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Another foot on Najib’s photo

The young man who insolently placed his shoe on Najib’s photo calls himself a “concerned Malaysian“. He admits to being an opposition supporter.

His article ‘Putting My Foot Down‘ can be read at the Malaysian student online magazine website CEKU which is affiliated to the United Kingdom & Eire Council of Malaysian Students.

His articles have also appeared previously in The Malaysian Insider, among them detailing his Bersih rally participation.

By Shaun Tan Zhi Ming


“… suddenly people are apologizing where no apology should be necessary.
The Opposition response to this has been disappointingly hesitant. So far most statements by Opposition leaders seem to urge the government to ‘forgive’ those involved.
It’s a pity that so few are prepared to say what needs to be said: that those young people were just expressing their displeasure at the Prime Minister in a way that harmed no one, that threatened no one, and that the government has neither right nor cause to forgive them anything.
It’s a pity that our government needs reminding that in a democracy politicians derive their authority from the people, and that when faced with public expressions of displeasure, a true leader should square his shoulders and put up with it. Because in politics, criticism and even insult come with the territory, and someone who cannot stomach it or who can only respond to negative feedback with threats and coercion is unfit to lead.”


How did such overweaning cockiness and arrogance come about in our current political climate?

It could be that these people are validated by the crowd they hang out with. Shaun’s article at the CEKU website has already elicited 1,500 Facebook ‘Likes’. He is cheered, backslapped, high-fived and told how “brave” he is and what a “hero” by his readers.

Why is his kind of ‘attitude’ spreading?

Apparently Kim Guan Eng boasted that Pakatan has secured 95% of the Chinese vote bank.

When I wrote about the 19-year-old girl who stepped on Najib’s photo on Merdeka eve, there was a comment which came from one ‘John Wong’. He is revealing of the DAPster profile.

John Wong commented in my blog (replying to regular reader Joe):

<QUOTE, verbatim and in full>

“Ohai Joe. Nice to meet you. I for one am a member of that DAPster demographic which you are referring to and I am sad, crushed and mostly unhappy that you have decided to generalize by saying that all DAP supporters of this age is only proficient in one particular language. The fact is: you’re wrong. We’re a crop of people who are the best of the best and we are aware of what is happening in our surroundings. We are aware of the failures of the BN and we are aware of how incompetent our national leaders, including the PM, are. We are aware that the DAP is a better alternative to the MCA and we are aware that we have a choice as we are an independent nation. We are aware that we have our freedom to voice out our dissatisfaction towards our leaders, and that if we are not given the freedom to do so, we would migrate to other countries which listens to us and appreciates our talents more.
Just a note. Oh and by the way, I am 21, I am an anime fan, and most importantly, I can speak at least four languages including BM and Chinese, fluently – which I think is a lot better than our dear Prime Minister. If you still cannot understand the above message which I am trying to pass on, I am happy to translate the above message into BM and Chinese. I hope I have conveyed my message clearly.
and a note to Ms. Helen Ang, you have decided to step on the wrong tail by involving and demeaning young anime fans in your article.”


Drive-by shooting

Another example of comments received by this blog that hint at the same mindset. Excerpted below is one from a Christian fanatic who called himself by the DAP video tagline ‘Makin Cuci Makin Kotor’.

His full comment is 976 words – too long to copypaste in full here (but it can be read in its entirety at the original link, click on name below).

Makin Cuci Makin Kotor wrote:

<QUOTE, partial extracts>

“Note: This is my final post on your blog, and I’ve decided to write it like you do. It’s all for fun, really, because I’m so tired of talking sense to you. So do humour me, ok?

Gosh, I analysed and took apart your entire train wreck of non-sequiturs of a blog post and you had nothing to say about it? I must have been completely spot on to shut you up like that!  […]

I’ve observed that’s pretty much how you respond to almost all challenges on your blog.

After you’re done moaning around what your detractors said, you will most times climb up your all-purpose hobby horse ” and say something along the lines of: ” “That *Disparaging Nickname* is a *label* *label* *label* that’s why he/she *stereotype* *stereotype* *stereotype*!”  […]

One frequent feature is how the vindictive Chinese evangelistic Christian Anglophiles (at most 1.13% of the population, but hey who’s counting) in DAP caused MCA’s demise simply by periodically reminding the oh-so-forgiving and peace-loving non-Christian non-evangelical non-Anglophile Chinese-educated Chinese of Chua Soi Lek’s videotaped adultery in a JB hotel room. For Helen, it’s always the DAP’s appendage pointing at Chua Soi Lek that is the criminal, not Chua Soi Lek’s pointy appendage recorded for posteriority.  […]

When I stumbled on your blog purely by accident two days ago, it was such a fascinating place with mostly syiok sendiri labeling-cum-stereotyping types all falling over themselves labeling and stereotyping people who don’t agree with them. Coming from a background where labeling and stereotyping is highly discouraged and ideas are actually constructively discussed, your blog was like some exotic alien planet!  […]

The quality of thought in your posts is so bad, Helen, it’s good.  […]

Really, I don’t know what kind of QC you’re doing here. Almost every post is just one long and long-winded, rage-filled cut-and-paste job of anything remotely related to your favourite hobby horses held together by the blank lines in between them.

After watching my friend roll around the floor laughing at your blog post, I’ve come to realise that anybody who can think would have immediately classified your blog as a low-quality haters club and left after a good laugh. And your fawning fans are mostly those who label and stereotype for entertainment or political advancement, and so are unlikely to be swayed no matter how good the logic.

So why should I spend my time taking apart your blog posts when it’s not going to make any difference to anybody else?  […]

So, this is me signing off, Helen. After the initial novelty, I realise I’ve got far more important and interesting things to do.”

The above comment was submitted by Makin Cuci Makin Kotor on 22 July 2012. He first drove by on July 7.

In the fortnight that he spent on my blog until July 23, Makin Cuci Makin Kotor made a total of 38 comments, all more or less in the same vein and tone as above.

His final comment on July 23 reiterated – “I have decided not to spend any more time on this blog for reasons I have elaborated elsewhere” – mirroring his parting shot on July 22, “This is my final post on your blog”.

I took him at his word and his declaration that he preferred to depart after his blitzkrieg.

I do not know who Makin Cuci Makin Kotor is but if I had to imagine, I might think that he would look like (at least in spirit) an older version of the Yale graduate above who placed his foot on Najib’s photo.


My experience being at the receiving end of DAPsterism makes me inclined to disengage from DAPsters.

Their smear campaign whenever my name is cited in other websites or blogs also means that there is no common space left for engagement with the “95 percent” of the Chinese electorate which Guan Eng claims to have got in the Pakatan pocket.

Therefore disengagement is the only option. In fact, the DAPsters are most happy when views like mine are not able to see the light of day in the pro-opposition sites due to the intense DAPster hostility and unabashed slander.

They consider the act of successfully shutting out all opposing viewpoints from their echo chambers to be a victory for their side. So be it.


Cockiness is contagious: Big Tokong sprouting little tokongs


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

88 thoughts on “Another foot on Najib’s photo

  1. This is what i call the uneducated educated.

    They think just because they are graduates or are students of some foreign university that is supposedly one of the best in the world, they think they know everything and that their opinions supersede everyone else. They forget that without the opportunity that was given by the same government that they bash, their parents will not even make money, let alone be allowed to prosper in this country, and as a consequence, allow them to have the present and the future that they now so arrogantly have.

    This is the self-entitled uneducated. They are arrogant, unapologetic, ungrateful and think they are far superior to others. They forget, as smart as they think they are, there are others who are smarter and better than them.

    But then again, why am i still taken aback by the pure arrogance and delusion of supposedly english educated born again Christian DAPster is beyond me. They are the product of their leaders, of their parents and of the society that they mingle in. Rotten begets rotten.

    The ultimate arrogance that confirms a lack of experience is to say that if the government doesn’t cater to their whims and fancy, they will migrate elsewhere, where they claim that their new country will treat them better and listen to them. Ha ha ha! This statement alone borders on pure ignorance and shows a total lack of experience and maturity.

    Org belum kerja lagi, mana tahu dunia. Work first, mix with the real working class western people that you are so proud of. You will soon realise that they are no different than your own malaysian people, that they too have their own dirty politics (working place included) and that ultimately, they will never see you as one of them. As soon as you so much as open your mouth and try to tell them how to run things (let alone run their country), you will be shown the door. So, go out, work and mingle, get more experience and i guarantee, you will realise soon enough how stupid you were in your youth. Student life and the real world are two completely different things. You may excel in one, but that doesn’t mean you will excel in the other.

    Ps/- I am a graduate of Imperial College (better ranking than Yale!) and i am so grateful that my parents have instilled in me the proper conduct, adab and humility to know and realise that no matter how well i have done in university, there is more to life than just my academic accomplishment. So, jangan kepoh lah. Org lain pun pandai jugak tapi tak kepoh pun. And being pandai means that you know stepping on someone’s picture is an act of pure stupidity, that is only done by those who cannot articulate nor put forth their arguments and dissatisfaction in a more constructive way.

    1. To Zi Ming, wtf Shaun? Are you an english man? you look mongoloid Chinese to me… adding Shaun wont make you less Chinese dude… a chingkee will always a chingkee bee…

      Hehe kawan you can do what you like. step on Kit Siang face or Guan Eng face or Ngeh-Ngeh… nobody the fuck cares.

      What is your intention of stepping on Najib’s photo? To show your disgust obviously. Nothing wrong every body can show their disgust to everybody.

      In 1969 V Gopal, Kit Siang all shows their disgust of the Malays. Showing brooms to sweep out the Malays from their own country. In turns the Malays attacked and killed a few Chinese and Indians. In Taman Medan a few decades later a few Indians were killed in a Malay riot.

      Najib may be not be popular. But he is still the leader of the majority of the Malays. Chinese immigrants are not popular with local populace whether they be in Thailand, Indonesia or Malaysia as they tend to be greedy.

      So do please do more stepping on Malay leaders pictures. We love to see those photos. no need to apologise. The Malays knows what to do.

      Just a way for me to show my dissatisfaction with you chinese bastards… hehe

      1. Dear shauntolollogi,

        While I cannot speak for all Chinese, some of us find the name-calling of “chingkee” to be offensive.

        Secondly, wrt the “dissatisfaction with you chinese bastards”, err, you haven’t forgotten that the administrator of this blog is a “chinese [bastards]” as well?

        I understand the dissatisfaction. DAPsters spew more venom personally at me than they will ever do at you. Not only that, they fabricate vicious lies about me!

        However, the purpose of my blog content is to help everyone see more clearly to avoid blanket condemnation, especially of an entire race and an entire community (us minority in M’sia).

        For example, Shaun writes in good English. As far as I can make out, there are no hanzi (in Chinese writing) titled books sitting on his bookshelf (check it out: zoom in on the big-sized photo in the CEKU website,

        He studied in an orang putih universiti in Amerika (not Chinese uni in Taiwan).

        His article is published by the UK Students’ website, not in the Chung Hwa alumni forum.

        I hope you can see how un-Chinese his offensive behaviour is. As you may be aware, Chinese society is highly hierarchical, meaning there is a strict pecking order where youngsters are trained to be respectful of elders, of authority and of the state.

        Shaun’s action bespeaks the individualistic Western influence of “human rights”, “freedom of speech” etc like Kim Guan Eng pontificating on Liberty, Equality, etc and his DAP state office holders going on about “Athenian principles and John F. Kennedy’s standards” (using Western yardstick).

        Stepping on a leader’s photo does not reflect a China-influence.

        Neither is the People’s Republic of China exactly world-renowned for promoting freedom of speech — which is what Shaun is invoking.

        So again, I repeat, his behaviour is NOT reflective of Chineseness.


        1. Helen! You do not know ‘How many Malays have been angered by Shaun! I am not surprised by the vulgar words used. He is exactly like the chinese DAP who insulted the Malays during their victory parade after the 10th May election… Lim Kit Siang included. Shaun is Lim Kit Siang in his younger days.

          As a 14 year old boy in Kluang in 1964… I was at the Kluang town basketball court when LKY and LKS gave their fiery speech… questioning why he cannot be Malaysia’s PM. So.. you know why LKY is a frustrated man… he never become the PM of this great nation. He is only PM of a tiny island.

          You can say anything about that Island nation… the citizens are actually NOT FREE people like us and they all have SMALL-MAN syndrome.

          1. Shaun is the guy who blocked ALL my comments in his You Tube upload on LKS. He has poor judgement and is not a fair player!

      2. I felt it, the insult above.. even though I’m Malay.

        I hope shauntolollogi will have a sense of remorse with the blanket statement.

        I do believed that not all Chinese are biadap.

      3. I finally see a photo of Shaun who had actually bullied everybody who commented on the false DAP videos ( related to Lim Kit Siang) whom he had uploaded. This feline (Kitty Cat-shown on his profile) is a “CYBER BULLY” with no conscience at all. He discarded all remarks about the truth from his You Tube comments. This guy is exactly like LKS in his younger days..ironically Shaun is a kitten. I feel sorry for his parents who had brought up a MONSTER!

      1. helen, your ‘type’ is too little and too late. i think after the election (i am very confident via my own straw poll pre2008 and now, of the malay swing back)

        When PR lose and they choose to parade in the streets claiming fraud, then my free advice is to take an extended holiday far outside the country. I think Rwanda or Uganda will be a better choice.

    2. My company fired a guy from Harvard cause he exhibited some of the characteristics aforementioned by Melonhead. There are plenty of smart people in my industry (actuarial).

      The Mat Sallehs in my office from Ivy Leagues and Oxbridge that I’ve met (with the exception of that one person who got laid off) are so humble and kind. They aren’t arrogant and think that their opinions outrank yours. Then of course there are the ‘Shaun Tans’ of this world.

      ps: what the hell is up with him unbuttoning two of his shirt buttons?


      1. I agree, we also feel dirty when the dapster call us brown idiots and other demeaning words, let us not all to the habits of the imperialists of dehumasising other fellow human beings… let us not stereotype each other with silly names.

  2. I wish these type of people would leave us alone. You don’t like what is hapening here, fine, go somewhere else. Instead of promoting change or being change, they prefer division and chaos.

    Wanting change is fine but being disrespectful isn’t, whatever the cause. 2/3 of this country voted in the current goverment so, “concerened malaysian” YOU CAN SUCK IT. If you can’t, you can always take 13 step off of a very tall 12 step ladder.

    1. these people, they talk about migrating all the time. funny thing is, after so many years, they are still here, and they still talk about migrating.

      truth be told, most of them cannot migrate, they are what we call the “living in wonderland types”, in their minds they think they are living in a foreign land, but in reality, after all these years, they are still here, and still whining about this and that. pitiful to say the least.

      not to forget, there are the rejects, those that migrated years ago, but after being at the receiving end of the white man’s supposed “fair” treatment, decided to come back, and when back here, they continue with their delusional wonderland antics of proclaiming how wonderful life in wonderland is, was. but ask them why they returned and the occasional answer is “I return to serve my country” or the more hypocritical tirade of “I return to save my country”.

    2. Ahem, 47% of the voters chose pakatan rakyat, and 50% chose barisan. BN also lost its 2/3rds majority. They are obsessed at regaining it instead of running the country.

      So your 2/3rds is definitely way off the mark.

  3. First look at your blog, the first impression will be your are BN cybertrooper. Your blog and comments are pro BN, although not as bad as ridhuan tee. Some comments from your followers showed that they have great command of English but zero common sense.

    You are so good in digging and instigating the hatred feelings and sentiments of these people till common sense is no longer in play in their mind. Yet they still think they are the silent majority. Unlike them, the majority of Malaysians are not blind. They still remember the cowgate, keris wavering action, bn’s cronies enrichment programs, the logs looting and thieving in east Malaysia, the cost over and over runs in infra projects.

    So, what’s wrong with stepping on a photo on an elected MP whose government mismanaged the country’s resources and wealth?

    So being stupid like your supporters.

    1. how many bottles already ? dis you know that consuming alcohol is forbidden in Islam ? now that you’ve converted to Islam, you still persist in consuming the banned substance. maybe someone ought to report you to the relevant religious authority.

      1. Oh man, alcohol again? is this all you are capable of? I am sure you can be do better and be more creative. By the way, why not that someone be you? Why can’t you take the initiative? Typical of a BN supporter, NATO.

      2. By the way, your education cost or scholarship is partially from the sin taxes, ie, gaming and alcohol tax. Not sinful or haram ah to consume the monies from these haram activities and products?

      3. Ravin,

        Reading Helen Ang is a satisfaction for many silent readers. The same goes for stopthelies. Why?

        Because many people are despised with the arrogance of these self-proclaimed better breed of mankind who think they are so better than others because of their education, wealth, or political ideology, but they just do not have the words or avenue to express their resentment toward them.

        You, Ravin is no difference. If you dislike this country so much, please follow the suggestion of John to migrate to some other countries which will listen to you and appreciate your talent. I suggest India as your name spells your origin. Would you?

    2. At first it seems like you’re so good for speaking out against someone who is inciting hatred. Certainly, you looked like someone who is sensible and morally correct.

      Then it hits me that you’re supporting insulting someone in a very harsh, kurang ajar way.

      So here I am, reminded how you are just a biadab DAP [supporter] who is also a hypocrite, just like your masters. So much for your insulting supporters of BN, you two-faced, name-changing non-credible *******.

    3. I feel that Iraq got bombed and invaded by Americans because Sadam Hussain put a photo of George Bush’s Sr. on the floor of an entrance to a building. He had no respect for a former American president who is also the father of a current president. My son had to step on the photo to get in. Why tolerate a negative and rude culture. I guess it doesn’t matter if I poo poo or step on Shaun Tan’s mother/father’s photo?

  4. Mismanage the country’s resources? As opposed to what? Penang & Selangor? Where, never mind the well being of unfortunate poors when you can sell everything to the highest bidder.

    Common sense?? Try dollar & cents sense.

    Better the devil you know….and all that jazz.

  5. Is this guy a Malaysian Citizen? If Yes then KDN OR Pendaftaran Negara should revoke is citizenship, we Malaysian citizen abide by law want this b***rd stay away from Malaysia for ever.

    1. revoking his citizenship will not help. in any case, he could well already be an ex-Malaysian, judging by his condescending attitude. but, no need for us to get so worked up because of this dupe.

      1. He wrote that he would be “in KL for the near future”.

        The qualification “[only] for the near future” implying no long-term commitment reminds me of the hilarity of Hannah Yeoh’s baby whom she allowed the JPN to register as a Chinese “for the time being”.

      2. so you’re saying that she and her family too will “migrate” in the not too distant future if they fail to win the GE ? life must be hard if you’re marginalized in all spheres and you have no choice but to live in a ghetto called Malaysian First. but come on Helen, seriously, where can these people go ? just look at their skin color. yellow, brown etc. them migrating to the white man’s land is akin to spilling black ink on a piece of white paper.

        1. It’s a ‘Win the Battle, Lose the War’ situation.

          I think DAP may put her up for Parliament or if she remains at state level give her exco position.

          For someone with mediocre SPM grades who graduated from Tasmania and worked as an “event planner”, her Malaysian First Lalaland here is far more lucrative than if she were to leave.

          Take Kim Guan Eng as another example. Abroad he would be nothing but another “failed accountant”. He’d be a nobody overseas compared to in Penang where he is a Tokong.

          So no, the DAPster Papas and Mamas would not leave but stay to reap the profit of the Chinese folly.

          The DAP evangelists do not lose anything as the next GE will see their party win even more seats so that their Aduns and MPs can enjoy the perks of office, incl. cozy-ing up to the property developers (and putting on FatCat weight from all the cream) and having their photos plastered in S’gor Times and reported 4x a week in The Star.

          So DAP wins the battle (gaining political prominence on the wave of hatred that swept them to power) and the Chinese community lose the war b’cos of the backlash from the rest of Malaysia’s other races reacting to the evangelista arrogance.

      3. speaking of backlash Helen, what forms of backlash can we expect then ? less places at public universities ? less scholarships for ethnic Chinese students ?

        1. It would be good if we can get the data as to how many percent of Chinese youth continue their tertiary education in M’sian public uni as opposed to in private uni-colleges/offshore campuses, and abroad.

          My impression is that public unis are no longer a first option unless it is for an expensive course like medicine or the student is poor.

          My more specific worry is the street demo culture and whether it would eventually end up at the levels of Syria, Libya, Egypt etc.

          I’m not saying this b’cos I have any fear that the Umno regime would be toppled.

          Rather I am concerned that if protest violence is sanctioned (legitimized and people become sensitized), then the out groups (minorities who look different and stand out like a sore thumb) may easily become the scapegoat when the fire ignites. They are playing with matches.

      4. so Helen, may I ask, what are the chances of the Chinese coming to their senses in the event that they are marginalized, isolated totally after the GE ?

        1. My hunch is that at least up to GE14 (the next next term), the Chinese will dig in their heels like how the Kelantanese resolutely kept their state draped in opposition colours for so many terms despite the repercussion of being isolated from the political mainstream.

          The marginalization of Chinese will have the effect of entrenching the resentment and victimhood, giving the media-savvy evangelistas ammunition to continue fomenting discontent and hatred. Thus the vicious circle is perpetuated.

      5. My guess is that some Chinese, those with money, they will leave, migrate. But we must somehow ask a very pertinent question. Even if they have money, which country with right thinking citizens and governments would accept these people ? Singapore ? They are in the middle of expelling foreign labor from their workforce and tightening immigration rules. Anglophile countries ? They are in the middle of an economic crisis, and with rising anti-immigrant sentiments, these countries are no go. China ? Forget it. Taiwan ? Forget it. So where can they go ? He he he !

        1. Tak muak ke tengok bangsa sendiri merata-rata. Kan seronok tengok berbilang bangsa=>.gadis2..melayu..cina..india dengan kecantikan masing2…lelaki melayu..cina..india yang tampan…asalkan jangan ada orang kurang aj…r macam Shaun. Kita tak perlu mencintai bangsa lain…hanya perlu hormat menghormati!

      6. Really Helen? That’s funny, I thought she leave it blank or raceless for the time being or until further notice.. kiki

  6. Hey Ravin, before you shoot your mouth on BN past, take a look at the report cards of Selangor Govt under PR….compare against its election manifesto & latest scandals…

    1. although they have failed to fulfill their election promises, I would like to suggest that their next election slogan be termed “Vote for endless scandals”. one thing they are really good at is getting themselves into all sorts of scandals, from sand mining, auctioning state land, to getting caught in the act performing carnal acts of the unnatural kind.

    2. Hello, you want to compare more than 40 years of ruling with less than 5 years?

      Come on man. BUt then again, can’t blame you because you can’t even differentiate right and wrong, and, as mentioned earlier, no common sense. YOu would rather let you master’s cow live in the condo. Very nice of you ya

      1. Ravin please laaaaaa………….lain kali guna nama lain lah. oh I dah lupa, tak kira nama apa you guna, you ni tetap celop.

      2. Ravin my sweet ..

        If 40 years was the duration it took for a crook A to ‘clean up’ a place while 5 years was the duration for crook B to do the same in the same place – don’t you think crook A is a failed crook?

        You have got to learn how to form an opinion while avoiding being called the town’s idiot, y’know.. You’re not stupid, why make stupid comparison?


      3. You are implying that you can differentiate right from wrong.

        But you are choosing Pakatan Rakyat whose leaders have shown and are continuing to show the whole world that they fully intend to be worse than BN leaders. PR leaders are even more corrupt and abusive of power as compared to those from BN.

        So how are we supposed to take you seriously?

  7. Pretty sad that these people dehumanize other people that expressing the rights to voice their political opinions, they are lucky their comments get the equal treatment in Helen Ang’s blog denied to us quiet voters in Malaysiakini and MalaysianInsider.

    Hypocritical like the West, ban pictures of topless Kate Middleton which resulted in the Irish Star being closed down and possible suits by the British lame Imperial family, but allow videos that offend 1 billion Muslims. Never mind me, I just watch from the side, i did not riot like the Pakistanis but cringe at the sheer hypocrisy in the matter.

    For all I care, Najib has acted non nonchalantly to other bigger accusations like being a murderer and such, and I am sure he did not give a fish over this Ahhhh-siaannn (UK slang) in the UK stomping on his picture, it is after all a piece of paper.

    The outrage over the stomping of the picture is a reaction of the conservatives that see that such actions are impudent, the same reaction in the Thai with a portrait of their King would result in imprisonment, hence the reaction by the govt dogs are considered mild harrassment. nevertheless, it was not Najib that deliberately charged the picture stompers, hence these anglophiles are just mud slinging as usual on a leader just a they heap Jesuit qualities in dictators like Kim Guan Eng.

    Comments like Makin Cuci and Makin Kotor as like any DAPSTERs actions border on being childish. who on earth writes they roll on the floor laughing to show that the people they disagree is below their level, only little kids or DAPSTER.

    1. Out of curiosity, just wonder why najib dare not bring the accusers to court. To defend his name. May be there are generations of worm inside the can now.

      And, oh ya, wonder why lately suaram is the target of Roc / ccm / polis since the start of the “sub”marine trials by the French authorities and court.

      Something fishy goin on. Can enlighten me ah? :)

      1. Ravin my love ..

        “Out of curiosity, just wonder why najib dare not bring the accusers to court. To defend his name. May be there are generations of worm inside the can now.”

        Answer: Because his name is spelt N.A.J.I.B and not A.N.W.A.R (One is given the task of managing a COUNTRY and the other incharge of Neverland & LalaLand).

        “And, oh ya, wonder why lately suaram is the target of Roc / ccm / polis since the start of the “sub”marine trials by the French authorities and court.”

        Answer: It’s this carefully – It’s I.N.Q.U.I.R.Y not T.R.I.A.L ! Ravin, you’re not stupid but why oh why you ask stupid questions?


  8. May the dog from hell piss on the his grave (the student whose foot set on our beloved PM pic) upon his demised.

  9. now have you ever wonder why the opposition tends to attract people of such substance to their ranks ?

  10. kalau Shaun Tan nak jadi adiwira, biarlah adiwira yang diiktiraf dan disanjung oleh semua pihak.

    kalau tidak, Shaun Tan akan jadi macam Sam Bacile iaitu disanjung oleh Barat tetapi dicemoh oleh Timur.

    1. dia tu bukan nak dapat sanjungan orang Timur. dia tu nak disanjung oleh orang Barat. kan dia tu Anglophile, atau lebih dikenali sebagai mat putih celop.

    1. Seingat saya, Kp pernah sebut bahawa orang rumah pun berketurunan (atau ada darah) Cina juga.

      Jadi Kp ni seharusnya sayang akan kaum Cina, bukan?

      1. helen , May be the selection process is by Language test then not by DNA.

        Any way that how piss i am at the HUA clan, ungrateful bunch.

        A bunch who always see the glass half empty, if they choose to, we can make the glass empty, then they have a good excuse to join their clan back at the motherland.

  11. Kak Helen,

    Bill Klinton naik kerana rakyat AS yang menaikkan Bush Senior berasa bahawa mereka telah dihampakan dalam berbagai segi.

    Bush Junior naik kerana rakyat yang sama yang menaikkan Bill Klinton berasa adanya kehampaan dalam pelbagai sudut.

    Obama naik kerana rakyat yang menaikkan Bush Junior berasakan pentadbiran Bush Junior telah tidak seperti yang diharapkan.

    Meskipun kehampaan dirasai oleh rakyat di negara maju dari semasa ke semasa namun kehampaan itu tidak ditunjukkan dengan cara memijak foto Bush Senior, Bill Klinton, Bush Junior atau terkini Obama sebaliknya kehampaan itu ditunjukkan di peti-peti undi.


    Kalau rakyat matang dalam amalan demokrasi makanya dapatlah mereka pemimpin yang matang. Sebaliknya kalau para pengikut tidak matang dalam mengamalkan demokrasi maka lahirlah pemimpin keanak-anakan.

    Lebih jelik ialah apabila bapa pijak foto pemimpin lawan lalu diikuti membabi buta oleh si anak, si sepupu dan kini sikap buruk itu seolah-olah berjangkit kepada para penyokong pula.


    Bilakah demokrasi tidak matang ini akan berakhir? Kalau ianya lambat lagi, apakah kesannya terhadap keharmonian dan kemakmuran?

  12. Kak Helen,

    Kalau contengan cat merah ke atas bas dan menggores kereta milik pihak lawan tidak akan mengubah pola undian, apakah dengan memijak foto pemimpin lawan akan mengubah pola undian?

  13. What those all goons forget that UMNO,MIC,MCA and others in BN won because THE MAJORITY OF MALAYSIAN PEOPLE aka RAKYAT “VOTE” for them.. so BN is the RAKYAT’s CHOICE not DAP or PKR or PAS..

    It is a very simple FACT and those so called “educated goons” decline to accept it..

    So hwho is the dunggus.. stupid DAPsters..

  14. Haha.. Lawak la Shaun ni. Kalau nak pijak gambar PM, please la print out saiz A5. Ni setakat A4 baik tak payah. Pastu kalau nak pijak, pijak betul2 la..kalau setakat pijak kat bahagian baju saje, nampak sangat tak berani nak pijak muka kan? Kesian betul la kat mamat ni sampai I tak jadi nak marah. Kesian gilerrrrr kat mamat ni. Kesian sangat2.. Apa produk lagi PR boleh keluarkan kalau bukan yang satu species macam Adli, Shaun, etc?

    Serius I kesian dekat mamat Shaun ni. Tu je expression yg dia mampu buat. Tu je tindakan yang dia boleh tunjukkan dengan pijak sipi2 gambar Najib. Kesian, kesian, kesian. Memang betul2 kesian.

    p/s: Mcm tu eh, cara PR berjuang? Pijak gmbr pemimpin kerajaan takat sipi2 dengan gaya muka orang mabuk? Pity.

    1. It starts when the chinese children convert and condemn their mengzhi parents to damnation…..

      meanwhile it starts when malays become bangsarized and syiok sendiri mat salleh and stop going back to kampung for raya or the malays that becomes talibanized and condemn their kampung parents for practicing bidaah in their humble malay lifestyle..

      it starts when the indian tamils children refuse to carry their tamil names and carry english names and forsake their family for anglophile partners..

      it starts when malaysians stop being themselves by abandoning the family values cherished by asian cultures and embrace the promiscuous anglophile values..the malays, tamils, hokkien and their respective heritage, pray whatever left of it, remains in the future generations.

  15. Khairul 6.25pm,

    You wanna know? Check how much genting and other gaming companies pay the taxes each year. And also check how much tax they collect from GAB and Carlsberg and other liquor importing companies.

    Oh ya, is there any special arrangement or instructions by the government to classify these taxes as haram monies and non halal for muslim to consume?

    1. Alas, the dapster with their crude reasoning with malay muslims, there is no halal and haram or kosher or non kosher in the world of business and finance, india exports the most cow hide, malaysia rears the most pigs, arabs invest $800 billion in the great Satan amriki….we can sleep very well at night because we accept the world is not perfect and requires pragmatism.

    2. oh Ravin cinta hatiku…

      Last check, like few saat ago.. Malaysia oso got other bangsa u know dan sayangku Ravin, taxes or cukai are used for the development of the country – yang ada pelbagai bangsa tu, okkkkk! Cuba kau beritahu which country in the world yang ada segregation of taxes monies according to Halal & Haram.

      U tak bodoh kan.. kenapa tanya soalan-soalan bodoh ni.. Karang orang panggil ko bodoh, ko marahh?

      Kisses.. muah, muah RaRa (nama manja you, ok?)

    3. Aiyaaa Ravin,

      You so amazinglah. Ravin, a non-Muslim, so concerned about halal and haram money in the government. You must be a man of granite-hard principle, to care so deeply about the fate of your Muslim friends. I find myself involuntarily bending at the knee out of sheer admiration for your integrity and self-control. Do your best to remind your Muslim friends to not touch money from the Malaysian government, because that money is haram money, OK?

      So tell them not to accept the second round of BR1M.

      They should not send their children to public school.

      They should not travel on public roads, and also the North-South highway, since it was the brainchild of Tun M.

      They shouldn’t set foot in Putrajaya, a mega-project which PAS has vowed to sell off.

      Hell, they shouldn’t drive cars, because the petrol is subsidized by haram government money. They should ride donkeys. I’m sure you catch the significance of mentioning that animal here. And to regulate the usage of donkeys among PR supporters, each animal should bear registration numbers with the prefix RAVIN.

      1. mua ha ha ha… lawak… ravin tu penyamar tegar, dia sebenarnya bukan india atau melayu… aku rasa dia ni keldai menyamar manusia.

  16. Melonhead,

    Yes sir. You said it all. This boy is rude. Malay terms his as “kurang ajar’. In my hometown (kedah), Shaun would have been referred as “seperti orang tiada mak bapa”.

    Shaun due to his naivety, believes the universe “kowtows” to his value. He maybe bright academically but like a boy of his age, he is “mentah”. Due to his inexperience, he is taken for a ride by manipulative politicians whose idea of being relevance is to be rude, racist.

    Contrary to what he may think, Najib is in comfortable position. Let us get real. His hold on Malay community is unchallenged. Many Malays are uncomfortable with Anwar’s brand of politics that fail to recognise Malay aspirations that the Malays wants to hold to political power.

    Nothing wrong about that. Shaun is lucky. Or more importantly Chinese especially are lucky. Try doing that in Indonesia, USA or thailand. In no time, the govt will haul them.

    Forget about separate school system. And there is no such thing as Sdn Bhd political party so applicable to DAP and PKR.

    1. Najib alas is a human being, he is insecure because in the end, he was not elected but rather received the baton from slumberjack badawi, which is a source of his hesitance on PRU13.

      The botched photoshops, the intense attack by Buletin Utama on SUARAM, and the unenviable task (for a pampered UMNO Demon Lord) stem from his fear of not being elected, as any incumbent would, so for a despot, Najib truly fear the force of democracy of Malaysia, especially at a time when the Malay hegemony is split and uncertain and the Chinese votes enters the pits of DAP.

      Nontheless, his efforts despite driven by fear will be appreciated by many just as many jobless Americans appreciate the promise of jobs by Obama (Barisan Nasional) or fear Mitt Romney’s disparaging remarks on the 47 percent Americans who are poor (DAP disparaging Malays when Malays are not around except when tweet it or comment on Malays in Malaysiakini.)

      If the dapster continues its anti-Malay stance or allow the stupid devil Umno to intelligently capitalize on their absolutely stupid tweets, then the Malays will have the pleasure of fulfilling their worse nightmare….. make Najib an elected Prime Minister aka the Devil we choose to trust.

  17. Dearest Helen,

    Trust me when I say this, no one in here except RaRa and the ilks sees you as chinese anymore – it happens to the best of people when their voice transcends their race & religion. Suffice to say, you’re like an elder sister or younger sister (you choose la!) to almost everyone in here.

    No need to take offense nor offended, I do believe Shauntologi sees you as a person rather your label/race/whatever..

    It’s a compliment actually! Yeah I know you’d be thinking that there are other chinese like you but Shauntologi’s bitch would be the DAPsters and the bananas..

  18. Dalam politik, politikus sering berkata “I am sorry” apabila menyedari yang ia telah melakukan satu kesilapan meskipun kesilapan berkenaan tidak melanggari undang-undang. Mungkin Shaun terlalu mentah untuk memahami realiti yang ini.

  19. this guy has got his thumb so deep in his asshole ….he can taste his own shit and is liking it …….cheers back slapped and how brave he is yeahhh right …coz hes tasting his own shit and liking it everybodys high 5 him

  20. Yup. Definitely gay by the looks of it. Not that im homophobic. Just stating the facts. Judging from the way he dresses – no sex life either. I don’t think he’ll get any second looks in PKR leader office. Not his type.

    1. I have nothing against gays so long they act civil but this guy is a potential homo serial killer like jeffrey dahmer… looks like he just dumped a body or two in a barrel full of acid and then stepped on najib pic to calm his mind… najib pics can do wonders to the insane… that is why only mad people step on pics and think they are the best, in reality, their mind is in a stupor of confusion.

      Yours (this one) is the weirdest comment I’ve ever had to moderate in my blog. I’m stumped but I’ll let it through as something said tongue-in-cheek which Shaun will not take seriously. — Helen

  21. Wrong. Malaysians should regularly deface and step on the portraits of their politicians. If you are a BN supporter, start printing A4 posters of DSAI or LGE or LKS or HA and get stomping quick. You know what to do if you are a PR supporter. If you are a liberal humanist, just get a picture of any politician from either BN and PR and go happy feet.

    Such actions are usually done by folks with way too much time on their hands OR people who believe we can bring change by dirtying up some public figures’ photos.

    If you are an environmentalist, try stepping on an imaginery portrait of your choice to save the trees.

  22. I really don’t have much to say as regular common sensed (minus those with an agenda) Malaysians here have expressed their thoughts crystal clear. You know who you are. I like to share this quote by Lou Holtz:

    “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it”.

    I am sure we all can figure out where it is lacking for such insolent characters.

    Setopa, coomentor #70, a piece of advice don’t insult gays or anyone for the fun of it. Your mentality imbibed depiction & insinuation has no bearing on the issue that is being discussed here. Nothing personal just an observation.

    1. Advice taken. Thanks.

      However, I must say the fact that u choose to single out my comment over DireStraites (#71) one right above me is rather interesting though. It’s almost like saying, people nowadays can make fun out of anything in the world except gays. Hmm… well, what to do… :) Have a great weekend!

      1. Cos I am gay setopa .. that’s why. However, off topic – I find your comment hilarious and do continue with your POV. None taken on my side, if you ask me personally! But I do admit that Shaun does emit Queendom trying to squeeze every ounce of machismo available – coming from a fruit like me, that says a lot I tells ya!

      2. When fruits and rainbow brites also refuse to believe anwar ibrahim & co., it makes me wonder why they still bother.

      3. Cool. Glad my cosmopolitan gay-friendly image is still intact. After all, we will only be just “Sapiens” without the “Homo” right? Except DSAI. That one definitely Homo Erectus la :)

  23. tidak dinafikan budak ni memang jambu, tapi sayang bengong sikit. aku rasa negara takkan rugi apa-apa jika dia berhijrah keluar malaysia. tak taulah nasib dia nanti, jambu ke tidak…

  24. this attitude has been ingrained by nuar brahim……..early 70’s, nuar la ketua student yang baling batu, pecah masjid kat lembah pantai dulu……sekarang semua ikut……..and, nuar suka…….yep, sebab yang suka buat macam ni, pengikut dia……..

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