14 thoughts on “Lagu Raya yang best sekali

  1. Are you apologizing Hell? At some point, you have to look in the mirror no? With or without shampoo…

      1. Happy hari raya ms helen, apologies for any rude comments that may have offended you and other commentators.

  2. As a Malaysian, I would like to wish all Malaysians Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf, Zahir & Batin in celebrating it together with their Muslim brothers/sister and their families on their auspicious day.

    1. Gee………….is that all you can say ? No wonder the guy Anwar Penipu call you apek.

    1. apek ni betul ikhlas ke ? kan apek suka soal pasal kedudukan orang melayu dan bumiputra. pura2 ya apek. apek selalu kata agenda tu agenda ni. apa agenda apek sebenarnya ?

    2. Selamat hari raya, apologies for past rudeness mt new york..we are all after being extreme in our views for the good of our country.

  3. Bagi saya tiada tandingan untuk ‘Dendang Perantau’ P Ramlee. Tambahan terpaksa beraya jauh dari keluarga tahun ini.

    sob sob sob

  4. You know Helen, I can understand why people who supported opposition had a great feeling for RPK and now that he has become neutral and does some articles on Pakatan he is hated and called a turncoat. I used to dislike you when you were with MK, but now I kinda like you because you do some articles on the opposition. I guess its who you support that drives your need for explanation. i am myself confused about you. Any explanation ? Good health and happiness to you.

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