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Aliran NGO apa?

Premesh Chandran, CEO Malaysiakini, telah mengeluarkan lidah pengarang (Sept 27) yang berikut:

Petikan <QUOTE>

“The attacks against Malaysiakini signal that the government is getting desperate.
“For the past week, the mainstream media – TV3, Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times and The Star – have launched an attack on Malaysiakini and civil society organisations for receiving grants from international foundations in what they claimed is a plot to destabilise the government.
Malaysiakini has been further attacked for having a foreign investor which is allegedly linked to billionaire financier George Soros. Further aspersions have been cast on Malaysiakini that some of our shareholders have political links.
“I understand the reason for the attacks. After all, elections are around the corner, and by all accounts, the results could go either way.
“Hence, the mainstream media have been ordered by their political owners – Umno and MCA – to attack and discredit voices that are calling for free and fair elections, for investigations into various corruption scandals and for democratic principles to be observed and upheld.
“It is no surprise that they repeatedly report accusations, insinuations and half-truths, along with an ugly dose of racism – a strategy perfected by none other than Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels. […]”


Mengikut CEO portal tersebut:

  • Umno dan MCA telah mengarah media milik mereka untuk menyerang Malaysiakini
  • Arahan tersebut dikeluarkan atas sebab kerajaan (bermaksud parti pemerintah) semakin cemas dan terdesak
  • Strategi propaganda TV3, Utusan, NST dan The Star ialah untuk membuat tuduhan, insinuasi dan separa pembohongan diiringi suntikan bisa rasisme yang segalanya mengikut acuan Nazi

NGO serang peribadi wartawan

Baiklah. Sekarang cuba teliti rencana yang diterbitkan Aliran, sebuah NGO di Pulau Pinang dan ditulis seorang ahli Aliran bernama John Inbaraj.

Ia bertajuk ‘Star columnists – are they twisting the truth?‘ dan disiarkan di laman sesawang Aliran.

John Inbaraj menulis:

Petikan <QUOTE>

  • “Trash it [The Star] is, without a doubt.
  • “Such is their [two Star columnists] skill that with mere words they can make black look white!”
  • “I have decided to just have fun with them and ask readers to join me in critically analysing their views if only to let them know that there are intelligent, discerning people out there who treat their views with contempt.”
  • “The following quotes from her [Joceline Tan’s] article should help one see how glaringly anti-Anwar, anti-Khalid Ibrahim and anti-PKR she is.”
  • “Did she shoot herself in the foot?”
  • “There is much more. Twists and turns to accommodate Barisan’s agenda …”
  • “Some may ask, where has integrity gone?”
  • “Does one in government agencies or those leaning towards government agencies apparently have to sell their souls for a pay-check or continued employment?”
  • “The indication of the opposition marching into Putrajaya is real. … This may be the cause for our writers [The Star‘s Joceline Tan and K. Baradan] to lean so aggressively towards the Barisan. Maybe they are being pressured …”


Cemuhan John Inbaraj mirip gaya Haris Ibrahim yang menuduh Raja Petra Kamarudin sebagai having “sold out”.

Adakah penyokong-penyokong pembangkang sama sekali tidak mampu membidas melalui kaedah mematahkan hujah dengan berasaskan fakta?

Aliran ikut arahan?

Aliran, sebuah NGO kononnya memperjuangkan hak asasi, pada suatu masa dahulu terkenal dengan majalah Aliran Monthly yang mengupas isu-isu berat.

Pada masa kini pula, laman Aliran boleh menyerang wartawan Star.

(Wartawan ini telah membuat liputan tentang tindakan MPPP menjual tanah di Taman Manggis yang dimiliki kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang.)

Kalau CEOnya Premesh boleh berkata serangan ke atas Malaysiakini oleh media arus perdana adalah dilancarkan menurut perintah Umno dan MCA, maka kita pun tertanya-tanya serangan oleh media Aliran ke atas kolumnis-kolumnis The Star di bawah arahan siapa?

Seterusnya Premesh juga tadi menegaskan bahawa tuduhan, insinuasi dan separa pembohongan adalah strategi yang dijalankan oleh media BN mengikut kerangka propaganda Joseph Goebbels.

Bagaimana pula dengan kegiatan-kegiatan Aliran – misalan oleh presidennya P. Ramakrishnan (baca sini dan sini) beserta cemuhan terhadap Joceline Tan?

Terkandung dalam laman NGO yang kononnya membela hak asasi ialah tohmahan dan serangan peribadi ke atas wartawan oleh ahli NGO tersebut.

Kecaman Aliran tidak ubah seperti kecaman baru-baru ini oleh seorang pemimpin tertinggi DAP yang menuduh The Star sebagai “indulging in pure fabrication, mindless concoctions and sheer hallucination”.

Bayangkan apa yang mungkin didakwa DAPster sekiranya NGO pro-kerajaan (contohnya Perkasa) menonjolkan pandangan yang sama sahaja seperti parti politik (contohnya Umno) dan dalam pada itu, Perkasa menyerang sebuah media pro-pembangkang (contohnya Malaysiakini).

Ini berupa kes Aliran menonjolkan pandangan yang sama sahaja seperti DAP dan Aliran pula menyerang wartawan media milik MCA.

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18 thoughts on “Aliran NGO apa?

  1. Helen,

    Mkini ada pemilik dan pemilik berkenaan ….

    TV3, NST, Star dan sewaktu dengannya juga ada pemilik dan pemiliknya adalah …

    kalau ada maklumat negatif tentang pihak media dimainkan oleh pihak media pesaing, rakyat berharap pihak media berkenaan menjelaskan perkara yang dimainkan itu.

    Mkini tak perlu menuduh pihak media pesaing ada agenda itu dan ini sebaliknya beritahu rakyat apakah isu yang dimainkan itu benar atau palsu.

  2. “This attack against Malaysiakini signals that the government is getting desperate.”

    No, jackass. It means we’re getting sick of you, and we’re going to do something about it.

    1. yes we are going to do something, on election day, we will vote the opposition parties out of business. we do not agree with all the things the government do, but when it is time to make a decision, we know who to trust. Better the devil I know than the angel I don’t know.

      Now Malaysiakini, take this ptui !

  3. I think the mainstream papers have hurt Premesh’s feelings. Bad TV3, the Star and NST!

    I do have a question though. Malaysiakini has always accused the mainstream papers as nothing more than party organs. So where is the surprise? Malaysiakini considers themselves INDEPENDENT and provides only the news and views that MATTER. So, it clearly matters when your own arse is on fire?

    Nevermind the fact that Malaysiakini is strongly/obviously ANTI-BN. Even the blind would know that. The real reason for Premesh’s latest piece is that Malaysiakini is DESPERATE themselves. Their supposed “independence” is now a hanging chad, so to speak. For all the claims of being independent (and I still remember the justifications they gave for subscription model), they have not been forthcoming on their funding sources.

    Many people knew this, at least the ones who heard through the grapevine. Now the mainstream press goes viral on this and Premesh feels hurt? When your credibility is on line, don’t la try and snake around the truth.

    Malaysiakini should be proud that it is the most anti-establishment media portal that is out there, and they are being funded to teach other operators in other countries to do the same.

    Don’t say la you are independent, that’s misleading. And then you try and confuse everyone by claiming 70% ownership is by the 3 founders. It lain-lah bro, pecahan kewangan (income revenue) is not quite the same as ownership. I can own 99% of a company, but the share of let’s say 1 Baba’s contribution could be 30% of my total revenue. Kemudian mau pusing pulak duit yayasan antarabangsa ni disalurkan kepada projek-projek khas dan hanya sebahagian kecil daripada bajet.

    Orang bagi duit sebab ada nampak persamaan matlamatlah. Kenapa NED tak bagi duit kat the Sun?

    1. NED patut bagi duit kat Harakah sekali, teruk sangat depa. cerita dari sumber bodo-bodo ja. up sikit gaji penulis, mana tau lagi baik lepas ni…

    2. or to put it bluntly, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

      kenapa NED tak bagi duit kat the Sun ? tak perlu pun, sebab, kat The Sun sudah ada Oon Yeoh dan Tricia Yeoh, dua sepoi DAP yang berkhidmat kat mainstream media. The Sun sudah pun kena “infiltrated” long time ago, macam The Malay Mail sekarang.

      lagipun, kalau bagi The Sun duit, nanti akan tarik perhatian orang ramai. lebih baik bagi duit kat NGOs dan news portals seperti Malaysiakini, that way, you deflect people’s attention, allowing mainstream papers infiltrated by the opposition to bash the government without even the people are aware of it. see The Malay Mail. they publish so many articles by Pakatan politicians and Malaysiakini, it has as though become the print version of Malaysiakini itself.

      Tak hairan pun, during election time, The Malay Mail dan The Sun akan hentam BN dan pihak-pihak pro-establishment sebab kedua-dua paper tu akan print version media pro-pembangkang.

      1. It looks to me that the powers that be of the Opposition pact feel that The Star’s cover has been blown and therefore they need new outlets to do their dirty deeds. If you read The Sun and The Malay Mail on a regular basis, then you’ll notice the similarities these 2 papers share with The Star.

        The Star … they might as well come out with a symbol of The Rocket shooting for The Star as their new trademark, copyright or whatever. That’s more appropriate for a paper that is the official print medium of the opposition.

        I’ll be back tomorrow. After all, I m not a cybertrooper. Can’t just be at this blog the entire day. Like all other people, I too have a regular job.

        He he he !

  4. We should pressure our government to follow the steps of Russia and US of A in making it mandatory for local NGOs receiving money from foreign governments or organisations to register themselves as ‘foreign agents’ and any articles, press statements issued by the said NGOs to come with a footnote ‘we are a registered foreign agent as we have received money from foreign elements’. Or better still,the NGOs themselves should volunteer to do so, then baru lah orang kata CAT!!

    And to MKini and friends, spin all you want. Do you honestly think the people cannot think for themselves and see ALL that you guys have been doing all this while? Talk all you want, spin all you want, ultimately you TOOK money from foreign elements with their own hidden agenda, thus that makes you a foreign agent. And that makes you and your ilk TRAITORS in my eyes!

      1. lalat sampah dan lalat taik, sama ja pengotornya kan? tapi malangnya kumbang taik takkan kata taik tu kotor kerana itu habitatnya. btw, pas bukan lalat buah, depa lalat loji kumbah sama ja ngan dap dan pkr. hemmm…

  5. Sori off topic, bila Cik Helen nak gantikan tajuk ‘anchor’ blog ini.. annoying la greeted by that smirked face.. :-)

      1. Maintain gambar tu takpe. But give mustache and goatee so cannot she is not easily recognizable.

  6. Aliran adalah media indie, tapi indie pun tentu ada kecenderungan seperti kita semua adalah penulis indie di alam siber. ada cenderung pro BN ada pro PR ada kata dia tengah-tengah, tak sokong sapa-sapa. maaflah, dalam iklim politik malaysia sekarang ni, takdak sapa pun di tengah-tengah. itu kecik punya budakpun tak boleh kena kelentong punya… ngaku lagi baik.

  7. Dapster are cheating themselves when they compare malaysian newspapers to western papers. Western media are never impartial and at under the directions of its owners to comply to their agenda. Read the Age in Australia why they barely cover the Palestinian conflict as they are under a Zionist lobbyist (Melbourne where the Age is headquartered has the most number of Jews and Zionists in Australia with significant government and corporate influences).

    Even the non-partisan newspapers and news portals in the US display gross bias during elections and on certain issues. Fox news is an example on the ludicrousity of the so-called American free press that takes on many form, some are anti islam, anti Obama, anti multiculturalism, anti Asian, anti Hispanic… which in the end conform to the palate of their target market… rednecks, liberals, white people who hate colored people.

    To sum up, the government-owned presses are doing their job serving the interests of their owners just as Malaysiakini and Insider is doing for its pakatan warlords while some opportunists like The Star do so to get readership hence flip-flopping between pro BN and being dapsters.

    In the end, people want to read what favour their allegiance, hence it is not strange that Umno people would love reading Utusan and NST while the Dapster read Malaysiakini. They choose whether to buy and read the papers and the survival of the newspapers will eventually end up in the hand of readers.

    I actually favor the current model where the opposition have their own mouthpiece, it is better than the Mahathir era where such freedom is curtailed. Only after indulging in Malaysia Today and Screenshots (i was a opposition junkie in my juvenile years) and learn how absurd they can be, i can at least read both sides of the divide without my stomach twisting, hence i am a regular Malaysiakini and Insider reader, and read Utusan and NST.

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