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Marina Mahathir on whether Facebook, Twitter threaten national security

Speech bubble content taken from The Edge article yesterday, ‘Ridiculous to say Facebook, Twitter pose national security threat‘.

Marina Mahathir was a panellist in the National Young Lawyers forum titled ‘Social Media: Guilty! For Updating Your Facebook and Tweeting’.

The business paper also quoted Marina as saying that the government is “upping the risk” for users of social media by introducing legislation that tries to regulate cyberspace connectivity, and complaining that local authorities are going after individuals who post problematic comments on Facebook.

***   ***   ***

Like birds of a feather, they flock together.

And their many eggs hatch every day everywhere.

Facebook and Twitter, which are interlinked, are a menace to the intelligence quotient of the country when certain politicians must needs tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet 24/7 in their determination to dumb down the collective.

As far as I’m aware, Dr M and Karpal Singh do not tweet.

Below: Sample of verbal diarrhea regurgitating a single idea

From the first spurt at 6.02pm, “To many more jubilee years of harmony” to the last release at 8.38pm “a year of Jubilee moving from strength to strength, faith to faith and glory to glory”, the tweeting preacher of DAPSubangJaya gushes like a burst dam.

“Year of Jubilee” by the way is according to the Bible “Count off seven sabbath years—seven times seven years—so that the seven sabbath years amount to a period of forty-nine years.”

Overwhelmed by Twits

A threat to national sanity

When Twits (see Twit Meter above) keep on snowballing, they will by their sheer number peck to death the last remnants of civility, goodwill and good faith.

Facebook and Twitter – misused by the DAPsters – are a syok sendiri slanderous cauldron in which they feed each other snake oil.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

4 thoughts on “Marina Mahathir on whether Facebook, Twitter threaten national security

  1. Helen,

    kalau dah namanya diarea verbal, mencurah-curah ia dikeluar. dan dari segi bau-bauanya, hanya golongan sewaktu dengannya yang boleh tahan…anosmia gitu.

  2. Helen,

    Snake oil sepatutnya digunakan untuk mengubati sindrome ularmak bisu dalam kem pembangkang tetapi diberikan kepada pihak yang tidak bisu (Dapster). kalau diambil oleh golongan tidak bisu, kesan sampingannya ialah verbal diarhea. makanya, masalah bisu tidak selesai sebaliknya jumlah kes verbal diarrhea yang meningkat naik.

    Bagi diorang, ia bau Christian Dior, leh. — Helen

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