10 thoughts on “Logo burung merpati esok

  1. really helen? be careful of what you insinuate. Some of your fans are stupid enough to actually believe you.

  2. what I personally find fascinating is how obsessed some can get over religion. For the life of me I cannot comprehend over this need and desire of saving another person from the wrong path and even hell.

    I am somewhat a self-made person from a household that speaks no english, almost all my aunts and uncles are illiterate but we hold on to our muslim faith by a thread of ‘don’t do bad things’,’don’t hurt others’,’be kind and charitable to others’.. We don’t preach our belief to others and we try our best not to judge them. We have friends from all races – may it be from the same kampung we’re in or through work.

    That is why I am overwhelmed by muslims or christians crusaders. Since when life has took the road less travelled and go on complication rampage – losing courtesy, common sense along the way.

    I have chinese assistants that goes to vernacular schools that share the same sentiment, but I guess it’s due to us being simpletons and we respect each other culturally & belief.

    1. The Chinese who migrated to the Federated Malay States were poor people. They have nothing to lose except their lives when they came by the tongkang to the Federated Malay States.

      When they toiled as dulang washers, kulis and shopkeepers they gradually got material wealth.

      Now what does Marslow said about human needs? Once the Chinese kulis become rich they need raises to a different level.

      The Confucius or ancestor worship is so out dated and have low image among scientific society so the Chinese choose to add the english image for themselves to hide their poor and humiliating background from the chinese village ghettos.

      So they have Hannah, John, George etc you get it while they could not hide their mongoloid faces. But hey with a little photoshop they can put that double eye lid hehe…

      The English by the way are not Catholics which is a mythology of the Italian. The english King being a smart fellow started his own Christian sect and call the bluff of the vatican who controlled heaven. The vatican Catholics used to sell penance certificates to Europeans so that they can enter heaven..hehe..this is true even today I guess.

      What they don’t know is that Christianity was only for Europeans but once the europeans discarded christianity the Vatican began accepting lowly Chinese and Indians as Catholics.

      How did this happen? Because the Chinese cannot accept that this is not their motherland. Their father’s and mother’s land is China or India.

      So in effect they are using the Vatican to go against the Malay Sovereign the Yang di Pertuan Agung.

      Make no mistake. Colonialism is Catholicsm. As the European rebelled against the opiate by their Monarchy, colonialism has no meaning to the common Europeans.

      So allowing the Vatican Catholicsm is the same as allowing the forces of colonialism to again spread in the Federated Malay States.

      Why Yeoh go back to China or her Tamil husband go back to India where they can be bumiputeras to their content? They would, say that Tamil Mahathir, once China become rich. But if you believe Mahathir, you would believe anything…haha

  3. helen,

    ada ‘sesuatu keikanan’ (something fishy, hehe) tentang logo burung merpati yang dipilih, kalau kumpulan pastors yang mereka-cipta. siapakah yang mencipta logo ini? boleh confirm?

    kalau nak tunjukkan toleransi beragama, gambar bulan sabit (Islam) dah ada, merpati (kristian) dah ada, mana gambar mewakili buddha hindu, sikh dsb?. apasal pulak merpati tu besar sangat sedangkan kristian hanyalah minoriti. nanti marah pulak penganut hindu dan sikh. “ini tidak adil”

    kata orang, gambar boleh memberi seribu makna (termasuk makna tersembunyi)

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