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Lepas Perang Roti, ini Perang Kopi pula

Bekas ketua pemuda Perkasa Armand Azha melancarkan kempen memboikot kopitiam Old Town White Coffee (OTWC).

Khabarnya kempen tersebut sudahpun diberitakan di RTM.

Blogger-blogger Melayu-Islam ada yang menyahut seruan Armand dan ada juga yang memaparkan logo di blog mereka mengatakan Ngeh Koo Ham adalah tuanpunya OTWC.

Ngeh menafikan bahawa OTWC adalah miliknya.

Pemegang-pemegang utama saham OTWC – iaitu sebuah syarikat yang disenaraikan di papan Bursa Malaysia (public-listed company) – boleh disemak pada profil syarikat, pdf sini (ms 119-120). Tak ada nama Ngeh.

Status produk halal boleh disemak di Direktori Halal (portal rasmi kerajaan).

Namun Armand dan rakan-rakan bloggernya mempertikaikan status halal kopitiam tersebut.

Rasa-rasanya OTWC agak malang kerana kena tempias perang mulut Ngeh dengan pengkritik-pengkritik pengerusi DAP Perak itu di alam maya.

Saya rasa bukan sekadar OTWC sahaja yang merasa bahang. Nanti giliran peniagaan Cina lain untuk berdepan tindakan boikot gara-gara sikap politikus Kristian DAP.

Screenshot (atas): Tweet Ngeh berbunyi “Tuhan tak kata bagitu (sic).”

Sesetengah politikus Kristian DAP membayangkan seolah-olah diri mereka mempunyai talian terus kepada Tuhan.

Kononnya Tuhan tidak menetapkan kopi mesti halal dan perkara ini diberitahu Tuhan kepada Ngeh. Lantaran Ngeh boleh yakin Tuhan tak kata begitu.

Masalahnya orang Kristian DAP begitu nekad mahu samakan Tuhan Triniti mereka dengan Allah.

Tweet para politikus Kristian DAP sekarang ini asyik menyebut-yebut nama Tuhan selain mengejek pihak lawan sebagai syaitan (“devils”).

Lambat-laun para politikus Kristian DAP ini pasti akan mentweet menggantikan ‘Tuhan’ dengan sebutan ‘Allah’ sebab bagi mereka tiada beza.

Anda mungkin juga meminati:

Roti Massimo dan Gardenia sama harga


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66 thoughts on “Lepas Perang Roti, ini Perang Kopi pula

  1. Kak Helen,

    bagi pihak jumud, twit balas Ngeh terhadap Arman tidak menampakkan apa-apa kekurangan dari sudut ilmu dan keperibadian, tetapi bagi golongan tidak jumud twit berkenaan mendedahkan keperibadian bodoh sombong (yakni si bebal yang berlagak sombong dan semua tahu) dan secara tidak langsung menjurus kepada harakiri karekter dan kepolitikan kendiri serta mencemar nama baik parti yang menaunginya.

  2. This Ngeh is also getting cocky and arrogant. What gives him the right to say that pertama kali saya dengar minuman kopi ada label halal. It is as though he is the mujtahid of Islam who knows everything about Islam.

    His words are more or lest like campur tangan into hal ehwal Islam. He has no authority and no right to give fatwa on that matter especially he is a non Muslim and not knowing much about this religion. Is he a hafiz and mujtahid of Islam that he has the authority to say Tuhan tak kata begitu? This is a sense of cockiness when he thinks he has the right to say about the the affairs of religion he does not profess. This is really going too much. Too much.

    1. Agree, his condescending tone is appalling, as always he thinks the malays are in suspended animation and deaf and blind.

  3. I will support this boycott as OTWC charges exorbitant price on its rubbish food…kaya bread for rm5..gimme a break.

    1. I wish OTWC had more consistency in QC. At some outlets, the koay teow soup tastes better than others.

  4. Dear Helen, like the way you titled it as Dulu Perang Roti now Perang Kopitiam… What I want to mention here is its happening at the expanse of some irresposible politician remarks… Lain kali Ngeh duduk Tiam ! Tiam Loh? Speak when you are spoken too otherwise habis Kopitiam lah. Whad say ya Helen…

    1. This Ngeh fella suffers the same Tweet-tweet-tweet Syndrome as his fellow evangelist DAP politician who wants everyone to look at her all the time.

  5. on this matter, i have to agree with ngeh. This absurdity must stop. Armand need to do a fact checking before launching any boycott whatsoever – just don’t start something based on assumptions. These are people’s livelihood we’re talking about and vengeance is not the answer. When they bitch over DAPsters perpetual hysteria, we must also not stoop so low to that level; the chinese fencesitter are not amused as they see this as an attack on them as well. Don’t let stupidity be a plague that is as contagious as ebola; doesn’t serve anyone any good.

    1. anakjamil,

      Once upon a time, I would have agreed with you. That was I before I heard of how some kopitiams used lard in their coffee toasting process or whatnot to give it that extra kick. Ever since then, I’ve chosen my coffee place carefully.

      I’m not saying that’s what goes into OTWC’s brew, but it’s just to give an idea of what kind of situations Muslims face when they go to eat at OTWC and other places like it.

      Apa, sedap terlampau ke, these places, that we Malays must go there? I understand that kedai Melayu memang takde nak dapat benda2 macam kat kopitiam, but I would rather have the boring same ole that’s halal, than go someplace where I have doubts.

      But, that’s just me.

        1. OTWC is scrambling to do damage control. From the tweets exchange, it looks like the company approached Armand to give an explanation tapi dia tak layan.

          I expect OTWC will be turning to the mainstream media with their press releases. So we await further developments.

          The contention by Armand and the others appears to be more about the food preparation rather than the coffee powder per se.

          Wasn’t Massimo faced with a similar allegation?

      1. Always thought JAKIM is sole authority for issuing halal certs. The problem with state depts issuing halal certs is that one would need all the other states to endorse Perak cert…

        My bottom line is Ngeh epitomises gejala #Bebalisme yang dibawa oleh #Pakatoons.

  6. First, I do not boycott OTWC. In fact I love their food. Very authentic traditional Chinese kopitiam food as I used to experience when I was a kid. And as Muslim, we do not boycott based on assumption and wild accusation on the Internet.

    But this Ngeh should be taught a lesson. First, OTWC should issue a statement that Ngeh does not speak on their behalf, unless this Ngeh is one of the owner of the chain. And this Ngeh, I don’t know why, pretend as though he speaks on behalf of OTWC. OTWC should taugh this guy a lesson for he thought his cockiness deserves him to be the spokesman of OTWC. Issue a public statement to stop this nonsense.

  7. otwc should make a statement to distance themselves from ngeh… but the best thing to do is ipoh town just chase ngeh away… he created a lot of problems already………

  8. Wasn’t there a movement to boycott a certain roti from their divide previously?

    and Ngeh’s manner of arrogance as displayed in his tweet is amazing..

    In either case a valid halal cert must be displayed on each and every premise (pork free sign is insufficient)…

    even famous fast food outlets has it

  9. GM,

    I agree that OTWC should issue a statement re: shareholders and spokesperson but what Ngeh is doing; defending OTWC is admirable.

    OTWC is from Perak, similar state where Ngeh is from, so when Armand starts a guilty by association (not even true, mind you) boycott, Ngeh take it upon him & in his weird style to defend his ‘countrymen’. Similar no, ala Gardenia & Massimo?

    Does this make me a DAP symphatizer – no, but we must also admit when some wrong thing has been committed.

    I’ve never been to OTWC, as I don’t see why I need to pay premium price for coffee or hawkers’ food. But face it, malaysians wants to be trendy, wants to be seen frequenting posh kopitiams; basically we’re all attention glamour-seeking whores but fighting for the rights of our countrymen must be admired and be given credit when it’s due.

    I frequent real chinese kopitiams, as long as there’s no pork or lard (i always ask) I am ok with it. This doesn’t make me modern in any way but sometimes the chinese seller appreciates this small gestures/visitation and I make friends with them.

    I believe in including people in, understands & respect their cultures & way of thinking – kalau kita tak mahu orang berprasangka buruk tentang kita, kita seharusnya tidak berprasangka terhadap mereka, no?

    Saya mungkin tidak religious dan berpengetahuan cetek tentang islam dari cara hidup serta pandangan saya tapi instead of accusing Ngeh mempermainkan agama islam, someone should advise him accordingly on adab serta tertib mengenai Islam. Jangan be emotional and carry forward the dissatisfaction over his last tweets re: innocence of Muslims.. kita harus ingat bagi setiap surah yg kita baca, kita mulai dengan menyebut ‘Dengan nama Allah yang maha pemurah & maha mengasihani’.

    1. Real Chinese kopitiams are hard to find in certain urban areas. In the condo where I lived before I moved last year, there was one nearby but not really a ‘real’ kopitiam.

      Hence places like OTWC get their clientele (my segment of the demography) when we have a craving for our 1/2-boiled eggs, Hailam bread & koay yeow soup. I admit I do find the menu rather pricey for kopitiam fare but it’s a matter of location and convenience to meet up rather than any intimations of trendiness.

  10. Who cares about a spit like ngeh.. already in the dust bin… the PASsters will handle him like they do to a US or israeli flag for his twat on tweeter… let’s concentrate on the tokong and his deputy.

  11. “Chinese is the biggest tax payer in Malaysia!”

    Based on the above statement, why must OTWC worries with the Malay/Muslim customers boycotting OTWC? Due to purchasing power of the Malay/Muslim is low (Because Muslim/Malay pay less tax) , it should just ignore the boycott called by Perkasa.

    Malay/Muslim customers contribute maybe just only up to 20% revenue for OTWC. Why OTWC even bothers?

    1. You answer your own question with data that only OTWC management have. Kalau kena chop #Bebalisme nanti jangan marah, okay?

      1. That Mkini link is Premesh Chandran running a counter-campaign to save his own backside.

        MDLF got seed funding from Soros, and OSI is a Soros vehicle which continues to support MDLF. I don’t see how that is a “tenuous link” as Premesh puts. Aku wiki 2 minit dah boleh nampak full descriptions.

        YL Chong @ Desiderata would be a good background source for you, if you have the patience to sit through old-man waffling and sift through what actually happened and what Desi thinks happened (1st hand vs 2nd hand account).

      2. Dear En. Joe,

        Terima kasih untuk ugutan “Kalau kena chop #Bebalisme nanti jangan marah, okay?”.

        Sila baca kembali apa yang di nyatakan dan jika memerlukan pencerahan, saya sedia membantu.

        Yang ikhlas.

    2. Saya selalu tertanya-tanya. Kenapa orang pembangkang yang berketurunan Cina suka sangat guna nama orang Melayu apabila mereka buat komen tentang itu tentang ini ?

      is this a deliberate attempt the mislead the people reading the comments section ?

      Dulu Ravin@Mohd Aziz@entah apa nama dia yang kata dia tu Melayu, tapi setelah identiti dia terbongkar iaitu Ravin=Mohd Aziz, dia pun tak guna nama Mohd Aziz lagi, lalu dia pun guna nama Ravin sebagai cover.

      Sekarang pulak, datang “Razak”. Saya pun tertanya-tanya, adakah “Razak” ni Melayu atau…………orang Cina yang menyamar sebagai orang Melayu ?

      1. Orang Cina bukan Muslim yang pakai tudung masuk-keluar masjid tu menyamar sebagai apa?

        P.S. Kepimpinan melalui teladan

      2. Helen, jawapannya mudah saja, Orang Cina, atau sesiapa saja yang bukan Islam, yang pakai tudung masuk keluar masjid, kalau mereka ni golongan yang terlibat dengan politik, tidak kira mereka ni dari parti yang memerintah atau parti pembangkang, mereka ni golongan yang hampir sama dengan orang-orang munafik.

        Kita boleh juga menyifatkan orang-orang politik bukan Islam yang selalu “quote from the Holy Quran” sebagai tergolong dalam golongan yang tidak bezanya dengan orang-orang munafik.

        Helen, ingat Lim Guan Eng ?

      3. En. Ahmad Ibrahim,

        Kali terakhir saya berdiri di cermin sebentar tadi, saya mempunyai kulit sawo matang, beragama Islam, mempraktik kan adat perpatih dan masih keturunan Melayu tulen. Kubur nenek moyang saya yang berusia beratus-ratus tahun di Melaka masih boleh dilawati di negeri Melaka, Kota/Negeri metropolis yang pertama untuk Tanah Melayu.

        Adakah setiap perkara pertama yang dilakukan oleh anda apabiila membaca komentar yang tidak difahami ialah dengan terus melabelkan saya sebagai “Kenapa orang pembangkang yang berketurunan Cina suka sangat guna nama orang Melayu apabila mereka buat komen tentang itu tentang ini ?

        is this a deliberate attempt the mislead the people reading the comments section ? ”

        Jika memerlukan pencerahan lanjut untuk memahami apa yang dimaksudkan, saya sedia membantu.

        Yang ikhlas.

        1. Peace Razak.

          Please excuse the suspicion of some readers as this blog has had the previous experience of one so-called ‘Mohd Aziz’.

          The regulars had earlier called him out on his assumed ethnicity tapi dia masih menegakkan benang basah beriya-iya mengaku Melayu. Dibalas Si ‘Mohd Aziz’ ini dengan komen:

          “Hangpa nampak ke masa aku kat jamban pakai ayer atau kertai?”

          Later it was found that he posted his comments from the same IP address as one ‘Ravin’. Since then ‘Mohd Aziz’-Ravin has not denied that they’re one and the same person.

          It’s quite true that the DAP cybertroopers assume Malay Muslim names. But their low level of BM betrays them and in any case, they usually comment in English anyway, and they do a lot of cut-and-paste.

          Since Ravin does not C & P and he has decent colloquial BM, I’m not inclined to believe he’s a cybertrooper although his reason for the bipolarity escapes me.

          Given the circumstances of the common DAP cybertrooper imposture, Ahmad Ibrahim’s reaction is understandable.

          Anyway Ravin is still participating here and I hope you too will continue to do the same … using the nick ‘Razak’ ya :)

          Dissenting opinions are fine and accepted in this blog.

      4. “Razak”, adakah engkau benar-benar Melayu ? Jawapan kepada soalan ini, hanya engkau saja yang boleh jawap.

        Ada juga di kalangan orang Cina yang fasih berbahasa Melayu, jadi tidak hairan kalau mereka boleh datang ke blog ini, atau mana-mana blog yang lain, dan mengelar diri mereka selaku orang Melayu dan memberi komen, hujah menyokong pembangkang, dan dengan itu, seperti apa yang Ahmad Ibrahim kata, “deliberately mislead the people”, di mana, jika pembaca tidak berwaspada, akan beranggapan bahawa terdapat sejumlah besar orang Melayu yang menyokong pembangkang.

        Saya juga berpendapat bahawa terdapat juga orang-orang Melayu, yang menyokong pihak Barisan, yang menggunakan nama orang Cina sebagai cover untuk memberi gambaran bahawa terdapat juga orang Cina yang menyokong pihak kerajaan.

        Kebiasaannya, golongan orang Melayu yang “menyamar” sebagai orang Cina, apabila mereka memberi komen, mereka lebih berhemah, mereka tidak membuat tuduhan sebarangan, tidak seperti orang-orang pembangkang yang berketurunan Cina yang “menyamar” sebagai orang Melayu, apabila mereka memberi komen, seolah-olah orang-orang Melayu sendiri benci terhadap kaum mereka sendiri. Ini pendapat saya.


        re: “sejumlah besar orang Melayu yang menyokong pembangkang” … got wor, GE in 1999, 2008. — Helen

      5. Ingin saya tambah lagi, sejak beberapa hari ini, datang pula seorang pembaca yang mengelar dirinya “Pedang” yang kata dia tu orang Islam, tapi berdasarkan komen, hujah yang telah dia kemukakan, dia tidak nampak Islam pun.

        Saya sendiri bukan pakar dalam soal agama, tapi kalau isu-isu asas agama pun tidak boleh dijelaskan dengan sewajarnya, maka, seseorang yang kata dia tu orang Islam akan menimbulkan perasaan syak wasangka di kalangan pembaca.

        Hujah-hujahnya berbunyi macam pegangan kumpulan ‘Quranics’. — Helen

      6. Dear Saudari Helen,

        Your blog is in my list of must read daily together with ; ; and .

        When I read your postings, it is similar to JebatMustDie, astounded us with your intelligent; witty and full or humurous sarcasms to stimulate my brain.

        As and when I need thinking stimulation with data, statistic and ” ‘Just Bring It On’ – ‘Tit for tat, if you kill my dog I’ll kill your cat’ ” moments ; I visit SatDthinks.

        If “Out of The Box” thinking stimulation needed; Syeds OutsideTheBox and Gopal Raj Kumar Takemon is a must read.

        It is joyous to read the triumph of “On The Fence” virtual Malaysian in the Cyber Warfare front againsts the opposition supporters whom hell bends about winning the political battle at all costs but loosing the war for the benefits of all Malaysian.

        That is why it is also disheartening to read “Labels” is now common practices among the “On The Fence” cyber warriors whom is winning this battle with their humurous sarcasms, factual data, intelligent and wittiness all this while.


      7. Enciik / Cik Pakatan Puak Pembohong,

        Sila baca

        Apa pendapat anda mengenai Para 164. We are aware that there are parties requesting to be given a chance to form the next Government. In a democratic country, we understand that they too have their rights. It is the rakyat who ultimately decides who will be given the mandate through the ballot box.

        dan juga Para 171. According to Plato, ‘The measure of a man is what he does with power’. There are parties who are willing to sacrifice everything simply for the sake of power. The Barisan Nasional Government is guided by “fastabiqul khairat” as written in Al-Quran that I had recited earlier, which is to do good. The parties on the other side are guided by the “fastabiqul fasad” that is they will not hesitate to do bad.

        Saya memohon Encik/Cik Pakatan Puak Pembohong untuk memberi pencerahan lanjut terutamanya untuk

        “According to Plato, ‘The measure of a man is what he does with power’. There are parties who are willing to sacrifice everything simply for the sake of power.”

        dan juga

        “The Barisan Nasional Government is guided by “fastabiqul khairat” as written in Al-Quran that I had recited earlier, which is to do good. The parties on the other side are guided by the “fastabiqul fasad” that is they will not hesitate to do bad.”

        samada secara bersama atau berasingan.

        Yang ikhlas.

    3. Pedas sungguh lidah kamu Razak, bercabang sangat sampai orang tak faham, meanwhile aku dah rolling rolling on the floor laughing out loud..

      1. Aku tak layan pun karenah dia. lidah bercabang dua. lagi banyak kita layan dia, lagi melampau gelagat dia. dia kata dia ada layari blog JMD dll, dah aku sendiri kenal orang-orang pembangkang yang pergi kat blog-blog itu, semuanya bukan ke sana nak bedialog, tapi ke sana nak pick a fight.

        lihat penguasaan bahasa Inggeris dia aku dah tahu dia tu Cina, dah lama aku kata, pembangkang ni suka berselindung di sebalik nama orang Melayu. Mereka ingat orang Melayu ni tak perasan. Biar aku kata pada mereka, orang-orang Melayu kenal sifat orang-orang pembangkang.

        Kalau nak sebut pasal label, biar saya tanya, siapa yang mulakan cerita pasal label ni? yang label orang-orang pro-establishment dengan ayat-ayat seperti prostitute, corrupt, dll, ialah orang pembangkang. Jadi ini nasihat saya, lain kali, kalau nak bagi komen, nak tuduh orang ini itu, lihat kat cermin. lihat kat diri sendiri dahulu. okey ?

        sekian terima kasih.

  12. Another dumb tweet by a DAP politician?

    I think you need to make a greatest hit remix now, you probably have enough material already.

    LOL. Chipmunk ’em as well? — Helen

  13. Saya tertarik dengan kata-kata “tuhan membebaskan”. Dalam hal ini, adakah Ngeh bermaksud “tuhan membebaskan” sehingga betul dan salah sudah tidak lagi digunapakai?

    Jangan kerana hanya tahu sedikit mengenai agama lain Ngeh boleh rasa dirinya tahu semua benda. Kalau tak tahu Ngeh jangan masuk campur.

    1. Saya berpendapat, apabila Ngeh kata “Tuhan” membebaskan, dia bermaksud, sesiapa saja yang mempunyai kepercayaan yang serupa dengan dia, yakni Kristian, dia boleh lakukan apa sahaja, termasuk menyindir orang-orang yang berlainan agama daripada dia, membuat tuduhan yang orang ini orang itu rasuah, zalim dan sebagainya.

      Kita lihat sahaja tindak-tanduk ahli politik pembangkang dan penyokong-penyokong mereka. Mereka anggap mereka ni alim, telus dan sebagainya. Tapi kita perlu ingat, golongan yang selalu gelar diri mereka alim, telus, adil, saksama, golongan inilah yang paling tidak alim, yang paling tidak telus. Seperti apa yang pernah Samuel Johnson kata “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel”.

      And the following fits nicely the traits of the opposition “virtues are the clothes of the hypocrites”.

  14. I love the Ipoh Hor Fun, my wife the nasi lemak rendang and the toast, my eldest daughter and the youngest will always order the iced chocolate drink. My son wallop anything. That’s how close OTWC is to us.

    JAKIM should also be pro-active, when they see Muslims eating in any non-babi restaurant, meet the owner and advise the accordingly. Itu baru dakwah. Kalau asyik nak menghukum sahaja, hilang seri hidupan dalam Islam itu sendiri.


    1. satu cadangan yg baik…harap pihak berkaitan adakan kursus kendalian makanan halal dan baik secara berkala bukan saja kepada operator bukan mukmin malah untuk operator mukmin jua.

    2. Moya, sound and practical advice, but you knowlah!!!, semua ali baba show time, show me the $$$, semua boleh in Malaysia. Conscious and conviction window dressed accordingly like our politicans mah!!!!

      1. Kamu nih tak habis2 dengan persepsi, tipikal..

        Untuk makluman kamu pegawai2 JAKIM amat dedikasi, tegas dan tidak bertolak ansur bila bab2 melibatkan halal/haram kerana mereka tahu apakah hukumannya di akhirat (kalau tak tahu makna google je) kelak..

        Mekanisma terbaik adalah setiap sijil di caj harga, kalah bukan bersandarkan duit, apa sandaran terbaik? Air liur?

  15. Aku rasa, kita masih ingat lagi kes Kluang Station Kopitiam. Lebih separuh daripada pelanggannya adalah Melayu/Islam. Aku pernah makan minum di situ, nak dapat tempat duduk pun sukar. Tapi malang sekali apabila didapati campuran kopinya mengandungi lemak babi, perniagaan mereka jatuh merudum..

    Satu kesimpulan yang dapat saya buat, orang bukan Islam memang tahu babi itu haram disisi Islam. Setakat itu sahaja. Tetapi adakah mereka tahu dan faham jika kuali yang menggoreng daging babi juga tidak boleh digunakan menggoreng mi walaupun tidak mengandungi daging babi untuk dihidangkan kepada orang Islam?

    Begitu juga sebaliknya, orang bukan Islam tahu bahawa haiwan yang tidak disembelih itu haram dimakan oleh orang Islam. Tetapi tahukah mereka syarat syarat dan peraturan menyembelih? Bagi mereka asal potong dileher sudah memadai..

    Umat Islam sendiri yang harus peka dengan hal hal seperti ini ..

    Seelok eloknya jauhikan diri jika ada keraguan..

    1. Kawan ? In New York most restaurants are turning into Halal definition to attract customer nothing more. I go to Chinese restaurant in NY which is non Halal, they tell me this is pork not Halal because I look like a Muslim.

      Unfortunately there is no license for something Halal or Non Halal, just that when they see you and they make sure you know the choice you make does without infringing your religion. Seriously do you think we need JAKIM or how ayam disembelih in Malaysia for Malay Malaysians to know what is halal or not halal? Pleaselah, don’t take your religion to an extreme where you suspect your own people.

      1. Ehh.. kawan,

        Kami Muslim bukan membawa isu halal/haram kepada ‘extremism’ tetapi itu adalah keperluan kami, kamu mahu faham atau tidak kamu punya hal.. I am not pak ustaz to explain it in detail, you want to know google/wiki it..

    2. Perniagaan Kluang Coffee merudum? Benda apa yang kamu hisap sampai mencacatkan otak kamu. When was the last you been to Kluang Coffee. I go to Kluang Coffee at Kluang at least four times a week. They have regained their business confidence and their regular customers are back. Business is brisk. The Muslim customers too are back in droves. So tolonglah jangan merepek karut.

      One reason could be why people choose Kluang Coffee over other kopitiam is that their consistency of their products and food which is reasonably priced and tasty.

  16. Malah jika ada sijil halal sekali pun, belum tentu makanan atau minuman mereka akan terus halal. Mungkin halal sewaktu memohon sijil tetapi tidak selepas itu.. Jadi, JAKIM kenalah pro aktif

  17. 1- who owns Old Town International Sdn Bhd worth 175,345,000 53.13 and Neobalano Carpus Limited 33,000,000 10.00? There is Ngeh connection until proven wrong

    2- The western countries also have their Religious authority that determines HALAL status- Australia Religious Authority , America Religious Authority and Korean and Thailand Religious Authority that decides on the HALAL status of food manufactured in their countries or other countries. Their authority statement is usually used in pharmaceutical, beauty and food products. For Ngeh to say that this is non existance is belittling Islam – Ngeh has touched a very sensitive issue

    1. Kawan, nak kelentong pun mesti pandai not just tembak even if your intention is right I don’t think anybody is belittling Islam, Ngeh is stupid and so is the PERKASA bloke. I am sure we the regular folks minus origin are not so stupid when we know how we have been between us at least in Malaysia for humanity and reality to sustain. No offense, but don’t get riled up with artificial agenda if we know how to take care of each other as Malaysians.

  18. Otwc tak sedap pun. Sesetengah cawangan pekerja nepal dia pemalas pun ada. Cuba georgetown kopitiam atau pak li kopitiam. Tapi masalahnya cawangan dia tak banyak. Tak bersepah-sepah macam otwc.

    1. kusochon,

      thanks for the kopitiam options. Never heard of georgetown but I did once went to Pak Li and never again would i donate my money there, as they treated me like garbage just because i don’t don my designers’ ensemble & look too selekeh; my 1 cup of coffee was 45-mins late, my cousins & aunts’ food were cold when it finally arrive to our table. The only regret i have for pak li is not wearing my full Gucci collection, head to my bloody toe.

      1. Pak li where? The one I went to is at seksyen 18, shah alam. Overall is not bad since the price also is quite cheap compare to otwc. There is one georgetown kopitiam at sunway piramid. I think the coffee there is better. One thing I really hate about otwc is that the hot coffee always never hot enough. Always suam-suam panas. Mana puas minum kopi suam!

  19. CHINESE The Biggest Tax payers maybe ….but food for thought the Malays pays Income tax and ZAKAT reason OTWC pun treasure some of their Malay clientel.

    1. Kenapa nak peduli pun jika Cina pembayar cukai terbanyak..

      Yang penting apakah sumbangan kita (tak kira bangsa) terhadap pembangunan, kemaslahatan dan keselamatan negara?

      Yang pasti pembangkang Malaysia kurang di dalam nilai tersebut..

    2. Chinese may be the biggest tax layers. But Malays especially through the government servants is the biggest contributor to the economy. Check how much they spend a month. Where thet spend it? In shop own by Chinese. That’s why Chinese the biggest tax payers.

      Take a look at the end of the year with the one and half months bonus the civil servants get. Where it will go? To the Chinese business. So do please take care your malay customers.

      Btw, pak hail am kopitiam I think the only kopitiam shop that get halal cert. The food and service also quite ok.

  20. Ini semua berpunca drpd tak faham adar resam kaum pribumi. Tidak faham agama Islam. Kenapa? Dari tadika sampai Universiti Cina mana nak tau hal ehwal bangsa lain. Cina berlagak konon nak boikot Gardenia. Sedangkan kuasa membeli majoritinya Melayu. Kalau Melayu boikot kedai Cina amacam? mcm buy british last. UK yg besar pun boleh terasa kesan boikot Malaysia dahulu.

    Sebab tulah kena bercampur dlm masyarakat. Jgn pandang bangsa lain sebelah mata. Hormati adat resam, agama dan budaya. Nak meniaga apa pun buatlah… kalau dah serve cust Islam, usahalah apply sijil halal. Kenapa tak mau? Ada udang sebalik mee.? Kerana Evengelis ni ada niat memperlekehkan Islam.. itu aja. Nanti kita tgk apa kesa OTWC selepas diboikot.

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