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The Star iPad berkempen pilihanraya untuk DAP

The Star iPad ialah versi tablet bagi suratkhabar yang kononnya milik MCA-dinosaur-mahu-pupus itu.

OKM@ imokman ialah Ong Kian Ming, juru runding yang sedang mencatur strategi pilihanraya bagi DAP.

Kian Ming, seorang anak didik Tony Pua, dijangka akan diberi kerusi oleh partinya untuk bertanding dalam pilihanraya akan datang.

Baca seterusnya di posting berikut, Talam: Tikam lidah ‘no class’, “bye-bye MCA”.


“MCA penuh dengan dinosaur tua”, kata tweet oleh The Star


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5 thoughts on “The Star iPad berkempen pilihanraya untuk DAP

  1. I can totally understand why The Star iPad gave so much support to the opposition – let me explain.

    It’s all about traffic and hits. If I have a brand new product that needed boost, mileage and readership, I’d be going either for the wow-factor or shock-factor. By having oppo as panel, the cybertroopers; like the lamb that they are will congregate and ‘aye’ plus ‘hail’ whatever their politicos is saying as if the messiah has returned from the kingdom of heaven.

    With their refined culture of demeaning and degrading, the pro-govt commentators will try to counter what have just been uttered. Hence, heavy traffic, high awareness of the product and with audited report proving such, ad canvassing became easier. In other word – one opportunist taking opportunity over another opportunist. Very manipulative but cleverly done..Though some of the editors are definitely not so bright as they became delusional.

    Malaysians crave being trendy, as some of the editors has proven it to us. Though at the end, who is being manipulated and who’ll be the last man standing is yet to be discovered. It’s a dog eat dog world!

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