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Pejuang agama Tokong Tanjung berperang dengan bala tentera iblis

Pemuja-pemuja kultus (cult) Tokong berniat mem’BERSIH’kan tanahair kita ini dengan usaha mengusir keluar syaitan.

Para pengikut kultus Tokong yakin diri mereka malaikat. Mereka juga percaya bahawa dalam seketika lagi musuh mereka – iaitu dajjal yang durjana – akan kiamat.

Kultus tokong ini berpusat di Tanjung. Rumah ibadahnya terpacak gah di kawasan daerah Komtar. Ia juga mempunyai satu cawangan di Subang Jaya.

Anda kenal siapa DAPSubangJaya bukan?

Alahai. Satu akaun Twitter tidak mencukupi bagi sesetengah orang. Ini ketagih tahap kronik ni.

Pengikut kultus (cult) tokong memuja dewa-dewi yang dipanggil Papa dan Mama.

Ciri-ciri kultus Tokong adalah seperti berikut:

Pohon agar Tuhan Tokong akan mengampuni si Rasis.

Moga-moga si Rasis yang telah dipesongkan oleh penunggu di Penanti tidak akan disembelih sebagai korban nanti.

Namun mereka selalu menuduh pihak lain yang bertanggungjawab memupuk perasaan Benci.

Kultus menyembah tokong ini didakwah ajaran-ajarannya di kalangan golongan Twits.

Puji-pujian yang dinyanyikan para penganut dikumpulkan sebagai lagu taksub setiap minggu dalam kitab suci Buletin Mutiara dan Selangor Times.

Seperti juga sesetengah penganut Kristian yang menggantung gambar wali-wali (saints) agama mereka di dinding, banyak gambar dewa-dewi kultus Tokong juga disediakan bagi pengikut yang wala kepada Tokong supaya boleh digantung di rumah.

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12 thoughts on “Pejuang agama Tokong Tanjung berperang dengan bala tentera iblis

  1. The avengelists are re enacting a salem witch hunt like 200 humdred years ago….in that era…people who dont believe in witches were also convicted of heresy….it is open for us to see and read that the dapsters avengelists who are a minute minority in their seri kembangan and subang jaya enclaves are putting judgement on 17 million non christians or specifically malays as corrupt and devils for not being christians or not voting dap.

    the malays regardless whether a paster or umnoputra are considered heretics for not being christian or not believing in dap.. hence it is they who put scorn on gods creation by denying them the basic pride of of being equal human beings hence we see the witch yeopie dishing out insults and degrading comments on unspecified targets like racists.. bigots which many malays know are targeted at umno aka the malays…..i womder how they gonna take on the malay army, police and government?

    I still dun see some bearded guy in the sky riding a horse…

    PASter nampak kot. — Helen

    1. witch hunt?

      hm, is it not pro bn blogger who have been launching campaigns to purge people they do not like from government department or glc?

      is it not some people in this blog who constantly whip up anti christian hysteria n some super secret double agent plot by the star newspaper?

      is it not the pro bn people who are constantly babbling about you know, other races?

      hey, even namewee had witch hunt against him for his first movie by you know who…

      1. Dave,

        It really shows when you do not read enough for you to bring up ‘Another Brick in Wall’. If you’re saying that ABiW campaigns to purge people (implying that he’s doing so to benefit Umno), then you’re really a dyslexic as I’ve noted before.

        Anyone who’s been in Malay blogosphere long enough knows ABiW’s formidable reputation of making Umno leaders themselves quake in their shoes.

        Pls do not cast aspersions on ABiW b’cos it reflects on your own untutored reading and lack of exposure.

        As for the witch hunt against Namewee, note that this blog defended Nasi Lemak (here), defended his ‘Rasuah’ CNY music video (here), defended Cina Bukit (here) and on several other occasions (you can use the Search tool within this blog itself on “Namewee”).

        I hope you realise the significance of the feat that I’ve managed to achieve,

        i.e. compared to the Pakatan cyber world where it is the norm for blogmasters to feed their readers’ prejudices and encourage a herd mentality, I’ve actually taken many positions that the majority of my readers disagree with – Namewee is one example – and yet still retained this same readership that disagrees (sometimes rather strongly) with me.

      2. Dave,

        You should google what a witch hunt is, the delirious church authorities during the renaissance make it a rule that if a person denies believing in witchcraft during an interrogation (usually torture) are considered frenz of devils… that even minor christian denominations are persecuted and killed off and mohammed was made into the demon baphomet to kill off islam in andalus.

        And we can see the shallow minds of the so-called anglophile dapsters, who are ironically christian, decided to turn a plausible and popular well- known english metaphor used by mahathir (the ones you dapster “non racists” call mamak kutty) to make mahathir or in your ill logic that umno and the overall barisan and their millions of voters are devils or associated with devils…

        In this sense.. like the dumb europeans of old, the dapsters have attempted to replicate a new baphomet aka mahathir.. such witch hunt has fostered ignorance as can be remarkably seen in the dapster mindset as can be seen in their hateful comments in malaysiakini and of course the tweets by the witch yeopie and her minions.

        In the church of yeopie, people who do not believe in dapsterism aka accountability, non racist, meritocracy, puritan christianity are considered devils, heretics aka malays, non christians.. yet like the old or concurrent church that evolved from the old one, dapsterism yet practice nepotism, family dynasty, gag orders,calling other people mamak kutty and devils and such, racism and evils under the sun and dance insanely in a city harvest church.

        DAPtersime has brought a new genre of terror to malaysian society… a culture of fear and terror…. a promise of democracy and equality through sheer hatred… just like the old church promised heaven to those who’d burn accused witches at the stakes….maybe DAPster will beat their predecessors seeing they are trying to do a witch hunt amidst millions of devil associates.. haha

  2. mak oooi!! giler perasan si hannah nie. agak masa kecik ni dia ada kene “inferiority complex” kut.

  3. Helen,

    kagum terhadap kemampuan intelektual individu, lazimnya tidak ada kesan negatif. namun kagum terhadap pseudo intelektual biasanya ada kesan tidak baik

    kagum terhadap kemampuan spiritual sebenar, lazimnya tidak menyesatkan. namun, kagum terhadap pseudo spiritual, biasanya berakhir dengan kesesatan

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