70 thoughts on “Hannah Yeoh: Oooo, begitu hipokrit gomen BN, geramnya!!!

  1. la muka kuih bulan lagi…hehehe… what to do. the term anak malaysia cannot be used by any other people ka.. next she’ll said gomen tiru dia punya trademark. later go and register la copyright and saman who use that term. geli pankreas aku.

  2. Hope her next child come out looking like orang putih. Will she claim it is anak Malaysia?

  3. hannah ni ada mental problem sikit, i think………in your birth cert of course, u have to put down whether u r chinese, malay or indian or whatever……..but still u r anak malaysia……..

    i remember when i have to fill up forms in the states, they have this column where u have to tick whether caucasian, black, hispanic, asian…..etc….not sure bout now, it was back in the 80s then……..people making no fuss bout it though…….

    mungkin dia ni terlalu arrogance…..someone should tick her head to wake her up……this is the real world, baby…..

  4. Kalau nak anak bangsa malaysia, nanti pergi beranak di USA ke, UK ke. Di sana dalam borang birth registration, kotak RACE letak MALAYSIA.
    Kalau di malaysia ni, analk malaysia tu untuk semua anak2 warga malaysia pelbagai kaum. Kalau bukan anak kaum malaysia, itu anak siamang atau orang hutan.


  5. Name Hannah Yeoh sound very the matsalleh . Whats her real name? Reminds me of a tourist guide named Muniandy….he told the tourist in the tour coach you can called me ANDY….ha.! ha! he is such ..fun and makes everyone laughs with joy. Dont fuss with Anak Malaysia …nobody stopping you or your children from claiming Anak Malaysia. Most importantly Behave like one Anak Malaysia yang dimana bumi dipijak disitu langit dijunjung.

  6. Kak Helen,

    For the fence sitters, we see both sides are equally hypocrite. when the time come for us to chose in between the hypocrite that we know and the one that we don’t, the choice is pretty clear….

    For Hannah, since we are not the Anglophiles who use to get special sermons from you, we definitely need more of your time and effort in order for us to know you better.

  7. Helen,

    Do you mind if i am using your blog to express how sorry I am to Hannah?

    Hannah – I am sorry for thinking and saying that you’re not bright enough before, i admit I was wrong! You’re not stupid Hannah, you’re just mentally retarded!

  8. Helen,

    Gambar anak kecil dalam papan iklan “saya anak Msia” bukanlah berwajah pribumi sebaliknya berwajah monggoloid.

    Apakah Hannah jeles kerana wajah penghias utama billboard “saya anak Msia” adalah bukan a/p Ram?

    1. Marhaeman,

      hannah yeoh bebal tu bodoh sebenarnya..

      papan tanda tu bertulis ‘aku anak malaysia’

      si minah bebal yeoh tu pulak nak register anak kacukan dengan lelaki indianya sebagai ‘berbangsa Malaysia’

      mana sama maksud kedua-dua tu ayat tu..

      contoh ayat:

      awak bangsa apa? saya bangsa cina.

      p/s: nak dijadikan cerita, akhirnya minah dapster tu boleh pulak letak kat sijil lahir anak dia ‘berbangsa cina’.. kenapa tidak letak berbangsa india?kan suami minah hipokrit tu berketurunan india? fikir-fikirkanlah

  9. Helen,

    Hannah is an example of a politician who over emphasizes her intelligence (not that I think she fits the category anyway).

    Racism exists. And DAP epitomises the very essence of racism. DAP goes all out inciting the chinese to challenge the Malays and whatever Malays aspirations.

    It cries out loud on how terrible the Chinese is treated (meaning by malay govt), ignoring the over accomodating attitude Malay led govt on the Chinese.

    DAP teaches the Chinese to be insular and paranoid against UMNO simply because UMNO is seen as the only stumbling block to achieve LIM Dynasty in totality.

    But more importantly, DAP gives false hope to the Chinese that they ALONE can dictate how Malaysia should be administered. Until to the point the Chinese is blind to demographic reality that they are not the majority.

    Woe betide the nation should DAP take over Malaysia. The imperial dynasty was abolished in mainland China. But here DAP still harbors the idea of LIM DYNASTY. And it thinks it can achieve its ambition by sacrificing Chinese interest through collision with the malays.

  10. Is that the actual Anak Malaysia billboard posted? THe kid doesn’t look like the ‘average’ anak malaysia.

    They should go to this website:


    THey should input a randon sampling of the malaysian population..

    Methinks the ‘average’ malaysia face would have darker skin and rounder eyes.

    Also, I think Hannah Yeoh should have a ‘ménage à trois’ with a malay man and her hubby. That way the product can be true ‘anak malaysia’ .

    1. “Also, I think Hannah Yeoh should have a ‘ménage à trois with a malay man and her hubby. That way the product can be true ‘anak malaysia’”

      Ah ha ha ha !

    2. ‘ménage à trois’ bunyinya menac ar tqhua, dengar sedap makna secara harfiah ialah tentang mencampurkan 3 jenis anggur berlainan ke dalam satu botol wain… tapi kalau metafora ikut konteks di atas jadi agak kejam lawak OB ni. tapi apapun gelak adalah percuma dan hak individu. hahaha :)

  11. Minta tolong pencerahan dari sesiapa, apakah kriteria untuk menjadi anak bangsa Malaysia? Aku dah keliru dengan retorik tak habis2 dari muka kuih bulan nih..

  12. The name of the daughter of Hannah Yeoh is Shay Adora Ram a/p Ramachandran Muniandy

    Never in my life I heard any Malaysian name of Shay Adora Ram

    If she is so obsessed with Anak Malaysia, she should name her daughter Melur, Kiambang, Joyah as those are pure Malaysian name.

    1. Oh GrandMarquis, I second you. That’s why I am definitely support Anak Jamil’s sorry for Hannah. She IS mentally retarded.

      Dia tak paham ke maksud anak Malaysia means lahir di Malaysia? Bukan bermaksud BANGSA MALAYSIA. Kalau betul2 mahu bangsa Malaysia, semua warganegara Malaysia mesti diasimilasi mcm Thais, Indos, etc.

      I cadangkan HY letak nama Kuntum, like my great great grandmother. Very Malay Land-ish.

        1. Look at the bright side – at least Kuih Bulan not retarded enough to join her & Ram’s (a habit a lot of malays are doing of late when they want to name their babies) – then you’d be getting HaRam!

  13. wah Cik Helen .. I’ve read your interview in AIDC (by mistake actually, I thought you were writing for them)..anyway, was wondering whether the interview went the way it was written or was it edited to cater to AIDC’s readers’ demographic; you know la I a bit keypochi and wants to hear the truth from the horse’s mouth.

  14. were there things that you’ve said omitted out or some words added in – try as i may but i don’t believe everything that comes out from the internet. Just nak kepastian whether the article was not peppered just to please their readers.

        1. Lemme guess :) [ you suspect ] the views on kalimah Allah and the part about PAS’s possible future trajectory?

  15. unfortunately not..i am much more concern with interviewers adding their own words replacing what the interviewee actually said. I am one of those that reads interview as a whole – then google comparison with what you’ve written before; just to see your train of thoughts past to present.

    That’s how I can come across written opinion of you from the likes of ktemoc and zairil. I know I don’t make sense but I see people’s evolution in a different manner.

    1. OIC.

      The interview’s good. The answers represented my views, even the bits on Umno vis-a-vis kalimah Allah and my prognosis on PAS.

      Kalimah Allah marked the beginning of my disagreement and breach with the Pakatan crowd who were staunchly pro-Christian on the issue.

  16. Aku anak Malaysia because she was born in Malaysia . Susah kalau tak faham perbezaan maksud warganegara dan bangsa . No such thing as bangsa malaysia . Kalau ada makna spesis baru from planet DAPster dan mendarat kat Bangsar

  17. come to think of it… this kuih bulan face poly-tick-king her marriage and child. is there any love there? marriage, love, children can be that cheap ka? hemmm… (shaking head)

    apa punya shallow class. (cannot use low class, her trademark!)

  18. I like to share this “Peace is obtained neither by Law nor Force but by compassion towards others and self-sacrifice” – Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – President of Iran. What do you think ?

    Also like to share this [YouTube]. So Malaysians, is war peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength (courtesy of george orwell)? Whose fault is it, you tell me or do think what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad makes sense.

  19. obviously Hannah Y is up to her old tricks again. She’s trying to make a connection between nationality and race again. Those 2 things are totally different.

    Nationality refers to the place you’re born into, it also includes citizenship. It connotes geographical identity, with nationality/citizenship as the pillar.

    Race is completely different. It is predominantly cultural i.e customs, belief, mannerism etc. It is primarily taught by those of your own community, those older than you, those that share the same “stuff” that I mentioned in the above.

    But unfortunately, a vast majority of Chinese in Malaysia, particularly those of the younger generation, they seemed to have been infected by this Anak Malaysia Virus of Hannah Y. They subscribe to the notion that all races are equal. This is absurd. There is no such thing as racial equality. The various races/cultures in this country are totally different from one another.

    How could you say they are equal to one another when they are totally different. Look at apples and oranges. Are they the same thing? No, they’re not, they look different, they taste different. You want to know what equality is? You want to know how equality is measured? You take 2 identical stuff, things, then you judge the 2 stuff/things. Then you decide what is it that you want to make of them.

    Racial equality is a western construct, the white man’s invention. As to why the white man invented “racial equality”, that is the story for another day. But I’ll give you a hint as to why the white man invented racial equality. It has nothing to do with “racial equality” in the first place. In fact it has everything to do with politics, and it’s strategy is rooted in the principles of divide and rule.

  20. In the eyes of the intelligence she sound stupid, “bungkus sahaja masaalah habis cerita” . Anak Malaysia should go only one type of school and speak’s one language, not petik dari lain-lain pokok masok dalam satu bakul, bolihke itu macam.

    1. Yeah, anak Malaysia should be fluent in Malaysian language, itu yang paling penting.. Mereka ni BM pun tak lancar, lebih bangga cakap inggeris pula tu, ada hati nak gelar diri anak Malaysia? Lihat sajalah twitter si Hannah Yeoh tu, jarang berbahasa kebangsaan dan pengikut2 mereka rata2 lebih bangga berbahasa BI..adoi

      1. When she uses BM, she constructs sentences like “Ramai penduduk Selangor berbuka puasa di SACC. Terjumpa D’ Hasan Ali” like as if she accidentally found a 20-sen coin dropped on the floor.


        1. Seriously, I think she used Translate Google. Kalau English, tau plak nk pendekkan sentenses. Mungkin sebab hormati Bahasa Kebangsaan kut sebab tu guna bahasa baku. ;p

  21. In the US, you need to tick whether you are: Caucasian, African American, Asian American. So, it’s no different from here. There’s no category for “American child” there either. It’s a given.

    1. America is not the greatest example but if it serves Malaysians so be it to know what Americans do. Maybe this is what America is all about [YouTube]. We don’t need America to be an example, we need our willingness to accommodate Malaysians amongst Malaysians as what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says “Peace is obtained neither by Law nor Force but by compassion towards others and self-sacrifice”. We don’t America to dictate what is conducive for Malaysians.

        1. Isn’t that a coincidence? The abode means nothing as it is transitory. Our life is a loan for peer pressure when we fail to recognize truth and it does not matter where you are but able to profess it. Isn’t that freedom without a loan for truth that is priceless?

      1. MINY,

        “Peace is obtained neither by Law nor Force but by compassion towards others and self-sacrifice”


        We still need the laws and the forces to protect the good man and woman from the bad ones.

        1. Marhaeman, laws and forces are humane made with the evolution with a dictation of what is good and bad for the 10%. Only two things that does not evolve, the truth & reality for the rest 90%. This we have to come into terms amongst us as a compass to direct the law and force minus everything else if it is humane. Don’t you think so?

          1. MINY,

            as long as the enemy of good still around, manipulation leading to degeneration of the truth and reality will go on and on. that is why laws and forces, be it divine or humane are always needed, not only to dictate what is good and bad for the 10% but to safeguard the interest of the rest 90% as well.

          2. 1 thing for sure about miny is he/she can be anybody to everybody (actually I mean the opposite)..

  22. Gosh, am so regretting to have spent my vote on Hannah Yeoh. Once bitten twice shy, never again. To cover her failures (in implementing local voting on council reps selection and in keeping Selangor honest from scandals), she spins to make EVERYTHING about her. Such a waste of a political platform..:-(

    1. still not too late for you to make a U turn. the GE is coming, you can still make amends.

  23. Dictator, if you can’t understand, i can accept it, but don’t accuse me unless you can back it up. Go and learn what a forked tongue means.Trust me, I am not angry that you are accusing me, but feel pity for your indolence to understand the truth and reality for how it is dictated to you.

    1. geez a bit of provocation here and there by me and you call me what ? yes now I m really scared of you, afraid that you’ll scold me for what ? yes I m really scared now. I better get out of here before you bring a stick and whack me. So scared.

      1. What did I call you ? Did I? I am sorry if that is how you perceived it. Why get scared if you speak without a forked tongue? Say what you need to say. Who am I to scare you, your Ghostbuster? Stick to the topic, don’t be wayward and get lost in translation.

  24. Aku tak paham apa masalah dengan bilboard tu? apa yang propagandanya? tak rasa kah kita ini rakyat Malaysia? takkan semua benda pun nak di komen? tak ada kerja lain ke? aku setuju kalau dia komen kerajaan BN bising nak mendaulatkan bahasa kebangsaan (tengok berita hari ini) tetapi pada masa sama guna istilah UTC (Urban Transformation Centre) dan PRS (Private Retirement Scheme).

  25. Masa aku kecil aku kenali kawan kawan ‘cina’ (bukan chinese) seorang orang yang berkulit cerah, bermata sepet dan bercakap bahasa melayu berpelat. Aku faham bahawasanya cina itu anak Malaysia dan bukan datang dari China (cuma dah besar baru tau, setelah dijerit oleh parti politik dan setelah beberapa kawan kawan aku hairan mengapa mereka dikenali sebagai Chinese (bagi aku, mereka ‘cina’ bukan chinese, aku tak pernah dengar chinese).

    Aku juga ada kawan kawan ‘hindu’ atau ‘keling’ yang berkulit gelap, dan tidaklah pulak aku tau yang mereka ini indian, yang aku tau diorang ada IC macam aku, masuk sekolah yang sama cuma berbeza umur pasal kelas peralihan. Tapi sekarang kawan kawan aku warga China pun mula bertanya pada aku kenapa panggil kawan cina aku tu sebagai chinese? sebab mereka Malaysian. Aku jawab aku tk pernah paggil mereka chinese, tapi aku tau mereka cina, dan tak dalam dialog seharian tak perlu aku panggil cina, chinese atau Malaysian.

    Maka teringat kawan cina aku pernah berkata pada aku, mak bapak mereka selalu mengingatkan mereka, kita kena kerja kuat, sebab kita bukan dari sini, tapi datang sini cari makan, jadi kena belajar dan kerja kuat kuat, jadi tidaklah dapat aku megubati sindrom rasa kependatangan dalam diri kawan aku tu, cuma aku kata bagi aku dia tu sama macam aku cuma aku melayu dia cina, dan ini adalah fakta, dan apabila kita ke China, baru perasan kita ni Malaysian, pasal cina dan melayu adalah berbeza dengan Chinese….cina dan melayu banyak persamaan…..heran?

    Seperkara lagi, kat indonesia cina dipanggil tionghua, dan kat German, warga German keturunan Turki di panggil Turkish, dan Albania dipanggil Albanian, kawan aku cina dah jadi warga German, tapi dia masih rasa dirinya Malaysian dan cina (bukan Chinese OK).

  26. Bujal,

    Pusat Transformasi Bandar (PTB) masalah juga tu…kerana akronim berkenaan semacam ada kaitan dengan batu kering. Ada akronim lain?

  27. Religious people generally are mentally retarded. The weekly drone sessions makes it such. But in 2008 we were so desperate we voted anything – a retard, cameraman, night watchman, a limp, donkey, anything!

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