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Tu Malaysiakini. Ni masih ada Labu dan Labi …

Seiring dengan tersebarnya berita bahawa Suaram dibiayai dana asing, media arus perdana dan blog-blog pro-kerajaan juga mendedahkan bahawa portal Malaysiakini menerima sumbangan derma daripada yayasan yang ditubuhkan oleh hartawan Yahudi-Amerika George Soros.

The Star:


“The in-flow of foreign funds into organisations such as Suaram, Mkini Dotcom Sdn Bhd, which operates the news portal Malaysiakini, and Bersih has raised a few eyebrows” (sini).

“Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said it was obvious that the foreign funding for non-governmental organisations like Suaram and online portal Malaysiakini is done with bad intention in mind” (sini).

Kalau sampai Dr M pun beri komen, big story dah ni.

Rockybru tak ketinggalan main cerita beserta blogger-blogger popular yang lain — The Unspinners, Parpukari, MIM, dll


Yang saya nak tahu, siapa pula yang membiayai The Malaysian Insider dan The Nut Graph?

Para blogger otai pasti tahu, kan, siapa bos sebenar di sebalik TMI dan TNG?

Boleh tolong kongsi maklumat dengan kita juga?

The Nut Graph dalam tahun-tahun awal operasinya memang berbelanja boros – pengarang ambil gaji besar, penyumbang rencana dibayar kadar tinggi – tapi takde iklan, langganan atau “business model” pun. Jadi dari mana diorang dapat income, leh?

Rasa-rasanya ramai pembaca blog pun ingin tahu dari mana portal-portal pro-Kristian tersebut dapat funding mereka yang berjuta-juta-juta tu.


Siapa bagi dana dan berapa mereka dapat?

Pemberita ‘pelacur’, pemberita pari-pari


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16 thoughts on “Tu Malaysiakini. Ni masih ada Labu dan Labi …

  1. ok,,,they receive funds from overeas,,,christian,,whatnot… SO WHAT? Is it illegal?,,is it corrupted money? Why not investigate the super-rich guy in Sarawak?

    1. For you to even think that there is nothing wrong with foreign powers with their own agenda sponsoring local NGOs to do their bidding, then there is nothing else to say to people like you.

      I guess that is the difference between those who really love the country and those that just want power. I rather the country be undr-develop but OURS than to be ‘developed’ but under a foreign master.

      And you wonder why there are people out there who question your loyalty to the country….

    2. Another thing, imagine this scenario: if america finds out the existence of several NGOs and newsportal critical of the government that are sponsored by middle east islamist or militant, do you honestly think america will be ok with that and embrace them as a proof of the freedom of expression that they are so proud of?

      Or do you think that the US government will freeze the assets of all the organization involved and punish the perpetrators under their patriot act? Come on la…you can twist things all you want, but the moment you take money from foreign powers that are known to have a hidden agenda and that expect you to deliver what they paid for, regardless of whether it is detrimental to our country, then you are a traitor in my eyes!

      And to think, macam lah ‘regime’ kat malaysia ni teruk sangat…just how many people lah yang dah dibunuh, yang hilang, etc? The way some pro-opposition people speak, macam malaysia ni teruk sangat. Give me a break! It only makes you look stupid!

      Sorry Helen, but i am completely mad when people give arguments as stupid as that. You talk about integrity and transparency,then practice what you preach. Or else, shut up!

      S’okay. You and I are on the same page. — Helen

      P.S. Read ‘Anwar & Nurul : Dumb & Dumber‘ by SAA

  2. I watched Elizabeth (the first queen) on Astro, the rival to Queen Elizabeth to the the the throne, the Lord of Norfolk was executed for receiving support from the King of Spain(supported by such document signed by Lord Norfolk himself) and a priest from the Vatican tortured to death for receiving a letter primising him entry into heaven escorted by angels if he assasinate the queen.

    Even the english execute people who receive promise of heaven by the Holy Pope to undermine their monarchy and insiders that receive foreign aid….LOL. Queen Elizabeth then enacted the Act of Uniformity to make the Anglican Church the sole religious authority to kill off the Vatican influence… so will Umno/Pas have to implement hudud to shut off the Avengelistas?

    1. One thing for sure. UMNO has been in power for a very long time and it is hard to let go something that is very dear to oneself. Suppose BN flipped this time around, UMNO will definitely join hands with PAS to form a unity government and agreeing to the latter’s terms whatever that may be, and that may include hudud.

      You cannot trust anyone 100%, let alone politician. They will do whatever they can to obtain/cling to power. UMNO has been comfortable in power with MCA and MIC not implementing hudud for the past 50 years. Why should they implement it this time around? Only for a good reason.

      1. what’s Malaysiakini admitting to receive foreign funds and Helen enquirying about whether Nutgraph and Malaysia Insider has to do with Hudud? You lost me when you wrote ‘one thing for sure….’

      2. Ajay, or whoever you maybe as these days we just have too many pseudo characters.

        You say “You cannot trust anyone 100%, let alone politician. They will do whatever they can to obtain/cling to power.

        Sure I agree with this but Malaysians have survived and sustained amongst each other no matter what the politic was or how skewed the system is as long it served them individually. Seriously nobody was too concerned with basic humanity but moved on with a tolak ansur attitude. This is good.

        However if the tolak ansur comes to a saturation point for a community within our own scope why do we keep harping on the political upheaval like the government or the opposition but rather having the ability to recognize the truth and reality for fellow Malaysians. A good reason that one would seek with conviction is not political but rather how we can prosper a nation amongst us irrespective of our origin.

        Why do we waste so much time politicking, when we fail to address the basic humanity woes of our fellow citizens.

  3. Ahhh…so nice to have lots of money, can just throw it around the world to support people doing what you want.

    Well, may not all be individual sponsors like Soros though, if it were to be organizations say like what Helen insinuated, the money could come from charities and all that. Much like what the West always allege about money from muslim charities funding terrorism or something.

    All this throwing money around to make people do stuff, how much different is it from businessmen giving money and gifts to government officials to get and smoothen business deals?

    Just because it involves religion doesn’t mean much, just recently Indonesian civil servants under their Ministry of religion got involved in contracts involving Qurans.

      1. You mean like this like how you stated in an earlier post of Cina sanggup buat apa-apa saja untuk cekup undi Melayu?

        “Adakah dengan ditambah ‘sian’ belakang Malay akan menidak bangsa Melayu? Kami tetap tidak akan terima MALAYsian seseorang tanpa syarat2 termaktub 1. Berbahasa Melayu 2. Beragama Islam 3. Mengamalkan budaya Melayu. Tetapi dengan diubah Melayu menjadi Muslim sahaja, maka hilanglah identiti Melayu tersebut.”

        Hello kawan, dunia mana you duduk ini? Don’t you think you ini sound hypocritical, one moment Melayu, one moment $$$$, then humanity. Aaisah man!!!! take you pick in Malaysia and tell us what we need to do to entangle your conviction.

        Jangan marah, just reading your comments and trying to figure out what is it that you really want.

  4. Helen, Kalimullah could be the man behind MI and maybe the Edge too ( we Edge in SIngapore too). So maybe we all can guess who is the boss behind him. Hey don’t need external funding, they have sufficient internal funding. Nut Graph is lost in translation not relevant anymore but if you look at the contributors, I am sure many could figure out.

    1. Point to note, TMI have advertisements by GLCs, so are people in the GLCs in cahoot too?

      The Edge is obviously critical of the government, not systematically critical but rather reprimanding which reflects ‘I know better’ attitude of The Edge columnists, which makes me feel like reading a page out of The Rocket, it is reason I stopped wasting RM5 for The Edge weekly edition.

  5. the fact that people from the opposition saying that it is okay to receive foreign funding even if it means they have to commit treason is nothing new.

    Helen, I m not criticizing the Chinese. But ask yourself, and we readers should also ask ourselves, why is it that the majority of people running these pro-opposition NGOs are Chinese ?

    They have no reservation in selling out to foreigners even though they know this will bring chaos and destruction to our country ?

    We have differences, political differences. That is normal. Not everyone share the same worldview. But we must ask ourselves, why is it that the Chinese have this inclination to collude with foreigners to undermine our country ?

    This is not something new. In Thailand, it is the same with the Red Shirts. As some of you know, the Red Shirts are the allied with Thaksin, who is a known collaborator with the Globalists running the Wall Street financial banksters. Mind you, Thaksin is also an ethnic Chinese.

    In the Philippines, we also see the same thing happening. The vast majority of wealth of this country is in the hands of ethnic Chinese, and these ethnic Chinese are also known to have links with foreigners that underwrite the funding of local NGOs operating in the Philippines under the guise of democracy, freedom and human rights while the Philippines authority continue with its vendetta against the Muslims of Mindanao.

    What, who are these people ? The natives have been very accommodating for decades, even centuries in countries throughout South East Asia, not just in Malaysia. They should realized that this accommodation is a 2 way street. Pushing for “change” while at the same time undermining the rights and aspirations of the natives is not going to help either party. Don’t push your luck.

    1. En. Ahmad Ibrahim,

      That is a superb question. It cuts deep, and it cuts true.

      Why are so many traitors from that race?

      I will spread this question, insya Allah. Maybe we will find an anwer that we would be satisfied with.

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