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Christian-Muslim axis of conflict

Many opposition supporters in their comments online are still not acknowledging that the act of stomping on the prime minister’s photo on the eve of National Day is kurang ajar.

Malaysians tend to take for granted the peace and stability we have, with seemingly little realization as to how uncommon and possibly fragile our country is.

They appear unaware that almost two-thirds of the world’s Muslim-majority countries are mono-religious with 90 percent and above of their populations adhering to Islam.

In more than half of these countries, 95 percent and above of the population are Muslim. In all of these countries, I doubt that the Muslim majority will take lightly an aggressive Christian minority poaching ‘Allah’ as how the acrimonious developments have unfolded here.


Genocide in Turkey

Muslim countries around the world do not as a rule play host to religious minorities. Not even secular Turkey. It may surprise you to learn that Turkey, which once aspired to be in the European Union, is 98.6 percent Muslim.

A sizeable minority in any Muslim country is just as rarely to be found co-existing without ethnic and religious strife. The fact that in multi-racial Malaysia violence has been kept at bay is due to the successful balancing act where the majority and minority communities have walked a tightrope without falling off for the last 40 odd years.

Compare even the Westernized Turkey.

We Malaysians probably can’t tell a Kurd apart from a Turk (just like an orang putih might not be able to distinguish a Korean from a Japanese) but nonetheless Turkey’s minority Kurds feel themselves to be a distinct ethnic group.

Quite obviously to the Kurds – who form 20 percent of the Turkish population – race matters even though they are of the same religion, Islam, as the Turk majority. Kurdish insurgents have long been fighting a separatist war for autonomy and to create their own national homeland, Kurdistan.

Three other discernible minority ethnic groups in Turkey are Armenians, Jews and Greeks.

(a) It is estimated that one and a half million Armenians perished between 1915 and 1923 in the Armenian Genocide that took place in Turkey — see FAQ here.

(b) The history of the Jewish minority in Turkey and the rest of modern Europe has been well documented (see table below).

(c) The Greek Genocide 1914 to 1923 can be read here.

Excerpts from a BBC report filed last year:

“Up to the last years of the Ottoman Empire, they [Greeks] still numbered nearly two million, dominating much of the commerce. But after the violent birth of the Turkish republic in 1923, most of those living along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts were expelled in a matter of days through an agreed population exchange with Greece.
The sizeable community in Istanbul, though, was exempted, and until the mid-1950s there were still nearly 70,000. But nationalist emotions stirred up by the crisis in Cyprus were directed against the Greeks in one night of horrific violence in September 1955, in which mobs attacked shops and churches, raping Greek women and forcibly circumcising priests. Hostility towards the Turkish Greeks continued for many years, forcing thousands to leave Istanbul.”

In the 1955 Turkish riots (cited in passage above), “38 churches were burned down and 35 more churches vandalized” — source here.

The two million orthodox Christians of Greek descent who lived in Turkey before the formation of Kemal Ataturk’s republic have today dwindled to such a small number that Turkish churches presently do not have enough congregants to fill the front pews.

Malaysia between Lebanon and Sudan

The table (above) on countries and their percentage of Muslim population is compiled from 2008 data estimates by the Pew Research Center.

For more detailed and comprehensive OIC population figures, cross reference this table (click).

What the statistics tell us is that Malaysia is an outlier. In fact, Malaysia is all alone in its 60-64 percent Muslim majority band.

Our country, by Muslim demography, is sandwiched between Lebanon and Sudan. If you have never heard about the long-drawn civil wars in both countries, click here for a thumbnail sketch.

In Lebanon, the Muslims and Christians have been killing each other for a good part of the past few decades. In Sudan, the Christians and Muslims are still killing each other.

Malays are by and large moderate and tolerant, and hence Malaysia has not seen the sectarian armed conflict between Christians and Muslims that occurs elsewhere, even in our nearest neighbours.

In Indonesia’s religious hotspots – Ambon, the Maluku islands, Aceh – Muslims and Christians are hacking at each other with sharpened parang.

Timur Leste became an independent republic after concluding a war between its Christians and the Indonesian Muslim colonizers.

In Thailand’s rebellious southern provinces bordering Malaysia, the ethnic Malay-Muslim Thai population are carrying out an insurgency. In Mindanao and the south Philippine islands, Moro Muslims – formerly under the rule of the Sultan of Sulu – have staged a series revolts and uprisings against Christian Manila.

Mixing religion and politics: Gathering at Red Rock hotel post Sarawak state election 2011 (photo from The Unspinners)

More about Ong Ah Teong’s close relationship with Kim Guan Eng, here and here.

In-your-face DAPster behaviour

The Twits – meter reading today 50,713 – are swayed by their DAP evangelical leaders who thump the pulpit:

“May God have mercy on the racists for they love not others who are also made in God’s image.”

DAP Christians who preach “Racists must be taught how to love” must explain their definition of ‘racist’. Better yet, DAPster missionaries should volunteer to go to the aforementioned neighbouring countries to more usefully preach their Beyond Race and Religion ideology over there.

So far, Malaysia has not turned into a deadly conflict zone because as I’ve pointed out a few paragraphs earlier, Malays are by and large tolerant and moderate. Because they are essentially Malay by nature, one might pujuk his fellow Malay “Rileks le bro” in the face of taunts that his race is “racist”.

Malaysia has also not had major religious flare-ups for the other reason that the biggest minority, the Chinese, are Buddhists. Unlike the Christians, Buddhists do not lug around the millennia-old baggage of crusader campaigns (perang jihad, seen from the other side).

With Buddhists, provocation is minimized as you will not find a publisher of the sutra (scriptures) desiring to call God ‘Allah’. And there has never been any whisper of the threat of ‘Buddhisization’ to Malays.

However Buddhism among Chinese youth in Malaysian is on the wane whereas the evangelical Christians in the political arena have become loud and vocal. Hence it is only to be expected that the delicate equilibrium we have managed to maintain thus far in race relations is now disturbed.


Bertambah-tambah Kristian jadinya DAP


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91 thoughts on “Christian-Muslim axis of conflict

  1. Kak Helen,

    Di mata majoriti mukmin,

    UMNO = Pas

    UMNO turun, Pas Naik = Umno, naik Pas turun

    Umno turun, Pas menang kampung, Dap menang sorak =

    Umno naik, Pas menang sorak, Dapster menang kampung =

    Umno naik, Pas menang kampung, Dapster menang sorak


    Kalau Umno turun, Pas menang sorak, Dapster menang kampung

    Situasi di atas tidak dapat bertahan

    1. Kehadapan yang dikasihi Abang Busat,

      Adapun tujuan adik menulis warkah ini adalah untuk menyatakan perasaan yang terbuku di hati adik semenjak dua menjak ini.

      Untuk pengetahuan abang, adik mula jatuh hati pada abang disebabkan keikhlasan abang menerima adik seadanya yakni ikhlas tanpa ada maksud lain yang tersirat.

      Namun, panas yang adik jangkakan akan sampai ke petang, rupa-rupanya hujan di tengah hari. Madu yang adik berikan pada abang selama ini abang balas dengan tuba.

      Bagi adik, abang adalah sesempurna kekasih tetapi bila saja adik dijadikan sebagai jambatan untuk abang dekati keluarga adik dan seterusnya menggoda mereka, abang tidak lagi insan sempurna di mata adik.

      Kini, adik berserah pada tuhan dan serahkan juga pada abang untuk buat pilihan semula iaitu sama ada adik atau keluarga adik.

      Adik tak kisah kalau abang makan keliling tetapi adik tak sanggup kalau adik dituduh sebagai ‘pagar makan padi’.

      Adik amat berharap jawapan segera dari abang. Sementara itu, bagi mengurangkan sok-sek jiran-jiran, adik harap abang hentikan dulu perjumpaan dan godaan dengan keluarga adik.

      Sekian dimaklumkan dan terimalah pelukan mesra jarak jauh untuk abang dari adik sebagai simbol persahabatan dan kemesaraan antara kita berdua.

      Yang benar,

      Adik Mu

  2. “Malays are by and large tolerant and moderate”.. this is very true BUT shd not be taken for granted..

    The birth of Perkasa was due to some Malays are no longer tolerant n moderate anymore in response to kurang ajar non-Malays.

    IMHO, Malays who supported DAP are plain stupid and blind. Malays who supported PAS however are delusional. They actually believed that PAS = Islam. When in truth PAS used Islam for political gain.. period!

    Sabar tu separuh daripada iman, bukan? :) Saya tengok Rockybru selamba aje melayan karenah para pengomen di blognya seperti si ‘Godfather’. — Helen

    1. A hungry mob can last three days before they started looting and may be killing for food. An angry mob will react almost instantaneously when they get agitated.

      DAPSter ni tak belajar ke sejarah.. Sifat kurang ajar tak habis-habis mungkin akan merugikan bangsa Cina sendiri.?

  3. Memang benar, orang Melayu di Malaysia rata-ratanya baik hati, pemurah dan pemaaf. Seperti kata dua orang tokoh yang saya pernah kenali: “Malays are the true gentlemen of the world. Tapi you all sudah buat silap, banyak sangat bagi muka kepada bangsa lain.”

    Saya sangat setuju dengan pandangan itu. Itulah sebabnya saya amat berharap pembangkang tidak menang kuasa dalam PRU13 sebab kalau dia orang menang, mereka akan jadi terlalu bongkak dan teruja hingga kebanyakan orang Melayu yang selama ini banyak bersabar akan mengamuk teruk. Nasi akan menjadi bubur dan keadaan Malaysia akan menjadi lebih teruk daripada Yugoslavia dan Iraq.

    Pendek kata, tanah semenanjung akan jadi padang jarak, padang tekukur. Semua orang akan merana dan kebuluran. Pertumpahan darah di mana-mana dan mayat-mayat bergelimpangan. Jadi saya seru pihak pembangkang, fikir-fikirkan lah.

    1. Seru pihak pembangkang fikir-fikirkanlah?

      Fikir dengan kepala mana? Remember their supreme leader is a man of lust. Prime monstership (no the word is not misspelt) or nothing at all. And that can spell padang jarak padang tekukur. And he is a Malay.

  4. People must not mistake that the attacks against the indonesian chinese during the asian crisis ad racially or religiously motivated, it was a more of a conflict of two groups of socio econonmic gap and it just happenned that the indo-chinese were the obscenely rich capitalists, if the rich in indonesia were indians or even indonesian muslims, the mob would still have looted.

    Conflicts between people of different religions and races are mostly due to inequality, idi amin expelled the indians due to their sheer economic dominance, as, mentioned by helen, greek reaches dominance on commerce ticked off the turks, but ironically, the so called pure greeks in greece are blaming the oriental. greeks(coincidentally of turkey descent) as being the leeches on the greek economy…even within the same race, inequality can bring up social hostility.

    The point is, malaysia racial harmony (not tolerance) will be tested when inequality reaches a dangerous level and from my sojourn of sopo blogs and economic blogs, inequality is a major concern for the bn associate devils, hence housing, subsidies are major national agendas. in kuala lumpur,even the chinese graduates who tend to earn more than the malays/indians are feeling tight in the housing market, let alone the malays, and with the attitude of the developer action party with its pro empty condo policy which will cause property speculation, PAS negara berkebajikan which will plunder the vaults for welfare and pkr obvious incompetence in everything heralds a dangerous future for malaysia in terms of equality.

    The spate of church arson & firebombings had nothing to do with economic inequality. It was purely kalimah Allah. When those Chinese stomped on Najib’s photo, it wasn’t b’cos there’s a gap between their economic standing and that of either rich/poor Malays, it was a show of the politics of hate. — Helen

    1. True, but the wound of racial hostility will reveal itself when inequality is a dangerous level. The allah poaching, stomping on a picture, changing the flag will plant into the malay mind who they will lynch when resources become scarce. As malays counter the megachurch by going deeper into religious extremity they will learn to dehumanise the dhimmis for possible future action.

      Btw, have you red a sci fi novel ‘The wind up girl’ where in the future after oil ran out, malaysia became depopulated of chinese who were massacred by malay green bands (conjure images of PAS mobs) and the protagonist in the novel, a thai thought how foolish the malaysian chinese not to convert to islam like the thai chinese to avoid such a fate… this reality is a cliche to describe the geopolitical reality in a post apocalyptic future.

      if a farang can conjure such a extreme fate of the chinese in malaysia in a fictional world possibly based on his observation that the malays can become utterly ruthless or that the chinese in future become so isolated, i dunno what the dapster actualy think they can do when they are in a minority position. maybe we are too nice.

      1. Outsiders (the Mat Salleh writer) can evaluate with more detachment. DAPsters cannot see beyond their fog of perpetual hysteria. Even the bad behaviour on Merdeka eve they blame on BN-paid agent provocateurs.

    2. I guess the Chinese miscreants who stomped on Najib and Rosmah’s pictures are communists. Their faces, by the way, belonged to people who would drown or skin their cats alive.

    3. Saudara Hussin dan forrestcat,

      Nampaknye kalian masih tidur …bangunlah …. Hayati keadaan dan suasana semasa…..Jika berlaku pertembungan nanti bukan di antara berlainan kaum tetapi antara sesama kaum, kaum yang lain duduk rumah je….jadi pikir pikir lah….

  5. Penat dah saya dengar citer Islam-Kristian ni. Penganut Buddha dan Hindu juga jadi target Mubaligh Kristian ini. Kawan kawan saya yang Buddhist dan Hindu juga tak suka penganut mereka dipengaruhi oleh mubaligh Kristian.

    Elok lah pertubuhan Islam,Buddhist dan Hindu bersatu menentang pengaruh mubaligh ini.

    Setahu saya ugama Kristian tak pernah mengajar penganutnya mempengaruhi penganut ugama lain masuk Kristian dengan cara memberi pertolongan ekonomi etc dan dengan cara mengelirukan penganut ugama lain dengan penggunaan perkataan Allah kerana ini cara yang tak jujur.

    Saya berkata demikian kerana suami saya dibesarkan sebagai Methodist di Amerika dan dilatih untuk jadi pendakwah Kristian. Dia kata cara begitu memang salah dari segi Kristian dan dia tak faham kenapa mubaligh Kristian di Malaysia buat begitu dan kenapa orang Malaysia senang terpengaruh dek mubaligh begini. Suami saya menganut ugama Islam setelah mengkaji kandungan AlQuran.

    1. Study Christianity and you will know that the Catholics believe they must save others from hell. They believe it’s their sacred duty to save others, especially Muslims, from hell. That’s why they are so zealous in trying to convert others into their faith.

  6. Thanks Helen,

    Saya bagi pihak muslim memohon maaf bila ada rakan2 saya yg muslim memang kurang ajar.

    Ini perbezaannya.
    Diantara memperjuangkan islam,
    Dgn mempergunakan islam utk perjuangan itu jauh perbezaannya.

    Sepatutnya rakan2 menjadikan islam itu sebagai amalan utk dijadikan amalan yg diamalkan dalam kehidupan bagi mencorak kehidupan utk kebaikan kejayaan didunia juga akhirat.

    Mempergunakan islam utk diperjuangkan kesannya segalan peradaban serta sunnah-sunnah dgn sengaja tidak diendahkan malah dgn sengaja mencemari kesucian kemuliaan islam bagi mencapai matlamat yg diperjuangkan.

    Saya harap non muslim faham tentang islam sebenar.

    1. A true Muslim will not hurt a fellow Muslim, either by words or deeds. Break the rule and you break Allah’s command that all Muslims are brothers and sisters. Sowing hatred and anger among fellow Muslims is not the way of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh). Rasullullah had said that “Follow my ways (sunnah) because those who don’t follow my sunnah are not my umat.”

      So supporters of Pas and PKR, who are so hateful of Umno or BN supporters, please understand the simple divine command and redress the wrongs in Malaysian politics before it’s too late and you have to face Allah, the prophet and the angels.

      1. May I add a true Muslim will not hurt a fellow Muslim nor anyone yang tidak mengganggu ugama, keluarga dan masyarakat kita. In other words, we have been taught to devote ourselves to Islam and to allow others to practce their own religion. This is taught in surah Kafirun dan melalui hadith dan sejarah Islam.

        But the evangelistas here such as the kims, the yeopies, the pastors, the DAP semakin hari semakin melampau.

        We must avoid violence but if violence is the only way to make these evangelistas understand not to violate what is sacred, then que sera sera.

  7. Thank you Helen for this well researched piece. I too, together many of my friends, worried that how much longer can we Malays stay ‘rileks’ because the DAPsters are getting more and more kurang ajar by the day

    1. Rockybru had more patience with the commenter ‘Godfather’ than I had.

      Personally I feel it’s impossible to engage with DAPsters at this juncture b’cos of their attitude.

      I also feel that after the (predictable) results the Chinese votes in GE13, there will be no turning back. The die is cast.

  8. I spoke to my father in law on this issue. He is a european. He said that a long time ago, the christians in his country did the same thing like what they are doing here. But there, it was the catholics.

    He said that they were very vocal, tried to interfere with the governance of the country, active in preaching to others etc. Even though there were people who converted and accepted their teachings and their ways, eventually the majority had enough and were very vocal in insisting for a separation between the church and the secular government.

    So, he was not surprise at all with the aggressiveness of the born-again christians here. But one thing he was surprise though is the method that some christian groups used here to convert others, i.e. through monetary influence disguising as charity. That, he was appalled.

    I believe that if some christian groups do not tone down on their aggressive and vocal approach, and disrespect the constitution that was put up to maintain the peace that we malaysian have shared all this while, then definitely they will antagonise and provoke not only the muslims, but i think others too. Hopefully the provocation would only lead to verbal rejection and not unwanted blood-shed.

  9. Ayah saya terlibat dalam “Batu Malim riot” menentang Bintang Tiga. He was tried in Raub High Court with many others and convicted of murder. The witnesses against them were Chinese – fabricating evidence to secure conviction. My father spend 3 years at death row in Pudu jail before his appeal was allowed by the Privy Council and he was acquitted.

    Dia mencurahkan darah untuk negara ini demi menghalang komunis mengambil alih dan menghapus institusi raja. He is 87 now….dan darahnya menggelegak lagi melihat pengkhianat negara yg tak tumpah walau setitik darah untuk negara ini begitu mudah nak menukar segalanya dan melihat kebiadapan pewaris komunis dan pengikut bodoh peliwat yg hanya tau menitiskan air mani. …

    Semangat juang ayah saya masih kental dan dia tidak gentar mengangkat senjata sekali lagi terhadap petualang negara ini…!

  10. It is not even a matter if they are non-malays or not, it is the outright stupidity that amuses me.

    I know PR can’t choose their supporters, I mean, I won’t read too much into the fact that why PR seems to attract crazy lunatics and rude louts who are obviously living on another world. Defecating on the PM’s portrait, stomping on his picture, oh well partisan politics… BUT to change the Malaysian flag? WTF has that got to do with anything?

    That’s why I have always believed that the government overreactted to all these gathering. All they need to do is allow all the wankers and loonies to go to the streets all they want (in orderly fashion of course). Their exuberant performance will speak for themselves.

    1. I know what you’re trying to say here. The thing is, PR attract the kinds of lunatics, twerps and the like that live in Wonderland because their leaders are themselves people that live in Wonderland, a place that is divorced from reality.

      Just look at the Chief Minister of Penang and his cohorts, even after being confronted with evidence of their misdeeds, they still cry conspiracy, dirty tactics etc, and calling people names like shameless, immoral, etc.

      The irony is that in story books, Wonderland is supposed to be, as the word states, wonderful. But in PR’s Wonderland, there is perpetual hysteria and intoxicated paranoia.

  11. “aku melayu” ikut stail helen [yang “aku cina”]… ekeke

    melayu memang senang diajak berunding kerana sikap “berbesar hati” dan “merai tetamu” sebab tulah masa dulu bila Tunku buat jus soli semua melayu ikut saja. melayu sanggup berkongsi tanah melayu dengan pendatang lain kerana sikap inilah…

    melayu tak suka gaduh2 bukan sebab penakut, tetapi kerana melayu dididik supaya tidak kurang ajar dan tidak bangsat kpd rakan-rakannya.

    walaupun melayu telah berpecah kepada 4 puak: umno, pas, pkr & atas pagar, namun melayu masih ada satu junjungan tertinggi iaitu Islam. bila Islam cuba digugat oleh puak minoriti yg kurang ajar, melayu akan lawan… wujudlah perkasa, jalur tiga dsb.

    melayu pasti bangkit melawan bila Islam digugat!

    1. I.D.A

      Cakap memang senang tapi masalah Nya Orang islam itu sendiri sudah berpecah kalian semua nie tidor ke syok sendiri.

      Kerana berpolitik kita kafir mengkafir, bukankah itu membawa maksud yang menghalalkan pertelingkahan sesame sama ISLAM… seharus nye kita mencari jalan penyatuan bukan perpecahan….

  12. Helen , remember it is always the UNMO goons or their proxies who will call for the likes of you to return to china. Has anyone else other than UNMO called other Malaysians as Pendatangs and in the same breath label your ancestors as Prostitutes / Pengemis??
    Who likes to call for a return of May 13??
    Who keeps reminding the non malays of their ketuanan ?
    Who keeps discrimanatory policies in place for years and years.
    Who keeps enriching their favoured ones while the rest of the Malays and malaysians are left to rot?
    Who keeps their cronies well fed at the expense of the rakyat?

    Let me give you a hint. A 4 letter word begining with U and ends with O .

    1. Meezal,

      (1) “return to china”

      If DAPsters behave like pendatang, then they will be treated accordingly.

      (2) “Prostitutes / Pengemis”

      You’re referring to Umno’s Ahmad Ismail and Nasir Safar. AI was stripped of his position as Umno division chief and NS had to resign.

      Did DAP take any action taken against NKM for his “metallic black”/”haram jadah” utterance? On the contrary, the DAP themselves are showing leadership by example in cyber thuggery.

      Every day and everywhere in cyberspace and in their kopitiam talk, DAPsters are calling everyone else “prostitutes”, “whores”, “mf” “running dogs”, “lapdogs waiting for crumbs from the Umno master’s table” (pengemis lah) and worse. They have got the nastiest nicknames for half the Umno cabinet line-up and for CSL and Koh Tsu Koon as well.

      Worse than pendatang, they behave like barbarians at the gate.

      (3) “a return of May 13”

      Sweeping May 13 under the carpet won’t make the current anti-Chinese sentiments go away.

      If the DAPsters are behaving the way they are now, why should it be at all surprising that their actions are invoking Malay retaliation?

      (4) “Who keeps reminding the non malays of their ketuanan ?”

      There are core foundations in any nation state. We’re situated in Nusantara. Malaysia is steeped in Islam. If non-Malays need to be reminded of the Constitution, do they not bear some of the blame or are they faultless?

      (5) “Who keeps discrimanatory policies in place for years and years. Who keeps enriching their favoured ones while the rest of the Malays and malaysians are left to rot? Who keeps their cronies well fed at the expense of the rakyat?”

      Now Pakatan is in control of some states, can you not see that they’re doing the same thing at even a quicker pace? DAP’s Tailorgate in Ipoh happened just 1-&-half months after Pakatan took office and the TBH RCI found that the DAP S’gor Adun offices were carrying out Ali Baba. This was barely a year into their term!

      1. Helen, if 99% chinese like you, we dont need bumi & non bumi classification anymore. Malays will easily embrace chinese like you because you are seeing things through your good heart and mind. And you are rational.

      2. nice helen (jawapannya)

        jangan kata DAPster, PASter di Kedah pun sibuk dok memenuhkan kocek depa dengan cepat kerana lepas PRU 13 depa dah tutup kedai… isyh…isyh…isyh…. (sambil geleng kepala)

      3. Saudari Helen

        Very well said.

        I am hopeful the DAPsters would not dismiss your responses out right, because they are punch-drunk in their illogic.

        The DAPsters should consider the following wisdoms,

        1. We must know where we came from to know clearly where we can go to in the future. In the 1900 until 1957 — what was the political, social and demographic character of the Peninsular. Of course we have changed a lot since 1957 until today in 2012. Some may even say that the changes were so vast that the past, is no longer recognizable

        No matter how much we have changed, we cannot deny that our past were rooted in the years prior to 1900, and in the years from 1900 until we became independent in 1957. And looking ahead to 2020 and beyond, if we are aware how we were, and how our country was — how can we want something that would totally deny how we came about, and how our country has been politically, economically, and socially, from 1900 until 2012?

        Al Jazeera is currently showing a documentary on the plights of the Palestinian shepherds of the Jordan Valley. During the 1967 war some 10,000 fled to Jordan to flee the killings and the war, only to become ‘stateless’ in Jordan. Some 5,000 who remained in their homes in the Jordan valley were to become homeless and continually being hounded by the victors – the Israel Jews.

        The program clearly mentions many many and much more sufferings and insults that the Palestinians of the Jordan Valley have to suffer and endure on a daily basis. Such is the long (hopefully not lasting) impact of the military war between Israel and the Palestinians.

        And we know that there is a war of a different kind being acted out everyday all over the world. This is the economic struggle within a group and between groups. Although mush less violent, but nevertheless it is has all the elements of conflicts, just as in any military war.

        The Jordan Valley offers many wisdoms. Firstly winners cannot take all and losers cannot loose all. This mere notion is already such an insult to all, who have a any sense of fairness and respect for fellow human beings.

        2. If we want true democracy, there must be a doubling and tripling of the size of our home-owning middle-class voting population. Within our local context, it must be the role of the Government to undertake fast and vast society’s engineering and re-engineering.

        The poor must be assisted to join the ranks of the middle class. NOT with RM500 or RM1,000 ang pows per year BUT with serious, very serious investments in primary, secondary and tertiary education, and other capacity building.

        Malaysia need to increase its science and technology based skilled work force by 10 folds. Only then we could attract local and international investments. Only these new investments would be able to create the jobs we need to swell the ranks of the civic conscious and voting middle class.

        DAPsters must show that they are just as apt at articulating nation building and community empowering policies and programs, just as they have been acutely critical of the BN government.

        They should quickly shed their image, thus far, of only preaching hatred for the BN/UMNO government and of speaking to the gallery and to appeal to narrow communal, religious and political groups.

        Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to your blog

      4. Helen;

        Chinese like you I will always welcome to be my neighbour. Chinese like Meezal, I am sorry to say ; Go home, son..

        If we can turn the clock back to 1956/1957..I am sure the Malays then will be wiser to be selective in allowing the type of Chinese to be granted citizenship .

      5. quote helen: “If DAPsters behave like pendatang, then they will be treated accordingly.”

        but u call dap as anglophiles bangsa malaysia who speak more english n malay than chinese language.

        meanwhile, u defend chinese education.

        double standards much?

        quote helen: “Every day and everywhere in cyberspace and in their kopitiam talk, DAPsters are calling everyone else “prostitutes”, “whores”, “mf” “running dogs”, “lapdogs waiting for crumbs from the Umno master’s table” (pengemis lah) and worse. They have got the nastiest nicknames for half the Umno cabinet line-up and for CSL and Koh Tsu Koon as well. ”

        hm, pro bn people call anwar, nik aziz, pakatan leaders as babi, nik najis, juburi, taliban hudud, komunis, sepet, keling, etc. but that is ok, right?

        quote helen: “Sweeping May 13 under the carpet won’t make the current anti-Chinese sentiments go away. If the DAPsters are behaving the way they are now, why should it be at all surprising that their actions are invoking Malay retaliation? ”

        hm, janji dicapati logo, song, tanda putera got criticized. youtube comments ratings are almost all negatif from malay n non malay. even there were malay who step on n show their bum to najib photo. the thing is the sentiment against bn is more than just racial, it strikes across all races. one is seriously myopic if they still try to see/spin it as a cina vs melayu or christian vs muslim issue.

        quote helen: “There are core foundations in any nation state. We’re situated in Nusantara. Malaysia is steeped in Islam. If non-Malays need to be reminded of the Constitution, do they not bear some of the blame or are they faultless?”

        the constitution guarantee rights to all malaysian. worth reminding also.

        funny u would kowtow to the right wing bn supporters while they still call you ‘ejen dap’ like unspinner, or insult you when u talk about education medium

        1. Those whom you call “right wing BN supporters” may be hostile on occasions but they are not in perpetual hysterics and they do not putar-belit like segments of the DAP leadership.

          (1) I defend Chinese education b’cos there are some 1,300 SRJK (C)s operating in Malaysia and its what 90% of Chinese parents want. If you want to resurrect English education and mission schools, fine, go ahead — create your own public platform in your own blog you can comment in the PAGE website.

          (2) You allege that “pro bn people call anwar, nik aziz, pakatan leaders as babi, nik najis, juburi, taliban hudud, komunis, sepet, keling, etc. but that is ok, right?”

          Do you find such name-calling like “babi” and “nik najis” in my blog?

          (3) The sentiments against BN may across racial lines but when it comes to Islam issues like hudud, there will be little visible split. Remember that the 4 Umno Aduns did not vote against the PAS initiative in T’ganu.

          Post-GE13 you will see where the Malay sentiments lie.

          (4) The Unspinners did not call me “ejen DAP”, they called me “orang DAP”. Don’t spin lah Dave. And probably it was on account of my agitation over Tanda Putera and my repeated rebuttal that LKS urinated at the flagpole.

          If you insist that BN-Malay readers have insulted me when I talk about education medium, it comes nowhere near to the vicious fitnah and smear campaign that DAPsters are carrying out against me. You forgot already the call — “Can someone please kill the bitch”, meh? You forgot the pornography-rape threats?

          (5) And I can tell you that the nastiest comments have come from Christians — Hannah Yeoh retweeted her buddy calling me a “fruit loop”, which went out circulating to her 50,000 Twitter horde.

          By GE14, the DAP-Chinese are going to find themselves on one side of the divide and the rest of Malaysia on the other. B’cos DAPster behaviour is clear for all to see. Continue to bury your head in Lala-sand if that’s what you want Dave.

      6. (1) ironicly, the main excuse used by pro umno people to label non malay as ‘pendatang’ is the vernacular education. you should be well aware of this. to them, ‘well adjusted’ non malay go to national school

        in truth, this is not the case. non malays who go to national school will just be as likely to be pro pakatan as their vernacular counterparts

        (2) u should go to pro bn blogs, website, n forum to see the childish name calling. and also the perpetual hysteria of threats of violence, genocide, n race riot. in cyberspace, like u said earlier.

        but, u are more concerned about people calling u ‘fruit loop’.

        (3) which is why umno is desperately trying to spike religious sentiments. they tried it with race sentiments after 2008, n it is not working as they want. post ge14 is going to be more a bunch of political ideas, economic class than just the simplistic chinese vs malay doom prophecies you n your supporters espouse.

        (4) ‘ejen dap’ or ‘orang dap’, it shows how they hold you with contempt when there is disagreement over things like that movie or education.

        speaking of fitnah, dont forget your numerous tall tales of christian conspiracies, traitors in star newspaper, n other cerita karut. all to whip up the religious sentiments of the readers, n hopefully divert their venom to christians.

        1. Dave,

          If you do not have any objections to the term, can I in all my future replies address you as Fruit Loop Dave?

          Is “orang DAP” (or for that matter “orang MCA/MIC”, “orang Umno”) a dirty or derogatory word? Or a label necessarily referring to the enemy?

          After all, I’ve invariably voted DAP all the past elections.

          It is the politics of hatred that has brought about party affiliation to be regarded as a mortal enemy, and anyone supporting the other side is “devil”, “stupid”/”moron”, “vote bought for RM100 and a kain pelekat” and other insults.

          And we know which coalition actively engages in “devil” name-calling, don’t we?

      7. [comment moderated]

        Dear commenter,

        I don’t see how SM Nasimuddin and Syed Mokhtar are of any relevance to this thread.

        Don’t lah keep slipping these two mamak (according to you) tycoons into my blog and putting me in a difficult position should I allow what you say to be published, if not even getting me sued for libel.


    2. Meezal dude..

      You have gots to learn to chill & laidback like other Malaysians – ‘rileks la bro’. You harping over things said, being overly cheonghei made you sound like a wife who nags nonstop. Sikit-sikit mengungkit cerita lama. I know it’s DAP’s trait to recycle ‘mengungkit’ but you got to stop dwelling in the past and move on. Being bitter is no good, blacken the heart and end up being unable to see the goodness in other people. We as Malaysians need to step up for progress & so we can be greater Malaysia.

  13. Dear sis…how true! the above article makes me wonder how long can we/malaysian maintain the peaceful of this wonderful land

  14. Of course there is a christian-muslim conflicts worldwide. Both are imperialistic religions and such was the logical outcome.

    Apart from this, the world has no more tolerance for islamic militancy and they are going all out to stamp it out. This we all can see. I do not think islam will survive this decade. If they do, these will be reduced to foraging and scavenging nations. The world scientific and secular community are also challenging Christianity and Judaism head on and this too will not survive this decade except as pockets here and there.

    I spoke to the US Embassy officials and found they are well aware of what is happening here in Malaysia. There was no need for me to brief them. They had far better notes. In any future race conflict in Malaysia, the US, India, China, Thailand and the Philippines are certain to be involved. All of them have scores to settle.

  15. Dear Helen & everyone.

    Honestly, I never have appreciation with our Jalur Gemilang. You could say that I personally don’t feel connected to it but with series of it being burned, abused and now waving another flag on Merdeka eve, I feel insulted and sad that fellow Malaysians can stoop so low.

    I have been taught to look beyond race & to see goodness in people.To me these Malaysians are an embarassment and owe everyone an apology.

    Dimana bumi dipijak disitu langit dijunjung. A friend posted ‘ rationally, it’s similar like the ‘Merdeka’ we’ve been screaming for 55 years – to me, this is such a twisted logic, Jalur Gemilang is a national icon and as Malaysians we need to be proud of it, no matter what.

  16. Look, I get your point. But it’s not lost upon me that you continue to cherry-pick in your blog.

    I know you’ve previously published a blog entry regarding the atrocities committed against Native Americans allegedly in the name of Christianity. I think it was a few months back.

    Now you have provided a blog entry highlighting the atrocities committed by Muslim Turks against christian armenians / greeks.

    You make it seem like the violence among christians and muslims is something unique. It isn’t.

    Humans are violent by nature.

    To be fair, you should also include blog entries about the violent atrocities committed by those who follow your own religion.

    Buddhists are currently committing the atrocities (some can say genocide) of Muslim Rohingyas in Burma. Buddhists committed atrocities against mainly hindu Tamils in Sri Lanka. Buddhists Thais launched lethal military action against the Muslim inhabitants of the south, and are still using the threat of violence to suppress their rights.

    So let’s all stop being so naive. Terrorism and atrocities happen in all human societies.

    For the readers keen on being objective, read more about atrocities in which Buddhists are directly involved or complicit here:

    I don’t want to read your response that claims the instances of violence I mentioned are derived from Theraveda Buddhism and it’s not the same as your Buddhism, which I assume is Mahayana. I still consider it the same religion, just like your average American considers Islam in Iran no different than the Islam in Iraq/Afghanistan or even Malaysia for that matter.

    In conclusion, let’s not use confirmation bias to attack those in the opposition you dislike (i.e. the evangelists). After all, aren’t the majority of Malaysian Chinese Buddhists supportive of the Christian cause? Who are the most vocal anti-establishment types in MCCBCHST if not the buddhist and christians? I think they work hand in hand.

    Tell me honestly, in your community, would the ardent buddhists rather have a Muslim Malaysia or a Christian Malaysia ? By the way buddhists enjoy Western lifestyles, I get the feeling it’s the latter.


    Re “the majority of Malaysian Chinese Buddhists supportive of the Christian cause”, methinks ‘Chinese’ would be a more potent keyword than ‘Buddhist’ in the context of Malaysian politics, i.e. Chinese supporting fellow Chinese against Malay (rather than Buddhist supporting Christians against Muslims).


    1. “Chinese” is the keyword, you say!?

      As any die-hard DAPster would retort, “That’s Racist!”

  17. Well Helen .. Since this article of yours was carried in the outsyedthebox blog, you have to add few more labels to your reputation: cina murtad and the best, I mean this is as high as it can get .. ‘anti-christ’. LOL!

  18. Dear Helen, this is off the topic, but indirectly related. I am at the paralympics. It is fascinating how human endure to achieve their goals for their nation with the support provided like Ukraine who is a breakaway nation since the dissolution of USSR.

    Similarly I think if support is provided, human capacity irrespective of an origin has no boundry rather than to be too concerned with the religion and politically motivated mumbo jumbo. The support and motivation for humanity to prevail and coexist is up to us as a community to work towards it with a conscience for what it can be.

    I hope Malaysian government will promote the OKU and their desires because there is hope that they could bring the the 1st gold in Olympic for malaysia as a nation. Just food for thought.

  19. OB, let me ask you this, so what? Are you there in the forefront fighting for the Tamil in SL or Rohingya community in Burma? Don’t take it out of the context and run your semua tahu wikipedia agenda. I think you have too much time to burn in your hand to just make a point which is typical semua tahu Malaysian with their NATO attitude and for their own escapism without understanding the issue in hand at least as far as Malaysia is concerned.

    We don’t need history lessons that we are not even a part of it or can’t do anything about it like in Sri Lanka or Burma, so let’s get real for what is it in Malaysia that burns the bridges between the Muslims and the Christians who are forever fogged out with their religious beliefs to deal with each other or the rest when humanity is at stake. Grow up OB

  20. Meezal, nama Melayu, saya tertanya-tanya, engkau ni Melayu tulen atau Dapster yang menyamar sebagai Melayu. Kalau ada Dapster India seperti Ravin yang menyamar sebagai Melayu dengan nama Mohd Aziz, adakah engkau seorang lagi rakan sekerja Ravin-Mohd Aziz ?

  21. if at first, when you don’t identify yourself as Malaysian First, you are labelled racist, now we have people like HuaYong coming here and asked ”

    Helen, if 99% chinese like you….”

    so the 99% is chinese or the 1% is chinese?

    now that is how people like HuaYong, who is a certified Dapster are going to take their war to the next level. so if a Chinese were not allied with the DAP, then he/she will be labelled the 1% unChinese.

    of course, after reading this, HuaYong is going to label me, like……let’s see, racist, stupid, ignorant ? you see people, when there’s nothing left to spin, or to increase the toxicity of the confrontation, these Dapsters revert to their tried and tested method.

    1. u mean like bnatangs here who always predictably turn every issue into racial n religious issue?

      even helen for example try to turn the stepping on pm photo into a christian vs muslim issue, ignoring that perkasa, umno, bn has stepped on, torn, or urinated on pictures of pakatan leaders


      and we dont even know if the people who step on the photo were christians. but who cares, blame them anyway, right?

      1. Who in “Perkasa, Umno, BN” allegedly urinated on pictures of Pakatan leaders? Pls be specific and provide the names and the incidents.

        I never claimed that the Najib photo stompers were Christian.

        However, what is fact is the Muslim-Christian conflict around the world, and that DAP is now being led by the evangelists.

      2. quote helen: “Who in “Perkasa, Umno, BN” allegedly urinated on pictures of Pakatan leaders? Pls be specific and provide the names and the incidents. ”

        fyi, i think tok rojakk has just given more example

  22. Walaupun saya tidak menyokong PR (atau politikus yang lain), sama ada apa parti komponen di dalam PR, saya bersetujui dengan padangan bloger2 yang menyatakan bahawa Malaysia makin lama, makin mundur ke satu adat yang tidak bersopan… Dalam jangkaan jadual (timeline) siapa yang memulakan adat begini tidak menjadi sesatu diskusi yang paling mustahak & perlu di jaguhkan… melainkan peranan sekolah, didikan permuda-permudi, tauladan pemimpin politikus, NGO, komuniti dll….untuk mendidik generasi baru demi satu akhlak yang murni dan bermulia.

    Hasilnya adalah satu adat biadap di kalangan semua kaum yang timbul… berbedah dari waktu 70’s, 80’s di mana tiap2 kaum menghormati dan belajar dari adat perkauman lain….

    Diskusi di mana seorang yang tidak boleh membedahkan di antara politik & rhetorik pemimpin politikus yang mahu berpegang atau merampas kuasa tidak mustahak melainkan rhetorik2 ini menimbulkan iri hati dan murka sesama perkauman…. Bukannya malang kata di mana kami (tiap perkauman) menjadi mangsa?

    Mungkin orang seperti HuaYong (yang saya berpikir cukup matang dalam diskusinya) tidak muncul dalam ruangan ini adalah kerana banyak pembaca blog ini dah malas menjawab…

    Silakan melihat:

    1. TR, i read almost every comment from our host though not every article, i find her thinking process very “interesting”, sort of obsession on my part. sorry in chinese…”犹如雾里看花,水中望月,虚无漂渺,永远看不清真相” ask ur “ser-bu-ser” darllng what it means. :)

      1. HY…I also see your comments in other blogs, thereby assuming that we are the “moderates” I like reading every possible blog to understand the current discussion and mind of the ordinary Malaysian.. some frighten me. There is a new culture of intolerence and hate rising…. Stamping on one’s photo whether DAP or PM’s is instilling a culture of hate-fear-exculsion. In the Arab Spring, it started with the photos & effingy’s, then see what happen to their leaders. It was not even inter-racial but base on tribal lines…

        However, I’m detracting… but look at all the photos posted from both sides…. do they look like non-Malays (very few)? Mostly are representing a clash between one Malay ideal against another… Would a Protestant pee on the Pope’s photo? Even there may be differing views but to pee on the photos of ulama’s? It’s reaching boiling point since the political stakes are high…

        We may take temporary relief to think its the Chinese or Indian (albeit I totally agree on the inappropriateness of DAP) fault but like you, we read a vast range of writings including Malay thinkers. Unfortunately not everyone on the street has such access but can only see “picture forms” of biadap DAP & Cina.

        Therefore, the Malay intelligensia think that the root of the problem is lack or a bad education/system and the distribution of wealth – they are now saying that there is going to be a serious class war. (By the way, the education system is producing equally as bad and inferior small minded Chinese). Now take a look at these photos again posted in the pro-UNMNO/pro-PKR/PAS blogs…. True or not true?

        Helen is an enigma. She reminds me of a episode when I was in Jakarta many years ago riding in some shabby local taxi just after the race riots…. the driver ask me… are you Chinese? Then, are you a businessman? Lastly, are you Christian? I must admit my biasness at that time (after hearing horror stories) – Chinese + businessman + Christian… I’m going to now either be killed or kidnaped. The three no, no’s.

        Likewise – to be Anglophile, Chinese and Christian and God forbid DAP is like to be the worst vile person on earth!! Every Chinese must be DAP, every Christian must be the evangelising/biadap kind…. but isn’t it a contradictory terms when Helen published the Merdeka Report on how many Chinese are really Christians and along what lines they vote (even in supporting BN & Malay candidates). Therefore, these are generic fallacies.

        I shall not ask her underlying reasons why The Star, DAP especially Hannah (I also do not like her ways) and Christians seem to be the object of focus but it seems to stem from her days in the Star & around the Christians there.

        However, I once commented that after May 13, the Rukun Negera was formulated to bring harmony among the races…. it was a way to put back the genie into the bottle…. Today, it seems that the vessel itself is not only being uncocked but totally shattered.

        Yes, her thinking process is “interesting” but equally as potent when readers are unable to discern between political posturing & communial/religious overtures dished out daily by both sides.

        So HY, I’m old school.

        Helen, yes I continue to follow you in interest to discern the future and what is being said… before you tell me to “%$#@” off…

      2. HY same here, you should put it this way”犹如雾里看花,水中望月,虚无飘渺,永远看不清真相” it’s less ‘tonal’ my friend if get my meaning.

      3. TR, I agree with you mostly except 1 point, or 2 to be exact but not in an entirety manner.

        0.5) Blog needs contrarian view, and I don’t think our host is the syok sendiri type, I believe she is okay with us, but nobody knows.

        1.0) Another very analytical commentator BenG that used to comment here seem to share your concern pertaining to culture of hate, but my take is difference in the context of what we want, a relatively free and democratic society, or an authoritarian one.

        Our youth (mostly youth) today is not much difference with those from Taiwan and Korea in the 80’ and 90’, a period when their government and people progressing toward a freer environment, we can see how they treat and react toward their president, leader and politician, some may perceive this as hate and rude, I however believe this have much to do with change of people values to become less patriarchal, appreciate equal rights, expect no more politician to treat their people like children and etc etc, the transformation and the so called rude behavior is pretty common during this transition stage, my only reserve is we are not as homogeneous as most countries that went through the same before us, beside political differences, we have issue like race and religion, and I think that is also why the non Malay are relatively less hostile and antagonistic.

        Therefore if we think positively toward our host, she is doing the right job to alert those involve, and remind ourselves that violence is totally unacceptable, simply because we should acknowledge that fact that politician are vile, selfish and immoral, I don’t ever believe they care about us.

    2. Surprisingly most of your link is from pro opposition site, yet you claim not to be ‘not a pkr supporter’.

      You missed the most significant point to the problem, WHO STARTED THE CULTURE OF STEPPING ON PICTURE OF THEIR ENEMIES.

      So i leave it to you to show us as who started the trend/culture, that is if you have the will to discuss this in apolitical commenter that you try to paint yourself as.

      Let see where this take us to.


        Lim Guan Eng and company. Tapi, kalau sesiapa saja yang kata demikian, akan dilabel sebagai racist. Hati-hati kpee.

      2. Kpee… Although I read Pro-Pakatan comments but in those links, I’m more interested in the photos… I think we can find ample photos of PR/DAP idiots doing stupid things in pro-BN blogs and the front pages but are we open to see the other photos? Does two wrongs make one right?

        Would it better to quote AAKJ (Pro-UMNO) blog title – “Terkini video anjing sial yang tunjuk..”? Anjing sial? Or quote

        I hate to quote but verbatin: “Kalau tak ada BABI kaum chauvinsi pendatang Cina tak mungkin berani memaki Bangsa Tuan Rumah Melayu dan pijak gambar Perdana Menteri Najib Tun Razak, dan menghina institusi Raja Raja dan adat resam tata susila Bangsa Melayu!!
        Perbuatan dan pengunaan BABI oleh chauvinis Cina DAP dan parti agama sesat PAS telah bloeh menyebabkab anasir anasir chauvinis berani “masuk bilik kita dan merogol isteri kita” dengan sewenang wenang nya dan justeru itu apa yang menyebabkan Bangsa Melayu masih tidak sedar sedar lagi yang mereka ini bangsa yang paling istimewa di dalam dunia tetapi maseh mahu mengadaikan harta dan maruah!?
        Bangun, Bersatu dan Sedar lah Bangsa Ku!”

        I understand Barking Magpie’s grief – his uncle’s death under Bintang Tiga….

        The problem started when Tun M wanted to deal with the Islamist by recruiting a young firebrand called …… He thought he could contain him. When an American leader came to Malaysia on the invitation of this person, the US leader started to lecture our PM (Tun M) at a state dinner… biadap? In Malay culture, does one try to “finish off” a person who he considers as a father/mentor and try to replace him? Biadap? Has there been orderly sucession of PM’s until that sad moment (including S46 episode)?

        After being kicked out, Reformasi blocked the streets of KL (Shah Alam highway).. lawlessness? Block roads at the inconvience of road users/tax payers… If PR wins and we dislike them, when we take to the streets, what will happen? Water cannon? Arrest?

        Remember when MCA ask this person to send a team of wushu to participate in a China event, what was his response? Bahasa Baku? Education system changed? Who subverted the Sabah government of Pairin?

        I can go on & on…. kesimpulannya… win at all cost & %$#@ the raykat… use them or throw them away…

        These politicians (including most) are all opportunist and licik…. we only fall for their posturing… They learnt well from the British… divide & rule….

        Therefore, read the comments that are quoted – they are running high on emotion… including those photos… is this a healthy trend?

        1. TR,

          If you’re concerned to see some Malay commenters “running high on emotion” in some of the far-right blogs like Barking Magpie, don’t you stop for a minute to consider all that DAPsters have done to provoke?

          Or do you regard those as running high on their emotions as firing up without any cause or catalyst? After all, it takes two sides to ignite a situation — same as the act of striking a match, i.e. matchstick rubbing against matchbook.

          From what I see of the Chinese reaction, it’s a refusal to shoulder any part of the blame, playing the victimhood and spinning to make everything (100 percent) the fault of the other side.


        The Jewnited States of America, immediately after they bombed Iraq back to the stone age. They painted a portrait of Saddam on the lobby-floor of a prominent hotel in Baghdad for senior American troops and officials to stamp on.

        It therefore does not take a rocket scientist to figure out from whose book the DAPsters and the Janji Bershit gays took a page from, leading to this moronic and uncivilized show of hatred towards the head of government properly and democratically elected by the rakyat.


    although ambiga isnt pakatan leader:

    right, there is no proofs that the photo steppers were christian, even malays took part. but somehow a muslim vs christian issue can be spinned into it.

    1. I think we must be honest, whether BN – to stay in power or PR – to wrestle federal power, are going to spin. I mean, to expect no spin to anyone’s advantage beggars belief. What else do the politicians do anyway?

      When you mentioned Ambiga, I am chuckling because she is now chiding the PM for being irresponsible in delaying the polls. I thought Bersih screamed that no polls should be held until electoral reform is completed?

      Many Malaysians are genuinely sick of the street rallies and massive gatherings to shore up political face, including BN’s national day celebrations in Bukit Jalil. Nampak sangat tak ada kerja lain yang lebih produktif / kondusif.

      They can burn effigies of the PM for all I care. We cannot expect everyone to act with decorum and civility, but we must hold our officebearers to some standard. However provoked, they must remember the dignity of their office and the position that they occupy / represent. That’s why certain things have to be franchised, i.e. Perkasa.

      As for the misnomer “Chinese” education, let me put it this way, support for vernacular education as primary level is not quite the same as what Dong Jiao Zong is endorsing, and what DJZ is fighting for is not necessarily what Yap Sin Tian is doing. I have always disliked DJZ but I think “Dr.” Yap has been able to generate more hostility (both internal and external) during his tenure than anyone else I’ve observed.

      Will the enabling Chinese community wake up? I doubt it.

      1. May I underscore that Hannah Yeoh retweeting “fruit loop” name-calling is unfitting the office of a state representative, in addition to her “hu hu hu” at Big Mama and her many other instances of cyber bullying.

  24. Come now Helen don’t confuse politics with race and religion. Some of the idiots who support you may take it seriously.

    1. Yes, i agree with U Ddd.

      Those idiots will definitely take the issue of race and religion seriously. But not because of Helen, Bro.

      It is because of the natural reaction by those idiots toward the opposition who desperately mixing the three aspects together.

  25. Helen, 110% agree with you & your comments lead back to the same source…. Where was DAP prior to Anwar? Who gave them their first taste of glory & boldness? Tanjung I & II was a dismal failure… even up till today, LKS is the “roving” MP… shoot here & there.

    We remember the days of V David, Patto, Lee Lam Thye… sole warriors in a long battle (socialism). Therefore, we need to ask hard questions…. is DAP really socialist and holding to their universal ideals or its just a sweet motto?

    What do you expect when a party like DAP (unlike PAS that has a longer history with UMNO, struggle for independence, already ruling certain states) prior to 2008 was in the political wilderness suddenly coming in from the cold? Does LKS, Karpal show the same arrogance as the second liners (especially in Perak) and worst still, third liners (LGE and the Selangor MP’s). They obviously will gloat, stomp on pictures… because of bad upbringing – ibubapa tidak mengajar means kurang ajar (also politically – no standard).

    Before you and others comment on May 13 – yes at that time LKS, the same attitude as the DAP third generation today but do you think they never learnt their lessons? See how his writes these days, more cautioned unlike the son. Aftermath of May 13? Gerakan who was equally guilt as DAP knew that for nation building & the progress of the non-Malays, it would be better to join the Alliance. MCA also pulled closer to UMNO and Tun Razak… DAP… they went into the political wilderness….

    Will DAP be so embolden if Anwar did not bring them back and let them taste a bit of power? What was Malaysia like under Tun M pre-Anwar? Did we not tell foreigners we were Malaysians? We were not proud of our country prior to the financial crisis and Tun M’s defiance of Western hegemony? Did we not sit in warungs and feel comfortable with each other? Who ruined it?

    I agree, it takes two sides to ignite a tense situation (Chinese, Indian etc)… (I was there to see the last one). But have you realised that more people are now quoting Rukun Negara because of the stomping photo incident (today’s Unspinners & Bujai). And obviously they are not pro-PR…

    For Kpee’s knowledge, I would rather vote for a 3rd Voice candidate/party like PRM, PSM, independent rather than a power crazy leader/MP/ADUN to keep the present politicians honest.

    1. Tok rojak,

      I can see your sly methods ala ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms/Sun Tzu Art of War’ being played here. What the west call “blame shifting”, bravo to you.

      I have been quiet for sometime on this Helen’s or anywhere else lately by taking a ‘helicopter’s view’ or ‘a spy satellite zoom’ when needed.

      Lately I have been tracking a shift in methodology of the Dapsters. From ‘barrage jamming of the social network with their scums’ (NOISE JAMMING) to a more focus and subtle ‘befriending approach’ (PINPOINT JAMMING).

      They use this sly method as camouflage to present themself as a moderate who is unhappy with present government supporter actions. They hope to convince the real moderate who drop by on your blog.

      We have seen Ravin/Aziz unmask by Helen. Even RPK unmask many of these clowns.

      But the interesting thing that i detect, that this Dapster are very slowly realizing that things are not so rosy and the danger of losing PRU 13 is REAL.

      As they and the pro-goverment side have reached a stalemate on all fronts. Also the malays are coming back as i have witness in my own circles. The tide has turn, ala the siege of’ Stalingard’.

      Patience a virtue highly prized by the Malays will show its value in the long haul. Najib’s game is long haul one, unlike Anwar’s, that is where the chink in PR armor.

      The Russian army have a saying: “Jam one third, attack one third
      and the other one third will collapse on it’s own weight”.

      That is why the longer Najib waits for the election the better.

      As i see it DAP have place the Chinese community as their ace in the hole, and bet the Chinese community future on it.

      And remember ‘you reap what you sow’ and ‘payback is bitch’.

      1. Kpee, a million thanks for the compliments. I wish I was so smart. Actually I saw a movie on Sun Tzu and commented to my family that he was some wierd dude (seem dreamy with crazy ideas). Beside RPK shouting Sun Tzu from the mountains, there are many more political strategist like Niccolò Machiavelli. Hahaha. Neither am I a war historian studying battle formations & patterns. Sorry to say but my sage/guru is called common sense.

        I think we are quite similar than you think.

        Disclaimer: I’ve never voted DAP or opposition my whole life. Nothing to deny if its the truth. Hahaha.

  26. HY

    I totally agree with you on Helen’s Rebooting Oneself. Although it concerns me that there is an overplay of the Chinese-Christian-DAP link… I have never posted comments particularly pertaining to race & religion but only on issues when I sense that its becoming irrational..

    I’m really a freshie to reading blogs. What really made me a silent listener to Helen is when she shared her personal life & experience when someone accused her of being bias & racist. Therefore, in the same vein, something sparked her angle on certain issues which I shall not want to ask. Nobody is tabula rasa.. (I saw your comments elsewhere when she was brought up in discussion). This is why I rather not comment on the Christian-Hannah-evangelist-DAP-The Star etc thingy but silently respect her view… after all its her blog!!

    In regards to examples of Taiwan & South Korea, yes I agree to your points that in an evolving geo-social political environ, these are general trends among the youth & especially student/varsity movements (who someone is trying to tap). Having dealt and travelled to these two places, the culture totally accepts such behaviour but you hit the nail on the head – they are more a homogeneous society & culture unlike ours. We have assimilated and adopted many of the sopan santun and adats of the Malays so much so that DAP’s behaviour can even go against our grain. But to response to our Malay friends, does Chinese & Indian culture teach such biadapness? Not in my home!!

    The culture of hate & careless rhetorics should not be a means to a political end – we as Malaysians should understand and reject this.

  27. I like your analysis and the kind of level-headedness and macro-view that you have adopted. Not many Chinese view this issue in such broad perspective.

    I always thought Malaysia and Indonesia to be very much more liberal and tolerant in terms of race and religion to their minorities. Such liberal attitudes has somewhat lessened in the last few decades, no thanks to PAS which has always strived to push for a hardline, wahhabi-style Islam that has no place for democratic principles or human rights.

    There are several reasons why Malaysia has not descended into ethnic strife and chaos like other Muslim states. One, the nature of Malays which is carefree, liberal and tolerant. Second, is the policies and doctrine of UMNO’s which are secular in nature. Third, is the stringent control on public debates on issues of race and religion. And fourthly, the acceptance of non bumis of the Social Contract.

    The reason why we are now seeing increasing inter-ethnic tensions is that the non bumis, emboldened by DAP and their Malaysian First Trojan Horse, is challenging this status quo by claiming that the Social Contract is discriminatory agreement that is no longer relevant to this age.

    The media too has a huge impact. Since Pak Lah has loosed up on the media control the debate has become super-heated. The mushrooming of the social media, mainly controlled by pro-Opposition and non Malay individuals, have contributed more than most to add rocket fuel to this combustive mixture.

    While DAPsters (like Dave and rest) will no doubt point out to Utusan as the devil, in reality much of the right-wing voices (Utusan, Perkasa, etc) are products created as a response to extreme provocations by DAPs and other right-wing non Muslim groups (Hindraf, DZ, etc).

    As a non bumi, I can see the weakness of the system that is very much tilted to the bumi interests. Some of these are indeed justified and should be supported but there are some policies too need to be amended and altogether eliminated. However, on the whole I don’t think non bumis are discriminated by the system since most of us are doing well and there are opportunities for everyone to climb the social ladder, even for someone who come from a poor rural family like me.

    And I do feel that many of these issues which are creating unhappiness among non bumis can be discussed resolved if done in a proper manner since I believe the bumis are understanding and generous people by nature.

    However, while parties such as MCA and MIC, strive to work with UMNO within the framework of social contract and behind the scenes to solve issues, DAP tend to go for an attack mode and intend to snatch forcefully what they feel rightfully theirs. Such aggressive attitude is exactly what led to May 13 bloodbath where the peace-loving Malays were provoked beyond their breaking point until they lost their restraint and struck back.

    DAP has not learnt their lesson and I am afraid, we are on the same slippery slope. Looking at the scenes of Chinese mobs running wild reminds me of that fateful days after the 1969 GE.

  28. Calvinsankaran,

    Malaysians are at crossroad. Chinese as an example must choose between alliance with UMNO in BN or PR government (if ever that happened).

    I believe Chinese fail generally to see the bigger picture. Meaning they fail to realise that their interests are better reflected through harmonius relationship with the Malays through BN.

    Whereas the other side of divide, despite many atempts to portray unity and multiculturalism, PR fails miserably. What i notice about PR is that it caters on the interests of Chinese only. And that after the agenda of Lim Dynasty.

    What Chinese fails to realise that just as UMNO badly needs their votes, the reverse is much more true. Many chinese falls into notion that they can demand and demand without thinking into the negative impact on their own interests.

    What chinese needs to realise is that malays are changing too. They are not so eager to vote for MCA anymore in Malay areas. Goodwill has been stretched to the limit, I believe.

    Unfortunately as Chinese seldom reads Malay dailies, they fail to detect the sentiments of Malay community. They fail to detect that the mood that Malays has had enough of rude Chinese politicians accusing Malays as racists and show scant respect to mosques.

    As for PAS, I believe that it will be punished severely in next election for selling Islam and “kowtowing” to DAP.

    1. I think the problem is many Chinese are living in a parallel world created by alternative media such as MKini, MI, etc where they only report what the Chinese/PR supporters want to hear and read.

      If you note, these portals never even attempt to present a complete picture of the country, just focused on picking stories that make BN look bad or the bumis look incompetent,

      I can’t speak for all Malays, but only for my friends. Many of my Malay friends voted for PR in the last elections, due to various reasons and some thought UMNO has become corrupt and arrogant.

      But after the election, one thing I noticed is that irrespective of their opinion of UMNO, almost all of them say that they will vote BN because of the arrogant actions of DAP and their Malay cronies in PAS and PKR. Some of my friends who never even voted before have registered themselves as voters and determined to teach PR a lesson.

      I sense, at least in Penang (and likely all across the country), we will witness a Tsunami where the Malays will rise united and vote for BN strongly after seeing the track record of PR in the last 4 years. They feel not only that PR have sold the Malays off to the Chinese interests but they are also fed up of the constant chaos and street demos that PR is so fond of. I can see PAS and PKR will be wiped off and suffer massive losses. PAS will lose Kedah and likely Kelantan too. This is my take.

      Contrary to what some people think, I don’t think DAP will do better. Let me tell you why.

      In the last election, the Chinese support for DAP was something like in the region of 80%. But this alone did not bring the success as they also received significant level of Indian (around 70 to 80%) and Malay (50%) support in the areas they won. This time, even if they increase their support to 100% among the Chinese, they will not able to increase their seats. The reason is that there is a massive drop in the Indian and Malay votes. Even in Penang, I doubt they can increase their seats. They might retain power but lose their 2/3 majority.

      The only way PR can take over Putrajaya is via street demos which they are planning when they get beaten after the GE. Indications is that they are preparing the ground for this. If you speak with a typical DAPster they are convinced that PR will win and I sense that if PR loses these guys will take to the streets in anger and frustrations.

      1. Agree with your take on general sentiments & scenario and also the psyching up for street chaos but dunno about PAS vis-a-vis Kedah and Kelantan. Possible.

        About DAP, most of the pundits I’ve read think the party will make significant inroads into Johor and the urban seats in the west coast states. They’re expected to hold on to the gains they made in S’wak and will likely do better in Sabah.

        Without doubt, DAP will emerge the strongest party in the opposition after GE13.

      2. Calvin, even if they do take to the streets, you do have to wonder, how many can they actually mobilize ? the last few rallies, the Malays were the majority participants. you do have to wonder though, will the Malays of PKR and PAS join those demos that you said PR is already planning in the event they lose the GE. the Chinese have taken PKR and PAS Malays for a ride, and I sense that these PR Malays know this. so if there is even a demo or demos after GE, it will be dominated by the Chinese. just my take on this matter.

      3. Helen,

        Indeed that’s the consensus of the most political analysts but I tend to disagree. I think DAP has maxed out their influence among the Chinese. It is true that their penetration in Johor and Sarawak can be further enhanced and likely to do better there.

        But the gains they likely to make in Sarawak and Johor will be wiped off in other states due to the significant drop in non Chinese support. Many of the seats they won in 2008 would not be possible without the support of non Chinese. And in the next GE, the % of Chinese will be even lower. Many Malays did not even vote or spoiled their vote in 2008 but we can expect them to turn up in droves this time.

        I really don’t have the time or resources to do a detailed analysis seat by seat but I am confident if this is done, it will bear out what I am saying, that is, DAP will not gain much from the last GE.

        But since PKR and PAS will lose badly, the position of DAP will be much weaker post GE even if they do better. Without the control of states (except perhaps Penang where I expect them to hold on with slim majority), the influence of PR will diminish and they will start to lose many of their financial and media backers.

        I doubt PAS will want to continue with PR even and might just go solo with a renewed focus on being a fundamentalist Islamic party, i.e. going back to their roots.

        As for the Chinese, we can expect the talk of migration will get louder though mostly it will be noise than action with Singapore and the European countries making migration tougher and with the recession coming.

        It will be then when the Chinese will wake up from their trance and realise that as minority, their best interests are served via a non-confrontational and collaborative working with the majority rather than aggressive, in-your-face and loud demands that are championed by DAP.

        1. The key is whether DAP can hold on to the seats they won with the help of non-Chinese. I think can, with a slimmer margin. Disgruntled young Malay voters tend to be anti-establishment and additionally DAP has gone turbo in their voter reg. drive.

          I’ve previously done a seat-by-seat analysis of how Chinese the DAP seats are but only for Parliament, not DUN. Click here to see chart. ALL of DAP’s Parliaments seats are Chinese majority.

          The other thing is your state in the aftermath of GE13. Poor Calvin. You will be surrounded by even more heightened perpetual hysteria.

      4. 1Malaysia,

        Based on my observations, these rallies are mostly attended by PAS Malays and the Chinese from DAP since PKR has no real grassroot support.

        If as expected PAS and PKR get thrashed and DAP does well (or same as 2008), then we can expect street rallies instigated by Anwar. I bet he’s already planning for it,

        From my observation,the Arab Spring was abetted and aided by Western NGOs (and perhaps governments and intelligence agencies). I am sure PR is in touch with these organizations to prepare for such rallies.

        We know that PR benefitted from campaign strategies and tactics and even funds from the Western NGOs in the last elections and in fact there are already indication of the same now. So I am sure the plans for Arab Spring are being planned and people being sent overseas for such trainings.

        But what will happen is that if PAS get defeated badly, they will decide to call off their partnership with PKR/DAP since surely their supporters will blame the leadership for abandoning their core Islamic struggle and cooperating with secular parties as the cause of the defeat. I very much doubt PAS will have the appetite to take part in street rallies. But without the PAS support any street rallies called by PR will fail. And I don’t think even DAP is stupid enough to join street rallies where the Chinese will be the majority.

      5. Calvin, I also think the DAP will not be stupid enough to take part in any of those “in the planning” demos. But I can say that the DAP will mobilize the mainstream Chinese, or in the words of our dear Helen, the Chinese educated Chinese, to do their dirty work.

        As for Anwar, he’s overrated. I don’t think he’s that smart. if anything, those people behind him, those helping him, are foreign NGOs and the Chinese here who have a vested interest in seeing PR ascent to power.

        Everywhere we look, there is always a foreign and Chinese hand. Look at SUARAM, manned by Coconut Indians and Banana Chinese with funding from the German embassy and NGOs such as the Open Society and the National Endowment for Democracy, so in short, foreign money and local manpower.

        Mind you, I believe and I m certain, the DAP will win BIG, and I mean BIG, come GE. But if the Chinese, the Chinese educated ones, if there is still some rationality left in them, they had better look at the candidates the DAP is going to field in the coming GE. Look at those candidates.

        A huge majority of them are Chinese with either Anglophile or Christian background.

        If they can still think rationally, they should ask themselves, are these people going to fight for Chinese issues i.e Chinese education. Those Indians still thinking about the DAP, they too should ask the same questions pertaining to their community.


        Good point on the DAP GE13 slate of candidates. Pls remind me to look into it. — Helen

      6. “if you speak with a typical DAPster they are convinced that PR will win and I sense that if PR loses these guys will take to the streets in anger and frustrations.”

        Good that’s where we separate between the ‘HARBI’ and the Dhimi for ‘processing’.

  29. sorry kpee miss your comment, too profound for my shallow brain, mind to clarify? btw, ur handle is getting funnier, or now ‘pee’ become the most fashionable act?

    1. oh dear, HY i didn’t know you prefer my ‘erected’ nickname rather than the ‘sunat’ version given to me by a feminine blogger here.

      Just for you HY enjoy it, i hope you don’t choke on it.

  30. The Malaysian Chinese are the best treated in the whole wide world, better than Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and all the other countries. Only the Malaysian Chinese run around like dungus in the streets of Kuala Lumpur and do the Long March and the those in Hong Kong after the British master left. No other Chinamen do so. Why ? It is silly to risk life and limb for other people’s causes.

    The DAP in a quorum of 3 had already abdicated the Premiership. And the 1.3 Billion Chinamen for 5000 years up to 2012 did not practice democracy and human rights.

    On our Malaysian Democracy and our beloved Malaysia’s Constitution, see how well not only the Malaysian Chinese but all other Malaysians are treated too. Just look at the awesome and the fearsome Lee Kuan Yew with his wartime starred Double First Law degree from Cambridge and probably a Third Class from the Bar Finals, London and his one-man over 50 year rule, he committed many titanic mistakes- the last Western Despot.

    What do we expect of the DAP whose combined intellect cannot match the awesome and fearsome Lee Kuan Yew in a political quorum of 3 ?

    What can the DAP do with due respect ? At best, perform NORMALLY which the BN under the leadership of UMNO had been doing since 1946 and at worst, go and fly kites ! So, changing Governments is a non-starter.

    DAP has now to look for a new inspiration and replace Lee Kuan Yew or join the BN to save time.
    As for the Islamic Civilisation, like the Indian Civilization which was suppressed until 1947 and the Chinese Civilization until 1949, it will rise and rise this 21st Century. No doubt about it. You cannot suppress a group of good people all the time. And eventually, all religions will be de-politicised.

  31. The DAP and the PR through some Opposition Bogs have complained about Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad ‘ cronies ‘ during the NEP. I like to point out that there were 7 1/2 Singaporeans (the other 1/2 Korean) who came into Malaysia during this period with the full knowledge of the DAP with nothing in their pockets and left as billionaires. The DAP did not complain for 33 years even now. How many billions of ringgits were taken from us Malaysians ?

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