dr M’s former political secretary, too gave his take on the Utusan recklessness.

Chang wrote:

“In the circumstances, it can be confidently stated that the leaders and spin doctors of the Barisan Nasional, specifically Umno has given up hope on MCA
and Gerakan to deliver the Chinese votes.”

He also states that it has been estimated by the grassroot movements that not more than 15% of Chinese voters are in support of the BN. [Seen in this light, the covert support rendered the Christian opposition by The Scissors is unsurprising.]

Chang characterizes the Umno “desperate” act in pulling the kafir harbi stunt as a “political gamble” to garner the support of the Malays, especially the rural ones.

Although he gives Najib the benefit of the doubt as being out of the loop, Chang believes that such a “stupid and irresponsible strategy by Umno leaders and their armchair spindoctors have literally buried MCA and Gerakan”.

Matthias Chang thinks that the kafir harbi blunder is such a colossal folly so much so that “only a miracle will deliver the Chinese votes to the Barisan Nasional”.

My personal view is that introducing ‘kafir harbi’ into the current political vocabulary is most immediately detrimental and in the longer term irreparably damaging.

Furthermore, with the determination by both DAP and its supporters to finish off their rival, the Chinese should not expect a weakened MCA to be able anymore to play the necessary mitigating role in future nor to provide a buffer against the anti-kafir harbi onslaught, should it come.

Chickens coming home to roost

It’s not that the non-Muslim Malaysians haven’t been confronted with such a kind of status bestowed upon us ere this. On 22 Jan 2010, a Friday sermon prepared by Jakim for the congregational prayer touched on the same topic.

Jakim said:

“Persoalan besar timbul ialah apakah jenis status orang bukan Islam yang terdapat di negara kita samada digolongkan sebagai Kafir Harbi atau Kafir Dzimmi. Berdasarkan pemerhatian mimbar status orang bukan Islam di negara ini digolongkan sebagai ahli Dzimmi kerana pada prinsipnya mereka mentaati dan mengakui untuk tunduk kepada perjanjian kontrak sosial yang diwujudkan di bawah Perlembagaan Persekutuan.”

See, ‘Kafir dzimmi dan kafir harbi’

Since the kafir no longer “bow to the social contract” (as per the caveat mentioned in the Jakim sermon), then the slide from dzimmi to harbi status – one would hazard – is almost inevitable.

Non-negotiable and no quarters given

I’m in no way absolving Utusan for its indefensible, and inexcusable endangerment of the larger Chinese community in the paper trying to get at DAP politically.

However, the behaviour of opposition supporters needs to be pointed out also.

The most recent baying for blood can be seen in the reactions to Gerakan’s Tan Keng Liang — for details, see here.

There is no abating the blood lust. And the wolf pack is led by none other than the DAP evangelical leaders themselves.

Abdullah Saamah has predictably been tarred with the usual derogatory names.

Revenge is uppermost in their mind. Take for instance the opposition response to the government recently acceding to the formation of an RCI into illegal immigrants in Sabah acquiring citizenship.

Kim Guan Eng’s response is to call it “a sham”, “a meaningless general election exercise” and “another meaningless trick to delude Sabahans who have already been cheated for the last 25 years”.

He said in his Monday press statement:

“The people of Sabah will never forgive the BN for this diabolical and treasonous act, especially when it is now clear that the much-anticipated RCI will be nothing more than an election charade.”

It is clear that just like how Bersih can never be satisfied despite having its demands fulfilled and is planning another protest on Aug 30, so too the RCI will be unable to satisfy the opposition because their paramount interest is not in fact-finding.

Their attitude is hardly to negotiate solutions but instead to seek the pound of flesh, with blood, gore and all.

Guan Eng’s uncompromising response to the Sabah RCI can be seen as a faithful indication of the tree from which the fruits of DAPster behaviour fall.



Din Turtle interviews the Tuan Guru — ‘Jom tengok Abdullah Saamah mengamok pada PAS dan DAP!’


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38 thoughts on “Kafir rating downgraded

    1. (1) I reckon he’d probably have said the same without the incentive. He was upfront, not clandestine, about receiving the RM2m.

      (2) My personal opinion is that he likely failed to grasp or foresee the further/dire implications as outlined by Dr Maszlee. Hence the onus of fault is on Utusan who definitely know better.

    2. U should…please..

      The truth is, i felt offended when hannah yeoh retweet the malaysian bar twitter… like she is implying that the pondok’s ulama can be bought.. but ya… dapster and paster think everyone who against them are being bought…

      TG Abdullah Samah have been quite consistent with his principle… i’ve seen his ceramahs via youtube last year… if he is buyable, with his pondok’s located in pas-led state, would it be more easier not to go against pas?.

      But he has been consistently critical to nik aziz and his fatwa’s…

      Hannah yeoh and all the immature aduns please la.. grow up.

  1. salam Helen,

    Menghukum sesuatu tanpa disertakan penjelasan jelas adalah satu perbuatan yang merbahaya apatah lagi melibatkan perhubungan sesama manusia.

    Ya, label Kafir Harbi yang diberikan terhadap Dap jika tidak dijelaskan sepenuhnya bakal mencetuskan polemik kaum/agama yang tidak berkesudahan.

    Apapun perlu kita renungi KENAPA sampai ketahap begitu sekali politik Melayu sekarang ?

    Tidak lain kerana perasan holier-than thou dan cara politik menghukum yang diamalkan oleh Pas. Jika Pas bebas bermain dengan politik agama, ia jelas merupakan satu ‘advantage’ kepadanya.

    Bagi majoriti orang Melayu, tidak ada alasan hujah logik yang dapat mematahkan hujah agama. Tidak ada pilihan bagi seorang Melayu Islam bila berdepan dengan pilihan antara Pilih Islam ( read Pas ) atau Pilih Sekular ( read Umno ).

    Hanya hujah agama dapat menyaingi hujah agama. Inilah bahananya bila agama dipolitikkan.

  2. Helen,

    ‘….to fight DAP and to kill….”

    If that is the intention, then many DAP leaders would have been dead already, maybe 40 years ago.

    I notice that Chinese in general fails to appreciate that Malays view DAP with suspicion. The same kind of view Muslims have on Jews.

    They do not bother to understand the Malays. Their view on malays mirror DAP’s perception on Malays, UMNO.

    They refuse to appreciate that UMNO’s rule (despite its weaknesses) with regards to inter racial harmony is a source of inspiration and beauty. Where in the world you will find such an accomodative attitude by the majority especially when the minority simply refuses to accept reality that this is not China.

    Chinese in general simply does not realise that what this religious scholar said is the truth. DAP in its combative style does not care a hoot on Malay/Muslim interests.

    And I vouch for it. The “Allah” issue is a clear example. DAP for reasons we all know challenge Muslims exclusive right on the name, not wanting to admit that sharing of name violates the very existence of Islam.

    As Chinese takes the easy way out of perceiving Malays the way DAP wants it, they also do not understand how important the issue is to Muslim. My Chinese friend were surprise that I told them that the issue is real, not UMNO’s creation.

    “How a Malay who studied in USA still believe that sharing of name will weaken the “akidah”.

    I told them I was not born yesterday. Sharing of name will inevitably result in one thing: That one day there will be pastors or politicians (like Hannah Yeoh) will say “samalah ugama kita. Nama Tuhan pun sama’.

    That alone is worse than 1000 Portuegese invasion of Malacca.

    1. re: “[Shamshul] notice that Chinese in general fails to appreciate that Malays view DAP with suspicion. The same kind of view Muslims have on Jews.”

      (1) “Malays view DAP with suspicion” – I can believe – but the party claims that it is making headway with urban Malays who read in English on the Internet & use social media.

      Datuk Sak & Aspan are paraded daily in Malaysian Insider where Zairil also has a column. And Roketkini (in BM) has a better Alexa ranking than the MCA website (in Chinese & English).

      (2) “The same kind of view [of Chinese] Muslims have on Jews.” I believe you. But would a bilingual Malay in the city or suburbs share this info with his Chinese friend? How come the Chinese are so clueless as to how the other races perceive them?

      (3) They do not bother to understand the Malays. Their view on malays mirror DAP’s perception on Malays, UMNO.

      They believe only what they want. The In-denial Syndrome is acute, hence the perpetual hysteria. But they are licik enough to coin the word Umnoputra.

      Quite interesting how together with the chant “Ubah” and “ABU”, they’re also peddling the mantra that Umno Malay bad, non-Umno Malay good, Umno Islam bad, non-Umno Islam good, Umno govt bad, PAS-PKR govt good.

      Perhaps this topic deserves a posting in my blog if all you guys can help provide further input.

  3. Tuan Guru Abdullah Samaah NEVER get a single cents from the government – To all Muslims, he is the flag bearer, the person who is well knowledgable in his field -Islam.

    I have know TG Abdullah Samaah personally – and he has studied extensively, local and abroad under the tutelage of various well known ulama. He is the example of an ulama that will say thing without fear nor favor to remind the Muslims in Malaysia Thailand Kemboja Vietnam Brunei Singapore and Indonesia regarding their obligation to Islam. To attack him means to attack Islam itself.

    Kafir is used to define non muslim and it is not degratory remarks. All these while Kafir has been comforming to the laws of Malaysia. and they are called kafir zimmi.

    But recently, LGE and his religious and racist bigots DAPter has been trangressing The Constitution and laws of Malaysia. To challenge Malaysia Constitution makes him kafir harbi- a term used to those who are detrimental to Islam.

  4. yep. agreed with (1). i was thinking the PAS would be more sympathetic towards him and knowing his dire school, would at least try to help and not just attack him.

  5. i wonder.. how dap has managed to split malaysian malays in two group namely malay and umno-malay. they described malay as everything good and umno-malay is everything otherwise.

    but now how come when someone refer something dap then everybody thinks it refers to the whole chinese community in malaysia?

    to the Abdullah Samaah, i am confident that when he made the statement, he only refer to dap which stand for a secular nation, as a political party regardless of the race of its supporters and leaders .

  6. Though I’m more into BN. But i agree with chang. Actually, Islam is simple. But some org alim make it hard.

  7. It’s all about the Malay votes now. I can still remember rumours about Pak Lah and KJ were passed from mouth to mouth during Raya 2006 to 2007. And the Malays went to vote in 2008 with this rumours in their heads.

    The mainstream sentiment now is, with which no Malay will tell you directly (other than Utusan and Perkasa of course!), that the “Muslim Malays will lose their political power if Pakatan takes over”. The Hudud issue, Nasha photo-opp with Najib, Abdullah Saa’mah “fatwa” surfaced about at the same time. Perfect elevator pitch topics and a good conversation starter for this Raya.

    Anything wrong about Najib? George Kent? Altantuya? Rafizi kereta murah? Malays don’t even care about that anymore. Like in 2008 when they punished Pak Lah by voting anything but umno (abu), this time around it’s about anything but anwar and his collaborators. Even Anwar’s brand is unsellable these days, see what happened when Anwar talked about car policies the other day, NO ONE took notice. Brand Najib is like Apple and Brand Anwar, the Nokia Motorola and Sony Ericsson of the yesteryears.

    Am I living in a cocoon? Yeah of course, it’s called the Malay cocoon and that is all that matters now.

    “Nasha photo-opp with Najib, Abdullah Saa’mah good conversation starter for this Raya” … aah-so :) — Helen

    1. Brand Anwar is still recognizable, at least among the urban voters, those brainwashed by “human rights, equality, freedom, free speech”. So Anwar and his motley crew can still pull in the crowd. Whether they can get the votes, that’s highly debatable.

  8. The DAP is banking on “balkanization” of the Malaysian political landscape. Think about it. If all the various races are politically and socially divided, who is the biggest winner ?

  9. I think the bigger issue is that DAP has succeeded in transforming the psyche of the Malaysian Chinese from demo-averse to demo-crazy. It wasn’t too long ago when the local Chinese, their memories of May 13 and Indonesia’s 1998 demos, were pathologically averse to street demos.

    In fact Anwar’s 1998 Reformasi movement never gained traction among the Chinese because of their fear of street demos which BN exploited skilfully using adverts in both print media and TV. At that GE in 1999, BN actually lost much support among the Malays and only due to the Chinese support, Dr M managed to fend off Anwar’s challenge.

    In fact even in 2008, the Chinese generally tended to stay out of demos. In fact even after Hindraf’s 2007 demo, many Chinese showed no inclination to take the streets. Many of the Pakatoons acually supported Hindraf (not their cause but Hindraf’s anti-BN stance) but reluctant to do the same to express their own unhappiness.

    However 2012, there is a transformation of their mindset. Bersih 3 was a sea-change and the demos after that also showed the same trend.

    I am not sure what had brought this transformation. You might have a clearer and accurate view on this. Perhaps DAP has managed to instil the belief that the Chinese are the kingmakers and they can control the country politically via their PAS and PKR proxies.

    I did speak with some of the BERSIHers, but they can’t really (may be won’t) articulate on their sudden assertiveness.

    What is surprising when you chat with these Pakatoons is that they really think PR will win the next GE. Such thinking might look stupid in view of the political situation and the results of numerous polls, but these folks seemed to be genuinely convinced that DAP will form the next govt. They also really under the impression that if Pakatan wins, DAP will rule the country ala Penang, with PAS and PKR playing minor cosmetic roles as in Penang. They seemed to be in some sort of a trance.

    I not sure if this is the same thinking that the Chinese in the other parts of Malaysia also having. It is scary to listen to the folks.

    I believe if Pakatan/DAP fails to win in the next GE, there will be street demos and troubles. We might even see a mass migration of Chinese.

    1. You’re spot-on about Chinese becoming democrazy, Calvin, and slipping into Hosanna trance. You’re also astute in spotting the “mass migration post-GE” sentiment, at least among the Bangsar M’sia Chinese twits.

      However BN may not win comfortably. I wonder if the Sabah defections have anything to do with ABU as Haris has been camping in Labuan. They want to incite Christian Sabahans kononnya sekian lama ditipu dan dianiaya.

      “It is scary to listen to the folks.” So right! Damn scary indeed. They want to ‘kill’ me (“the bitch” in their eyes).

      1. “However 2012, there is a transformation of their mindset. Bersih 3 was a sea-change and the demos after that also showed the same trend.”

        “I am not sure what had brought this transformation. You might have a clearer and accurate view on this. Perhaps DAP has managed to instil the belief that the Chinese are the kingmakers and they can control the country politically via their PAS and PKR proxies.”

        Calvin, what has really changed is that the Chinese leading the charge are those in their 20s and 30s. Those in these 2 age groups are mostly misguided.

        If you know anything about the Otpor movement in Serbia between 1998-2003, you will notice that this ABU movement, with mostly Chinese participation, both of them have a lot of similarities. If you talk to these Chinese, and you ask them, whether it is okay to collaborate with foreign elements to bring about “regime change”, they will tell you gleefully that it is okay to collaborate with foreign elements. Hence as you’ve mentioned, these people are no longer afraid of demos and chaos, because they know they have foreign backing.

        Calvin, these Chinese may think they are the kingmakers, but in truth they are not. The real kingmakers are their foreign backers. But if things were to go really wrong, and lead to the worst possible outcome, these Chinese will become collateral damage.

      2. Hello Ahmad Ibrahim. It’s not just 20-30 year olds Chinese leading the charge. 20-30 year old Malays are in it as well.

        The conflict is more generational than racial. Those below the 40 year age gap are more pro opposition.

      3. Ahmad Ibrahim: some say the real kingmakers are the Indian votes, enough to function as a swing bloc in some constituencies, they say. :)

    2. “I believe if Pakatan/DAP fails to win in the next GE, there will be street demos and troubles”

      Probably, if they believe that the election was not ‘Bersih’.

      What if BN fails to win? Would the power handover transition be smooth?

      I believe BN will still win (even though i hope not) with a small majority and the deciding factor shall be in Sabah & Sarawak.

  10. mana pergi apek new york tu ? bila bincang topik penting, dia tak nampak2. tapi bila bincang topik2 yang berkait dengan agenda dia, dia pun cakap tak habis2.

  11. As for LGE’s dismissal of Sabah RCI, it is only to be expected. The Opposition in Malaysia is one confused lot. They think their role is to oppose everything that the govt tries to do.

    The DAP 1.0 was different, they knew their role as the check and balance function and gave credit when it is due. You don’t hear Karpal issuing daily press statements to denounce BN’s policies or condemn them. He speaks when he something to say, not to say for the sake of saying something.

    Talking about Sabah RCI, once (back in 2008) I challenged LKS in his blog why he never brought up the issue of illegal immigrants in Sabah before 2008. I asked him why didn’t he even try to pass a motion. He looked through all his statements throughout all of his political career and found none. He was red-faced and then he banned me from his blog.

    “[Karpal] speaks when he something to say, not to say for the sake of saying something.” Is that why he’s not on Twitter? (hahahahaha) — Helen

  12. Raja Petra Kamaruddin the clown prince of blogging is performing the ritual mandatory purge of his own sould in an effort to redeem himself in the eyes of the Malaysa of Malaysia, a community he now firmly believes he belongs to.

    Since his self imposed exile in a country that treats him and is followers as less than equals, the attraction of a Malaysia with all its imperfections is more than a temptation.

    Raja must atone for his sins and do penance. He is attempting it in a less than subtle fashion, courtesy of his non Malay backers who have been deserting the man in droves.

    Still there is no greater virtue in a man than redemption at his own hands. Keep up the good work RPK. Kick them where it hurts and we will kick you where it hurts when you do a Waythamurthi and return.

  13. Kepada yang terasa dirinya KAFIR HARBI,

    Jangan ingat kami kebanyakkan Melayu akan duduk diam sahaja menengok komen2 jijik, bangsat dan segala yang hodoh telah dan tetap akan hambur disegala genap blog, laman web dan sebagainya.

    Tetapi bila kami mula melawan, kamu kata kami racist bigot, memang kamu semua tidak diajar agaknya oleh mak bapak kamu tentang budi bahasa (atau ia tiada dalam kamus kamu?), kurang ajar betul yer kamu semua, apa kamu fikir kami ini tunggul kayu yang boleh dihenyak2?

    Segala tindak balas dari kami, kamu akan tuduh UMNO punya angkara yer, memang kamu ini ‘ignorance’ yer.. pepatah Melayu pernah berkata ‘sarang tebuan jangan dijolok’ kalau tak erti maksudnya kamu pergi jolok sarang sebenar dan tengok apa hasilnya..

    1. Calvinsankaran,

      Yes sir. You are right. Guan Eng is a “penipu”. He is rude.

      It is not difficult to handle these kind of useless politicians. Learn from Zainuddin Maidin, former Menteri Penerangan, on how to handle them.

      Once an ex MP from PAS insulted Dr Mahathir by saying in “subuh ceramah” that Dr Mahathir watched pornographic movie together with his own grandson. Zainuddin aired the video clip showing that Ex MP (Bunyamin) saying exactly that to audience in a surau.

      Malaysians were then shocked. But more importantly PAS was very embarrassed. PAS as usual did not find it necessary to advise Bunyamin to apologize for insulting Dr Mahathir or more importantly for “fitnah”.

      Bunyamin had no defense. How he knew Dr Mahathir watched pornographic material? Did he “peep” Sri Perdana without being stopped by security? But more importantly what can we say about a person who “peeps”?

      For once, PAS was in defensive. Damage is done.

      SIMILARLY, can’t current Menteri Penerangan aired what Guan Eng said that the hill projects that cause much misery were approved by last govt?

      LATER, show evidence (documents) that actually his govt (Guan Eng’s) approved the projects?

      ANOTHER ISSUE: Guan Eng tried to slander UMNO MP who called for Ambiga to tried for treason. The UMNO MP did not raise a racial issue.

      Show in TV1, TV2, TV3, TV Hijrah or whatever channels the exact words by that UMNO MP. Then showed exactly what Guan Eng said to slander him (UMNO MP). People will realise how Guan Eng is “penipu” and “suka fitnah”.

      Susah sangat ke nak ikut cara Zainuddin Maidin wahai Dr Rais Yatim? Susah sangat ke?

  14. Helen,

    Malays themselves are partly to be blamed for this “UMNO bashing” that goes on and on especially among Chinese community.

    Some of the habits of Malay community are destructive. One mind boggling attitude of malay community including the Malay media is pronounce to the whole world that Chinese vote is the king maker.

    In Malay majority areas like Bukit Gantang or Bagan Pinang, UMNO went on and on reminding everyone that Chinese vote is “the decision maker’.

    Unfortunately UMNO also went on and on reminding the world that Chinese vote ALSO is decisive say in Sibu, a Chinese majority area. The message although with good intention is destructive. It reduces the importance of malay votes. So, my question to my UMNO friends from Ampang recently “tell me where in Malaysia that UMNO will cry out loud saying Malay voters are the king maker?”.

    Even Najib made this mistake. He reminded UMNO that it has to give importance to Chinese interests (as if UMNO neglecting Chinese legitimate or ridicolous demands). As in some constituents non Malays form sometimes 40% of voters.

    But Najib forget to tell MCA or non Malay other parties that they too must respect the malay aspirations BECAUSE all of them will be reduced to museum pieces without Malay support.

    ANOTHER weaknesses of MalaYS INCLUDING UMNO is “too forgiving”. They do not play to racial gallery like say DAP. Ngeh was recorded insulting Dr Zambri’s parents by accusing them of adultery that leads to conceiving Dr Zambri. Malay reaction is muted.

    Ngeh just issued a statement by again lying that he did not mean to insult Dr zambri.

    Imagine if the situation is reversed. DAP will forever mentioning the insult for maybe 40 years.

    As for your remarks why Malays did not bother to explain to Chinese say in urban areas on issue like “Allah”, sadly to say it is the manifestation of “could not be bothered” attitude. Many already “lost” their souls. Yes. Lost the souls that they cant even say something as simple as “forget Malay votes for any party that insist Christians to use the word”.

    They are what Islam call “penyakit cintakan dunia”. They ignore Quranic verses reminding muslims that Allah SWT can bequeth power faster than split seconds AND MORE IMPORTANTLY power can equally be taken away in split seconds.

  15. What is badly needed today is a non partisan writer to continue to pick on both sides with the same attitude. If either one is wrong then the writer can call the spade a spade . The writer can also inform, advise and give opinions either from experts or from the Rakyat. Do you Helen Ang want to play that role ?

  16. Dumno cheers when UMNO Baru was vote back to power under mahatail with the support of chinese supporting MCA and Gerakan and DAP was nearly wipe out. When Pak lah says work with him, the chinese give him the support. Why Dumno is so silent on these matters?

  17. Haris,

    They say “mannerism maketh a man”. Obviously it does not apply to you.

    State your point minus the kurang ajar’ attitude.

  18. You Chinese people worked so very hard, laboured day and night, toiled like kuli, (with blood, sweat and tears) just to pay taxes, cukai pintu, cukai tanah and renew licences, to the Ruling Elite Evil UMNO-BN Regime for the past 50 odd oppressive, dictatorial & tyrannical years! (Especially 22 years under Dictator Maha-Zalim Dr.M!)

    Now what did the UMNO-BN Govt rewarded you Chinese people? The ever increasing influx of Pendatang Haram’s! These Pendatang Haram’s are awarded Blue IC MyKad with the criteria that they enroll as UMNO members and MUST be converted to Islam!

    On Polling Day GE-13 , these Pendatang Haram’s (Indians, Indonesians, Bangaladeshis, Myanmese, Africans, etc) will be queing-up standing next in-line beside you 2nd-Class citizens, with the same rights to vote the Govt that have granted them illegally the licence (MyKad) to be a citizen of Malaysial!

    Ultimately the day will come when these Pendatang Haram’s will be appointed as MP’s in Parliament, and the Bangla’s and Indons will be the NEW Raja-Raja […] EDITED


    Last sentence edited as it borders on sedition. — Helen

  19. Daniel,

    Ok then. Name one person (these so-called Pendatang haram) who was awarded Blue IC and converted to Islam.

    Are you saying that these “pendatang haram” will queue during election and BN can be sure they vote BN? Or maybe they voted PR in last election. That was why PR won in Selangor?

      1. And pray tell, how is BN to be certain that the illegals (who have been legalized) did indeed mark the Dacing on their ballot paper?

        And who’s going to make sure that they practise Islam? After all, Sabah has a sizable number of Christians. For all you know, they may blend into the Christian communities.

        As for Zorro’s posting, according to his take, the scenario is this: Become like Ridhuan Tee and any Chinese too can get bumiputera privileges.

        So Daniel Oon Swee Lee, if you are willing to follow in Ridhuan’s footsteps, you can also obtain bumiputera status.

        Ridhuan’s been getting very fast promotions, you know. Now Assoc. Prof. liau and head of department wor.

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