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DAP SuperCyber Bully

Hannah Yeoh dan geng Yeopies (lihat screenshot bawah) mendapat bantuan daripada laskar-laskar baru.

‘imokman’ ialah nama Twitter bagi Ong Kian Ming – pencatur kempen pilihanraya DAP yang dahulunya bekerja dengan think-tank Insap (MCA) dan Sedar (Gerakan).

Sementara itu, ‘yeo_byin’ ialah pencorak strategi media sosial DAP.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

29 thoughts on “DAP SuperCyber Bully

  1. come what may…, hahaha

    dia keluar dari cengkerang akedemik masuk politik DAP
    (bukan mudah memalsukan pegangan politik, kan?)

    pandainya dia, berapa gaji ‘si tokong’ janji?

    kat tempat lama tentu gajinya kecik…kan…

    laskar upahan, so cheap…ptui!

    1. Kan dahulu dia tu bawah naungan Barisan, kerja untuk MCA, lepas tu “lompat” ke Gerakan.

      Bila dah terbau “peluang” untuk memberontak, dia pun berpaling tadah. Tak hairan pun.

      Kan evangelis2 Pakatan majoritinya datang dari parti-parti komponen Barisan. Budaya melompat dah lama wujud, cuma orang awam tak perasan saja.

      Kaum akademik memang cenderung mengkritik, tahu buat suara saja tapi tak tahu bagaimana hendak bertindak, itulah yang kita kata “armchair critic”, nampak saja macam pakar tapi tong separuh penuh.

      1. Ahmad Ibrahim,

        setuju 100%, tong kosong memang kuat bunyinya. anjing pula kalau penakut memang kuat salaknya.

  2. Helen,

    tidak ada sebab kenapa helen yang seumpama kuman dalam kalangan kuman-kuman di seberang laut, disedari kehadirannya oleh gangstarz Dap, kalau tidak kerana helen sememangnya telah mereka kenali. soalnya apa yang buatkan mereka kenali Helen?

    Apapun buat gangstarz dengarlah perumpamaan ini: ‘tak kenal, tak cinta’, kan kan?

  3. If those fakers visit this page….please read that you dapsters are lousy in the social media and shameful leaders of the worst quality possible and even worse than fruit loops…please go to hospital coz yellow fever are only for babies.

  4. I think it is good that OKM openly joins DAP. The party really need more people with PhD. Then again, we all know what happens to independent and critical thinking when one joins a political party – not that OKM hasn’t already show signs of cognitive decline.

  5. But it’s true no? You have an entire post. You are completely incoherent. You sound like a fruit. How?

  6. When Helen sneezes, YB Subang Jaya macam kena denggi… imagine if Helen does something more substantial, ada makcik gemuk yang rupa macam kena sawan kot. :)

    1. wait for my The Pakatan Parody Show next week. The guest for next week’s show is the Idol of Subang “Snoop” Jaya.

  7. OKM usually tries to be sarcastic but not a street smart poltician to be able to turn a debate to his advantage.

    We have differing views on many things and crsss swords often and tangled on twitter many times, he won’t be able to bully those who can stand up to him.

    True. He lost the debate to Tan Keng Liang — read here. — Helen

  8. Gosh… they should get a bodyguard or one of those city harvest church dancers to do human chain around hannah yeoh to protect her from us evil helenistas.

    Like bullies, they talk bad about their critics in twitter to provide a false sense of security and shove more ego up their hineys. And these are leader of exceptional quality?

    1. They are not leaders of exceptional quality. To borrow from Ahmad Ibrahim, these people are leaders of exceptional hysteria.

  9. Why waste your time making frivolous statements and writing, Helen?

    You can write whatever you want, but you can’t change the truth.

    Say whatever you want, I do not think you write ups will affect the people’s perceptions. Especially subang jaya. I think you feel jealous of her in some ways. That’s why you keep attacking her.

    You have inferiority complex. And that’s the reason why you keep attacking and condemning her. And it gives you ultimate satisfaction when you discover that you have followers that think the same way as you.

    Lets don’t forget, karma has no expiry date. It will fall on you or your future generation, if you have any.

    1. Why waste your time making comments in my blog, dear Subang-Jaya-resident Ravin aka “mohd aziz”?

      You can tweet whatever you want, but you can’t fool all the people all of the time.

      Say whatever you want, I do not think your snides will affect the people’s perceptions. Especially the much larger non-DAPster constituencies. I think you feel afraid of me in some ways. That’s why you Yeopies keep attacking me with your smear campaigns.

      You have a fear of being shown up for your hypocrisy — Firster lah, Lovey-dovey-huggy-wuggy lah but call others “hitam metalik” and “Melayu celup kopi“. And that’s the reason why you keep attacking and condemning me. And it gives you Yeopies cheap thrills when you discover that you have 50,000 followers that think the same way as you do.

      Let’s not forget karma has no expiry date. It will fall on you Bintang Tiga reincarnates by the time GE14 rolls around.

      1. Ok.. This one cuts deep. Ravin aka Aziz aka Dapster aka diaper aka City-Harvester., u have my permission to go fug urself.

    2. Ravin demonstrates comment of forrestcat (28/8 10:06pm) right above his.

      Many thanks to Ravin for the excellent example of DAPster insecurity.

      1. when he is drunk, he is Ravin. When he is a bit sober, he is Mohd Aziz.

        Oh come on, the guy has been on this blog for quite some time now. It’s not hard to detect his “change” of racial identity. He is not even celop, he needs a bottle or something to sort out his racial identity. Even with the help of a bottle or something, he can’t even straightened himself.

        Then there is also the question of whether he is sure of his sexual orientation/gender. Today he is Ravin, tomorrow he’s Mohd Aziz, the day after tomorrow he could be Suzie or Hannah.

        Elizabeth. — Helen

  10. agaknya tiap2 hari hannah Yeoh dan Yeopies bukak blog helen dan update apa yg helen tulis.. agaknya komen saya pon Hannah akan baca… waaauuuuu!!



    1. Gerombolan Yeopies itu mengingatkan saya pada Ponzi scheme.

      Itupun dengan modal RM1 juta peruntukan DUN untuk membeli populariti di samping

      menyalahgunakan jentera kerajaan negeri seperti Selangor Times (sama geng Buletin Mutiara 51 keping gambar Dear Leader sekeluarga satu keluaran), Media Selangorku, Selangorkini dsb

      beserta kerah tenaga DAP sibertroopers beserta pegawai-pegawai khas (pasukan media sosial) yang bergaji.

    1. I think we’re all aware that abc (itemized list) and xyz (itemized list) things are unsatisfactory in the country.

      Just that we’re not convinced the Set P bunch of people so eager to replace the Set B bunch of people (P=Pakatan, B=Barisan) to occupy Putrajaya can in any meaningful way remedy the situation.

      In fact, they’ve done nothing to indicate that they will improve the system but instead they’ve abused the system even worse than BN did.

      Given the same access to state resources, look at how they handle S’gor Times (90% Chinese staff, no Malays, publication in English & Chinese language, no BM)

      And look at how many media S’gor has created in just 4 years alone for the purpose of self-glorification of Pakatan politicians — S’gor TV, Selangorkini, Media Selangorku and I dunno what else. Does Umno Fortress Johor have so many navel-gazing state media to promote Dear Leaders?

      It’s easy to talk loftily about rising above race consciousness … like if they forcefully scrub away every Malaysian’s skin colour, then problem is solved.

      For example, I can say that I will solve the problem of road fatalities by giving every family a Volvo — which is a safe car. Nobody can fault my equally lofty statement wrt a Volvo.

      But is it realistic for me to promise such a delivery? Or is Volvo even necessarily the first choice of every driver?

      Looking at their behaviour, I’m persuaded that despite the P bunch’s high sounding rhetoric, they will more likely worsen race relations over the next 5 years (compared to the erosion under the B bunch over the last 50 years). We have the last 4 years of their track record to examine.

      As for pinning great hope on the younger generation – the digital, instant gratification, short attention span generation whose preferred mode of expression is 140 characters of Twit-talk – I roll my eyes.

      Reposing trust in them makes me shudder as much as I shudder in my wariness of Umno gaining super-control.

      I can see the same problem that is Umno. Only I don’t agree with the ABU-ist thinking that Pakatan is the antidote or panacea.

  11. Even before the GE13, these Pakatoons are displaying what I call intoxicated paranoia, look at Ong Kian Ming. He said he decided to join the DAP because the situation in this country is getting worse.

    Getting worse ? Or actually, you’re trying to say that the environment is getting worse for Pakatoons like you? Intoxicated Paranoia… when things are not going your plan, you cry foul play, conspiracy, etc… now that is intoxicated paranoia.

    Helen, you may include “intoxicated paranoia” in your future postings. I have decided not to seek copyright protection because to do so would deprive the public the freedom to use such a term.

    1. OKM probably joined the party on the arrangement that they offer him a safe Chinese seat to contest.

      And so the Kim Coterie expands …

      1. We should call him Ong Kim Ming.

        Wink. — Helen

  12. Really Iqraq!!! Maybe he decided to be a Malaysian without a concern for all the semua tahu and semua boleh attitude like us when it fitted us against fellow Malaysian.

  13. I am at Singapore and saw that the news OKM has joined the Developers Are Priority party had made into the Straits Times. Of all the things happening in Malaysia, the ST reporters saw it fit to gave much prominence to this news, making it sound as though Barrack Obama has joined DAP.

    The ST is known for the pro-Pakatan stance of its reporters and if I am not mistaken OKM contributes to the New Paper occasionally on Malaysian politics, supposedly in an “independent” capacity but in reality as “independent” as Mkini and MI.

    It is interesting to note that both OKM and Tony share many similarities in regards to their Singaporean connections. Both studied in Singapore under ASEAN scholarships and later sponsored by the SG govt for their undergraduate courses. Later they worked in SG too. In general they are rejects from Singapore who can’t make it.

    But on a more worrying note, there are the concerns that these guys could be deep cover agents from the Singaporean intelligence to penetrate the Malaysian govt. Imagine what kind of coup Singapore will have if Tony Pua becomes the Finance Minister and OKM the Education Minister! Such tactics have been used by the Israeli Mossad before and Singapore should be familiar with these since Mossad and Israel do provide training to the Singaporean intelligence services and the armed forces.

    BTW, I concur with Helen on OKM’s [potential candidacy]. Actually OKM had joined DAP a long time ago and this announcement is merely wayang. The reason for this official announcement is to pave way for OKM to be fielded as a parliamentary candidate in a safe Chinese seat. I even suspect that OKM is being groomed for more senior roles not just in the party but also the govt if Pakatan wins the election.

    I also think most of DAP senior leaders such as LKS and Karpal will retire after GE13, especially if PR wins. These new leaders are being groomed to replace the old DAP 1.0 leaders. I also suspect TP and OKM would serve as bridges to DAP to have a hidden working relationship with PAP. I do believe that TP and OKM have some strong connections with PAP.

  14. It looks like the Developer Assistants’ Party is up to its old tricks again. The 2 new candidates, they look like Fifth Column to me. I know what I m talking about. As for the ASEAN Scholarships, they are known to be recruitment carrots, to recruit “agents” for the Singapore establishment.

    Speaking of rejects, those 2 you mention Calvin, they are not the only ones. There’s the Pony in PJ, also a failed businessman. So no surprise really. If you want to know how The Pony is going to run the Finance Ministry, look no further than the way he ran his own business into the ground. As for Ong The Kin of Kim Ming, the least said the better. A frog, going from MCA to Gerakan, now to the Developer Assistants Party. That should tell you something.

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