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FotoForensics on Bernama Raya open house photo

Below is the FotoForensics readout on the Bernama Najib raya open house photo used on the front page of The Star.

You can click on this url to access the page at original website:

Credit to Overseas Bumi and Badtamperman for introducing the website.

It can apparently tell you whether the photo has been tampered with or not.

On how to interpret the findings, read the tutorials:

Okay, I’ve been having a bad cough and flu and it’s almost midnight and I’m going to sleep.

All you clever people can go figure this out yourself. You can enlighten the less clever ones like me by leaving your input in comments.

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39 thoughts on “FotoForensics on Bernama Raya open house photo

  1. I see you took my advice and decided to use that error level analysis website, a site I have known for years.

    It’s ok if you don’t credit me. You see, I am but a simple engineer.

    There are many in my profession who are the unsung heroes of modern civilisation. Forget Einstein, did you know that the only recipient of 2 Nobel Prizes in Physics is actually an engineer by profession?

    Recently, I am dejected to read about a young, talented Malaysian Chinese women who would kiss away her promising engineering career to join DAP.

    She is Yeo Bee Yin (

    I don’t care what race, creed or political affiliation she belongs, but she dishonours the engineering profession by becoming a politician!

    No longer does she deserve the title ‘engineer’!

    If you read her blog and see how she invokes ‘god’ , you can tell she is another Hannah Yeo in the making!

    What a misguided individual!! What a wasted education!!

    1. Sorry, I should have remembered you albeit I went to the FF site via Badtamperman’s link. Oversight corrected and credit duly acknowledged.

      Yes, YBY is a Hannah clone alright but pollies make more money and have more power and glamour than simple engineers.

      1. I was actually very surprised that Yeo Bee Yin has such an impressive resume when I ventured into her blog two weeks ago. I mean, to be able to get hired by an oilfield services company like Schlumberger ain’t easy (the pay is very good although there’s a “price” to pay) and she’s gotten a Petronas scholarship (which is also not easy).. And she also has another Master completed under another scholarship??! Is politic really that fun and interesting??? Sim Tze Tzin, the Pantai Jerajak PKR politician was also an engineer working in US for some time and came back to dabble in politics.

    2. OB, I can tell you she’s joining that “party” to “engineer” regime change come the GE13. But whether she succeeds or otherwise that’s another question. She’s still an engineer, a political engineer that is.

      That she is also into Hannah’s type of business is nothing new. When your constituents are quite limited, then you make do with what you have.
      She’s not misguided. She’s a megalomaniac.

      1. Let’s not parse words and semantically justify her choice to become a politician.

        The fact of the matter is: she is abandoning engineering, which is based on science and reason, to join an endeavor based on divisiveness and partisanship.

        1. Wrong. She leaving a (mere) job to join a crusade of God’s Army.

          Heck, as their social media strategist, you can even say she’s a promising young general leading the cyber warrior battalions.

          Her training is an asset to DAP just like how you might be to PAS, Umno or PKR should you decide to throw your lot with the pollies, hahaha.

          My observation is that she’s a lot smarter and more capable than Hannah.

      2. Calvin, the tin kosong happens to be the tin that makes the loudest noise. don’t believe me ? find a tin kosong, hit it with a hammer, a tool or something. hear the sound, the noise ? ping ping ping !!!

    3. Helen, Hannah is a graduate of the University of Tasmania while Yeo Bee Yin is a Cambridge graduate. But what makes Yeo Bee Yin so much more dangerous than Hannah Yeoh is that she is competent in both English and Mandarin, thus her reach is far greater than Hannah Yeoh.

      1. Anybody is better than Hannah Yeoh – speaking from first hand experiences. I suggest her slogan for this coming election run to read “Hannah Yeoh – All facade, empty inside”..:-)

      2. To be frank Yeo is a good student, getting into a public uni speaks volume of her academic capability. Hannah on the otherhand, did badly in her SPM and used papa’s money to do a twinning program rather than getting a place on merit.

        However, as we have seen in the case of Tony Pua, another of self proclaimed prodigy of DAP, Yeo might turn out to be yet another tin kosong. In fact reading some of her articles give me the impression that she’s a female version of Tony – all talk and no substance. Read her “Letter to government” – hard to see how she can get into Cambridge.

        I sense that she’s not particularly successful in her career so that’s why she ventured into business – probably backed up by someone rich – perhaps daddy or hubby/bf. Otherwise mere 2 years in the oil industry after doing her Msc at Cambridge makes no sense.

    4. I think we should applaud idealism. Engineer or not, she apparently cares enough to take the plunge. The rest of us might care, but we have other legitimate means and ways to serve and make a difference. We need good technocrats, economists as well as politicians with conscience. Whether Yeo BY is one, time will tell. We are generous with our self-proclaimed champions of the people.

      She doesn’t need to justify her vehicle or party of choice really. Hopefully she will learn to serve without compromising too much of her personal principles (if she has any good ones to begin with). Don’t start your journey by being antagonistic, but by being inclusive. If you want to be taken seriously, you need to be your own person, not a toadie or groupie.

      Good luck and hopefully her visions are not too disconnected to the realities of the electorate.

    5. Actually this is typical DAP BS again – she has been a DAP “volunteer” for while now. The only difference is that she’s been officially and formally declared as “joining” DAP which means she will be fielded in the coming GE as a candidate, another parachute candidate ala Hannah Yeoh.

      OB, you are right she sounds like another HY indeed with her loud and in-your-face righteous ramblings about god, justice and love!

      This is what I found out. She’s not joining politics full time but still working. She worked as an engineer for 2 years, did Msc and then quit her job and started her own company called SMEX Asia. This company supposedly provide Social Marketing services. That explains why DAP roped her to lead the social media arm.

      Let me explain on her academic qualifications. UTP is generally a good university owned by Petronas. But it is still a 2nd tier uni compared to the premier unis such as UTM, USM, UM, etc when it comes to engineering. Getting a Petronas scholarship is not a big deal since if you secure a place in UTP for a petroleum-related course, then your scholarship is assured.

      Getting a job with Schlumberger is also not really a big deal, a lot of my uni mates who did petroleum related courses also received offers from them if your results are good enough. Gates scholarship is by Bill Gates and awarded to around 100 students a year who are accepted into Cambridge.

      She must be a good student no doubt but there many more smarter students out there and she is by no means the Einstein DAP is trying to make her out to be.

      If you read her articles/blog, you can see that she’s just an average DAPster with rather below average command of English. Why she’s able to secure Gates scholarship and a Cambridge place is certainly not apparent.

      Her background is Chinese primary and secondary and that explains much of her love for DAP and her below average command of English. But I am surprised that she’s also a Christian Taleban too.

      Same language background as Teresa Kok. It’s a warped combination, Chinese school + evangelism. A convent school and Roman Catholic or mainstream Christianity combo might not turn out as extremist as the City Harvest Church-type evangelistas, methinks. — Helen

    6. Apa logik ini? Just because you are an engineer, she as an engineer cannot b a politikus or join the opposition? Any one should b free to associate with anyone or party she/she like. I don want Malaysia to be like Cina. If one Cina is babi, all the Cina also babi? What u want are clones of yourselves! Please lah have some respect for personal freedom. Teruk lah u people.

  2. Sorry if I m off topic. I just want to comment on one thing. When the mooning kid went to the police station to surrender himself, with his family, he didn’t have a single opposition politician with him throughout.

    When the two 19 year old Chinese went to the police station, they had Ronnie Liu the brothel agent and some opposition people with them.

    Now, Malays should be careful, be vigilant. if you get into trouble fighting for the opposition, you should not expect help. But look at the Chinese, when they get into trouble fighting for the opposition, politicians from the opposition come to their aid.

    Now Malays, we people must sedar. It is all there for all to see.

    1. Now you can see community and individual agenda. DAP has their own community agenda and its understandable. PKR definitely individual B.A.B.I. agenda. Pas is the devil’s agenda.

    2. Is that so, well ‘where we’re they I tot they re party for all race’ not Chinese only ….

    3. Saudara 1Malaysia,

      Adakah komen anda (September 6, 2012 at 9:52 am) berciri atau bersifat 1Malaysia?

      Jika Ya, cuba jelaskan.
      Jika Tidak, kenapa?

      1. Your question was to 1Malaysia, so forgive me for my menyampuk, but isn’t it clear?

        We live in one country, but apparently for one particular group they have a different code of conduct from another group, despite the fact that the first group has been shouting itself hoarse claiming to be a champion of unity.

        So yes, 1Malaysia’s comment was 1Malaysia in nature. In my opinion, anyway.

        Also, excuse me for answering in English. I just realized your question was in BM, and tak kuasa laa hamba nak tukar balik ayat2 kat atas tuh. Sori ek?

    4. I did notice that too. Initially they thought he was a Chinese. But turns out to be a Malay. His college, I believe is a Malay owned “connected” college kicked him out.

      Its a great pity for the Malay. Membodohkan diri dan akhirnya diperbodohkan. Where are those towering Malays in DAP?

      1. grandmarquis,

        Bila PAS ( maknanya Melayulah! ) dan Melayu DAP dikatakan diperkudakan DAP, mereka marah!. Peristiwa budak bontot pergi ke IPD ditemani keluarganya sahaja, bukti yang jelas, selepas ditunggangi kuda dibiarkan sendirian menghadapi kesusahan.

        Amoi-amoi Cina siap diiringi panglima panglima besar DAP dan bantuan guaman!

        Kalau Melayu tidak sedar dan masih hendak menyokong DAP, terimalah nasib, habis manis sepah dibuang!

    5. Saudara 1Malaysia,
      Nampaknya anda tak berminat menjawab pertanyaan saya. Kesimpulan saya, anda bukan 1Malaysia – hanya ‘meminjam’ name, langsung tidak sifatnya.

      Saya juga berharap kits dapat wujudkan 1Malaysia di kalangan rakyat, tetapi bukan seperti apa yang anda cuba lakukan.

      1. dah jelas awak ni pembangkang. tak kira apa yang diperkatakan, awak akan tetap kata awak betul.
        dia sudah jawab, cuma awak yang enggan dengar, yang syiok dalam dunia alternatif awak tu.

      2. Laaa… I thought you were a serious commentator. Rupa2nya you’re a pakatoon trooper.

        Spare us the preaching, please. You’re no better than that Faekah, so busy claiming that Noh Omar has no respect for the state, but it turned out she doesn’t even know how to respect the Ruler of the same state.

        Seriously, if you want people to take you seriously, stop being a bloody hypocrite.

  3. dear all malaysians,

    hasty generalization is a common fallacies:

    “melayu – malas
    cina – tipu
    india – kena sikit ayoyo lebih

    we are living in a world full of prejudice…kan?

    p/s. tumpang hanyut ke laut dari main topic sbb semua komen pun hanyut ke laut jugak.

  4. Looking at the bright side, not doctored nor photoshopped, the boy’s social calendar will be free for Bersih 4.0, parading new flags, demo-ing for anything & everything. Tak lama lagi keluar lah cerita being victimised, abused – when GE13 date is fixed, you’ll see him giving ceramah – about how power crazy the govt is, how unsupportive the gomen to malays like him,etc. Fastforward 2 years, he’ll replace rafizi, najwan as PA, Political Assistant,etc. Wanna bet?

    1. Replace Rafizi? Don’t know about that… Rafizi’s job requires a lot of cunning and a disturbing lack of morals. Not sure if the kid has what it takes.

      But he’s got the looks, so he might replace Saiful laa kot.

  5. Alahai Helen, nobody tried to figure out if the photo was doctored or not. Its too complex for me to do so lah… will not even try. Anyway, the photographer and colleague dah come out strong denying that the photo was doctored. Any comments from any doctoring experts?

    1. :) was hoping for the overseas engineer to contribute the analysis since it was he that introduced the website which he says he’s been using for years.

  6. first of all, I would like to say thank you to all those who’ve answered the question directed to me by Simplex.

    as for the answer, isn’t it clear ? now how about I direct this question to you instead Simplex ? since the opposition speak of being Malaysian First, where were they when the mooning kid surrendered himself to the police ? if indeed the opposition is truly Malaysian First, they should have offered help to the kid before his father turned him over to the police.

    now, I hope opposition folks would think first before they ask questions. folks from the opposition, they tend to shoot first without thinking.

    one thing I also noticed, and this speaks of the substance of Malay culture, is that, the father of the kid apologized on behalf of his son and said that he would like to meet the PM to express his sincerity, that his son was wrong and hope that the PM would forgive him for his son’s youthful exuberance.

    now look at the reaction of the Chinese girl. all she did was, “I didn’t know it was seditious” and she said so in the presence of opposition people and a lawyer. not a word from her family i.e father or anyone. that really says a lot of how the Chinese educate their young isn’t it ?

    we Malays have a lot to be proud of themselves, of our culture. unlike those from a certain group that only know how to say “we have over 5000 years of culture and civilization”.

  7. I find Yeo Bee Yin’s command of English a bit below average. Numerous mistakes in grammar and spelling. But I guess it does not really matter. All she has to do is say “Cambridge” graduate and viola, the snake oil saleswoman can sell her stuff at inflated prices to an ill informed, duped crowd.

  8. Is not YBY typical of the meritocratic and chauvinistic ways of the DAP ? I hate to think that this country is run by Politicians who are chosen on merit or think they deserve to be selected because of their education level, and not by the desire to serve as politicians no matter their education. Yes being a Politician has its ” Benefits ” and that is fine, otherwise without these benefits such as fame among others , we will not have politicians to serve us or run the country. Is that bad or good ?

  9. hei guys. look at it from positive point of view. now eveybody knows that stepping onto someone photos is not acceptable. after this we should include “not stepping on someone else photo” into the school syllabus . after all, its hard for this kids brain to understand that it is rude to do so…

    1. Not sure if you’re being serious or sarky.

      The thing is, some things just don’t have to be taught at school. Some things are just crystal clear if you’re not retarded in some way. I don’t know of one culture on Earth where what they did was acceptable.

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