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Dr M: Don’t be “hoodwinked by the appearance of religious piety”

If there is an Arabic phrase equivalent to ‘balik kampung’, Anwar would have introduced it too — (… just Helen’s opinion, lah)

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I’m reproducing below in full and verbatim Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s latest (Aug 22) blog posting titled ‘Change’. He allows interested parties, including the press, to republish his material with the condition that they are credited to CHEDET.CC.

Sharpest tool in the shed

Many Mahathirites hate Anwar. Most Anwaristas hate Mahathir.

Getting past the blinding hate though, the fact is that Malaysians really need a lot of indepth study to be able to compare one man against the other with any justice on what they’ve both done to the country.

I have not researched in order to assess either with the gravity such a subject matter deserves. However as a writer, I feel I’m qualified enough, at least, to appraise their individual writing styles.

Dr M’s is plain spoken and straight to the point. He does not engage in verbal gymnastics.

One thing I do respect him for is that Dr M has no tendency to quote verses from holy books and thump scriptures and mount the pulpit. Nor does he religiously preach, and annoy with preaching sermons. Politicians should leave the job of preaching to the priests.

Also, Dr M doesn’t appear to give a fig as to what others think, especially if these others are, in his opinion, less intelligent than him — which might well apply to 99.99 percent of the Malaysian population in his estimation.

How this supreme self-confidence, i.e. lacking any need at all to try to impress anyone in Malaysia, affects his current writing style is to produce a refreshing quaintness. Opposition supporters may still loathe Mahathir but my discussion here is about his ability as a blogger to communicate his ideas and message to the general public.

I remember Dr M wrote an article in his blog on 20 July 2009 which he titled ‘Kaki dalam kasut‘. That’s not a Malay idiom but a literal translation from English, “to put yourself in another person’s shoes”.

A close Malay approximation I can think of is berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul. Perhaps you can think of better.

But this matter of translation is a trifle that Dr M can’t be bothered with. He is a man more than confident enough to throw the style book out the window and just do things his way. So we see this maverick VVIP give the title ‘Kaki dalam kasut’ to his article, which must surely have raised eyebrows in Gapena, DBP and the rest of the Malay literary agencies.

This trait of disdaining the common trend or otherwise of not following conventional wisdom (bowing to language and grammar prescription in the case of ‘Kaki dalam kasut’) is displayed when he defied the IMF, World Bank and U.S. Treasury to implement a currency peg on Malaysia’s exchange rate. (See Mahathir’s paragraphs 17 & 18 below)

Sometimes Dr M gets it right and at other times not. Several top economics experts have evaluated his capital controls in 1998 to be a correct move.

One day after he announced the radical measures to regulate trade in the ringgit, Dr M sacked Anwar. It was no coincidence. Please give some thought to this.

Anugerah Tuhan

A ‘God’s Gift’ – similarly Kim Guan Eng too (worshipfully bestowed also with an identical title) and Papa’s Mama counterpart “who lives for God” – is quite obviously antithetical to Dr M, called the “old devil” by his detractors.

Rahsia awet muda? At 87 years old, he certainly looks ‘better’ – the Malay term ‘seri’ is more appropriately used – than the Asian Renaissance Man (aged 65), especially of late.

To read Anwar Ibrahim’s ‘renaissance’ thoughts – if he’s writing in Malay – you would need a dictionary by your side.

One gets the impression that if there’s a choice of four available words to describe a single meaning, Anwar would choose the longest and the one least familiar to everyone. Oh well, as long as the Anwaristas are impressed.

On another note, DAP supporters akin to Anwar followers, are easily impressed as well, claiming that their evangelistic leaders are smart and eloquent and of the highest moral calibre simply because they (the Christian leaders) love to climb on stage, hold the mic and preach all the time.

Funding the pastors, of course, helps to uplift their image as these folks are further motivated to sing praises of evangelical politicians to their Christian congregation.

To burnish his religious credentials, Anwar heaves into eh, whazzat? Arabic words when the simple Malay is known to everyone.

If there is an Arabic phrase equivalent to ‘balik kampung’, Anwar would have introduced it. (Perhaps the Arabs do not have the concept as Malays understand it.)

Not only does Anwar extensively quote the Quran, Hadith, Sunnah, fiqh and what have you, he has no qualms in liberally cannibalizing the religious texts of other major faiths.

Plus he likes to name drop — quoting Western philosophers, political scientists and whomever. He’s like a magpie collecting quotable quips so that people will believe he is widely read.

As for how Anwar’s writing hints at the man’s character, read Dr M below.

Dr M knows Anwar better than you or I do

I’ve taken the liberty of highlighting in bold certain paragraphs from the Che Det article which I hope that readers of this blog will pay attention to.

Postscript: Needless to say, Dr M has political motives in writing what he wrote.

I’m not trying to sway anyone’s vote in putting this up.

Let me state most clearly that I don’t give a toss what DAPsters choose to do with their 1vote.

DAPster votes are after all worth only half the rural vote in the Malay heartland – Tunku Aziz reiterated in his latest column that he has “always said that elections in our country are free but not fair”. Yeah, race politics sucks.

And in some of the worst malapportioned urban constituencies that are the DAP strongholds, the votes of the online Anglophile horde will make a scant difference. In Seputeh, for example, Teresa Kok won with a majority of 36,492.

The violence-prone DAPsters give me too much credit. Even if I manage change the mind of say, 50 initially pro-Pakatan voters, what impact could it have on the outcome in DAP wards which will be won by a landslide?

So the upshot is that DAPsters can go kiss their preferred candidates’ arse — a decision already chiseled in stone.

Hence, the puak perpetual hysteria needn’t flatter themselves that I care one jot to influence their fanatical opinion and cast-iron voting pattern. Their closed minds are not worth my time. Period.

Blood brothers

Observe #1: DAPsters are the kindred spirit of Anwaristas.

Observe #2: The DAP generals in God’s Army are soulmate to Anwar Anugerah Tuhan.

Tolong guna otak sikit, boleh tak?

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By Dr Mahathir Mohamad

1. In his campaign to become President of the US Barack Obama promised change, “time for change”, he said.

2. He promised to close down Guantanamo Detention Camp.

3. He promised to stop trials of detainees by Military Courts.

4. He promised to pull out from Iraq and Afghanistan.

5. And many more.

6. Now four years into his first term he has failed to keep his promises.

7. Guantanamo is still holding so-called terrorists; still torturing them. No military courts but no trials by civilian courts either.

8. Instead of pulling out from Iraq and Afghanistan he approved a “surge” in the troops sent to this area. Later he pulled out some troops but American soldiers are still in the two countries.

9. Making promises during campaigns for elections is easy.

Keeping them is a different matter. The best hope is that people’s memory is short. They would normally forget the promises.

10. Now the opposition in Malaysia have copied Obama and is promising change.

11. Give them a chance they say. The BN has ruled this country for 55 years. It is time to change. They will change this into a welfare state. Everything will be free. No fees for education. No tolls. Large subsidy for petrol. 20% royalty to oil producing states etc.etc.

12. The Socialist and Communist have tried this welfare state idea. They failed.

Malaysia has no ideology.

But the reality is that the Government needs money in order to develop the country and to subsidise living cost for the people. But when Government foregoes taxes, tolls and fees, it will have less money. But it will have to spend more on running an maintaining utilities, expressways, schools, operational and development cost, pension etc.

13. So where does the Government get necessary funds?

14. Borrowing is okay if the money is invested and giving a return. But borrowing money in order to just spend will lead to non-payment of debts.

15. That’s what happened to Greece. It’s bankrupt now. The whole of Europe cannot put it back together again.

16. Admittedly the BN has ruled this country every since independence. But look at the record and compare it with other countries which gained independence at the same time. Compare it even with the developed West. They are in deep financial trouble and try as they might, they have not been able to overcome the crisis.

17. Remember 1997-98 crisis. The then Deputy PM and Minister of Finance tried the IMF solution without the IMF loans. Banks and companies were faced with the threat of bankruptcy from non-performing loans. Imports cost more. Cost of living shot up.

18. The track record of the Minister of Finance then was bad although there is a fondness of claiming success brought about by other people as his success. PNB, UIA were part of the claim.

19. Now as leader of the Opposition he is claiming to bring about change. What good change did he introduce when he was in the Government? All he was interested in was getting up the leadership ladder of UMNO in order to become Prime Minister. How he achieved his objective does not bear scrutiny.

20. Five years to give a trial as Government is dangerous. Many things can be destroyed in five years. Besides the Opposition as Government will ensure there will be no return for the BN.

Officers in the Government will be used to “gempar” (threaten) whoever tries to change Government.

21. Already we see this person who claims to fight for free speech suing and resorting to the courts to shut the mouth of his critics. Other powers of the Government will be similarly abused. Nepotism and cronyism will be employed as indeed they are in the party he now heads.

22. The record is there.

Malaysians must not allow themselves to be hoodwinked as I was hoodwinked by the appearance of religious piety in the past.

23. The BN has listened to the people and has changed many laws and policies. All that the people need to do is to urge the BN to carry out whatever change the people desire.

25. Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t.


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56 thoughts on “Dr M: Don’t be “hoodwinked by the appearance of religious piety”

  1. If we were to use incidents of paedophiliac catholic priests in the west as a case study, one could conclude that perceived religious piety does not save the innocent from butt-rape.

    Taking the piss out of pakatoons at @warismalaya LOL

    1. “The molestation and rape of children by priests in America has resulted in more than US$3.3 billion of settlements over the past 15 years” — reported a few days ago, read here.

      A lot closer to home, City Harvest Church.

      Project Crossover – The American Televangelist Cometh (see here)

      1. Helen,

        The one thing that impress me with regards to Dr Mahathir is that i believe he speaks from his heart. He, like any other humans have weaknesses but to be fair, he delivered.

        Western media hate him as he manifests the idea of the wisdom of the world is not limited to white man only. He was ridiculed for rejecting IMF advice. But his method proved to be a success.

        He is firm, not cruel. He graciously retired at his peak although he need not retire as he had the mandate.

        He could not be bothered if people can’t take his view. He could have chosen a safer way, pretending not to realise Anwar’s homosexual tendency. But he did his duty by removing Anwar.

        He was condemned to hell in many “khutbah” or labelled as “firaun’ in many conversation by PAS.

        His views are hated but very much sought after. Abdullah Badawi made a mistake by letting Khairy to be perceived as ‘hostile” to Dr Mahathir. Having Dr Mahathir on your side is crucial especially among Malay voters.

    2. wkakakaka, good one joe ,wakakaka, to the point, blunt but to the point………………………good one

  2. I agree with Tun M. 5 years is a long time to let Pakatan “try” to run the country. We had an example of a lousy leadership of 6 years by Tun D. 6 years of nothing good happening to the country.

    We “tried” with Selangor. What did we get? Potholes, uncollected rubbish, water drama, mushrooming of spa, massage parlour and prostitution..

    Until now.. Pakatan still cannot come up with a proper Shadow Cabinet. They can only promise “free stuff” to the masses. Don’t they know that people don’t appreciate free stuff? Most people will just waste it.

    Take for instance the Selangor free water program.. what good does it do? Becoz it’s free.. most household will use freely the precious treated water. Why? Coz the first RM11 is free.

    If you wish to help the poor, then the program shd be those with water bill below RM11 will get it free. Those that are above RM11 – will pay the full amount. This policy will then encourage people to save and appreciate water. This alone shows how “smart” Pakatan is.

    Federal Govt is better with their free electricity bills for the poor. At least it will hit their target market and encourage people to save on their electricity usage.

    Personally I think, handing over the custody of this beloved country to Pakatan will be a tragedy of epic proportion. Let us not be hoodwinked with their lies of “give us a try”.

    Democracy will die in this country if Pakatan took over. They will ban this ban that.. sue this sue that.. gag this gag that.. Currently, they only expel people that disagree with them from their party… I’m not surprised if they are in power, they will jail people instead! Bar Council probably will just go along with them (like now)..

    1. Uncollected rubbish in the public areas (like playground) & unswept roads chronic problem in my neighbourhood. Very upsetting to see.

  3. Our oldman always think, thoughtfully lay down the exact situation he sees and put things into the right perspectives. He is right about running our country. He is right about Anwar, after making the biggest mistake of taking him into UMNO. Anwar is BIG now financially by taking much much advantage of his 6 years position as Finance Minister and DPM.

    Just look at all the right issues “specially approved” by him at the KLSE, during his time as Finance Minister, when the KLSE index climbing like hell towards 2,000 points. Off course the amount of FREE right issues given to him is “mind-boggling”.

    Just went for Hari Raya at my uncle’s house, a stounch supporter of PAS. This guy was calling Anwar “Al Sheikh Al Anwar Al Juburi” in 1998, laughing out loud at me for supporting UMNO, now he got the cheek to say “Anwar jahat dulu masa dalam UMNO, sekarang dia dah banyak berubah, malah lebih baik dari semua pemimpin UMNO”.

    I told hm this “Dulu dia buat jahat dalam UMNO, UMNO dapat tahu, buang dia, PAS DAP yang bodoh, anggap ANWAR jahat sebab UMNO, yang sebenarnya, Anwar yang bawa banyak kejahatan dalam UMNO”.

    How can you take in a stinking carcass and let, wanting the carcass to lead you into a better life.. IDIOT


  4. i was brought up during mahathir/anwar’s time…and i definitely wouldnt want a proven buttman, corrupted, power abuser to assume the leadership of this country…not sure why lks and lge n karpal cant see thru his wool…

    1. Karpal was the one who brought up the Azizan Abu Bakar (Wan Azizah’s driver) expose in Parliament back in 1997 (see Hansard here).

      Kenapa mereka sanggup bersekongkol? Gila kuasa.

      Kenapa para pengikut DAP begitu taksub? Heh-heh-heh, apa nak kata?

      1. As a person, you should forgive and forget. Let the bygone be bygone. Why keep moving and thinking backwards? It ain’t gonna help in anything.

        And, Boleh pakai otak sikit ke?

  5. Do we always agree with our father?
    Do we always thinks that our father is always right?
    Do we not think that our father is some kind of dictator?
    In spite of blindfold hatred towards him, Malaysian always feel safe and confidence in his leadership.
    And most people that hates him because the fact he’s always right!

  6. i do not worship mahathir and would admonish him for several things during his rule… but he is a leader who has been there and done things beyond the minute akal of kim guan eng and Brother Anwar bin Ibrahim (…love his acronym)… therefore.. he does not need holy book tongue twisters to impress his audience.

    even isreali commentators routinely challenge mahathir in and he was gracious enough to answer their impudent comments….. we will not see the same graciousness in websites ike malaysiakini, lim kit siang blog and even the oh so liberal malaysianinsider that block pro BN or pro establishment comments. is a must read for all, the social media blog is a blessing for our generation as we can interact with our leaders past and present…strangely ..we cannot communicate with the khalifah of penang and Brother Anwar bin Ibrahim without being sued.

  7. Seems dapsters holier tham thou cybertroopers or their ku klux clan are attacking mahathir by calling him mamak kutty.. evil while at the same time preaching equality and color blind…

    Note the lone malay commentator who tried to defend mahathir is repetitively ridiculed by the dapsters and avengelistas…..and they think that dude is the only malay on the internet?

    1. just read the yahoo news…LOL. I guess this is what helen means by the term ‘perpetual hysteria’.

      Tun M’s statement is soo right on the dot, it makes their ‘blood go upstairs’, you can imagine these yahoos dapsters scrambling to find the nearest flagpole to pee. And all those racist tone name calling…do we need to believe to these imbeciles that shout out from the top of their lungs that we are ‘sebangsa, sejiwa, senegara’

      1. Although ‘perpetual hysteria’ has since become my favourite word to describe DAPsters, credit must go to Ahmad Ibrahim for introducing the term and making the link.

      2. I would like to think that there are ways to treat this mental affliction known as perpetual hysteria. But unfortunately, judging by the response of opposition supporters in real life and cyberspace, forget about it. These people, there’s no remedy for them.

        Even when reality is staring right in front of them, they still have this capacity to invent alternative realities i.e divorced from reality. Ah well, what to expect. Opposition supporters, a large number of them Chinese, are already divorced from the majority in their urban and cyber ghettos. So perpetual hysteria just about completes the whole process for them.

      3. perpetual hysteria:

        – frequent posts about christian conspiracy
        – unproven allegations the star (of all papers, but you know she used to work there) has a supersecret dap n christian agenda
        – fear n paranoia over a bird symbol
        – near 24/7 coverage of hannah yeoh in this blog
        – talks about secret chinese conspiracy to conquer malaysia among some commenters

        seems like pro bn peoples need to see the mirror :)

        1. The pinnacle of the DAPster perpetual hysteria must be the screaming “someone please kill the bitch” just because some Yeopies cannot accept any legitimate criticism or negative view of their idol, not to mention the rest of the smear campaign they have been conducting against me.

          In fact, no less than the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang – PKR’s Mansor Othman – has confirmed that the DAPster cult is treating God’s Gift – His Worship Kim Guan Eng – as if He is a holy “tokong”.

          Now let’s compare the pro-BN people and the pro-Pakatan people in terms of ‘perpetual hysteria’.

          You, Dave, are undeniably pro-Pakatan whereas I’m not pro-BN.

          You have made 160 comments to date in my blog under 3 pseudonyms as far as I can detect (Dave, Dean and Kobel).

          You can vouch that I’ve never censored even a single comment of yours despite the time it costs me to rebut some of them.

          In contrast, and we can open the question to any of the other readers here whether they are allowed to air contrary opinions in the pro-opposition blogs and websites.

          As well as enquire what happens to those pro-BN commenters who voice such opinions. See how a perfectly sensible comment is (click) drowned out with 730 Thumbs Down, accompanied with a lot of verbal abuse so that a pro-BN guy is discouraged from setting foot on Pakatan cyber territory, which consequently become mere echo chambers due to the Pakatan hysterical attitude against the “enemy” (i.e. anyone who has a different political view).

          As for the “Christian conspiracy”, the Pejabat Mufti Johor believes that Christianization poses a threat.

          Jais and Mais are cautious of the same, and so too Jakim and the PM’s Department which has a de facto Minister for Islamic affairs. The Sultan of S’gor pernah keluarkan titah on the DUMC cover-up and Jati is collecting evidence (note that the Sultan tidak murka dengan Hasan Ali).

          If HA had been at fault in the handling of DUMC, the Sultan would have reprimanded him. Note also that the Sultan was displeased with Teo Nie Ching’s mosque foray and Mais issued a warning letter to her.

          And there are photographs like this one.

          As to who’s being reasonable and who’s being hysterical, I leave that to rational Malaysians to judge for themselves.

      4. helen, pro bn people are allowed to comment on malaysia today, minsider, n other alternative media or blogs. what happens after that if the majority of readers agree or not with the comment, causing them to be voted down.

        similarly here in this blog where the worldview of most readers are pro umno pro bn, people like huayong or msianinnewyork n i have been yelled at for expressing opinion contrary to theirs. in other pro bn blogs, you can be yelled at n called ‘keling’, ‘cina babi’, ‘sepet’, ‘penjilat juburi’ n other whatnot

        look at largely negative internet reaction to certain issues like tanda putera, 55 merdeka logo n song, n so on. definitely this is not reaction from a faction of pro pakatan net activists

        1. Dave, you write:

          “look at largely negative internet reaction to certain issues like tanda putera, 55 merdeka logo n song, n so on. definitely this is not reaction from a faction of pro pakatan net activists”

          I hope the significance of what you’ve written sinks into you.

          You imply that the negative reaction to certain issues like Tanda Putera indicates that most of the commenters here are pro-BN.

          You can and indeed should, at the same time infer (from the point that you yourself just made) that my blog brings up issues where many of my own opinions are opposite to what the pro-BN people believe.

          Unlike the mood and trend of pro-Pakatan blogs – it’s easy to tell which they are as they do not have pro-BN blogs on their blogroll whereas the pro-BN blogs have pro-Pakatan blogs on their blogroll (compare Haris & Rocky blogrolls) – I do not write to pander to only what my audience wants to hear and that’s why my opinion like on Tanda Putera, on Satu Sekolah and hudud implementation go against the popular current of my readership.

          Also, as you mention, “people like huayong or msianinnewyork” and your good self are here as well.

          Yet previously you alleged: “helen ang is a pro MCA public relations agent”.

  8. “At 87 years old, he certainly looks ‘better’ – the Malay term ‘seri’ is more appropriately used – than the Asian Renaissance Man (aged 65), especially of late.”

    May I suggest a reason? He (TDM) never run away from truth. He never shy from critics, he even welcome them. He has a peace of mind. This reflects in his ‘seri wajah’.

    Whereas Anwar cover himself with layers upon layers of lies and deception. He consistently worried about being exposed. Lying is a very stressful occupation.

  9. Rabbit,

    I still remember an event that took place way back in 1990. My brother in law has a thai friend. He visited my brother in law in Penang in 1990.

    At that time election was over with DAP trouncing MCA and Gerakan. Unfortunately DAP was unable to form the state govt due to UMNO holding the fort in Malay areas.

    Many Malays asked Dr Mahathir to appoint an UMNO assemblman as Chief Minister. My brother in law’s Thai friend asked what the fuss all about. Just appoint someone from the party that has the largest number of seat in the coalition as the Chief Minister.

    That seems the best solution for practically any person in the planet. But I told him that Dr Mahathir may want “to jaga air muka” Chinese community. He was shocked. What kind of leader is this who cares so much about the minority?

    Another incident that made me realise that Dr Mahathir at height of his power is not power crazy was the Constitutional Crisis. He did not take advantage of the situation. Dr Mahathir due to his position as the head of Govt could simply play to the gallery. Malaysia may turn to be a republic if he really wanted to. But he just reorganize entire monarchy system to make them accountable for their personal actions.

    AS FOR ANWAR, he can continue lying to the grave. But he may want to remember this advice: Allah SWT adalah sebaik baik perancang.

    My advice to him is enough is enough. accept reality that you (Anwar) is not destined to be the Prime Minister. And do remember Malaysia will not collapse if you retire.

    1. Should tell this to Lim Kit Siang as well. He has been on the opposition bench since the time of Tun Razak. That’s 5 PM that LKS has faced.

      I believe Helen is a fan of LKS. But you have to admit LKS has served long enough to earn his retirement. Same goes for Rais Yatim :)

      1. re: “I believe Helen is a fan of LKS”

        Mixed feelings. Like I said before, for Chinese who during the wilderness years – i.e. prior to the last general election and before DAP tasted power – voted DAP 1.0, LKS is seen as a pillar of the opposition.

        The voting trend of the Chinese all these years past, tracing from the 1969 GE, has been strongly pro-opposition, with 2-3 troughs when DAP was routed, incl. 1999, the year that both LKS and Karpal lost their seats in the backlash against their party’s association with PAS in Barisan Alternatif.

        Agree with Tunku Aziz’s assessment that Lim father and Kim son are “a different kettle of fish”.

        Don’t agree with the current witch hunt against LKS vis-a-vis Tanda Putera and the strange obsession that he was in Kg Baru on May 13.

        However, at the end of the day, blood is thicker than water and Lim Sr is the prop holding up Kim Jr. KGE’s lofty position owes a lot to his father. Like how Najib was first elected to Parliament in his 20s and got his Pahang menteri besar post in large part due to the Malay goodwill for Tun Razak.

        LKS rose to the occasion wrt the Tunku Aziz affair but his son will continue to plunge into one scrape after another, and lurch from one controversy to another.

        I agree with you Joe that LKS should retire so as to save himself the conflict of interest between doing the right thing and being required to stick up for his opportunistic offspring.

  10. Lets give credit where credit is due.. yes TDM has been a good leader especially during the financial crisis of the 80s, when he refused that msia borrow from IMF, that was the era he received enormous respect from rakyat and also the world at large.. but that was the beginning of Umno/BN inflicted by the corruption disease, Umno ministers became so rich while poor malays became poorer and their position remained stagnant until this day, while families of rich cronies getting richer as ever.

    The govt has never taken any strong initiative to wipe out corruption.. every time any minister or Umno member is arrested for corruption he would escape easily thru the simple reason, “lack of evidence”. lets wait and see…not long the verdict for the cow family who bgt luxurious condo with cows money, will be free due to lack of evidence again!

    Thats why we need a changed govt which will wipe out corruption for a start and take over Najib’s so-called transfomasi that never got started so far!

    Be wise and lets give others a chance instead of seeing msia rot away by the plunderous Umno menaces.

    1. You speak as if Pakatan is corruption free.

      You said, and I quote :

      “Be wise and lets give others a chance instead of seeing msia rot away by the plunderous Umno menaces.”

      Now do you know why I describe Pakatan supporters as those in perpetual hysteria ?

      That paragraph just about summed it all up. And if you still don’t quite get it, ask those who know what perpetual hysteria is, they will gladly explain it to you.

      Oh by the way, I reserve the right not to respond to derogatory postings by, in Joe’s words, Pakatoons i.e Pakatan supporters. So if you intend to post derogatory statements at me, feel free to do so, but I m not going to respond to any of them.

      Cheers !

    2. Gan, thanks for the preaching. It is like the 3 wise monkeys. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, only after 55 years at courtesy of ????, when we realize humanity really matter for the rest as well in Malaysia.

    3. The question is, a change to what? Is the alternative much better than the present government? Unfortunately, based on PR’s performance in 5 states, plus all the gag orders, the scandals etc, are they any better?

      I too, wanted a better government than that of Tun Badawi. So, i voted the opposition. And 4 years down the road, i am not impressed. If anything, i am livid! They do not do what they preach. If anything, they are the epitome of the very thing they are against, i.e. nepotism, cronyism, corruption, spin-spin-spin, no accountability whatsoever, not listening to the people, the list can go on. They have become the very thing that they were supposed to fight. And for that, they will not get my vote.

      I do not believe in being loyal to a political party, what more blindly loyal. I will choose candidates or parties that will perform to my satisfaction, that do not make stupid promises but that are pragmatic. And right now, BN fits the bill more than PR.

      As for Malays being stagnant, what is the statistic to back your claim? From what i experience in my line of work, through the very same policy that PR loves to bash, the NEP has benefitted thousands of malays from being the children of poor farmers/villagers, to being one with a diploma/degree that will open doors for them to better their lives.

      For me, the problem now is that the NEP should cover ALL races that are poor and not only focus on the Bumiputras. And this too, the government can do given time. Look at what PM Najib is doing. I wasn’t a fan of him, but on performance and sincerity alone, he has my vote.

    4. dats right bro. thats why lots of people planning to change the fed government come ge13

      dr m just own goaled by comparing bn as a ‘known devil’.

    1. Asas, I am very curious with your question. Are you doing a poll count to gauge her popularity?

      Seriously does it matter how many people kunjung her blog if she speaks the truth and reality on the ground. How do truth equates amongst us for quantity purpose rather than the quality of her writing and her commentors?

      If you can answer this and been able to deal with the truth and reality, then we don’t even need a Helen Ang blog to exist.

  11. Though I’ve never been a fan of Dr M even when I was in my teens, but my opinion changed during the financial crisis. For all his weaknesses, he was never a dictator he’s being made out to be by Pakatan leaders and their rabid cybertroopers and fans. To me, despite his very obvious flaws, he’s simply the greatest Malaysian ever. In fact I would say that history will record him as he’s one of the greatest modern Asians leaders.

    When I am in overseas, it is often very surprising to hear people still asking about him and speaking of him in awe. He’s such a towering figure. Some of the westerners obvious do not love him but nevertheless, they do acknowledge his intellect and strength of personality and determination.

    In fact, even if you read Barry Wain’s book, you won’t see where Mahathir been a dictator or autocratic ruler that he’s accused of. On the other hand, Anwar comes across as a manipulative, over-ambitious and devious sewer-rat. I am also surprised that Pakatoons calling him Mamak Kutty referring to Barry Wain’s book despite there is no such reference made by the author. Even if there is, why are the Pakatoons being racists by alluding to his alleged origins?

    While the Pakatoons and the so-called alternative media quick do jump upon Dr M’s and Najib’s alleged flaws and mistakes, they never look at massive moral and ethical deficits of the man who wants to be the next PM.

    Do we really want Anwar as our next PM? Does DAP really think Anwar has the moral, ethical, leadership and personal characteristics to be the Malaysian PM?

    I am sure that many Chinese/Dapsters and Pasters know of Anwar’s flaws but still willing to vote for and accept him as PM not because they believe in him but because Anwar’s role as a ladder which DAP/PAS can use to climb to serve their ultimate objective – NEP-free Malaysia (DAP) or Ulama-led Hudud-based Islamic State (PAS).

  12. Yup, all the points raised by this mamak is definitely true, aptly described the way he used to managed the country.

    If we can give bn-united mamak nat’l orgntzn 55 years and yet the country is saddled with rm400+ billion debts despite having all the natural resources, 5 years for the opposition is nothing.

    Such a shame, we have every type of natural resources, yet the country is still extremely in debt.

  13. The Doctor made a lot contributions to this nation. But sadly, he didn’t stick around to finish what he started, that is, to finished off the Ass Man Anwar Ibrahim.

    I would like to point out that as PM, he did make mistakes, one being responsible for bringing Anwar into UMNO and two, promoting Abdullah Badawi as his successor.

    With Anwar, he should have made sure that the Ass Man is politically finished before retiring from government, and in Abdullah’s case, he should have taken his time, assessing the man first before elevating him to the office of PM.

    1. give the old man a break, for god’s sake! the man is in his 80s and he hasn’t stopped contributing, certainly doing more than anyone of us has.

      as for that creature anwar ibrahim and the other sorry-arse from penang that also fooled the old man in his own way, i think dr m has done what he could to make up to malaysia for his misplaced trust in them. the abuses he took after removing that monster anwar would have killed a man with less moral strength and conviction.

      for those who fear for the country because buttman is still burning to take her to hell with him if he can’t have her, take comfort in the knowledge that anwar is his own worst enemy. just look at his ugly face and you can see perdition slowly and surely claiming its own.

      1. I’ve just finished PG Lim’s memoir – Kaleidoscope. Her remarks are very guarded and although autobigraphical, we cannot penetrate much into her actual thoughts, opinions and sentiments. However, one thing is for sure, Tun Mahathir is recognized as a leader with vision.

      2. vision yes, implementation no, politicking yes, leadership no. hardworking definitely, understand world affair include the hypocrisy of world/west power, fantastic. overall, form over substance, trail behind all other pm in term of contribution.

      3. The legacy of our PMs is definitely subjected to debate. At this point, the biggest fault Tun M faces is in his flawed approach to get things done. I would disagree about form over substance, more like the end justifies the means. I definitely think you are wrong in terms of contributions. I mean, the old man definitely contributed more than sleepyhead.

      4. Ok la TDM beri banyak sumbangan..sekurang-kurangnya ungkapan Malaysia Boleh sampai ke hari ni jadi motivasi. Pakatan pun ada sumbangan juga; mendidik generasi baru saman-menyaman, gag order lebih.

      5. HuaYong = in Joe’s words, yet another Pakatoon, a songsang thinker. Ah ha ha ha ! What’s the matter ? Last time, when Helen wrote something not to your liking, went on a strike by not appearing on this blog like for weeks and lately, you’re here for …….what ? Oh wait, you want to say you have a right to opinion on this blog ? The truth is, you’re just one of those Pakatoon whiners. If you don’t like what’s written, you either go AWOL for weeks or you post insulting statements.

      6. politic is end justify means, economies i still think form over substance. we grow up under mahathir so naturally we know him more than others. the amusing part of badawi is his “contribution” toward a more democratic path. and i think razak is truly one that lead us to industrialise and that controversy nep. 80’s was just the start of foreign investment, it happen to every sea countries. some here like to blame anwar for the so called islamisation but fact is mahathir the one making the call.

      7. I, for one, think it is fair to look into history to understand why inter-communal relationships are so. Not many Malaysians know the details of past events where public sentiments raged wildly in polarizing directions.

        One such example is the commuted death sentence (to life imprisonment) of 11 Chinese youths years after the height of Indonesian’s Konfrontasi. This very incident was specifically mentioned by Mahathir in his letter to Tunku, accusing the latter of siding too much with the non-Malays. I have often wondered if Mahathir, if put in Tunku’s position back then, would have done any differently.

        Fact is, the 11 Chinese youths are Malaysians who were convinced that armed revolution with the support of the Indonesian communists will bring about a new political order. Their naivete would be charming if it wasn’t so outright treasonous. They were charged with the possession of arms under ISA, not treason, though, and since they were captured at the point of arrival, no mischief have been done. But play this out in your mind, and you will understand why the public sentiments then were divided over their punishment.

        All thirteen youths went on to serve their life sentence and today they are all probably free men. Have they been punished enough for their follies? I would like to think so but many would disagree with me, I’m sure. Tunku was trying to keep the ship intact while sailing in troubled waters. The ultras ultimately won a few years later and lines in the sand were again drawn. Fifty-five years down the road we see the consequences of concentrated (and untenable) power of the new elites. Some only saw the equation through racial lenses, but the truth is far more complicated than that.

        1. In Penang & S’gor, the voters have simply swapped one set of hucksters for another to wheel-and-deal with the corporate elites.

          Kim Guan Eng is featured frequently in the Chinese media, esp. Penang paper Kwong Wah on occasions where his photos is taken with the capitalist elites in events like project launches, signing of MoUs/contracts, red-table cloth VVIP dinners, etc

          No different from the relationship of an MCA boss of old with big business.

          What’s different is Kim’s shameless social climbing given his party’s socialist claims and the influx of opportunist new members and the rats leaving the MCA sinking ship making a beeline for DAP.

          And what’s vastly different is the aggression, willful blindness and perpetual hysteria of the DAPsters compared to MCA supporters.

  14. Demokrasi benarkan hampir apa saja untuk dijadikan ‘alat’ demi dapatan sebuah undi termasuklah agama. Kegunaan agama untuk kepentingan invdividu, puak dan organisasi bukanlah pendekatan kontemporari malah telah ujud sejak sekian lama. Lebih jelek apabila agama mendapat tokok-tambah semata-mata untuk dapatkan impak/keuntungan berganda.

  15. Words of caution too.. we should also not look up to so call westernized malays that the dapsters parade around like stuffed monkeys…. take for example sakmongkol blog and compare to the simple yet profound (my opinion) writings of a moderate like mahathir… puts the likes of sakmongkol and aspan alias to shame who call their former comrades iblis and syaitan and they still have the dumbest logic that they are so bodoh because of umno? ….thanks to god we get to see a multitude of idiotic humans like these two malay bogans

  16. Just adding the other monkey blog aspan alias, as we can read, they are literally attacking the term syaitan or devil used in chedet and like true clown twist it around to character assassinate mahathir and feed their dapster cla with the fuel of cult hysteria…

    not a single substance in the blogs of these two so-called towering dapster malays except for hate hate hate….for all i know sakmongkol received generous timber concessions in pahang and aspan alias is known for his luxurious lifestyle..

    strange these dare tell people they don’t need umno.. these buffoons are nothing without umno….sakmongkol three children would not have gone to the us and uk under scholarships without umno… but some of us can support umno even if we dont benefit from umno because we can use our maturity to vote rather than listen people talk about devils.

    1. Pakatoons are literal thinkers. Hence the focus on “syaitan”. Fits in well with the distract-and-deflect modus operandi too.

      1. they are songsang thinkers Joe. Just like their so called ketua umum’s songsang s***** preferences.

    2. hey, two of umnos greatest tokohs onn jaafar, and tunku abdul rahman left their own party. even tar was against the umno baru of mahadey.

      after 50 years making bargain with the devil, i say most malaysians are fed up. jom ubah!

      1. Umno can tolerate dissidents, mahathir was a maverick n eventually nurtured by umno…u wont see such tolerance within the lim dynasty…..while pas is on its way of establishing amother shiite twelver cult that will worship nik aziz n his offsprings

  17. kata-kata Tun telah di’spin’ oleh cybertrooper pakatan kononnya nak menunjukkan kehilafan Tun tapi sayang nampak kebodohan sendiri yang tak memahami metafora dan perbandingan. secara ringkasnya, depa ni bongok.

    perhatikan ulamak pas yang menjadi syaitan bisu dan dimanafaatkan oleh puak anwarinas dalam pas dan usaha-usaha meliberalkan islam di malaysia oleh bang anwar adalah seperti serigala bertopeng dengan wajah paling suci…

    Di Balik Wajah Paling Suci

    Serigala bertopeng
    dengan wajah paling suci
    menjamah daging saudara
    dalam samar; dalam diam,
    menggadai hukum-hakam.

    Bermodal liur beracun
    mengumpan dolak-dalih
    untuk mendaki ke puncak
    bersigai kepala saudara,
    sebangsa; seagama.

    Di balik jubah munafik
    gelojoh lahap terpendam
    serigala meleleh lapar
    dalam gelojak keinginan
    demi membaham: Kehinaan


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