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Ustaz Nasha, Hasan Ali right to be concerned

Kesian Ustaz Nasha. On the eve of Hari Raya, DAP calls for his sacking.

“PAS should sack him for playing Umno’s game,” said DAP’s Senator S. Ramakrishnan (FMT report here). Ramakrishnan accused Nasharudin Mat Isa of having only his body still in PAS whereas his heart already with Umno.

The senator would not have issued such a serious challenge against the PAS Member of Parliament for Bachok, Kelantan without the nod from the DAP top echelon.

Is Ramakrishnan’s accusation that Nasharudin is an Umno Trojan horse believable? Or is it more believable that it is PAS which has changed and Nasharudin who is trying to steer his party back to its founding principles?

Look at all the leaders whom DAP and their DAPsters have tagged as Trojan horses, among them Tunku Aziz IbrahimHasan Ali and Zaid Ibrahim. None of the three have joined Umno or in the case of Zaid, rejoined.

Zaid, in fact, had scoffed at the allegations saying:

“Unlike Khalid [Samad], I do not aspire to have an office in Putrajaya because I had it before. Only a stupid fellow would think that I can be an Umno agent. No one resigns from a position as Minister just to become an agent.”

Now a nobody in PAS

Nasharudin bukan calang-calang orang. He was PAS deputy president between 2005 and 2011.

Yet Karpal could say that Nasharudin has now become only a “small fry” in PAS whose views do not reflect that of his party — see mStar report. And the Pakatan supporters have not only been saying really nasty things about Ustaz Nasha but they’ve also been ridiculing him in their usual DAPster fashion.

Nasharudin’s reply to critics upon being met by reporters on arrival at KLIA on his return recently from Mecca:

“Kepada mereka yang membuat andaian, tuduhan dan suu’ dzan (bersangka buruk), nasihat saya adalah ittaqillah, ittaqillah, ittaqillah (bertakwalah) dan beristghfarlah khasnya pada hari-hari terakhir Ramadan ini. Kasihan saya melihat mereka yang menghukum tanpa tahu hujung pangkal.”

To the accusation that he will be party hopping, Nasharudin responded:

“Tiba-tiba dikaitkan dengan saya akan masuk Umno. Untuk kesekian kalinya saya sebutkan secara terbuka, saya tidak ada niat untuk masuk Umno, cuma saya menganggap semua yang mengucap kalimah syahadah sebagai saudara saya seiman termasuklah pemimpin dan ahli Umno, dan mereka yang bukan Islam sebagai saudara saya seinsan. Perbezaan pandangan politik tidak seharusnya dijadikan sebab untuk kita tidak memikirkan maslahat ummah.”

— source: Utusan

Ustaz Nasha has had to fend off similar conspiracy theory charges once before, for standing by Hasan Ali when the latter was sacked by PAS in December. In that last round, Nasharudin said in a Berita Minggu interview on 18 Dec 2011, “Kepercayaan dan kesetiaan saya kukuh terhadap PAS.”

He has carried himself with a quiet dignity though it all and there are those among his party grassroots who see Ustaz Nasha as being victimized by the political machinations of the DAP-PAS kahwin mutaah. 

And now DAP is asking PAS to sack its former deputy president! Has Umno ever interfered in MCA affairs so publicly?

In the Hasan Ali episode, one can see that PAS has succumbed to DAP’s Jom Ubah Syndrome whereby it is the party itself that has changed post-March 2008 after newly tasting unprecedented power.

Kim Guan Eng and Hannah Yeoh looking MCA-ish

DAP, a so-called socialist party, has morphed into fat cats just like MCA.

And PAS has been copycatting DAP’s pretzel twists in jettisoning their purported party ideology.

Was Hasan Ali, who was sacked for – among other reasons – his opposition to the DUMC-related developments, correct in his concern that the Christians have been actively proselytizing?

Access to S’gor state resources

Subang Jaya is the hotbed of Christian evangelism and this is increasingly visible ever since Pakatan took over.

DAP Subang Jaya state assemblyman Hannah Yeoh used her DUN allocation to provide a donation to a City Harvest Church Subang Jaya programme. As we know, its sister church in Singapore has been charged in court for massive fraud.

Read also ‘Link between City Harvest Church and DUMC’s Dream Center

The Damansara Utama Methodist Church had been illegally operating at Dream Centre where raid by Jais took place.

Its building was approved for use only as a community hall and not for church activities. The church stands on land gazetted for industrial use and not for religious purposes — see FMT report.

Similar to the DUMC scenario, the Subang Jaya Adun has channelled state money to Christian “fellowships” registered as companies and thus technically running ‘businesses’.

For example, Hannah Yeoh donated RM3,000 from her DUN budget to the Kingdom Christian Fellowship Bhd on 13 Oct 2011. Note the ‘Bhd’ attached to ‘Kingdom Christian Fellowship’.

On 12 May 2011, Hannah Yeoh donated RM2,500 from her DUN allocation to the Subang Jaya Assembly of God. This ‘church’ turns up in Internet searches as a company (see screenshot above).

On Jan 17 this year, Hannah Yeoh donated RM5,000 from her DUN allocation to the Evangelical Free Church Gospel Centre for a programme called Subang Jaya Pastors Fellowship.

Evangelical Free Church Gospel Centre also appears to be a ‘business’. It turns up in a classifieds registry online search under the ‘Company’ tab.

The same amount of RM5,000 was given to Evangelical Free Church Gospel Centre for the same Subang Jaya Pastors Fellowship in 2010.

This Evangelical Free Church Gospel Centre, to which Hannah Yeoh channeled RM10,000 in total, shows up in the business search online as providing “professional services” and not religious services (see screenshot below).

Furthermore, Hannah Yeoh has been funding the Subang Rally, yet another Christian Fellowship programme targetted at youths. She provided the Subang Rally (held on 9 July 2011) with RM3,000.

She also gave RM5,000 of her DUN budget to the 2010 Subang Rally themed ‘Ignite’ (see logo connection) and RM2,000 to an earlier edition of Subang Rally held in July 2009 (see screenshot of their rallying cry “Rise up it’s time to take Subang for Jesus!!!”).

While the mainline churches are better regulated, evangelical outfits do not come under a central controlling body, like say for example, the Catholic Church which has an ordered hierarchical structure.

Evangelical churches on the other hand are new entities. The City Harvest Church in Subang Jaya is only about 10 years old.

Aside from political activism (see Subang Rally-Unchained logo above), what is one to make of youngsters performing a group prayer for politicians, like in the photo below where the kids are “laying [their] hands towards Hannah Yeoh” — according to the caption in the website

Imagine the uproar if schoolchildren were made to do a group prayer thanking Allah for His anugerah of Najib to represent Pekan for the Muslims.

And what is one to make of the news that “20 people accepted Christ in the first session” of the Subang Rally? The participants were all young people and we cannot be sure if they are of the age of majority.

prayed for her and her assistants

Hasan Ali has insisted that the evangelists are proselytizing among Malay-Muslims.

There appears to have been a cover-up and one year down the road, we’re none the wiser on the dodgy DUMC details.

Today we have the DAP asking their ally to sack Ustaz Nasha, the only top PAS leader to openly back Hasan Ali when the knives were out.

Are we to take it that in Pakatan, the PAS people will kowtow to the DAP evangelism stream because it is the stronger current and more influential?

Will Kelantan and Kedah be using the Pakatan Merdeka logo of the dove?

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37 thoughts on “Ustaz Nasha, Hasan Ali right to be concerned

  1. Don’t you have something else to talk about beside repeating the same thing bout Hannah Yeoh and your stupid theories every day?

    I am resident of subang jaya and I will continue to support the present adun regardless of slanderous dan vicious write ups against PR.

    So do my neighbours. So do my family members in Penang. So do my malay colleagues in the company throughout Malaysia.

    1. Now why am not surprised that your family members are in Penang.

      Did you do a survey of your Malay colleagues throughout Malaysia asking them who they will vote for?

      The GE is at most only a few months away. We will see then what the Malay sentiments really are. In the meantime, thump away at your chest. Your lot will take Subang Jaya (I’ve no doubt about that) but it’s winning the battle and losing the war.

    2. Namawee in his latest youtube video this time around insulted Rosmah outright calling her a fat lady, of course who cares of his kebiadapan, he got away insulting Muslim women and the Azan in the name of frustrated Malaysian.

      I think if there is any Malay artist poking fun at the To Kong LGE all hell will break loose, but never mind the double standard. This is the country where it is ok and justified for the NON to say anything they please, but when a Malay and Muslim open their mouth not to the liking of the NON he/she is so not TOWERING!!!

      I dislike hearing the ‘N****’ nickname DAPsters apply on Najib. It’s not at all acceptable. — Helen

  2. ‘mohd aziz’ is a Yeopie

    A number of readers have previously voiced their reservations that one commenter here calling himself ‘mohd aziz’ may not really be a Malay. However, this ‘mohd aziz’ has insisted that he is Malay.

    ‘mohd aziz’ posted his comments from an IP address (see screenshot below) which is identical to the IP address of ‘Ravin’ above.


    1. Helen, not surprising at all. That is the typical modus operandi of these imbeciles like what we see in MT, MC, MI & Mkini. Now that this person is caught with his/her tail between the legs, let’s see it is going to be tackled.

      The ought thing is and the difference with the other blogs is, I think it is very easy to flush out fake ones in your blog because, I think most commentors in your blog genuinely voice their concern for betterment of the nation irrespective of their origin even when sometimes they are lopsided in their opinions.

  3. Now that your cover’s blown away, what have you got to say Ravin ? Mohd Aziz ? Ah Chong ? What next ? Looks like Pakatan needs to train their agents, troopers better. Ah ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!! But too bad your Subang Jaya ADUN spends her money on her Church rather than on you, so you need to improvise, and your improvisation sucks. Now I don’t know what I should call you. If you’re willing to spend some bucks I could train you L O L !

  4. Religion & politics should never mix and this is what is happening now with the introduction of the anglophiles in DAP.

    One’s belief and social policies based on religious faith do not have secular validity merely because they are thought by their exponents to be authorized by their particular belief system like how DAP uses religion.

    Since the population is religiously diverse, with a secular orientation, it would be wise reasons to be stated in appropriate moral, social, and political terms that have a basis in fundamental national traditions and values. Look I am not for Hudud, or an Islamic state but to insinuate that Nasharuddin Md Isa of being a trojan horse is gutter politics by DAP.

    Who is this Ramakrishnan guy besides licking his boss’s ass? This is the new found mouth piece these days for DAP.

    Every belief that citizens try to express politically is rooted in some philosophy or religion or some set of assumptions about society and its well-being. They do not come from out of nowhere. Religiously-based convictions about society and morality are as legitimate as those that spring from non-religious philosophies.

    Whether these laws are wise or worthy of enactment must be judged by whether they promote the common good as judged by the secular community not by the fact that they are or are not rooted in the religious faith of those who support them. A religious foundation is neither required nor forbidden when common sense prevails.

    Nasha has his view and his meeting with Najib proves nothing. For god sake!!!! they were there for their own religious reasons not for this to be turned around for a political agenda. DAP needs to do better in their spinning.

    1. Your question: “Who is this Ramakrishnan guy?”

      He’s the one who, on the eve of the Hindraf anti-Interlok rally, sent out an sms asking people not to participate. See here.

  5. Er, just curious … do you have a religion and if so, what is it? Also … are you a member of any political party? … just to have a better understanding of where you are coming from, that’s all ….

    1. Trying to understand, you say ” Er, just curious … do you have a religion and if so, what is it? Also … are you a member of any political party? … just to have a better understanding of where you are coming from, that’s all ….”.

      Both does not jive together when common sense is negated for the very question that you asked me. Those who look for absolutely clear prescriptions requiring no delicate balancing acts or imprecise lines of demarcation between what is permissible and what is not are doomed to perpetual frustration. So how is my religion and political affiance plays a part for how our common sense prevail for the betterment of the community irrespective of the origin.

  6. right so helen and spends her life scrawling the web..checking ip addresses and writing horse shit…find some time for shampoo will ya? and oh yes…as much as you try to split…the average malaysian will not buy your bullshit..but keep it up and make your 5 followers happy ya..

    1. ‘ed’ is also known as ‘fed’ aka ‘ddd’ aka ‘dbdn’ aka ‘Sshsn’ (Mr Alphabet Soup).

      DAPsters and Yeopies are making a roucous din beyond their actual numbers.

      Through their abrasive loudness and aggressive actions, they will cause the Umno-led Malay community to backlash against the Chinese community.

      Soon enough even the PAS grassroots will reach the limit of their tolerance for DAP and DAPsters.

      Air dicincang tak akan putus,
      and the Malays of different political stripes will decide ‘enough is enough’ with this sanctimonious Christianizing horde suffering from acute Anglophilia, and coalesce in perpaduan ummah/Melayu.

      Then all Chinese, including the non-Christian, non-Anglophile ones, will pay the cost.

      1. UMNO is acting like what a race base party will do to survive. Make a scapegoat/kambing hitam of other races in the hopes of rallying support.

        If you have read their blogs and websites, their blame is targeted towards Chinese schools and Chinese speaking Malaysians. These groups are hardly the bastion of the socalled Anglophille-Christian group that you blame. If you think their attacks on these groups only started after 2008, no, it has been going on long before that.

        Eventually, the appeaser will be eaten by the crocodile when she runs out of food

    2. Hi ed, this is my first time reading Helen Ang’s blog. And I believe I’m not the sixth followers. Ha ha, boo ya! … and I’m gonna promote this blog to my friends. Ooops, they already know and read this blog too … so, I’m not the sixt followers after all.

      Helen, keep up your good work. Rrrrrrrraaaamaiiii penyokong senyap di belakang anda.

  7. to some people, religion is more important than a clean government.

    these are true idiots who sells there future generations away for a penny.

    there were and are so many scandals involving billions or trillions concerning the barisan najis government, ‘ smart ‘ people like Helen Ang still promote and advocates their way of managing this country.

    Typifies the character of a barisan najis supporter, ie, stupid, egoistic, greedy and short sighted.

    1. “Typifies the character of a barisan najis supporter, ie, stupid, egoistic, greedy and short sighted.”

      Actually mohd_aziz or ravin or whatever you want to call yourself in the future, what you have just said above describes pakatoons more than it describes barisan. As bad as what you alleged barisan or its supporters are, at least they kick out and do not support their leaders who are guilty of corruption or are PROVEN to be dodgy i.e. Khir toyo, shahrizat (even though it was her hubby), anwar ibrahim, etc (though more could still be done).

      it is you guys who are fond of issuing gag orders or creating your own kangaroo court to judge the wrong doings within your own parties or government, i.e talam, black metallic, selangor sand, dumc, water, rubbish, tebang pokok in hutan simpanan, spice, hillside development, pro developer, etc, and surprise, surprise, NONE are found guilty.

      You guys even have the audacity to post comments of malaysia today criticising raja petra for exposing the wrong doings of pakatan leaders and calling him a traitor etc. what you guys are too thick to see is is that YOU guys are the one who is inconsistent and not raja petra or helen ang for that matter.

      How can you claim to hate barisan for being corrupted and abusing their power and yet condone, accept and want to hide the same corruption and abuse of power when they are done by your leaders?

      If you have any integrity whatsoever and you stand for truth and justice, you will reject ALL who are corrupted or abuse their power irrespective of whether they are from BN or pakatan instead of worshipping egoistic, corrupted, proven liars, misleading leaders that pakatoons leaders have shown themselves to be. But then again, what do you expect from their followers?

      tapi, cakap tak serupa bikin. Apa la?

      1. Melonhead, be it watermelon or whatever melons, I support your point of clean governmet. Bring the corrupted servants to justice, be it Bn or Pakatan. All we asked for is a clean government. NOt a cowgate type. We reject the extremely corrupted bn government. If pakatan is corrupted, bring them to court. Don’t just accuse but no action.

    2. So pakatan rakyat govt very clean ah… Just look at your great leader…berape banyak punya skandal, sodomy, china doll, rm3b master account, corruption,cronyism…ini macam punya orang lu mau angkat jadi PM…are u that stupid? The day he become PM, i am sure someone or some country will blackmail macam punya orang mau jadi pemimpin…comeon la jangan jadi orang bodoh… Saya tengok video the china doll and have seen his unique asset..bengkok macam orang itu, no way i become makmum to him and no way i will elect him.

  8. helen, carry on, i support these kind of blogs. i read ur blog daily..almost daily. when a blogger got hit personally ie what’s her religion n political view..i think those are just red herrings. Not to mention those snakes that lie and try to influence ppl by saying they are malays or indian etc

    anyway, i remember in 2008 i told a friend that the malays are sometime like a pendulum. they may swing right up now, but if u cant maintain the momentum, they will swing back. and when they swing back, its sweeps everything. it is showing now…

    and recently i read in the star, soi lek said “Muslim MPs, regardless of any political party, are bound to give their vote for its implementation should PAS move a motion in Parliament,” soi lek understands the malay psyche. True, a malay muslim mp will definitely support the hudud if its tabled in the parliament becos the malays are wired that way. Don’t ever forget that iran was a modern muslim state when shah iran was in power, so do Lebanon and mesir. Look at what they are turning into. Even turkey is in the arabisation mode… the US thot its arab spring… its more like arab darkest draught.

    With the recent drm statement to pas…asking pas to rejoin umno and together will implement hudud, the non-muslims bodies may have more than they can chew if they are not on the ruling party side… even then if pr with pas rules putrajaya, the ugly side of religion will definitely rear its head.

    So far, what I have read and heard from the media only reveals that the opps wants the gov because they have been missing the gravy train (Hannah giving out doles to churches is one eg). S’ngor now is not any better than when bn was around. So do penang and kedah. K’tan had it even worse being one of the poorest states with most of its youngsters in other cities looking for jobs. the same with bn’s state, they hv not gone overdrive even though they know that opps can take away their ruling if the tide turns.

    I really hope najib wins as i have faith in the gtp. i also hope he sacks 3/4 of his cabinet as well as put energetic n aggresive mid careers as ketua jab in the gov…i hope he focus on mid incomes as the smaller incomers will be piggyback on them, also on hospitalisation and education as well as transportation and housing.

    …vote for your kids.

  9. believe it or not, majority of 1st time voters will vote not because of they want to change the current government but because its ether they dont want Anwar to be PM (me) or kicking out PAS from Kelantan.. i just dont understand how ppl believe in this Anwar guy.. if you see a snake & anwar, dont hit the snake but hit anwar 1st.. ive never voted & im not an UMNO guy but because of him ill will vote for BN..

    anyway Ustad Nasarudin is a rare breed of fair & level headed PAS politician.. a man of principles.. a man that talks using his brain not his ass..

    hate him of love him, najib is a good leader.. i trust him 100x more then i trust LGE or Nik Aziz.. whats making him look bad is his sucky wife..

    vote right!!

    1. Fening,

      To imply that PAS abandons creation of an Islamic state (due to ties with DAP) is misleadiing. In the first place PAS never put Islam as its principle.

      PAS only declared (in the past) its focus on Islamic state or islamic principles to hoodwink voters including its supporters. It was a good business. Every ceramah is ‘tempat cari makan” for “penceramah’.

      Religion is a potent force. And PAS despite insisting on Islam never exhibit any inclination towards Islam. Cry for Hudud is a mere calls for votes. But it is an empty cry, not followed by substantive dialogues with other parties, NGOs, to explain what exactly Islamic state is all about.

      That is why I am not blaming Dr Chua or MCA or anyone who rejects Islamic state. Who can blame them after seeing so much misery in practically every country ruled by Muslims. Or more importantly after witnessing the behaviours of PAS leaders.

      ALTHOUGH I AGREE with Nasharuddin’s insistence on Islam, I can not but question why Nasharuddin is unable to realise much earlier that even before its ties with DAP, PAS never shows any move towards Islam beyond occasional cry for Hudud. Nasharudin knows this all along.

      WHAT DIFFERENTIATE PAS now with PAS before ties with DAP is NOW PAS declared “negara berkebajikan”. Islamic tag is renounced. Before this, PAS leaders only declared their intention for Islam although they use it for fishing votes.

      But now they feel no need at all to mention Islam. A right move for them as they are not championing Islam.

      But in their quest for Putrajaya, they may not want to realise that renouncing the tag only shows how hypocrite they are. Only now they realise the magnitude of shift on Malay votes tilting towards UMNO’s favour.

      Suddenly, there is a need to reinforce again the “hudud” and time-tested method of blaming UMNO for practically any “maksiat” under the sun.

      Only know people begin to realise that questioning PAS can’t be implied as questioning Islam. Muslims reject PAS, not Islam. They do not trust PAS leaders, not they reject Islam.

      The question I want to ask Nasharuddin if I see him is where was he when PAS in all its “muktamar agung” slandered Najib with all the “pantun” associating him with Altantuya.

      Where were you Nasharuddin? Cant you stand up ( you are on the “pentas’ ) and reminded them that “fitnah” is a sin?

      Where were you Nasharuddin when Dr Mahathir was insulted year in year out in all the “muktamar agung”? Where were you Nasharuddin when Harakah in every publication “fitnah” practically all UMNO leaders.

      Where were you Nasharuddin? Where were you when “derma anak yatim Memali” were not received by all these “anak yatim?”

      Where were you Nasharuddin when Mohd Sabu mentioned “aljuburi” and challenged Dr Mahathir to sack Anwar? Why were you in silence when PAS in 2008 becomes Anwar’s ally (or more precisely Anwar’s tool).

      Why can’t you protest out loud in 2008 and reminded PAS what Mohd Sabu said about Anwar? Why you kept quiet and agreed to contest under PAS banner in 2008 when you are seeing these countless hypocrisy by PAS?

      Forgive me for saying this to you Nasharuddin. I see you as a man without principle. You only speak up after you lose position in PAS.

  10. Ravin, Mohd Aziz, Jonnymalaya……………I must say these people are very creative, and very persistent. Must be the sermons they are exposed to by their leaders. Helen, maybe you should reveal the IP address of this Jonnymalaya. Who knows, maybe he/she is just another Ravin, Mohd Aziz.

    It took BN 50 plus years to get to such a sorry situation, yet it took the PR only less than 5 years to do so. Makes you wonder who is more corrupt.

    1. I appreciate Jonnymalaya’s participation even tho’ he is contrary. It’s good to have a check and balance here, and his level-headed comments do add value to the discussion.

      Can’t say the same for “Subang Jaya resident” Ravin aka ‘Mohd Aziz’ though.

  11. Ravin aka Mohd Aziz selupa ‘Jimmy’ in STL, sekejab-sekejab tukar nama. balik-balik orang sama. pi mai pi mai tukang jilat DAP jugak… kat sini pun ada jugak. adoi!

  12. Ustaz Nasha has NOTHING to worry about being sacked by PAS. I believe he is LOOKING FORWARD to be sacked by PAS, a party which has deviated from the true teachings of Islam. But, as former Deputy President of PAS, Ustaz Nasha would like to be sacked by PAS in STYLE.

    I believe UMNO would roll RED CARPET to Ustaz Nasha to come back to his natural home. Just look at how comfortable Ustaz Nasha was in entertaining UMNO leaders who attended the wedding of his daughter, and how much happier he was sitting next to Najib in the meeting with the Saudi ulamas recently…

    Ustaz Nasha would not miss Nik Aziz, Hj Hadi and all the HATEFUL LOTS in PAS. Neither should Ustaz Nasha waste anymore of his precious life with the MISGUIDED and POWER-CRAZY PAS leaders.

  13. bolayan je dengan mamat ravin, aziz or john doe ke… ni semua anti establisment punya kaki… just say thank you to him.. for wasting his time here…

    Helen, i republished article at

    OK, thanks. — Helen

  14. Hey Helen, it’s me again. I love coming in here as it expands my mind and like what you said, check and balance.

    I must say your blog kept me thinking though I personally do not condone the style of your writings at times.

    You seem to have an issue with ADUN making donations to church. My humble question will be, what are your comments on ADUN making donations to mosques, suraus and temples? Your writing seems to just attack HY for the fact donations were made to church only but in truth, donations were also made in other places of worship.

    1. Hey Helen,

      It’s me again and this time just want to share what I discovered.

      For 2011 ADUN for Subang Jaya, in terms of contributing to mosques, suraus, madrasah, temples and churches, HY have contributed more to mosques, suraus and madrasah (46%). Second will be temples (37%) and last will be churches (17%).

      These are my own personal tabulation from the report but I guess it’s safe to see where the monies are channeled to in terms of total fund contributed for religious purposes.

      You and your readers can do your own calculations here (obtained from website,

      Why I took the trouble to at least check?

      Just to further ask on my question above (in previous reply).

      1. I’m aware. The Occupy Masjid campaign needs to be funded to open doors so that the evangelistas can enter.

        Also the churches are rich – DUMC for instance – and it is instead their members who have funded the SJ Adun.

        1. Base on your answers, then it is a matter of your perception. And your own words “Occupy Masjid” is very provocative as up to now, there is no concrete and solid evidence that they are “evangelizing” in these areas. If there is, it would be already national news wouldn’t it? So where is Utusan? Furthermore, if it was indeed a threat to another’s religion, why was there no complaint filed or even a police report by the receivers? Or people who claim that such activities happened filing the reports?

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