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Don’t make a martyr out of teenager who stepped on PM’s photo

She is comel – 很 可 愛 – rather like a soft toy. Thus we see why Ong Sing Yee (Ong Xin Yi) has been speedily adopted as a mascot suitably representative of the DAP new vote bank — the young Chinese.

The 19-year-old who looks like an anime (Japanese cartoon: doe-eyed, pointy-chinned and pretty), apologized for stepping on Najib Razak’s photo at a press conference held in the DAP KL headquarters on Thursday.

Earlier on Wednesday she had turned herself in at the Johor Bahru central police station accompanied by DAP state deputy chairman Norman Fernandez, who is a lawyer, to give her statement.

While I realise the gravity of Sing Yee offence, I’m also sympathetic to her ordeal and concerned that her predicament will be politicized like how DAP preyed on the Teoh Beng Hock tragedy for political mileage.

When I say exploited by DAP, I am not alluding to Norman. I’m instead talking about Dear Leader and his large crew of “social media strategists” as well as the inveterate DAP tweeting politicians together with their legion of twits.

Predictable posturing

Kim Guan Eng has been quick to capitalize already on the publicity. In the Beloved Chief Minister’s typical streetfighter-style, his press statement called on the Home Minister to “apologize for the police’s harsh and heavy-handed treatment”.

He described the handcuffing of Sing Yee as “nothing but an abuse of power and an act of humiliation”, and criticized the police as “insensitive, irresponsible and not making any sense” (compared to the kid-glove treatment of BN leaders when they are charged for corruption). See Malaysiakini, ‘Guan Eng: Handcuffing girl is double standards‘.

He further described Sing Yee as a “young, powerless and defenceless kid” who has been victimized by the “bullying and cowardly tactics of Hishamuddin [Hussein] that question his fitness as Home Minister”.

This is one of those rare occasions when I partially agree with Kim, at least insofar as the characterization of Sing Yee as a young, powerless and defenceless kid is concerned.

It is her very powerlessness that would make her more susceptible to manipulation by Kim’s coterie to score electoral points. For her sake, it should not be allowed that she be turned into a political football like Teoh Beng Hock.

Blur blur

Blogger Big Cat in her posting, ‘DAP’s latest cute poster girl’ sketched Sing Yee thus:

“She looks quite the blur blur type in this video as she joined the others to step on the PM’s picture.”

I agree. Definitely “blur blur” as can seen in her clueless demeanour captured on YouTube. In her press conference, the young lady said that “she had only followed suit when she saw others doing the same”.

Sing Yee is being investigated for committing an offence under s.4(1) of the Sedition Act which carries a penalty of maximum three-year jail sentence, fine not exceeding RM5,000 or both for a first offender.

She was driven interstate from JB to the Dang Wang police station in KL for questioning. The long hours spent in police custody would have been traumatic for someone not yet old enough to vote, and who had casually dropped by Dataran Merdeka on that fateful night it seems on a social outing.

S.3(1) of the Sedition Act defines “seditious tendency”; its clause (e) spells out “to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Malaysia”.

My own take is that the promotion of feelings of goodwill and amity between the different races cannot be legislated into existence. We can only try to build bridges, even if it is one plank at a time.

Charging this girl under the serious Sedition Act will in itself promote even greater feelings of ill-will and hostility than that she is alleged to have provoked, and can be seen that she did.

Guan Eng made a mention of Section 290 of the Penal Code — “Punishment for public nuisance” which carries a fine of up to RM400. I would urge the police in their discretion to settle for this lesser charge if they feel that an example must be made.

Why I would prefer to see this particular perpetrator merely slapped on the wrist instead of being bludgeoned with the Sedition sledgehammer is the worrying demography that she and “her friend”, a 20-year-old handphone promoter, belong to. It is this that is the overarching concern, and bigger than the individual.

A stepper, not a stomper

Reproduced below is a commentary by Norman Fernandez:

“It has now come to my knowledge that, prior to taking her to Kuala Lumpur, she was then taken to the Johor Police Headquarters where she was further questioned and this time without the presence of any lawyer.

“Ong  Sing Yee hardly can speak a word of Malay or English. Apparently a statement was taken where she was being held at the Johor Police Headquarters, a police interpreter then translated her statement and she was asked signed her statement which she did.

“She certainly never had the opportunity to verify independently if her whole statement was translated to her or even accurately translated or the statement contained information which she had never said and those statements not read back to her. I stand corrected on this issue.”

The girl can hardly speak a word of Malay or English, according to Norman. It is a cause of concern that her generation of Chinese youth are so alienated from the national mainstream.

Before anyone starts pointing fingers at vernacular school, let me to reiterate that the Bangladeshi and Burmese guest workers who manage to speak passable BM never attended our sekolah kebangsaan and they’ve mostly only been here a scant few years.

The problem of non-integration is not just in language competency alone. I could say more but I shan’t for the time being, and admittedly too this write-up does not touch on the Malay youth who mooned Najib’s photo as his falling afoul of the law is a separate polemics.

Several months back I’d posted ‘Cina lagi benci kerajaan kerana kes Teoh Beng Hock’ which drew some degree of hostility from a segment of this blog’s Malay readership.

I was merely describing the situation as it is vis-a-vis TBH. I hope that Sing Yee will not present another golden opportunity among certain factions within the DAP for carrying out incitement, and resulting in greater numbers of Chinese resenting the government.

It would be sad to see Sing Yee – a light stepper (on the Najib photo) – eventually harden to become a stomper like the older adults caught in the act on the viral video if harsh punishment were to be meted out to her by the law.

Don’t lose her generation

The wording of Kim Guan Eng’s press statement on this case is a clear manifestation of the politics of hate.

In comparison, MCA vice-president Gan Ping Sieu, who is Deputy Youth and Sports Minister, in his statement on Thursday night adopted a more conciliatory tone.

He commented that “the people-friendly policing practised by the police, as well as their collaboration with local organizations and public in fighting crimes, have received positive feedback from the people”,

Gan hoped that the police would adopt “a more humane way when dealing with such cases” i.e. the manner of Sing Yee’s arrest. I hope so too.

There is no doubt about the estrangement of the Chinese community, which is the main reason for the opposition (read: DAP) riding on a crest today.

But I did not see hate in Sing Yee’s rude, defiant gesture. I saw only a display of naive bravado. However the clamour around her is surely aggravating “the feelings of ill-will and hostility” — the very symptoms that the Sedition Act is intended to forestall or douse.

This is a chance for the Najib administration to show the direction that it promises to take the country which is reconciliation, and to reject the politics of hate that fuelled the behaviour of opposition supporters on Merdeka eve.


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96 thoughts on “Don’t make a martyr out of teenager who stepped on PM’s photo

  1. “Ong Sing Yee hardly can speak a word of Malay or English…” – Norman Fernandez

    Sounds like DAPster demographic right there. 19 years old, just left school (presumably) and only proficient in one particular language. One presumes Norman Fernandez can speak a version of Hokkien; otherwise the obvious question would be how the heck did he communicate with the girl?

    1. Ohai Joe. Nice to meet you. I for one am a member of that DAPster demographic which you are referring to and I am sad, crushed and mostly unhappy that you have decided to generalize by saying that all DAP supporters of this age is only proficient in one particular language. The fact is: you’re wrong. We’re a crop of people who are the best of the best and we are aware of what is happening in our surroundings. We are aware of the failures of the BN and we are aware of how incompetent our national leaders, including the PM, are. We are aware that the DAP is a better alternative to the MCA and we are aware that we have a choice as we are an independent nation. We are aware that we have our freedom to voice out our dissatisfaction towards our leaders, and that if we are not given the freedom to do so, we would migrate to other countries which listens to us and appreciates our talents more.

      Just a note. Oh and by the way, I am 21, I am an anime fan, and most importantly, I can speak at least four languages including BM and Chinese, fluently – which I think is a lot better than our dear Prime Minister. If you still cannot understand the above message which I am trying to pass on, I am happy to translate the above message into BM and Chinese. I hope I have conveyed my message clearly.

      and a note to Ms. Helen Ang, you have decided to step on the wrong tail by involving and demeaning young anime fans in your article.

      1. If your BM is like your written English, I don’t see how you count yourself as mono-lingual. Unless, kamu ada rasa macam makan cili lah.

        DAPster #Pakatoons trying for pity ploy. LOL!

      2. John Wong, “…we would migrate to other countries which listens to us and appreciates our talents more…”

        You are welcome to migrate to any countrie you choose. No Malaysian are going to cry for you!

      3. JW comment sounded ok on the beginning but bey tahan for long time. last sekali sounded like typical DAPster. cocky and arrogant. go on migrate to other country. unless you migrate to china, you’ll be treated a 3rd class citizen after african american in western country.

      4. Hi John. You are very much welcomed in Singapore. Don’t bother wasting time trying to rectify the whole governmental situation for what I can see is that no matter what is done will be totally pointless unless the people stand as one and agree that they need a change otherwise with people like the lady who told you to migrate existing in the country, not much change will be seen.

      5. How you asked? It’s easy. Just go to any country you fancy, lets say Australia. Then approach Malaysian Missions there, any Mission will do. Fill the ‘pelepashakkan kewarganegaraan’ form, surrender your passport and ic. And voila!! You’re an Aussie from there on. Good Riddance dan Selamat Beramal!!

      6. I have to admit, I am in awe with all the comments generated. I do realise that I am currently in a boxing ring of the opposing team and have to defend myself against all the punches directed at me, with some of the punches pretty heavy as if they want me to leave the boxing scene altogether.

        To Joe, my point is, you should not generalise young DAP supporters as mono-linguals. It is demeaning. I only point myself out as an example who is not monolingual.

        Kepada saudari Norlin, say that to your fellow Malaysians who have ALREADY left. I am a proud Malaysian. I am not going anywhere. At least when I still believe that there’s a credible alternative to our rotting government. :)

        To saudara I.D.A, migration was just one of the many options that are available to those who are unhappy. My point is that the government should appreciate the youngsters in Malaysia and not demonise them. The less educated may not seem to be aware of it, but those who are educated are aware of their choices, and one of the choice, is migration.

        Ohai Darren! Singapore seems to be a nice place, but no, it is not in the long term. I prefer to work hard in Malaysia to persuade and slap-awake those who still blindly support the incompetent leaders of BN. :D

        Hi FiziLem, migration is just one of the many options. Saya tak akan ke mana-mana. :)

        Saudari Norlin and saudara Fizilem here are bad examples of how a Malaysian should be. Here’s a message: STOP telling people to renounce their citizenship when someone raises the possibility to do so. It is a VERY bad habit. Just like when a person threatens to commit suicide, you should NOT tell them to go ahead! And to quote saudara FiziLem, for good riddance!

        Meow. Took me half an hour just to write this.

        1. John writes above: “with some of the punches pretty heavy as if they want me to leave the boxing scene altogether”.

          I for one think that a DAPster like you deserves all the punches thrown at you. And no, it’s not about you “leaving the boxing scene altogether”.

          In fact, I daresay very few here would have many regrets to see you get a bloodied nose.

      7. Hi John. I wish you and your country all the best. With the chaos thug I know of, it should take awhile for this mess to clear. Anyhow, I hope Malaysia would become a better place to live in for I would very much love to surrender my pink ic to the government and move on to Malaysia. I’m not as noble as you ;)

      8. please go..please migrate..nobody cares~~~
        oh i see u speak BM fluently than our PM..
        i dont think so..
        so i heard u like anime..
        nobody cares~~~

    2. Those who can not speak Bahasa Malaysia do not deserve to be citizen of this country. Its time for our Government to re-look into this requirement.

    3. This Chinese girl deserves to be hand cuffed. The police did the right thing. Hidup Polis Polis! There is no need to change the police SOP. Her action in stepping on the picture of our Malay leader whatever we may think of Najib personally is disgusting.

      You chinese in DAP and MCA shows your true anti malay colour by taking her as a champion when she has just step on our leader face.

      To the Malays and the police are 90 Malays she is an enemy of the Malay state.

      Now that she has been arrested and handcuffed, I a m sure this girl knows that this Tanah Melayu.

      I am sure after this we wont find any Chinese stepping on our Malay leaders in public.

      This gilr not aonly desefved to be handuffed but also scuffed behind her ears for she has insulted millions of UMNO and non UMNO Malays and muslims and non muslims.

      Go ahead step again if you dare you stupid chinese girl. See which way you smile haha..

  2. Helen, I’m more worried of this “The girl can hardly speak a word of Malay or English”. Betul ke ni? And she claimed to be Malaysian?

    So sad… Young Malaysians who can’t speak Bahasa Malaysia..

    1. those Chinese from her generation, most of them are not in college or university. they start working after Form 5, that is, if they get to Form 5 at all. we have to ask, do parents of these Chinese teenagers. adults, do they know what their kids are doing outside home ? do these Chinese parents even bother at all their children’s education ?

      I know of Chinese parents, those with kids studying at vernacular schools, they just give them money, whatever they want, go to school, after school, they wander around the city, at shopping centers, loitering, then go home, in front of the couch potato, entertainment etc. we really wonder, do these Chinese parents even bother to properly educate their children ?

      can’t speak the national language and English ? not surprised at all, these teens are the fun loving type, tell them the latest craze in town and they will do what you tell them to do.


      They are vulnerable to being brainwashed by the politics of hate. But there is also their (these kids) feeling of being treated like second-class citizens b’cos state discrimination is real. It’s a circular argument that goes back to the core nature of this country. — Helen

      1. of course state discrimination is real, not only for the Chinese, but also for Indians and Malays that are not politically connected.

        if they are vulnerable to being manipulated by the politics of hate, it goes to show that Chinese community leaders, those from guilds and clans have failed in their duty as guardians of Chinese community. or dare I say, there are Chinese community leaders in these guilds and clan associations that are opposition supporters using their positions to further the agenda of the opposition. care to enlighten us on this Helen ?

      2. Dear Helen,

        Please don’t make any excuses for laziness. The late Lim Goh Tong and Boon Siew had poor command of Bahasa Melayu and English yet through their visions, they prospered. Laziness is race-blind and people who are lazy will use any excuses under the sky not to advance. Yet, those who prospered will challenge any excuses to progress.

        Life is unfair, any where you go in this world. Like the quote said, when life grants you a lemon you make lemonade; unfortunately for some, they turned into sour puss..:-)

      3. My first hand experience, going to a stationery shop in Bandar Tun Razak to print something. Shop operator and owner is a Chinese family. I presented my request to the young boy in a SJKC uniform seated behind the counter in English. He looked at me blankly. I repeated my request in Malay. Still blank.

        So he called to his sister (presumably, there were family resemblance through out the shop) in Mandarin to attend to me.

        My concern is not that he goes to SJKC. My cousin went to one from kindergarten to form 5. He speaks Malay, English, Mandarin and a smattering of Hokkien and Cantonese.

        But this boy’s family is operating a shop in a community that is mostly Malay and he cannot attend to the customers in a common language. How does this bode for him and those like him in the future?

  3. Prevention is better than cure. For supposedly blur Sing Yee next time think before you step on other peoples head. Dont follow blindly what others are doing…19 years old am sure you can think? Surprising 19yrs. Malaysian cant speak Malay…believe it or not.
    Do unto others if you want others unto you.

    Love Malaysia. For u Malaysia we stand united.

  4. Does two wrongs make a right or ignorance is enough of an excuse?

    I wonder what would be the reaction should the picture involved was that of the dear leader or his father/mentor?

    Without getting into racial wars I should suggest our tolerence level is much too different. A slap on the wrist may be suffice but what of future offenders who will commit the same/similar offence but also claim “ignorance”?

    DAP being masters of spin for political milage will make a mountain out of a mole hill. We can only hope, thoughtful mind prevails.

    The punisment should only be as severe as to make the girl an example if not for herself but also for the organizer/s or that of her peers. To me, if she is deem independent enough to make the trip from JB to KL without the supervision of her guardians then she must also be responsible for her actions, peer pressure or not.

    P.S. Yes, I will insist the same should the girl was my daughter.

    1. valid points, alberto. Sentences are as much about deterrent as they are about repercussions.

  5. “He described the handcuffing of Sing Yee as “nothing but an abuse of power and an act of humiliation”, and criticized the police as “insensitive, irresponsible and not making any sense” (compared to the kid-glove treatment of BN leaders when they are charged for corruption).”

    “He further described Sing Yee as a “young, powerless and defenceless kid” who has been victimized by the “bullying and cowardly tactics of Hishamuddin [Hussein] that question his fitness as Home Minister”.”

    So where’s Kim Guan Eng’s Malaysian First ? Oh I get it now. Malaysian First means when something happens, the Malays are the first to get the sack.

    “This is a chance for the Najib administration to show the direction that it promises to take the country which is reconciliation, and to reject the politics of hate that fuelled the behaviour of opposition supporters on Merdeka eve.”

    Takes to two tango Helen. There’s not much Najib can do really. The other side is just not into Najib’s brand of politics.

    You see, the DAP’s brand of politics is the one we see in Taiwan, its all about confrontation, you see fists flying, MPs beating MPs. Its thuggish to say the least. And the thing is, the more confrontational the DAP is, the more the Chinese support them. It is also about using confrontation to obstruct what the government do, or is planning to do.

  6. the diploma boy. went to the police station only with his family, no lawyers, not bigwigs from the opposition with him. There you have it. Malay-sian First = Malay First, the first to be abandoned, the first to be sacrificed, the first in everything. Orang-orang Melayu harus sedar, time is running out.

      1. What a sweeping statement. Your continuos attempts to stir shit between races and religion will not work. I hope to see what you have to say post elections. Hopefully your fucked up pieces cease.

      2. Well spotted, Helen. Hence race-based politics are very much flourishing in M’sia; much like your writings, irregardless of what idiot no.12 said of you. Soldier on writing, we’ll keep reading..:-)

        1. :) The numbers move if there are replies coming in to the comments. Timestamp is a fixed marker and better identifier of any particular comment.

  7. Setiap kali anak2 cina buat hal kurang ajar tiap kali juga la semua cina keluar untuk mempertahankan tindakan tersebut dengan alasan ini lah peluang kerajaan pusat untuk menunjuk sifat pemaafnya supaya kaum cina boleh jatuh cinta balik kepada kerajaan pusat (unlikely)..

    Jika dah buat salah terima sahaja hukumannya, nampak sangat perkataan ‘accountability’ tiada dalam kamus kaum cina.. :-P

    1. Hukuman yang berpatutan.

      Ni dia disoal-siasat di bawah Akta Hasutan yang lebih bersesuaian dengan orang hardcore seperti Kim Guan Eng dan Pegawai-Pegawai Khasnya (umpamanya Chan Lilian, yang dipanggil dua kali ke balai kerana tweetnya yang mangatakan kaum Kristian dianiaya oleh pihak berkuasa Malaysia).

      1. Setuju hukuman yg berpatutan..
        Lagipun, mahkamah Malaysia amat2 bertimbangrasa, jika benar di sabit kesalahan masih ada ruang rayuan maka kenapa perlu takut?

        1. Akta Hasutan akan dimansuhkan sepertimana diumumkan oleh PM dan digantikan dengan Akta Harmoni Nasional nanti. Saya rasa mungkin lebih wajar polis tidak berbalik-balik kepada peruntukan Akta Hasutan yang terlalu berat hukuman dan amat luas bidang kuasanya.

  8. “The girl can hardly speak a word of Malay or English, according to Norman. It is a cause of concern that her generation of Chinese youth are so alienated from the national mainstream.”

    her generation (the Chinese educated, not the Anglophile Chinese) chose to be alienated from the national mainstream. It really concerns me that certain factions of the Chinese community continue to insist on vernacular education for the Chinese community while doing the opposite, by sending their children to private/ international schools to be educated in the English medium, thus opening, broadening their horizons.

    I happen to know of Chinese families who are “staunch” defenders of Chinese education, who send their children to private/international schools and they tell me that, this way, their children stand a better chance of achieving success because a large majority of Chinese (Chinese educated) will not have the means of knowing what is really happening out there.

  9. Saya juga melihat seorang anak gadis yang keliru dalam gambar-gambar aksinya memijak gambar PM Najib. Namun ke’blur’annya atau sekiranya benar pun dia keliru atau hanya mengikut perlakuan peserta demo lain, itu tidak boleh dijadikan alasan untuk kita mewajarkan tindakan beliau. Saya syorkan denda minimum, seperti kerja kemasyarakatan dikenakan ke atas Sing Yee.

    Menyentuh keengganan Sing Yee memohon maaf kepada PM dengan alasan PM juga ‘rakyat Malaysia’ merupakan tindakan kurang bijak dan membuktikan dia budak ‘bodoh-bodoh alang’.

    “The girl can hardly speak a word Malay or English”. Tak mustahil, dia sendiri tak tahu gambar siapa yang dipijak ;)

  10. I think this is much more appropriate, North Korean Gangnam Style


    now I have a question. can someone make a Komtar style Gangnam Style ? the Komtar Gang would love it.

  11. Saudari Helen, apa yang nak dihairankan?

    Parti DAP akan sentiasa mengambil peluang untuk menunjukkan Kerajaan zalim, tidak berhati perut, berniat jahat dan sebagainya. Dalam kes TBH, S.Kugan, dan yang lain-lain langsung tidak menunjukkan apa yang tersirat sebenarnya tetapi mengapikan-apikan perkara yang mereka tahu boleh membangkitkan sentimen kebencian terhadap pihak polis dan Kerajaan keseluruhannya.

    Pasca Pru ke12 telah melihatkan ‘warna’ sebenar para penyokong dan sebahagian kepimpinan DAP yang menyemarakkan politik kebencian terhadap mereka yang tidak sehaluan. Apa sahaja perkara yang boleh menimbulkan presepsi negatif terhadap kerajaan diperbesarkan sepenuhnya tanpa mengira akibat yang mendatang. Seperti dalam kes di atas, disebutakan seolah-olah kerajaan menindas rakyat dan berlaku tidak adil terhadap seorang gadis yang hanya mengikut perilaku orang lain.

    Tanpa merasa bersalah atau sifat behemah dan bertanggungjawab, pihak berkuasa seperti polis pula yang dipersalahkan. Bukannnya hendak mendidik rakyat supaya menghormati pemimpin atau tidak melakukan perkara perkara yang bertentangan dengan undang-undang mahu pun tatatusila, malah mengajar rakyat membenci dan memperlekehkan pihak berkuasa.

    Ramai yang sudah semakin benci dan meluat dengan politik kebencian yang dibawa oleh puak-puak pembangkang ni dan saya khuatir apabila tiba suatu masa nanti puak-puak ‘minoriti’ yang berlagak seolah-olah mereka mewakil ‘majoriti’ akan menerima padah dari mereka mereka yang sentiasa memerhatikan dengan penuh sabar..!

  12. Helen,

    Stepping on someones else pictures Is just nonsense..period.

    Nothing is achieved except creating psy wars and endless debates which does not contribute anything good to this great country.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if DAPsters are sticking pins into a wax doll of me given how caught up they are in “bedeviling” their opponents. — Helen

    1. Helen, if they are doing that to you, it shows that they are getting scared of the competition.

    2. You flatter yourself Helen. For one, not everyone who calls your rubbish, rubbish is from DAP. Just takes intelligence to see what you’re up to. At the best, you get shampoo……

      1. No, that sounds like very much the dumb-assery that DAPigs would do, if they thought it’d bring some results.

  13. If a rapist can be out on light sentence, why not this one? She might have more future by becoming anime model or representng malaysia in anime cosplay

    1. So we heard she is a part time model….her future will depend on her catwalk a lot of training perhaps take a course from Tyra Banks in cased she might step on someone head on the Fashion Runway.

  14. Jadi apa cadangan Cik Helen untuk amoi ini? Lepaskan begitu sahaja? Bagaimana pula dengan pemijak gambar yang lain setelah Si Ammar dimasuk dalam kategori lain?

    Pelbagai alasan boleh difikirkan untuk setiap perkara. Apa pula alasan, sudah berumur 19 tahun masih tidak tahu berbahasa Malaysia?

    Oleh kerana terlalu berkompromilah perkara begini berterusan. Ingat Namawee yang terlepas begitu sahaja.

    Kalau berani lakukanlah perkara serupa pada gambar Lee Hsien Long!

    Dikenakan Seksyen 290 Kanun Keseksaan:”public nuisance”. — Helen

  15. Helen,

    first point. “Aku Melayu” but I’m not trying to be racist.

    during childhood, I’ve been exposed to the kampung chinese who speaks fluent malay and very openly accepted malay boy like me as their close friend. you see, my chinese friend’s house has a halal kitchen with separate cutlieries and cooking utensils so that his mother could cook for us. bla-bla-bla, how lucky, kan? they went to Chinese school at primary level, then to SMK so on and so forth. this people are the best, cannot beat by the rest in penang and some say in the whole northen peninsular of malaysia. :)

    then I came to Penang-form 4 until now (26 years) and found out that the there are two categories of chinese in Penang with regards the ability to speak Malay. The 1st one who interact well with other races are the one who live in the multi-racial area, they can speak good malay. the other one who live in small china town such as, Kg Pulau, Raja Uda etc, speak not so good to bad malay. but if a malay can understand hokkein, he has no problem because they speak a direct translation of hokkein to malay. “tampok-tampok a sai, anne kuan na…”

    So, the point is, chinese school people can speak better malay if they interact with other races who speak malay. but the cina-bukit type (my chinese friend call them) cannot speak good malay because no interaction at all. you see, if a chinese kid went to SK and SMK, he can choose not to interact with malay but still can speak malay but the kid who went to SRJKC will face difficulty in speaking bahasa kebangsaan if he choose not to interact with the malay speaking people. (btw my kid went to SRJKC as well, she can speak very good mandarin)

    The main point of writing “sejarah hidup” here is because no matter which school or no school at all, one cannot do such thing as Sing Yee did. It reflected everything, from upbringing to kurang ajar attitute. same goes to the malay guy who show his bontot gebu to anuwar, ooppss silap, to the PM photo.

    The smaller point is, whichever type of race cannot simply terlepas from what they did. some people learn from other people mistakes, but some learn from an expensive own mistake. let them pay for it.

    I am proud to be living in multi-racial country.

    p/s, I bet she gonna be latest dear leader political weapon. lu anchua kong, tua pek kong?

      1. hehe joe, rindu juga lama tak ngutuk dia… rasa macam terlalu baik pulak. kalau kat STL Blog sure dia kena sakan, kat sini control sikit, hormat cik helen kita :)

    1. Well, I actually agree with you there that there are the cina bukit types who never actually interact with members of the other races. Those people deserves to be “kutuk” a little on head. :D

      and I agree, Ong Xin Yi has to be punished, no exceptions here. And if our Mr. Kim (as you guys refer to as, lol) is to not have political fodder, then others who stepped on his photo should be punished as well. Until then, if Ong Xin Yi is to be punished and others not, Mr. Kim can always call it selective prosecution and make a big issue out of an easily solvable problem. :3

      1. I struggle to consider seriously the views of someone with FB handle Kristal Yamaki.

        Inclusiveness is a nice concept, tapi nama kau macam Soi Cowboy showgirl. LOL!

  16. I think ammar also a handsome boy.. And yes, no malay politician be it from pas or pkr came into his defence whtsoever. But, he did what he did, he deserve the consequences.

    sing yee, in the other hand, defended by dap, chinese and that include u, helen. she should too deserve the consequences despite her blur-blur action.

    Both of them are 19 yrs old. They are no more minor.

  17. I too believe the government should not make Martyrs out of the Janji Demokrasi protestors, and that includes the two Malay guys who waved the Sang Saka Malaya flag. (DAP not coming to their support too?)

    Not mentioned is the NST report yesterday:-

    “PM willing to accept apology

    BESUT: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is willing to accept the apology from the father of a college student over his indecent and rude act at the Janji Demokrasi gathering on Merdeka eve, Aug 30.”

  18. Isn’t it ironical, when reporters asked Kim guan eng about his ‘rainbow girlfriend’, he got angry and showed his temper, the same thing happened when his wife was questioned in malacca parliament sitting and how all DAP members reacted. In my opinion stepping on the PM s photos is much worse then questioning about his ‘girlfriend’.

  19. Don’t lay blame to vernacular schools on the girl’s inability to converse in English or Malay! With a child currently studying in vernacular school, I can testify that the standard of Malay language studied in vernacular school now is much higher than the past, e.g. during my time.

    I would equate a standard 1 Malay now to standard 3 Malay during my generation. While at the same time, the dropping standard of the English learned now is alarming.

  20. This time around, I beg to differ with Helen.

    One of the reasons why we’re lagging behind our neighbour across the straits of Johore is that we shirk our responsibility to enforce the law. Sure, we should use discretion. But too much of it negates the necessity to have the particular law in the first place.

    Hesitancy in wielding the big stick had resulted in millions of unpaid traffic fines, millions of overstaying tourists, indiscipline in the public and military services, corruption, deterioration of standards in higher institution of learning and a host of other malaise, leaving the country ripe for implosion and qualifies to be admitted into the club of doom.

    That’s the reason why we have to resort to such out-of-place practices of ‘pemutihan’ for illegal immigrants and discounts for traffic offences at the expense of law-abiding publics.

    If the law goes soft on this one, yet again, Kim Guan Eng and Anugerah Tuhan would be over the moon exploiting the precedence to parade even more ‘si comels’ and ‘soft toys’ in their upcoming street demos.

  21. This is precisely the point!! We are so blinded by our own politicking & rhethorics, or rather we are buying the “pull wool over our eyes” rhethorics of these politicians. When a picture of a boy mooning the PM’s photo, we are discussing…. Chinese? Malay? Surely must be opposition. This young Chinese chick – “can’t speak BM?”

    “Only parents follow the Malay boy to the police station” – Mana PKR, PAS…. PR? UMNO? eeeeer, maybe Perkasa? Politicians have left the guy out to dry… They are casulties of this political war to gain power… we shoot our wounded. We didn’t even ask about his future since he has been kicked out by the college. Chinese girl already gone case… want to be beauty queen.

    Our Home affairs ministry is more keen to rehabilitate Nordin Top – a proven terrorist… but this young wayward boy? No rehabilitation?

    How about this girl? Can’t speak Malay? Why? Mental blog? Biasness? Chinese education system? Worst still racist or another wayward youth… no incentive to study. Maybe 1-2 years time, can join the growing ranks of GRO’s or beer promoter in JB pub.

    Or maybe our enivironment is not nuturing our young people to study, improve themselves but instead we see this young boy & girl, Mat Rempits, bohsia, Chinese youths lepaking in shopping complexs…. Is the Indian community immune to this?

    Are these youths immune from seeing so called adults doing the same thing – stomping on photos, peeing on religious leader, now PM? Rocky Bru said Monkey See, Monkey Do but he only showed LGE photo…. Don’t Pro-BN youths see their political & communial leaders doing the same things? Easy to nudge our young people to be shit stirrers.

    For everyone its fun mah…. but not realising the ramifications to our unity, cultures and communities.

    What are we teaching our kids in the classroom? How about the visual lessons they are learning outside the classroom… After 55 years, we are still at the stage of communial pin-pointing & political finger pointing..

    PR politicians no class and the way some BN politicians talk about women even worst – they are like only sex objects & good for cooking, making babies & doing housework….

    See today Another Brick in The Wall posting –

    Building patriotism… it may a bit late but better now or never… He also comments on Rukun Negara. Rukun Negara was the foundation to glue the communities after May 13 like Sukarno’s Pancasila…

    Honestly, %$#@ PR’s rhetorics & BN’s manmanlai attitude that is leaving every Malaysian to fall behind globally.

    1. Inadvertently or not, Sing Yee is now opposition-linked. Her press conference was held in the DAP HQ, remember?

      What are we teaching our kids? Kids SY’s age are being thought to be DAPsters and to emulate the Tokong’s streetfighter thuggery and his language and the DAPster vocabulary — think all the coarse names and foul expletives they throw at MCA and Umno and at mamaks.

      If you think what you read in the readers’ comments in portals like MK and MC are bad, what goes on in Facebook, Twitter and online fora among the horde is also something to behold. The DAP “social media” team and network strategists are well paid for a purpose.

      1. Correction…this girl is not opposition-linked but exploited… I’m 110% behind on the comments on DAP & LGE thuggery. As mentioned before, I’m old school… even old school Lee Lam Thye, V David etc…. they were social idealist but realist… DAP 3.0 socialist? There are no pure socialist anymore & if they say they are, they are lying. However, look at PRM & PSM, they have a good blend of race mix… intelligent people & talk sense. Shouting is out for me (low class) and even Kapal’s “bastard” in parliment in the 1980’s is out for me.

        But besides DAP antics, what about the “shit cakes” that the Indian Muslims baked for LGE, now throwing shoes into a mosque.. Anything sacred anymore? Both sides are degenerating to a class below animals.

        Salhas comment (4:36) hit the nail on the head… Stop talking about Singapore chavinist etc but look beyond that…. we must admit that with it shortcomings (read Feed Me To The Fish blog), it has made the country work… With foreigners treating Malaysia like hotel… an African drug baron with Indian chick running an international operations… I think the Malays have more to worry than racist Chinese.

        We must reject politicians that have self-interest at heart and have no ideas on nation building & bringing the next generation forward… no wonder a leader when commenting on our Parliment in comparision with Westminster summarized – “no class”.

  22. Maybe it’s all a conspiracy.
    Bait for the govt to react
    Then use the victimised mode of sympathy face fishing for votes and garnering more hate.

    They have been doing nothing, no real service to the rakyat and the well being of the country for the past few years.
    Giving away the state to developers, no focus on development for true rakyat, hoarding up resources from cheap sale of assets for obvious reasons.

    More so dividing up the society so that they can easily win via divide and conquer strategy.

    It’s not about us.

    Its all about them getting power.

  23. No worries, just keep your body figure, doll face and pretty dress you soon will be someone’s rich tokeh’s wife or mistress.

      1. Helen,

        Now you realise the quality of some of the blog readers here.
        Is there any difference between them and the Pro Pakatan readers?
        They stoop so low to make a comments and they are hardcore anti PAkatan supporter.

        They have forgetten what the ex servicemen did to ambiga or what the umno guys did to ” bo hood ” koh tsu koon. Do these blog readers condemned the act of those people and brand them as kurang ajar?

        Like what you mentioned, it will just make the situation worse and in no way the Bn will gain anything, which is good for them by the way.

        The problem with these hardcore anti pakatan supporters is, they failed to realised Pakatan has just been given new ammo to whack Bn since hisapmudin made the press statement. Sometimes we just love his statements, his stupidity. And we love his keris waving act and threat to the non malays. A good reason to remind ourselves about what umno would do if they are voted in and in power.

        Similarly, these anti pakatan supporters has problems understanding the message you are trying to convey. And we love them as well, for their stupidity and short sightedness.

      2. Wow, so ravin admit that anti pakatan commentators are stupid and short sighted, talking like a true anglophile with condescending vocabulary or is it an attitude of social stratification of your south asia continent heritage, guess it takes another stupid and shortsighted to say another, but sadly ravin, we are in our own class and do not switch between hindu and muslim malay pseudonames to hide the reality that there are many if us who believe the DAP and stooges will remain losers in GE13.

        As for the model who stepped on the picture, sucks to be her, i bet the DAP will hound her and her family longer than the bn will. but i agree bn has done bad PR over the confinement of the people involved in kiddy merdeka yellow fever ku klux klan gathering, as nonsesne as they were, the humiliation they and their family had to undego was overblown, the bn media should have best ignored them and let the bn bloggers mince them online.

  24. As a Malay, I think we should give those teenagers (Yee, Ammar) another chance. Stepping on a leader’s potrait is not a crime although it is anti-social and morally wrong. Verbal reprimand is enough for those kids to behave. Do not humiliate and destroy their future.

    1. I see your point. However, in my opinion, a stern message has to be delivered that no one, including leaders of both sides, should be humiliated by having their portrait torn apart (Koh Tsu Koon), burned (Lim Guan Eng), defecated upon (?), hit with a nail or slipper, or stepped upon (Najib Razak). It depends whether a verbal reprimand is stern enough.

      And the “destroy their future” arguments does not really persuade many as it can be seen with the statutory rape commited by one of our national bowlers who has a “bright future”. I think “bright future” should not be an excuse to any crime. Just my two sens. :)

  25. In the US, the Confederate flag is flown openly in certain areas in the deep South, alongside the Stars and Stripes. Yet no one questions the loyalty of those who display the Confederate flag, even though the African American community condemns it.

    It’s about freedom of speech, or at least the US interpretation thereof.

    And it doesn’t seem to have deeply impacted US competitiveness, seeing as how it ranks within the top 10 in the latest WEF rankings.

    Perhaps the US has more faith in it’s institutions, people and checks and balances than, shall we say, countries of more recent vintage?

    1. In the US, there are good people, and there are kurang ajar people.

      I don’t want kurang ajar people insulting my country and my flag.

      So no thank you, I don’t care what the US does, I don’t want it here.

      1. In Malaysia, too, there are good people and kurang ajar people.

        So, what?

        Respect is earned, not demanded by fiat or diktat.

        Applies equally to VVIPs and the rakyat……

        Is that simple enough logic for you?

      2. Going by your argument, Olek Skilgannon, I can just go up to your parents (if they’re still alive) and spit them in the eye (or pee on their grave). I don’t know them, they never earned any respect from me, so I can do what I want, right?

        You said that respect is earned, no?

  26. Helen,

    Tell me who is going to stand for the right of the young girl? will you or any common folks out there? Dont think so. I takes a brave politician to stand for her like Mr Lim Guan Eng. Do respect the guy for his courage against discrimination. Have you ever heard stomping a picture of a political leader a tauntament to crime? Only in this country anything is possible.

    Hey guys, it dont mean anything if you could not understand BM or english, and it also dont mean you are not consider Malaysian. Oh please, if your consider this as the requirement of being a citizen of the Bolehland, then these Bangla and Pakis including the Indian Mamak, the Burmese, Vietnamese can be malaysian by their profieciency in speaking BM. Think about it.

    Dont write arrogantly and assume you are more Malaysian than others.

    1. ” it dont mean anything if you could not understand BM or english, and it also dont mean you are not consider Malaysian. ” ….Seriously bro ???? let me ask again..seriously bro??? hahahhahaha ….. you really really need to learn how to use your brain .. i heard there’s a new book in town. ‘ A guide on how to use your brain – For idiots only’ …

    2. As a Singaporean, I wouldn’t think so. People here are all too afraid to start something like this, if not for their cowardity, the country would most probably be in an uproar by now. Just imagine a voting election with nearly 50% of the votes for the opposition. One can wonder how the country stays so calm even after no change is seen after the election. Simply, we just ask for lower cost of living in Singapore, that’s the one and main problem. Still not as serious as in Malaysia which may explain why no one in Singapore has started anything like this as of yet. Still peaceful.

  27. Helen,

    It is as very simple issue actually. A girl stepped on the photo of another human, in this case the photo of none other than the head of govt.

    what she did was wrong. If she s my daughter, she would receive a slap on her face in full view of public.

    Yes. I told my daughter that would be the punishment if she does that. No if, no but.

    Guan eng, like his father , likes to manipulate . We all know that. And if voters in GUan eng’s constituents are willing to select him again , then be prepared that one day eventually Guan Eng will also manipulate them for his own benefit.

    As for Najib, too forgiving is usually perceived as “unusually naive”. It is time to mete punishment that will sever as a lesson for all.

    Strip those who mock Jalur gemilang of their citizenships. We do not need rabble rousers here.

    1. What about those guys who stepped on Lim Guan Eng’s photo? Are they blameless?

      Or those guys who did “butt exercises” in front of Ambiga’s house. Is that intimidation or freedom of speech?

      Or, say, those people who call for “pendatangs” to be deported, or, like in 1 particular blog comment, for “sepet people” to be victimised?

      Double standards?

      1. o Olek, after the bashing you got from Jebat, you decided to decamp and come here to set up shop to test the waters ?

      2. Olek Skillgunnone,

        Why do you assume commentators don’t blame those guys? It’s just that the subject at hand does not touch on acts perpetrated by those morons.

        Not included, too, is the public stomping by Dear Leader Kim Guan Eng and Lim Senior on the portraits of three want-out DAP and PKR Perak state assemblymen.

        Out of range, too, is the barbaric behavior of senior military leaders of the Jewnited States of Amerikeye when they gleefully stamped their pig-skinned boots on Sadam Hussein’s portrait that they painted on the floor of a six-star hotel in Baghdad soon after they strafed Iraq back to the stone age.

      3. Olek Skilgannon (what a name),

        The thing with these so called “pendatangs” is that they behave like “pendatang”. But the worse part is that they ‘wage war’ against those who call for them to accept reality that this country is not “China”.

        So, if they continue to behave like “pendatang” despite being the 5th or 6th generation here, then be prepared to be called exactly that :PENDATANG

  28. Nowadays, if you step on a picture of say your boss, you can be fired, if you say bad things about your company on facebook, you can get a warning letter.

    This reality of social media… watch what you write and do online.

  29. Let’s put things into perspective. Most right-thinking Malaysians disagree with stupid acts like “butt exercises”, stomping / mooning /burning of photos. These are very unMalaysian behaviours.

    In fact when such things happened to Pakatan leaders like LGE and
    Ambiga (let’s not delude ourselves in saying she’s non political), BN parties actually came out and hit out these acts of crassness and stupidity. In case of Ambiga, MIC voiced very strong opinion and this was conveyed to the authorities. The same at Penang with Gerakan and MCA disagreeing with some of the antics of Perkasa. In fact Teng has brought some disciple into the BN ranks and keeping some of the more volatile sections UMNO Youths in check. That’s why we don’t see too many demos by BN anymore in Penang.

    No UMNO or BN leaders ever went on defending any of these actions either, with even UMNO disagreeing over the treatment of Ambiga.

    On the other hand Pakatan claims sole ownership of the moral high ground and believes they are doing the God’s work and think BN is the embodiment of evil and corruption. But when some of the PR leaders and supporters go behind the accepted standards of behaviour, instead of disagreeing with it, they go all the way to rationalizing and defending their actions.

    When PR’s youth leaders in university behaved crudely in carrying out funeral rituals and other lowly acts, no Pakatan leaders denounced these actions. In fact they supported and defended it saying they are only showing their anger over the racist and corrupt BN regime.

    When DZ attacked Wee and behaved like ruffians, no DAP leaders stood up and spoke out against such thuggery.

    The same thing happening with this Ah Lian now. Instead of condemning her actions, Dear Leader more intent on defending her innocence saying she’s young and outraged that she was cuffed.

    If Pakatan leaders want to be seen as credible alternative to BN, they should behave like responsible leaders by sticking to their principles and not claim moral high ground only when on the receiving end and wallow in the political mud to attack BN in other times.

    The Saint of Subang Jaya, the Righteous Sister Hannah, so quick to pass judgment on “low class” actions of BN, again displaying her elegant silence on the rowdy acts during the Janji Demokrasi.

    BTW, taking about cuffing, how come LGE didn’t question why PDRM didn’t cuff Anwar, Azmin or Tian Chua when they were arrested? Double standards ???

    So, Tok Rojak, to answer your questions, yes both sides have their own idiotic supporters. But at least BN leaders do display some principles and are consistency in their spoken words and actions.

    1. calvinsankaran,
      good point bro.

      like wiser people used to say in “kumbang taik” analogy,
      “kumbang taik dah terlalu lama bergelumang dalam taik, takkan sedar bahawa taik itu adalah kotor kerana itulah habitatnya.”


  30. most of u guys here are full of hatred and vengeance. unless u r an atheist, i dont know of any religion that promotes animosity, like what most of u are doing. truly i feel sorry for u.

  31. Oh PUHLEEZE, people have the right to be stupid, whether it is 21-year-old DAP supporters or 49-year-old UMNO believers. Freedom of association is a constitutional right.

    I almost registered myself to join a Chinese-infested forum because the stupidity on display warranted some genuine praise. It took me all my willpower (and I have generally a weak character) to resist the temptation to slap the daylights out of such morons.

    If being multilingual makes you smarter than someone who is bilingual / monolingual (or in the warped minds of simpletons, making them the better person), I think the gift of the gab is really a matter of saying the same crap in different tongues.

    We should all relax a bit and give the young a break. The clueless should not be made responsible for their youthful follies.

    1. While Sin Yee’s happy feet comes across as youthful folly and she does indeed appear clueless (as I’ve said myself in my posting above), the act by Shaun Tan however is calculatedly premeditated.

      Their backgrounds contrast. Sin Yee is reportedly unable to speak a word of BM or English. Shaun the Yale grad writes in polished English.

      Reaction to the Shaun poster seems pretty clear-cut and unequivocal among Malays. It will be unfortunate for Sin Yee to be paired with him should both their offences are placed side by side wrt to Najib’s recent comment on the confrontational Chinese youth.

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