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Already Christmas mood! October uber Anglophilia

What you (my dear readers) see in this blog, which may take you only 5 minutes to skim through, can sometimes take me hours to research or prepare — like the data tables or information for which I need to verify and refer citations to link.

I just spent a one-and-half hours Googling for a nugget of info which at the end of it all I’m not able to locate. How frustrating.

Oh well, rather than banging my head against a stone wall, I have to let this one go (you win some, you lose some) as I don’t think what I’m looking for is recorded in cyberspace or can be found via the online search engines.

Tenacity – which I possess in spades – is not always a good thing. This is one of those occasions when I feel my tenacity is a bane.

While it may explain why I’ve managed to remain in the arena and still standing despite the endless assaults by the DAPsters, nonetheless the tiring battles with thuggish cybers does exact their toll in various ways.

What cost me hours to research can simply be potshotted by drive-by DAPsters who do not put in any effort to construct counter arguments. Do please tell me what hard work goes into the spewing of slander and slurs?

The vase of blinking flowers is featured here
for no other reason than that
it looks cute to me, I like
and there’s a black cat
in the picture
– graphic pinched from RockyBru

and in any case, there’s no harm in
thanking readers even though I’ve not registered
18 million hits like Rocky (nor even one million) as yet

The relevance of DAPsters however is that they are the litmus paper on their party leadership, the barometer by which we might gauge the standard of the politicians they follow.

They follow their leaders in calling opponents nasty names.

See who retweeted the “dumb minister” putdown (screenshot below).

Wouldn’t blogging be so easy if all one had to do was scatter words like “dumb” (or “Dumno” or “moron” or “idiot”) at people, ideas and points of view we don’t see eye to eye with?

***   ***   ***

Okay, I’m done with the detour.

About the title of this posting, I can recall that the Indians were previously annoyed when commercial promotions for Christmas were carried out in November whereas Deevapali – which usually falls in the said month – was ignored.

The Hindus got upset because not only once but over several seasons, festive Jingle Bells rang out loud even before Deevapali was celebrated.

If you thought that touting Christmas in November was bad enough, take a look at yesterday’s Selangor Times. It is the 5-7 Oct 2012 issue of the Pakatan paper.

Methinks the position of Shah Alam as the state capital might be stirred, if not shaken, by contender for the job Subang Jaya.


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6 thoughts on “Already Christmas mood! October uber Anglophilia

  1. This has been going for years at shopping malls. Xmas decor goes up right after Raya decor comes down. Especially in the anglophile neighbourhoods.

  2. happy anglophile xmas.


    5 to 6 minutes reading your hard-researched materials more meaningful than reading some other bloggers esp. the ‘penopang bola’ Pakatoons.

    thank you for putting more value into our heads. soon you’ll get 1 mil hit. :)

    :) Thanks. — Helen

  3. Jangan jealouslah art & decor teramat banyak semasa musim christmas. Seluruh dunia barat menyambut cristmas, jadi, barangan decor amat banyak dikeluarkan oleh China. Decor ini teramatlah murah kerana volumenya tinggi semasa musim christmas.

    Malaysia ni negara dan penduduk kecil, maka art & decor tak banyak boleh dijual, maka, semasa musim christmas, kita pun tumpang semangkuk.

    Di Indonesia pun sama juga. Semasa Tahun baru China, di negara China pun tak sehebat musim Christmas. Apatah lagi, Hari Raya (Eids). Deepavali, jauh sekali. Ini semua perayaan ”orang2 miskin”, di negara-negara membangun.

    Mana boleh kita lawan duit yang banyak di barat tu……kita ni negara membangun, miskin, siapalah peduli nak buat art & decor banyak2, dan tidak banyak yang membelinya.

    Hehehehehe….janganlah tuan/puan merah mata sebab orang di barat banyak duit…..mereka dah dulu maju.


  4. Helen,

    My two cents worth on this issue is that celebration, by right, suppose to be an event which is held for specific purposes. For examples, people do celebrate a good exam results or after completion a very difficult tasks. Meaning, a celebration would be seen as a meaningful event if it is a kind of reward for the personal achievements or success. On the oposite, If it is held just for the sake of having funs, not only it is meaningless; it is a waste of time, energy and material as well.

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