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Dong Zong’s 926 Save Chinese Education campaign

Dong Zong plans to hold a rally dubbed ‘Save Chinese education campaign’ on Sept 26 outside the Parliament building.

Its 926 online petition is revealing of the Chinese mindset. Look at the registration form to collect signatures (screenshot below).

The petitioner is required to fill in his “Chinese name” and “English name”. By Chinese name it is meant hanzi (Chinese script) but English name?

Let’s take Dong Zong president – Yap Sin Tian – whose name has no element of Englishness. What the petition actually requires is name in Romanized alphabet.

The presumption of ‘Englishness’ is as telling as the pronounced absence of the Malay language in the equation. The two Chua Soi Lek-Lim Guan Eng debates were held in Mandarin and English.

It was noted that both men were “English-educated”. MCA and DAP members are mostly Chinese-educated. This English-ed/Chinese-ed dichotomy totally ignores the role of BM – hint: our national language – so much so that the Chinese appear to be living in a vacuum where the Malay doesn’t figure.

La Salle & the missionary position

Whatever their language competencies – Hannah, for example, confessed in a Rocket interview (screenshot above) that she does not speak Mandarin and admitted to being a “banana” – the DAP evangelist faction are intensely Christian-minded.

Guan Eng is commonly referred to as English-educated because of his mission school background at La Salle Petaling Jaya and Montfort Batu Pahat.

Tony Pua shares Guan Eng’s Batu Pahat alma mater, Montfort. New DAP star, election strategist Ong Kian Ming, was a student at SMK La Salle Petaling Jaya.

Compare the 96% percent of Chinese children today enrolled in vernacular school, according to the figure cited by Dong Zong deputy president Chow Siew Hong.

Opposition supporters – reckoned to be 80-90 percent of Chinese voters – must evaluate the DAP’s lack of involvement in Chinese education over the last half century to assess whether the party genuinely has the interests of the SRJK (C) at heart.

Examining the 926 petition

Dong Zong Sept 26 rally document @

Its primary demand:

“In the Education Ministry, Dr Wee [Ka Siong] is entrusted with the duty of handling matters relating to Chinese education. Not only has he failed to resolve the Chinese education issues, he has even exacerbated the problems and seriously jeopardized the interest of Chinese education. His serious breach of duty warrants his resignation from his post as Deputy Education Minister.”

The gist of the appeal is the targetting of one individual — MCA’s Wee Ka Siong.

Main support for the 926 rally comes from Dong Zong Penang – in other words, they are in cahoots with the DAP political thrust to hammer the last nail into their rival’s coffin.

How much difference anyway can Wee’s sacking make overall to the big picture?

House-of-cards balance

Doubtless there is a sound basis to the “numerous long-standing unresolved problems” ventilated by Dong Zong.

But still there is no immediate threat of extinction to Chinese schools to justify the Dong Zong urgent wording that vernacular education must be “saved”.

The continued ‘well-being’ (a caveat on the word) of Chinese schools in the longer term is conditional to the unfolding political scenario.

This aspect is contingent on the larger issue of Sino-Malay relations. Dong Zong’s recent actions have sparked a Malay backlash, made worse from the organization being seen as presently allied to DAP.

MCA blunderbuss

A ‘blunderbuss’ is a shotgun.

The Star is a blunderbuss that aims sly but stinging shots at the blundering dinosaur MCA.

Recently the tabloid was caught in a muted plagiarism scandal. Its columnist who lifted other writers’ work is Dawn Jeremiah, a Malaysian who attended convent school in Penang. So how Chinese-oriented is The Star, really?

On a side note, readers of this blog may be interested to learn that The Star iPad Twitter account was axed yesterday. The paper’s tablet version on Twitter has been replaced by an account calling itself ‘Star Editor’s Choice’.

This takeover of The Star iPad Twitter by editors has come about only after the damage done by the blunderbuss going berserk. As we’re aware, The Star promotes the Hannah Yeoh personality cult.

The Subang Jaya Adun is the Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia mascot. Does SABM support the concept of different education streams as represented by SRJK (C), SRJK (T) and Sekolah Agama?

Living in a bubble

Dong Zong’s demands are to do the nuts and bolts in the daily running of SRJK (C)s such as asking for more teachers. This is the micro frame.

The macro frame factors the position of the Chinese community in the Malaysian sociopolitical fabric. Chinese schools cater for a shrinking minority in a country that is fast becoming Muslim fundamentalist. This Islamization hyperdrive is aided and abetted by the Putrajaya ambition of chameleon DAP.

Granted that Dong Zong and DAP are both using each other.

And the Chinese community is throwing its lot with DAP which is violently shaking up the system. If the system is all shook up, how can anyone think that Chinese schools – not the brick and mortar but the leeway for their very existence – will remain unmolested in the ensuing turmoil?

The scheduled 926 rally is already being interpreted as a display of fist-shaking and table-thumping, compared to the negotiated backroom dealing that has been conducted by MCA all this while.

A confrontational approach will ultimately be met with a confrontational response. It is then that the bubble will burst.


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39 thoughts on “Dong Zong’s 926 Save Chinese Education campaign

  1. Helen,

    Ketua pemuda MCA who holds the post of Deputy Minster of education is not the “ultimate “target. The real target is UMNO.

    The Malays are amused with this “saga”. They interpret it as denial by Chinese masses on the reality:that they are living in multiracial country, not China. As long as Chinese community gives tacit approval to this extremist Yap, then they must be prepared to face backlash from Malay community, literally speaking.

    It is high time that the chinese stop dreaming and face reality that this confrontational method by Dong Zong is actually hurting Chinese interests.

  2. Helen,

    ‘Lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama’!

    Pihak yang tidak banyak bercakap tetapi lebih banyak buat itu dan ini adalah Parti Cina Ori (PCO) tetapi nama parti ini ‘tidak naik’ kerana orang Cina agaknya tidak menilai seribu kebaikan PCO sebaliknya satu kebobrokan ORI sudah cukup memadamkan seribu kebaikan.

    Pihak yang kononnya lantang mempertahankan SRJK (C) adalah Parti Cina Celop (PCC) tetapi meskipun kelantangan itu tidak selari dengan sumbangan yang diberikan tetapi orang Cina beri penghargaan tinggi luarbiasa terhadap PCC dengan hanya mengambil kira nawaitu tersurat.

    Isu tentang pihak mana lebih banyak membantu dalam pengembangan dan pengekalan Islam juga berdepan situasi sama: Lembu punya susu sapi juga yang dapat nama!

    Maksudnya ialah pihak yang tidak banyak bercakap tetapi banyak menyumbang (hingga 99%) dalam pengembangan dan pengekalan agama Islam adalah Parti Bangsa Islam ORI (PBIO) tetapi PBIO tidak diberikan kredit dan jauh sekali sanjungan kerana kegagalan PBIO melaksanakan agama ke tahap 100% yakni kurang lagi 1%.

    Sebaliknya pihak yang minta di iktiraf, diberikan kredit dan di sanjung tinggi adalah pihak yang hanya pandai bercakap (iaitu mahu buat yang 1%) tetapi tidak pandai menyumbang dalam aspek yang 99% adalah Parti Islam Oportunis (PIO), dan ironinya, ada juga orang Islam yang suka menari ikut rentak retorik.

  3. I may sound ignorant and not well-read in this issue but to my comprehension,
    a. This issue is about not having enough teachers right? But at the same time, they do not want to have Malay teachers teaching Bahasa right?
    b. As far as I know, there aren’t any directives of chinese schools being closed right or was I mistaken? So, what’s there to save when it’s not under threat in the first place?

    Can someone please school me on this – as I am confused what’s there to save?

    1. Suspect that the main aim is just to get a reformasi mood going on, as one of the prelude to the pre election campaign (in lieu and in the absence of any good things which they have done or can do for the rakyat).

      Bersih is also one of them.

      Their puppet master is king in such matter, and good whopping up crowd sentiment for the purpose of fishing vote.

      Who knows later on they will find some other petty excuses just for the purpose of jestering on the streets, maybe not enough air time lah, not enough campaign timelah …, etc

    2. Salam dek Helen,

      Anak Jamil, can Pak Ard suggest you to take “Laporan Barnes, 1950” and “Laporan Fenn-Wu 1951” as a start to understand the vernacular issue in our country, dont forget to check who are these Fenn and Wu. Read what an Englishman had said about chinese schools. After that read also “Ordinan Pelajaran 1952” then read what our PM’s late father wrote in “Penyata Razak 1956”.

      Compare with current situation, see where the gov.(read umno) standing in compromising this education issue.

      Please dont put history away, or we will regret repeating our mistake again and again.

      Lastly, can you see the trend of “tuntutan” from this DJZ? or the gov.(again, read as umno ) just never learn.

      Pak Ard is just a kampong Malay that got nothing to do with umno. Do Pak Ard need to vote for BN (Umno) this time or go “pikat burung merbah jambul” coming this election day. Interesting new hobby… but your makcik keep mumbling… “you take away the male merbah from its female partner like somebody taking you away from me” wah… she really still love me after all these years.

      Can we all after these 55 years?

  4. Heard dong zong not getting support from jiao zong and selangor chinese associations, as the cult leader of dong zong have bad image and use the gathering for his survival in dong zong. It will be a failure.

  5. i am one of the Malays that just watch from the sideline, my take, takkan tak cukup lagi… apa lagi u mau?

    if these people thinks other countries can give them better Chinese education, please leave…

  6. Hardcore Chinese said, I am Malaysian BUT:

    1. Speaking chinese
    2. Friend with Chinese only
    3. Reading Chinese Newspaper
    4. Watching Mandarin TV news, Chinese Channel
    5. Attending Chinese kinderg, Primary, Secondary, and Taiwan Univ
    6. Having Chinese Radio
    7. Hardcore in Chinese Association
    8. National Language? Dont know la – not important as long China is expanding globally.
    9. Demand this and that for CHINESE

    Is this National? or alien? after controlling 80% of the national econ, whatever with names zong still claim Chinese is a 2nd class citizen and want more in the Chinese name.

    For me, whatever it is… it’s time for those with above criterias to die in CHINA MAINLAND.

  7. But the funny thing besides having all chinese demand.. they have a weird ENGLISH name. ie: Calven, Ada, Gavin, Hannah Yeoh, Malvin, Teresa, RONNIE LIU, TONY Puah and Hannah wants her child known as ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA… and guess what? her daughter’s race is CHINESE. No class la letak her husband’s race which is Indian. HIPOKRIT la

    1. Exactly, Chinese in Indonesia has Indonesian names, Chinese Thai have Thai names, and likewise Chinese Filipino have Filipino names and it goes the same with other 2nd and 3rd generation overseas Chinese in other countries. Only in this country, they refuse to being identified and are not proud at all with the local indigenous populace, and prefer westernized names instead..

  8. I t baffles me that the Chinese community are not ashamed of this multi-‘PhD’ guy to allow him to be the champion of Chinese education and chauvinism.

  9. And DAP + whatever Zong have no shame to have DATUKSHIP before their name like Tan Sri, Dato’ and etc. Who gave them those titles? MAHARAJA CHINA from Ming Empire or MALAY Sultan? For business or money grabbing opportunity no problem lah using MALAY SULTAN or anything to do with existing Malay customary. But when it comes to living together they have guts to say MALAY also PENDATANG in the so called KEPULAUAN MELAYU NUSANTARA.

  10. Why in SINGAPORE fully loaded with ULTRA KIASU not fighting for CHINESE SCHOOL. And Lee Kuan Yew dengan selamba said last time. ” it’s difficult to manage a country with chinese community being a majority.. hehehe what say Hannah yeoh?

  11. Chinky,

    Chinese community plays dangerous political game. How? By tolerating nonsense from Chinese extremists in order to extract concessions after concessions from UMNO.

    What they refuse to see is that Malays have had enough of this nonsense.

    1. Sudara Samsul

      Let them played their game ,they will be time when the ‘last straw will broke the camel back’.

      So much of Malaysian first of this never satisfied race.

  12. In America the zealot Jews are sending their children to private schools where they can master the Chinese & Indian languages (not Spanish) so that they can control the future anticipated wealth. In a way, even Malaysian parents do the same at least by sending their children to Chinese schools. Here of course I mean the Bangsar type and the kiasu ones who don’t do it to enrich their culture but rather $$$$$. Patriotism is not arm’s length when $$$$ is concerned.

    Sadly our country which already has such a matured intertwined social fabric seem to draw everything on politics & $$$$.

    Helen, you are right, the direction envisaged by Dong Zong in this plea seems very political as they target the MCA bloke, unlike Suqiu. I like to reiterate that as Malaysians, we should be and provide the allowance for Malaysians by accommodating what is just and fair to flourish for fellow Malaysians irrespective of the origin rather than getting into a mumbo jumbo like race, religion or political affiances.

    I see how the Malays in these comments are riled, okay can accept it in this instance with Dong Zong’s DAP propaganda, but let’s say for hypothetical purpose, if it concerns genuine reasons for fellow non Malay community whom are infringed because of their inability to prosper (not the 10%) but in generality in their socio economic development, I am sure our Malay fellow brethren will stand in hand to ensure they too prosper in tandem with them.

    There is no problems with the general Malay folks, it is a problem with the (10%) $$$ & power motivated Non Malays and Malays.The sooner we realize this, the better the the nation will be for all of us for one another and amongst us.

  13. I see new commentor Chinky has been active. For all you know Chinky could a a clandestine DAP (not PR) or BN operator. Either way it offers no substance but to instigate ie cucuk api sahaja. How does this solve a problem? Do you think we need a lighter like this to come around and create animosity amongst us so that we can ignite between us on what concerns our common folks irrespective of our origin?

  14. Dear Malaysians, we all love Helen Ang because she seems to be the only narrator to be able to flush out the artificial agendas. Why & how she does it not an issue, but nevertheless it creates a following because there is substance and truth to it.

    She is after all a proclaimed Hanzi and feels no intimidation being a Chinese amongst us Malaysians. Many have come forward and crucified her. Why!!! is it because she does not fits into what you don’t want to hear or what is the truth that we would rather avoid.

    If Helen does it for what you want to hear, then she is no better than you, but if she does it for what is the truth, then she means something. So far, I think it is the later as she continues to be a iconoclast buster for the truth and reality for the common folks.

  15. This is yet another example of the opposition making their last stand. as I have said on numerous occasions, they are heading towards defeat. with no issues left to exploit, they refer back to their communal cocoons in order to incite more hatred. but what they don’t realized is that, the other races, the real, silent majority, are looking amused, some even amazed with all these antics and ask “don’t they have anything else to do ?”.

    but sadly for the yellow minority, their every action incites a reaction that are the opposite of what they expect. one must really ask, how long is the majority race, the native sons and daughters of this land, is going to put up with all these antics ?

    mind you, I m not saying that the native sons and daughters are going to resort to violence or anything similar, but rather, on election day, the native sons and daughters may have had enough with all these shenanigans, that on election, they will say, ENOUGH ! TIME TO SEND A CLEAR MESSAGE TO THE LOUD MINORITY and viola !

  16. There is a shop in Bandar Baru Selayang, selling home appliances, plus drinks. Couple of time I went there, the owners, Chinese of course, are very courteous and helpful.

    And if your items add up to certain amount plus few cents more, they will refuse to take extra. For example, like what happened this weekend, the items came up to RM10.40, and he said “just give ten ringgit, boss”. I always insist that he take full amount.

    Its people like this (and there are more of them) and Helen that gives us hope. Like my insurance agent (ex-classmate, Chinese), if I am behind in my payment, he wouldn’t bother. I have to remind him that I am supposed to pay :))

    1. You’re talking about Bandar Baru Selayang (not Subang Jaya) and probably the nice shopkeeper not attending City Harvest Church ,)

      That’s why SRJK (C) is a moderating influence and must be preserved.

      Btw, Baby DAPster is a banana who grew up in Subang … why am I not surprised?

    2. Rakesh, don’t blame the Chinese, Chinese will be material & kiasu like they are always. Let it be our scope, don’t you have your own sense for what Malaysians can be. Why divide as not necessarily all Chinese are alike when they seek like Helen Ang for what is it to be Malaysian if that is the truth & reality that we continue shy away from.

  17. “Save Chinese Education”, give me a break! 1,291 Chinese primary schools and 60 private Chinese secondary schools in a country whose National Language is Malay (not Chinese, not Tamil).. still need “saving” is it?

    There are 6.9 million Chinese Malaysians. Compare with Thailand, where there are 8 million Thai Chinese, and only 125 Chinese schools, and these schools, I have been made to understand, are not recognized as part of the Thai national curriculum.

    Please, if these demands were made by overseas Chinese in other countries, those people would be labeled insane. Our neighbor Indonesia has 8.8 million ethnic Chinese, but there are no Chinese schools provided by the government, as Chinese is not their national language, simple as that.

    1. oh no… ini yg dikatakan sebagai, diberi betis mahu peha, diberi peha mahu naik atas kepala. pathetic!

      1. Betul, dan mereka langsung tak sedar betapa beruntungnya mereka kalau pun di Malaysia ini cuma ada 10 Sekolah Cina, kerana tiada satu negara pun di dunia ini yang membuat sekolah2 Cina untuk rakyat mereka yang berketurunan Cina, kecuali China, Taiwan dan negara kita Malaysia. (not even Singapor, imagine that..)

        Haruslah disedari Indonesia dan Thailand langsung tidak melayan permintaan etnik Cina di sana utk membina Sekolah2 Cina..

  18. Those DAP or Whatever zhong with ENGLISH name, I think they already confused between China and England. Mati2 mau everything Chinese tapi tak malu letak nama omputih. HIPOKRIT la..

    I would love to see HANNAH YEOH changed to AMINAH YEOH. For whatever Zong, if you’re serious about Malaysia, why dont you propose to the govt to have everything in CHINESE after SK school? Same as Sekolah Agama KAFA after SK session.

    Johor has proven that. It completely shows that DONG ZONG or whatever Zhong want to have their own EMPIRE within a sovereign country.

  19. MalaysianNY:

    Chinese life: Tadika Cina, SRJKC, SMC Persendirian, Univ Taiwan.China or New Era College or UTAR.

    Bila masa diorg bergaul dan jadi rakyat Malaysia?

    Masa aku SK tahun 80an dulu aku ada ramai kawan Cina dan India. Ng Kah Kiat (now pilot), Thiagarajan and etc. I miss them. Skg anak aku takde sorang pun kawan cina dan india.

    ps: Aku bukan torchlight or batu api.

    1. Okay Chinky, I may have been presumptuous on what you wrote. Do apologize. Yes I agree, these days the division is more obvious for the political need. Obviously you are a Malay as you stated anak aku takde sorang pun kawan Cina dan India.

      Why does this happen? How would your child know a difference? These are questions as adults we need to address ourselves rather than being subject to and for the politics of the day in being Malaysian amongst us irrespective of our origin if there are issues to be dealt for what is morally & consciously correct as oppose the politically correct.

      Trust me i wish the real Malaysian spirit of the 80’s can be revisited.

      1. Selagi wujud zong zong dan politician yang mempolitikkan pendidikan selagi itulah masalah ini takkan selesai ok. you said “Why does this happen? How would your child know a difference?” My answer is, because of the segregation from the first step in early education level.

        Mcm mana anak aku tau? Mereka ada mata dan telinga untuk melihat dan mendengar bangsa lain berbicara. My daughter always asked me, why there’s not many Chinese and Indian in SK? Jawapannya ada pada ahli politik yg ada skg samada di pihak pembangkang mahupun pemerintah.

        Termasuklah NGO seperti DING DONG yg tiada aspirasi kebangsaan langsung. And I believe ‘DR’ Yap and his DJZ AJKs need translator to convey their message when speaking to the public.

        Thank MNY.

  20. Again, there is no such thing as “Chinese” schools. Save Mandarin Education is the right term, and it is not surprising Yap and gazillion other illiterates can’t tell the difference.

      1. this post worth my time to read and comment upon. djz in their website and proclaimation mostly use the term huawen (mandarin) education and not huaren education, however they often use the ambiguous term huajiao as well (hua could be huawen or huaren depend on who read it). perhaps like you said they shd use mandarin instead when translating into english, but as aware without a direct or insinuation of every subject and issue to race would make us less malaysian-ness in this land, djz is merely sharing the same malaysian-ness, no?

        i thought yap is mca cronies, so quite interesting to see what happen next.

      2. Not against SRJK(C). But see no point in ICHS and Mandarin-based tertiary institutions.

        As for Doktor Ayam Yap ST, let me put it this way, his ascension in DJZ was viewed with skepticism by many. It wasn’t because he was MCA’s man, but because he was thought of to be a pliable man. This is a businessman who tried too hard with his academic credentials, with claims of multilingual mastery and various authorship (ghost written?), and is insistent that ICHS are NOT private schools. I say it is high time the government put ICHS in their place and we should stop funding and building private secondary and tertiary institutions of learning. I wish him all the best for 926, but I hope the episode opens our eyes to what DJZ is fighting for and what our national education system is prepared to give up. The ingratitude we are looking at is astounding, considering the crap the MOE has to put up with with this bunch of communal blackmailers.

        To hell with him and his lot, I’ll say.

  21. Dulu gua tak kisah pasal sekolah cina wujud , tapi nampaknya, Sekolah ini mejadi bisul yang bernanah di negara ini. Jadi kita mesti hapuskannya. Bila tiba masanya, sabar menanti kawan-kawan. Adakah ia akan tiba tak lama lagi?

  22. Dan dapat dilihat hasil atau output sekolah jenis kebangsaan cina hari ini. Kebanyakan mereka tidak fasih berbahasa kebangsaan dan memerlukan penterjemah untuk berbicara walaupun seumur hidup mereka hidup di Malaysia. Amat memalukan!

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