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The most powerful man in Malaysia says …

No prizes for guessing who. He’s the guy whom Najib Razak and Muhyiddin Yassin pergi menghadap at his home during Hari Raya open house.

Let’s use the Open House Index @ Pekan @ Seri Perdana @ Permatang Pauh @ Dewan Sri Endon @ Seri Kembangan. Their crowd numbers can be our ballpark gauge of power and prestige.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad doesn’t hold any government position yet it was his kenduri raya that created the most buzz and was given the most critical notice by the media.

He dictates the talking points

Because Dr M has now sunk his teeth into the topic – see ‘Dr M: Beware the hate tactics‘ – it will be trending in the mainstream instead of the subject being confined to blogosphere grousing.

The Star on Saturday quoted the ex-premier as saying:

“They live on this hatred. If you look at the opposition, the main thing they do is to create hatred for the government.”

Dr M said that with the opposition, “The idea is that you must hate the government which means ‘Hate the government, therefore vote for me (Pakatan)’.”

[See how the Twits, from whose ranks the DAPsters are drawn, multiply so quickly in number.]

See ‘DAPSuperCyber Bully

BN is often accused of brainwashing the public but Rais Yatim, who is Information Minister, is not seen ordering the various media to feature him every day so that he can nurture a Dear Leader cult.

It pays today to be Pakatan

See latest in ‘Stop the Lies’ about individuals with vested interests “spewing hatred against the government”.

Foul, abusive language and demeaning nicknames are used by both sides of the political divide. These haters do not require any intellectual dissection.

Instead it’s the following type of character – refer the subtle specimen ‘JW Tan’ (a regular Nut Graph commenter, link here) – that is worth studying in relation to Dr M’s complaint.

(The Nut Graph is an overpaid web portal, see review here. DAPsters should ask where the website got her multi-million ringgit funding from.)

JW Tan’s comment, which I’m deconstructing, was made in response to blogger Gopal Raj Kumar’s remark that Nut Graph had “decided in its infinite wisdom that the Barisan government; a government of Indian, Chinese and Malay [Malaysians], is racist”.

(See also screenshot below for context … click 2x on thumbnail)

The keywords and ideas from JW Tan:

  • “post-racial future”
  • “where we see each other as equal citizens, not labelled by whatever our skin colour happens to be”
  • “I do not necessarily want MCA to represent me … simply because they are of the same ethnicity”
  • “Barisan is racist, perhaps the second-most racist government in the world after Zimbabwe’s.”
  • “… segregates other Malaysians by ethnicity. The moment one believes that people have different values to society deriving from their ethnicity, then one becomes racist. That’s essentially what Ketuanan Melayu (and the Barisan ethos) is.”

This JW Tan reminds me of The Rocket‘s Hosanna and that other girl, the Bersih chest-thumper.

JW Tan’s language may fall within the bounds of civility but his/her sentiments are much like a commenter calling himself ‘AgainstRacism’ (quoted below).

They claim to be against racism

The guy who dubs himself ‘AgainstRacism’ commented‘:

“Also , THANK YOU for admitting you’re a lousy Malaysian by saying AKU CINA. Malaysians are to say I’m a Malaysian and not by their race.

“THANK YOU for admitting you are a racist person by AKU CINA. Thank you that everyone now can see, HELEN ANG ADMITTED SHE IS A RACIST PERSON.”

Another comment by the same fella:

“We have proven that is a racist wordpress site, thank you for once again proving to us UMGOK cannot be trusted. NO WAY i’ll vote for that crappy umgok in ANY General Elections. MAMPUS UMGOK !”

What is in opposition politics that feeds the frenzy displayed by ‘AgainstRacism’ as well as the posturing of JW Tan and their ilk?

Back to Dr M’s statement that the opposition “live on this hatred”, and amazingly being self-righteous while at it. Quite amazing too how they can preach Love and Righteousness all the time but just look at the fruits of their labour.

Tunku Aziz: ‘Guan Eng miliki keangkuhan luarbiasa’

Dr M has his faults but “cocky” and “arrogant” are not words that I would use to describe him.

And you rarely hear people who have actually worked with Dr M complain that he is a dictator. Whereas with Kim Guan Eng, the ‘dictator’ label comes from many sources, including ex-Pakatan politicians who have been under him before, and the latest, Tunku Aziz Ibrahim weighing in.

The way that the ‘Tokong’ press conference was conducted and how Mansor Othman himself was handled by his boss tends to confirm rather than dispel the perception of Guan Eng as dictatorial.

Under Pakatan: 1country, slogans galore

Impossible to engage

It is an article of faith among the pro-opposition crowd that Mahathir and Umno are the ones responsible for all the racism and hate in the country.

No one is blameless but I don’t see DAPsters doing any self-reflection. Take for example all the venom poured on Rosmah Mansor. I’ve not ever heard the PM’s wife mencarut like what her critics are incessantly doing. Yet in their tunggang terbalik world, they freely accuse the other side as being full of venom and hate.

Some of their behaviour is most harmful to the larger Chinese community, such as their portrayal of MCA as anti-Islam — see my previous posting.

Is it possible to engage these people? I doubt it. How to reason with a cult?

Mansor hit the bullseye with his ‘Tokong’ disclosure. They are a closed community. Haris Ibrahim, for example, does not allow trackbacks to his blog from my blog although trackbacks from other blogs are permitted.

Their vantage point is the belief that “Barisan is racist, perhaps the second-most racist government in the world after Zimbabwe’s” — to quote the regular Nut Graph commenter JW Tan.

And to recall Dr M’s observation: “They live on this hatred. If you look at the opposition, the main thing they do is to create hatred for the government.”

The main plank of the ABU appeal is that Pakatan is better than BN, i.e. the people in the Pakatan parties are better than the people in the BN parties.

Are the Pakatan “angels” less racist than BN folks?


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45 thoughts on “The most powerful man in Malaysia says …

  1. “Are the Pakatan “angels” less racist than BN folks?”
    Hahahahahaha…. Normally, people who called other people racist, is racist…

    1. may i add, the guy who accuse someone corruption, he himself is the MOST corrupt. Those people who branded someone a dictator, they themselves are the BIGGEST dictator and oppressor. Berlagak perasan angel kononnya…

    2. How to vote in PR13 and reclaim UMNO for the Malays

      As we all knows that the current UMNO leadership are corrupt and families orientated. That is the UMNO President only make policies to benefit their brothers, sons, daughters, race etc. Ketua Wanita’s husband got a RM250 million cheap loan.

      Mahathir sons also are billionaires […]

      These are the biggest swindlers of Malays trust, the smaller ones like Ketua Pemuda, Ketua Puteri, Indian Azeez, Vice Presidents, Supreme councils naturally follows. Not to forget the Indian Mohmed Nor whose personal assistant was caught with RM2 million cash! UMNO is a real cash cows to these parasites.

      So what can the ordinary Malays do to recover UMNO from these parasites. The Malay society gave the trust to Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak, Hussein and they were repaid. But the Indian Mahathir gave all monopoly IPP, licenses to Indian Ananda, Ganalingam Westport, Indian, Syed Bukahri rice, Proton, what he didn’t give to Chinese Vincent Tan, YTL etc.

      Najib and Mahathir are in cahoots to steal from the Malays.

      Do we blame UMNO? Of course not. The trust of the Malays are still intact so what needs to be done is to vote out these so called parasites leaders. UMNO itself is structured by loyalty therefore it is difficult for them to vote out the entrenched Hishamudin and gang.

      Come election day, the Malays in and outside UMNO, must take this opportunity to get rid of parasitic leaders by not voting for them.
      For example, Najib only won by a hundred votes in 2004. These shows if the Malays do not vote for Najib he will lose his seat. By losing his seat he lose his credibility to lead UMNO.

      So the course of action by the Malays is NOT to vote for current UMNO personalities who are corrupt and family serving. Normally the opponent for UMNO leaders are also Malays because they are fighting for Malay votes. So if we the Malays vote for the opponents of UMNO leaders, we will only be replacing them with other Malays!

      Where lesser leaders of UMNO are competing, then the Malays should vote for them. In this way the Malays will still retain power while getting rid of the parasites who thought they will get cash and free ride from UMNO.

      Why not just vote for PKR and PAS Malays? We should not vote for PAS and Malays PKR because they are intellectually challenged i.e stupid. If these group of Malays cannot see the incongruity of working with Chinese who want to dominate them, they are just too dumb to be considered. Of course it is their right to be stupid.

      When is the list of parasites UMNO leaders to be voted out will be issued? These will be opened for suggestion from the public with concrete arguments of their misdeeds and abuse of Malay trust. UMNO belongs to the Malays not these bunch of parasites!

      Dear commenter,

      Some bits have been edited out. You can resubmit for moderation if you provide the url links to news reports to back up the claims/allegations that you have made.


  2. if a white married to a black doesn’t mean racial element is automatically removed.

    in fact, interracial marriage got nothing to do with skin color but it is totally about a love affair.

    1. A marriage need not necessarily be “totally about a love affair”.

      It can be an S & P (Sales and Purchase) agreement.

      Or a JV (joint venture) merger and acquisition where the two parties prepare iron-clad contracts wrt their assets and liabilities and in the expectation of receiving dividends, the signing of which is only carried out after conducting due diligence.

      The kids are anak syarikat (subsidiaries).

      Or kahwin mutaah, like PASter (Takbir!) with DAPster (Hosanna!).

  3. Kak Helen,

    demokrasi akan berkembang subur kalau dibajai dengan politik kasih dan sayang


    demokrasi akan membantut kalau dibajai dengan politik benci-membenci

    apakah mungkin demokrasi terbantut sengaja dijana untuk tujuan tertentu dan khusus?

    1. atas pagar,

      Demokrasi bukan segala galanya. Seperti pisau, ia boleh memakan diri jika disalah gunakan.

      Orang seperti Anwar Ibrahim sanggup hina isteri Perdana menteri hanya untuk jatuhkan PM. Bagi dia itu kebebasan. Bagi orang yang mahu tahu apa itu iman, mereka tak sanggup buat begitu kerana tahu balasan dan azab Allah SWT.

      1. Saudara Sham,

        bagi kaum Anwar, yang haram jadi halal, jadi anything goes. Lihat gelagat Anwar dengan setiausaha dia, tengok kat hubungan dia dengan isteri Azmin Ali, sehingga kini masih lagi tak jelas apa sebenarnya hubungan mereka berdua.

        Tidak hairan kalau Kaum Anwar sanggup menghina isteri PM. Kan modal politik dah habis. Janji September 16 tidak ditepati, kat Selangor pulak, asyik tak habis-habis berpolitik 24 jam, bisnes rumah urat pulak kian berkembang, Hasan Ali pulak dah kena “halau”.

        Sudah tidak ada lagi larangan bagi Kaum Anwar lagi. Meraka buat apa saja yang mereka suka. Inilah……..tukar kerajaan, ubah tu ubah ni, tengok tu…apa dah jadi ?

  4. Seingat aku yg bakal berumur 40 tahun beberapa bulan lagi, parti pembangkang senantiasa menggunakan taktik menyemai kebencian.

    Terutama PAS teramat ‘skillful’ menggunakan adu domba, menghina, mencerca dan menuduh (tanpa bukti/fakta), lebih kurang pembohongan, penipuan dan segala yang Allah SWT larang itulah yang mereka2 ini buat dan yang paling menyedihkan kami umat Islam, pelaku2 terbabit mengaku mereka ulama?, ustaz?, alim?

    Jika dilihat imej yer mereka nampak sebegitu tetapi bila mereka mula membuka mulut maka jelas betapa jeliknya perangai & kelakuan mereka..

    1. “ulama?, ustaz?, alim? Jika dilihat imej yer mereka nampak sebegitu tetapi bila mereka mula membuka mulut maka jelas betapa jeliknya perangai & kelakuan mereka..”

      Alim-alim PAS yang Khuirul sebut ini bunyi macam evangelis DAP aje. Memang secocok mereka tidur sebantal.

      1. Helen, walaupun mereka tidur sebantal, they dream different things. Siapa agaknya yang “on top”, Alim-alim Pas atau Evangelis DAP ? I m curious…………

  5. Stop lying to ourself, all of us have our own agenda. We say one thing and do the other. If you think that PR is the best party to take over the existing government of the day, then I am sorry to say we are doom.

    I cannot see what they are doing in Selangor. Yes, I stay in Selangor but the pace of development is still the same. I think enough being said and done, let us move on with our life, after all empty cans make the most noise.

    1. “I cannot see what they are doing in Selangor.”

      I can see what they’re NOT doing in Selangor. Rubbish collection problematic especially in public areas like playground and roads not swept.

      And they’re not fumigating (my area) to eradicate aedes mosquito.

      What they’re doing is turning Selangor into an eyesore Darul Sampah.

      1. saudara Omar, I can tell you what they are doing in Selangor as I also live here.

        One, massage parlors are proliferating,

        Two, foreign evangelists are coming in, in large numbers. Look at the DUMC and other “churches”

        Three, hawkers and other roadside businesses are being marginalized.

        So, yes they are doing things in Selangor, but not the things people want them to do.

      2. With people like you around, definitely there will be tons of rubbish and mosquitoes breeding ground. what’s the point of fumigating when the residents are not civic minded and throwing rubbish everywhere. May be the dumb supporters of barisan najis needs to be fumigated instead.

        1. I’m sure the “barisan najis” supporters appreciate your input. Folks, please be reminded that this Ravin is a great fan and supporter of Hannah Yeoh.

      1. Penang has the most horrible roads in Malaysia. I dare not drive my new car there, not any more… until may change in state government. Rather drive old truck. Oh may be there are federal roads. But what will happen if they control the state for another 4 years. Cannot imagine. Bicycles?????

        The popular perception is that Penang has the most horrible drivers in Malaysia. — Helen

      2. actually, i find the road in penang to be no worse condition than kl. at least in penang if you miss one turn, u can correct at the next to get to your destination. kl you have to drive another 20 to 30 minits to get back to where you were

  6. Pemblog,

    sek adalah naluri semula jadi

    perkahwinan adalah kehendak agama dan kenegaraan

    hasil perkahwinan adalah zuriat

    zuriat terhasil dari perkahwinan silang bangsa tidak ada bezanya dengan zuriat terhasil dari perkahwinan sesama bangsa

    semua zuriat adalah bak ‘kapas putih’ dan semuanya layak bergelar anak negara

    status anak bangsa Msia adalah milik semua anak-anak

    ia bukan hak paten, istimewa untuk perkahwinan silang bangsa dalam kalangan Dapster sahaja

    1. “semua zuriat adalah bak ‘kapas putih’”

      Tak juga. Orang Kristian percaya kepada fahaman ‘original sin’, yakni setiap insan, termasuk bayi sekali, dilahirkan dengan sifat menanggung dosa dan seseorang itu hanya akan boleh di’selamat’kan sekiranya menyerah kepada Yesus untuk disucikan dirinya.

      What is original sin?

      “Original sin is a Christian doctrine that says that everyone is born sinful. This means that they are born with a built-in urge to do bad things and to disobey God.

      Original sin is not just this inherited spiritual disease or defect in human nature; it’s also the ‘condemnation’ that goes with that fault.

      Christians believe that original sin explains why there is so much wrong in a world created by a perfect God, and why people need to have their souls ‘saved’ by God.

      Original sin is a condition, not something that people do: It’s the normal spiritual and psychological condition of human beings, not their bad thoughts and actions. Even a newborn baby who hasn’t done anything at all is damaged by original sin.”

      dipetik dari BBC

      1. Pemblog,

        Contoh monoteism adalah Judism, Kristian dan Islam.
        Ketiga-tiganya dimiliki oleh tuhan yang satu

        Ibarat kereta, bermula dengan Saga (dianalogikan sebagai Judism), Satria (kristian) dan terbaru ialah Preve (Islam). Ketiga-tiga kereta ini diproduksikan oleh pihak yang satu

        Satria lahir kerana prestasinya lebih baik dari Saga dan Preve lahir kerana ia jauh lebih baik dari Saga dan Satria.

        Dalam konteks defect (sin) sejak lahir, Saga dan Satria mungkin mengalaminyai tetapi apabila Preve lahir, defect (sin) sejak lahir telah dapat diatasi. Masih nak guna Satria?

      2. analogi yang kurang tepat

        saga ori masih diguna sebab lebih tahan lasak jika dibanding dengan wira n model berikutnya.

        satria lebih mudah untuk parking, lebih menjimat minyak, n murah utk dijaga. manakala preve dilaporkan ada masalah serta harganya agak mahal bagi kereta tempatan

        lebih bagus guna honda city

      3. Dave,

        cadangan ko supaya guna honda city adalah kurang bijak. kalo ko bijak ko pasti telah cadangkan ferari dan yang sewaktu dengannya. kik kik kik.

  7. Amerikana harus berasa malu dengan Msia kerana masih kekalkan perkataan afrikana amerikana sedangkan Msia hanya akan ada satu bangsa iaitu Msia. LOL

  8. DAPsters and Pakatoons display all the symptoms of a cult or “ajaran sesat“.

    Their insecurity shows too. Tun M could fart, and all the DAPsters and Pakatoons will take up battle stations…

    Hahaha, you got talent for comedy lah Joe. — Helen

    1. Tun M: better the devil you know, than angel you don’t

      Pakatoon’s translation (tafsir) according to kitab al Malaysiakeeni: bn is a party for syaitan, pr a party for malaikat (free of sins)

      can someone plz explain to these idiots about idiom? Anglophile Dapster-sourus plz stand up…

      1. Mat Sentol,

        The idiom simply says it is better to deal with someone whom we know rather than a person whom we hardly know of. “Know” here is not on superficial level.

        It has nothing to do with devil or angel. The word “devil” or “angel” here are used in this English saying to emphasize that it would be a stupid idea to deal with someone whose character we do not know.

        Dr Mahathir like gentleman of good breeding used a very pertinent saying here. But morons in PR whose command of English are pathetic simply do not understand the saying. And they do not understand because they simply use whatever time they have to run down UMNO or Dr Mahathir or anybody who dares to criticize them. If only they use 10% of their time to reflect,
        they would not have issued dumb statements.

    2. “Tun M could fart, and all the DAPsters and Pakatoons will take up battle stations…” hahaha, funniest thing I’ve read for sometime, frickin battle stations, hahaha.

      By the way, Helen, I’ve been getting the Herald mag from my overzealous Catholic father-in-law (for obvious reason he pays for it and passes it to me), and noticed the content increasingly anti-government. It’s no longer subtle now.

  9. “The popular perception is that Penang has the most horrible drivers in Malaysia.” — Helen

    persepsi popular bahawa pemandu pulau pinang adalah yang paling teruk di seluruh Malaysia sering kita dengar. setelah tinggal di pulau pinang selama lebih 20 tahun dan berpeluang menjelajah ke seluruh negeri di malaysia, saya dapati benarlah…

    poin saya, sikap merupakan sebab utama kemalangan jalan raya. tapi kesesakan jalan raya akan menambah stress dan boleh menyusutkan kesihatan mental pemandu-pemandu pulau pinang. dulu sebelum ah guan tokong berkuasa, tak teruk macam ni… jika anda terus undi beliau, nampak gaya traffic jam tak boleh solve sampai bila2. dah 4 tahun dah ni… adehhh!

    1. masa tu, kerajaan nak bina monorel/lrt kat pp. lepas pru12, tiba-tiba projek bina rel dibatal.

      sekarang kerajaan persekutuan beri janji capati lagi untuk bina monorel jika menang pru 13. apa keb*bian ini?

      lebih baik tukar kerajaan persekutuan

      1. Dave,

        Tak ada masalah. tukarlah.

        Yang jadi masalah bila PR dah kalah tetapi cuba rasuah ahli Parlimen BN berpaling tadah.

      2. dave & syamsul anuar

        DAP cadangkan akta anti lompat parti, apa kata anu_war agaknya?

        helen, aku nak bersajak sket tang sini:

        Mahkota Arogansi

        bila angkuh taklukkan ego
        naiklah takhta
        bermahkota arogansi
        dalam istana dunia

        para pengusung tandu
        takkan membantah
        ke mana saja arah tuju

        para pengipas
        sedang menitik keringat
        di ketiak dan dahi
        demi mendinginkan

        jubah bangsawan
        dan tutur ningrat
        mampu menutupi
        hitam hati

        sapulah semua khilaf
        ke bawah karpet baldu
        sembari berharap
        tiada penyingkap


      3. kalau saya pegang federal sekalipun saya akan batalkan projek yang mana hasilnya akan membuatkan “tokong” jadi lebih cocky, arrogant dan selfish, kah kah kah

  10. I must agree with you on this Dr M is still the most powerful man in Malaysia when it is politically expedient as far as UMNO is concern and Anwar for the opposition amongst us the regular Malaysians.

    DAP does even fit into the equation because they are just mandores like MCA. Look at these two opinions and

    Where does it leave us when the clash of the titans that seems to matter seems to be an egotism know how when regular joe/jane on the ground needs to battle their way for their bread and butter even to achieve the basic need.

    I am sure, people like me and most in this blog have beyond their basic but only hoping to reach a higher scale materially, nothing more nothing less. Why do I say that? If are able to figure it out, then we won’t be talking politics but addressing issues that aggrieves those in need for their basic survival.

    Helen, don’t get me wrong, you need to do what you need to do as it is a good thing that you are doing in keeping a check on these anglophile PR folks cursing and branding the ruling government and blaming everything on them. Sure, UMNO and their mandores have defects but that does not exculpate these PKR mandores running like mad dogs as thought we leave in an anarchy nation for their political greed.

    Whether it is UMNO or PR should not be a concern but a governance to ensure all Malaysian prosper as a Malaysian in fairness and just for sake of humanity. Aaiyoh!!! tiredlah!!!!


    Pls check your saved login to this blog wrt misspelling of your e-mail address.


  11. Correction “like mad dogs as thought we leave in an anarchy” should be “like mad dogs as thought we live in a anarchy”

  12. Ravin says

    “With people like you around, definitely there will be tons of rubbish and mosquitoes breeding ground. What’s the point of fumigating when the residents are not civic minded and throwing rubbish everywhere. May be the dumb supporters of barisan najis needs to be fumigated instead”.


    Ravin a/k/a Aziz a/k/a Anglo a/k/a whatever, now you are name calling Najib as Najis. Didn’t your mother teach you manners? Seriously what right do you have to call Najib a Najis? because you think your anglophile teaching says it is okay to curse someone. Is this what you religion teaches you?

    I thought it was this “Love your neighbor and hate your enemy”.

    “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.”

    Matthew 5:43-48.

    Aiiyah!!!! so what is it? political or or how your religion is used for politics? Is this the best DAP troopers can do?

    1. They are saving their bullets. They will unleashed their **** when their puppet masters tell them to. When Hannah says shoot the f*** then they will shoot. So Malaysian in New York, you have to do better than that if you want to see more of their venom.

  13. Ravin a/k/a Aziz a/k/a Anglo a/k/a whatever, I am only on my 1st gear, imagine the 5th and 6th gear. Talk sense and don’t pretend to be for how you are indoctrinated with false agenda.

    1. Dapster : Save me Lord !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Lord : You have been behaving badly, saying things you should not have said, doing things that you should not have done. Now you want help ?

      Dapster : I’m doing all this for the sake of God’s Army. I’m serving the Lord.

      Lord : You are still lying. After all the things you’d done, you still think that you’re doing God’s work. Repent !

      Dapster : Help me Lord !

      Lord : Since you said that you are doing God’s work, get help from Kim, from Hannah, from Elizabeth, from Tony. Instead of worshiping The Lord, you worship these Idols, contradicting the teachings of Jesus. Now repent !

      Dapster : err…………………..

  14. It is so simple
    By the lack of better performance and proven credibility, they fall back on hate spewing to gain votes

    selling away scarce state land away as well as land conversion and development orders is not a better performance

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