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Cockiness is contagious: Big Tokong sprouting little tokongs

Cheah Yee Ling is an intern at DAP headquarters who suddenly found herself with an audience of 50,000 courtesy of a retweet by Hannah Yeoh.

Inasmuch as Cheah Yee Ling complains in her tweet about “blood pressure is rising” due to the “much rubbish” printed in Utusan, the reverse is also true. Insolent and cocky comments by DAPsters do not make some of us feel very zen either.

Cheah Yee Ling was first highlighted in this blog yesterday for her comment – retweeted by DAP election strategist Ong Kian Ming – that MCA has sunk so low as to scratch Tony Pua’s car.

She represents a new strapping breed that is aggressive and in-your-face. Below is Ong Kian Ming lauding Cheah Yee Ling for her declaration that “one is never too young too play politics”.

Not only are DAP’s second echelon not too young but they even enjoy politics as a bloodsport, as the tweet (screenshot below) by Cheah Yee Ling indicates.

Cheah Yee Ling’s tweet that “Watching Malaysia [play against] vs Manchester City is like watching Seda being grilled by Tony Pua” refers to the DAP info chief’s expose on a lucrative contract awarded by the Sustainable Energy Development Authority to the daughter of former government chief secretary Sidek Hassan.

The ‘grilling’ which had thrilled Cheah Yee Ling (retweeted by mentor Tony Pua) caused Seda chairman Fong Chan Onn to consider taking legal action against Tony for calling him [Fong] “incompetent and a liar”.

From where does DAP 2.0 acquire their present attitude where they feel free to call anyone anything, including “liar” as alleged by Fong Chan Onn?

Marketing supported by The Star

Before the advent of social media, you can only reach an audience of 50,000 at one go if you’re the publisher of a small newspaper at the very least.

Today Facebook, Twitter and other forms of digital communication allow navel-gazing individuals to reach the masses at the press of a ‘Send’ button.

This capability inflates the said persons’ sense of self-importance.

Hence the endless twittering about God …

about every single gossamer thought to flit through their airheads …

about their diet (look at me, look at me, my photo is in Selangor Times today) and their favourite food like aglio e olio

and hu-hu-hu provocative labelling, cyberbullying and insulting others.

Their marketing and self-promotion exercise is augmented when a well-oiled distribution network decides to lend a hand. This is where the MCA steps in.

Screenshot above: Yeo Bee Yin, DAP consultant on social media programme

The Dinosaur Party – not I call MCA “old dinosaurs”, The Star iPad call them one – is most helpful in promoting the DAP personality cults.

Take for instance the following tweet (screenshot) by The Star iPad, which is the tablet version of the tabloid.

DAP’s election strategist Ong Kian Ming is likely to be put up as a candidate in the next general election. Cheering him on is The Star iPad (tweet below).

Why is the DAPsterism so apparent today when it wasn’t before?

Digital technology allows any DAPster to address the country’s top leaders in a ‘Yo dude’ tone in the cyberworld where hierarchy has been flattened, the PM is given the most disrespectful nicknames, and populists are elevated to Raja (and Ratu) status playing in the new ballpark.

Thus Dear Leader’s arrogance has spread like wildfire to the party young in part due to the institutional support received, including from the MCA media apparatus, which DAP operatives had never previously enjoyed before.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

16 thoughts on “Cockiness is contagious: Big Tokong sprouting little tokongs

  1. I have no twitter but I would appreciate someone asking the evangelistas – what’s their stand on homosexuality. What will they do if their sons or daughters turns out to be homosexual & what’s their stand on same-sex marriage.

    1. ‘niat pasti menghalalkan cara’. they will find a way to cushion they statement to just slowly approve everything in a name of power. this ‘anugerah tuhan’, high class, holier than you people will find a way… hypocrisy usually come together very thick skin. its a package.

  2. Thanks Anak Jamil for pointing out the hypocrisy and contradiction in Hannah Yeoh’s tweet.

    Below is a tweet from Mr Hannah Yeoh on position with regard to same-sex marriage.


    1. It has become their culture, and people would just believe them because of their cult

      Btw, Hannah yeoh’s tweet is about supporting same sex marriage is it?

    2. The DAP will probably chase the homosexuals with pitchforks like their predecessors, since they want malaysia turned into the land of doves and voodoo man walking on water and turning water into wine.

      The dark land of Malaya and Borneo will need to undergo all those Inquisition and witch-hunting process to get to the levels of the decrepit counterparts in Europe.

  3. I have twitter but an observer rather than a trigger happy dapster type syiok sendiri cybertrooper. I find twitter a double-edge sword. You can virtually find anyone if you know their tweet nickname. One Occupy protester had three months of his tweets surrendered by Twitter to US court to be prosecuted.

    While Twitter allow the dapster to express their impudence without being punished under any Malaysian law, bear in mind whatever kurang hajar attitude they write are being read by thousands of fence sitters and even normal people. I follow many politician tweets hence i can see what rubbish both sides throw at each other, but the mudslinging is almost exclusively by DAP and PKR people.

    So far i have not found any tweeter by PAS ayatollahs. Worst tweeter is Hishamuddin Rais whose tweets are examples of low-class tweets bordering on insanity while the DAP goons border on being childish.

    BN top leaders tweets either run by assistants or perfunctorily updated are more mundane with almost no mudslinging, only announcements of government policies of GTP-related stuff. The only extreme BN tweeter is Bung Mokhtar which are usually reactive to DAP and Pakatan mudslingings against BN.

  4. 52,000 you said? OMG .. I didn’t realise there’s a whole lotta idiots out there! As I said, never ever trust anyone who resembles a cast of wonderpets!

  5. 52000 is probably the number if morons allowed unto Yeopie harvest heaven, moromonism believes only 110000 will go yo heaven.

    So 52000 feels like the whole unuverse is for them for the dapster logic.

    1. this just strikes me…52,000 x $500 per pop; some churches will be getting 2.6Million worth of harvest this year! Oh my..ticket to heaven from as low as RM500 – Now, everyone can go to heaven!!

      Don’t you just love stupid cash cows?

  6. Helen,

    i would like to congratulate Cheah Yee Ling for the above twitter messages — reading newspaper can cause blood pressure to rise — which is very informative.

    globally, not only the republican faces with the problem of stress every time they read newspaper published by the democrat but the reverse is also true — democrat encounters stress as well.

    since both sides read each other’s newspapers, both sides are equally exposed to stress and hence are also equally prone to the rising blood pressure!

    in order to prevent the blood pressure from increasing, democrat and republican must rid themselves of the unnecessary tensions. a sure way is that each of them must stop eating unhealthy articles disseminated by the rivals.

    back to local, what is the pattern of rising blood pressure?

    based on CYL claims, look as though Paktan will in the coming years show the impact for swallowing excessive stress — frequent headaches and hypertension?

    in contrast, after making correct decision (avoid reading the rocket/star), Barisan is free from tension and will continue to have good health and visions remain unchanged — 20/20.

  7. LGBT? lebih baik jadi kambing. Kambing pun tau mana jantan dan betina. Politik punya pasal semua boleh? What right they’re talking about? Dlm Bible, Thorah dan AlQuran semua melaknat golongan LGBT. What say HANNAH YEOH anak Malaysia.

  8. “Digital technology allows any DAPster to address the country’s top leaders in a ‘Yo dude’ tone in the cyberworld where hierarchy has been flattened, the PM is given the most disrespectful nicknames, and populists are elevated to Raja (and Ratu) status playing in the new ballpark.”

    Those who fail to understand the new media and utilize it will fall under it.

    See Rais Yatim

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