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RPK akhirnya mengaku

“I have read many comments posted in Malaysia Today by readers who say that the Chinese do not need the Malays. In fact, I have deleted scores* of such comments because they only serve to rub the Malays the wrong way and does not help Pakatan Rakyat’s cause one bit.” — kata Raja Petra Kamarudin dalam rencananya bertajuk ‘Like a trapped animal (part 4)’

Raja Petra mengaku beliau memadamkan (tidak meluluskan untuk ia disiar) berpuluh-puluh komen pembaca yang mengatakan orang Cina tidak memerlukan orang Melayu.

1 dozen = 12
1 score* = 20
1 gross = 144


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8 thoughts on “RPK akhirnya mengaku

  1. Let’s stay with that school of thought for one moment:

    If the Chinese don’t need the Malays; DAP shouldn’t bother with PKR or PAS, no?

    Sure, two out of those three purport to cross racial lines, but I think everyone understands the basic question.

  2. Pakatan Rakyat is a misnomer.
    What we have is just 3 parties with their own different agendas pretending to be allying with each other in the people’s name.

    1. Random commenter, with due respect

      Pakatan when translated word to word means “to conspire”

      Barisan means an “alliance”

  3. Sombongnya Cina2 tersebut, tetapi mungkin cybertroppers MCA/Gerakan kata seorang dari ramai2 pengkomen? Anyway it shows how arrogance this dapsters can become..

  4. This is how I describe Pakatan.

    PKR = fighting for a man’s ambition of becoming PM and propagating the continuation of his political dynasty through his children i.e his daughter Nurul Izzah.

    DAP = the party knows that it has no hope of ever getting to Putrajaya. But one thing it does know is that, by cornering the Chinese vote, which it already did, it guarantees the survival and relevancy of the party as a political force in the country.

    PAS = this party works with the other 2 because it knows that in order to get UMNO to agree to its agenda, it must work with a) the DAP, that is, help the DAP to corner the Chinese vote, decimate the MCA and Gerakan in order to sever UMNO’s ties to MCA and Gerakan, and b) with PKR, to grab as many votes as possible from liberal Malays and other disenfranchised minorities i.e Indians and other pribumi to strengthened it bargaining power with UMNO and Taib’s gang in Sarawak.

  5. from the pin head size brain point of views, yes, a score of ‘chinese’ commenters said chinese don’t need malay. yea,yea same goes to malay… and it goes on and on until forever. you guys buy that? RPK? RPK? that guy can easily bluff with his ‘angkat sumpah’ “inikan pula tulisan blog!”. maybe another bluff. peanut for him to bluff. hemmm!

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