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Perlawanan tinju, sudah pusingan ke berapa ini?

Haris Ibrahim baru-baru ini memblog:

“As things stand, we have no reason to fret about hudud being implemented post the 13th GE.

Diikuti dengan pesanan yang berikut oleh pelopor ABU itu:

“Folks, if I have made sense, please share this with your non-Muslim friends.”

Baca seterusnya di ‘ABU message : Dont fall for the MCA hudud bogeyman’.

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Raja Petra Kamarudin menyahut:

“If I were a non-Muslim, I would not get involved in the Hudud debate, knowing that the Malays-Muslims themselves will never come to an agreement on the matter. Once I get involved, then we face the danger of the Malays who oppose Hudud agreeing with those who propose Hudud merely because they want to defend Islam from what they view as an attack by the non-Muslims.

“Let me put it another way. When the Chinese are of the opinion that Chinese education is ‘under attack’, even the MCA and DAP people can sit at the same table under the umbrella of Chinese education to hammer out an issue of common interest. And this is what can happen when Hudud is viewed as ‘under attack’ — the Malays will share a common platform in the interest of ‘mempertahankan kedaulatan Islam’ (in defence of the sanctity of Islam).”

Raja Petra nampaknya mengacah Haris.

Gaya RPK mirip kepada “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. His hands can’t hit what his eyes can’t see” (memetik kata-kata Muhammad Ali tentang lawannya George Foreman).

Haris pula berlawan macam seorang ahli tinju muay thai; matanya terlepas pandang sesetengah penjuru.

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Gambar yang menggerunkan di bawah telah saya kebas dari laman Malaysia Today — ‘Q & A on the Hudud and Qisas Enactment’. Dalam pada itu, rencana soal-jawab ini dimuat-turun oleh Super Admin; super admin Malaysia Today ialah Raja Petra).

Rujuk perkembangan terbaru yang mungkin mempunyai kaitan — ‘NGO lapor polis atas komen pembaca M’kini

“Beberapa NGO Islam hari ini membuat laporan polis atas komen pembaca yang tersiar di laman Malaysiakini dan mengancam untuk membuat demonstrasi di hadapan Kementerian Dalam Negeri sekiranya tiada tindakan diambil.”

Para pembaca Malaysiakini yang dimaksudkan ialah golongan bukan Islam.


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16 thoughts on “Perlawanan tinju, sudah pusingan ke berapa ini?

  1. Stay tuned folks. On Tuesday morning, The Pakatan Parody Show will debut on this blog. The first guest of this show is none other than KGE, The Dictator of Penang.

    This show is unlike any other.

    Helen, I hope you don’t mind me hosting this show on your blog. The reason this show is on your blog is because your blog tends to attract too many crazed, intoxicated supporters of the Opposition, so to add some flavor I decided to host this show on your blog.

    Dear readers, audience, this show can be view on the comment section of Helen’s blog.

    Thanks a million !

  2. Pemblog,

    ada arahan yang mesti diikuti dan ada arahan yang tak semestinya diikuti.

    contohnya, dalam sebuah keluarga, ada arahan ibu bapa yang tidak semestinya diikuti.

    ada arahan yang mesti diikuti. tiada alasan untuk tidak patuh dan tiada bantahan dibenarkan. noktah

    dalam konteks agama juga sama. ada aspek yang tidak semestinya di amalkan tetapi ada aspek yang mesti diamalkan.

    perkara yang jelas boleh jadi bertambah jelas atau kabur bergantung dalam soal hudud bergantung pada apa yang tersirat di hati pencetus idea ABU.

  3. “If I were a non-Muslim, I would not get involved in the Hudud debate, knowing that the Malays-Muslims themselves will never come to an agreement on the matter. ”


    1. Parti berasaskan agama yang mencadangkan jalan ini diikuti di awalnya tetapi di pertengahan jalan mengubah fikiran,. kemudian ikut semula jalan berkenaan, kemudian ubah fikiran.

    2. Parti yang disandarkan harapan oleh parti teokrasi (parti pimpinan chamelion) untuk memberikan sokongan moral dalam soal hudud akhirnya semudah itu mengelak untuk memainkan peranan berkenaan dengan kenyataan-kenyataan media berupa ‘kenyataan selamat’.

  4. Not only are these Pakatan Haram fellas are stupid, they don’t understand simple English that well. *sigh*

    Azmin, bila mau balik jumpa ibu mintak maaf? Raya got 3 more weeks to go … hehe

      1. Mrs Hannah Muniyandi la, bro atau singkatan Mrs Muniyandi and bukan Hannah yeoh.

        Lagi satu anak dah keluar , barang dia dah 2nd hand . Jadi kena hormat dengan ‘Tupai’ aneh Muniyandi la.

        Dalam Mrs Munyandi punya life Mr Muniyandi macam’persona non grata’?????

        helen, singkap ini cerita la.

  5. A said boating B is HARAM; B replied…boating A is HARAM

    Good alternative is boating C, coz mine one is gerenti HALAL!

  6. The way the pakatoon ringleaders make callous statements in the social are shameful, even schoolchildren can exercize restraint. Don’t they know that millions can see their tweets? If these clowns were tweeting about their employers as devils, they will be given a show cause letter.

  7. I have seen the other side so called angle, he always like to be imam in a prayer, always spiced his sp eech with quotations from quran, his your menantu yang alim of any in laws dream to be…

    I have seen couple of time his kote bengkok, i can’t by any chance choose him…no way…god forbid.he is no angle, he is syaitan…. In human form…

  8. #1. They have said that the non-malays / non-muslims should avoid talking about hudud or even syariah, because it does not affect them.

    Facts have shown that even the syariah laws in Malaysia have affected non-muslims. We went to the courts over disputes arising from conversions, inheritance and custody. And they have the cheek to say that hudud, a form of penal code, won’t affect non-muslims?

    #2. They have said that the non-malays / non-muslims should avoid talking about hudud or even syariah, because they don’t understand them.

    Facts have shown that hudud or syariah is not free of human interpretations (read: duh!). When your ustaz says that you cannot rely on akal alone to decipher the word of god, he is referring to your brain, not his (see links below and my plug for SOtB). To claim certain knowledge to be beyond certain people because of their faith is to claim access to some pretty esoteric relevation.

    #3. They have said that the non-malays / non-muslims should avoid talking about hudud or even syariah, because if they don’t do bad things, they have nothing to fear.

    Facts have shown that even with flawed civil laws, people who did nothing bad still have a lot to fear. We have too many examples of failures in common laws, but it doesn’t mean we should all bail ship in another direction. It is not about us fearing punishments as criminals or crooks, it is about the quality of the justice system, which incidentally, are also staffed by humans – with flawed brains generally.

    And I end this comment with a totally unrelated post by SOtB on non-racial solutions, salute!

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